Video: Antoinette James on ‘Inalienable Rights Regained’, A New Zealand Perspective, June 4th, 2022


Author, researcher and speaker, Antoinette James describes herself as a broad-based enthusiastic encourager with a heart to educate, inform and empower by way of speaking and writing.

She hopes to empower you with this presentation she gave to an audience in Whangarei, an audience who join thousands of others around the country who are looking for ways to push back against the tyranny of the unelected global elite.

Antoinette offers a potential solution to avoid the shackles of tyranny, “a remedy of remedies,” as she puts it.
Writes Antoinette on her website: “United Nations Agenda 21 has irreversible consequences for the people of the world if it becomes fully rolled out. It is not a time to sit leaving the next generation to be brutally robbed of freedom, and ultimately creativity. It is time to declare, “I do not consent.” “

Find her Whangarei presentation in three parts at the…

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