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“Expendable”: The Harrowing Case of Innocent Schapelle Corby.

Expendable: Sacrificing Humanity for Corruption in Australia Schapelle Corby sits in a Bali jail so corrupt officials can save face. Maggie Parke Activist Post  Feb 3rd 2012 A unique and extraordinary film has been released this week, free of charge, on … Continue reading

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WHO wants faster, more flu vaccine production

By MIN LEE, Associated Press Writer Min Lee, Associated Press Writer – Mon Sep 6, 6:12 am ET HONG KONG – The vaccine used to contain the recent swine flu pandemic was effective, but health authorities will need to ramp up the speed and … Continue reading

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This Week’s Unfiltered News From G Edward Griffin

See the entire collection here. California state legislators balk at disclosing their salaries on the Internet; yet they want to compel city and county officials to do exactly that following public outrage over disclosure of high salaries of officials in … Continue reading

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The Corbett Report: Episode 141 – How To Divide & Conquer

COINTELPRO is alive and well in the technetronic era as governments around the world hire agents to infiltrate groups, post comments and hack blogs in the name of maintaining the social order. The question, as always, is can we learn … Continue reading

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Fluoride Truth Hits Australian TV

TV NEWS show exposes Fluoride for what it is – poison!

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The Video They Tried To Censor! The Obama Deception HQ Full length version July 19, 2010

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WAR on The World: Rothschild League’s 30 Facts Evidencing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned‏

Tetrahedron, LLC Health Science Communication for People Around the World BREAKING NEWS FEATURE Contact: Rhonda Goade–310-877-3002; THE GULF OIL DISASTER IS WAR ON WE THE PEOPLE: 30 Facts Evidencing the Rothschild League of Bankers Planned the Gulf Oil Crisis … Continue reading

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Congressman Ron Paul “Suspicious” Of BP, U.S. Government Response To Spill

“It sounds like there could be a lot of mischief” Steve Watson Tuesday, Jul 6th, 2010 Texas Congressman Ron Paul says he is dubious that the government and BP are responding to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill effectively, … Continue reading

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NZ’s Prime Time Mainstream Media Covers Chemtrails

By Clare Swinney TV One‘s prime time Sunday program covered chemtrails, plus more on July the 4th! Source: Sunday Sunday: Conspiracy Inc. -Forget what you accept as fact because the truth, it seems, is not as you know it. A … Continue reading

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The Corbett Report – Episode 136: The Allegory of the Curtain

What’s going on behind the curtain? And do you even care? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we examine the two types of people in the world: those who want to know what happens behind the curtain, … Continue reading

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