Northland NZ Geoengineering/ Weather Modification Film Page

Because a picture “speaks a thousand words” Jim Reece and I made the following short films about geoengineering and aerosol trails.  Many show video footage and photographs that were taken in Northland in 2010 and a number include interviews with residents of Whangarei.

(Above) More Evidence Weather Modification Technology Was Used In Whangarei To Induce The Drought In Early-2010?

This first one features an interview with 90-year-old Betty Hooper, a founding member of Grey Power in Whangarei, whose idea it was to start the Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch Group.

The following is an excellent interview in 4 parts at YouTube, with Dr Kevin Barrett and Michael Murphy:

If you would like a copy of these films on one DVD for $10 (incl postage inside NZ), e-mail: clareswinney @

Link here to pre-order the DVD by Michael Murphy – ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’:

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