Derailing The Mainstream Media’s Lies

BrainCellBy Clare Swinney

The mainstream media has lied about who perpetrated the attacks of 9/11.  They lied about who was really behind the 7/7 bombings of London.  They deceived us about who was responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and who was behind the Bali bombings of 2005.  They have been lying to us about  why Schapelle Corby has been held in prison, “man-made global warming,” and are concealing what the so-called “pandemic” is really all about.

We have been bombarded with lies about Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, the “war on terror,” “climate change,” “catastrophic global warming,” and “lethal swine flu,” because those in power, who are pursuing a tyrannical New World Order, believe that fear and panic make us far easier to manipulate and control.  Their motto “Ordo Ab Chao” means order out of chaos and they will also create chaos in order to try to achieve their goals.

In light of the insidious methods being used,  it is plain to see who the New World Order is not for. It is not for us and we need to step out of our fear, recognize how and why we are being played for fools, educate ourselves and  others, before it is too late.

We must confront what is on the horizon – that the world is heading into a fully-fledged fascist dictatorship that is both anti-family and anti-human and although it has been concealed to many owing to the mainstream media, it is about to come out from behind the curtain.

Consequently,  if we care about our freedoms, there is no time left to live in denial or react out of fear.  It is time to stand up and resist the looming psychopathic agenda, not merely for our own sake’s, but for the sake of the children and the yet unborn, who will otherwise be compelled to endure a world that will be a living hell, from which it will be very difficult to escape.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell.

George Orwell

George Orwell

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  1. Hardware 952 says:

    What an incredible job of putting so many facts into 3 little paragraphs. Very impressive. This is my 1st time visting your site. I really like it.

  2. Tim says:

    The CIA shooter on the grassy knoll, is behind Global Warming.

  3. Clare Swinney says:

    You can get some ideas regarding who was on the grassy knoll from this:
    JFK Murder Plot “Deathbed Confession” Aired On National Radio. Former CIA agent, Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt names the men who killed Kennedy:

    And from the documentary JFK II:

    George Bush Snr’s name keeps popping up.

    You can get some clues regarding who is behind global warming from statements from people like Richard N Haass, a Bilderberger and the president of the Council of Foreign Relations, (CFR). Here is a useful article:
    Globalists Love Global Warming

    “In his excellent article, Global warming hysteria serves as excuse for world government, Daniel Taylor outlines how the exploitation of the natural phenomenon of “global warming” was a pet project of the Club of Rome and the CFR.

    “In a report titled “The First Global Revolution” (1991) published by the Club of Rome, a globalist think tank, we find the following statement: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

    “Richard Haass, the current president of the Council on Foreign Relations, stated in his article “State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era,” that a system of world government must be created and sovereignty eliminated in order to fight global warming, as well as terrorism. “Moreover, states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function,” says Haass. “Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker. States would be wise to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves…”

    And read this:
    Chapter 7.5, ‘The Environmental Movement’, of The Police State Road Map, an e-book by Michael Nield, which is here:


    The purpose of the study was to analyze methods by which a government can perpetuate itself in power. The authors concluded that, in the past, war has been the only reliable means to achieve that goal. Under world government, however, war would be impossible so the challenge was to find other methods for controlling populations and keeping them loyal to their leaders. It concluded that a suitable substitute for war would require a new enemy which posed a frightful threat to survival. Neither the threat nor the enemy had to be real, they merely had to be believable. Several surrogates for war were considered, including a staged space-alien invasion, but the only one holding real promise was the environmental pollution model. This was viewed as the most likely to succeed because firstly, it could be related to observable conditions such as smog and water pollution – in other words, it would be based partly on fact and, therefore, believable. Secondly, predictions could be made showing end-of-earth scenarios just as horrible as atomic warfare. Accuracy in these predictions would not be important. Their purpose would be to frighten, not to inform. Not only does the environmental pollution model justify expansive and authoritarian government, it also requires citizens to impoverish themselves thereby widening the gap between leaders and followers.
    Refer: Ch 7.5, The Environmental Movement, The Police State Road Map

  4. Callighan says:

    Your Orwell quote really hit home.

  5. Lorraine says:

    I think the Orwell quote is already being lived by a large proportion of people in the third world thanks to the so called “help” from the IMF and world bank thugs.

    I watched a documentary produced by John Pilger yesterday that outlined the way the IMF and world Bank are destroying every economy they go in to. Indonesia was discussed and I was absolutely appalled at the way the people are treated and how they are forced to live. Guess who was in the middle of organising the rape of the resources in Indonesia – David Rockefella. Isn’t it interesting how his name always shows up when masses of money is being stolen/made and genocides are taking place.

    One particularly abhorrent moment was when these scum rolled into Bangkok for their roadshow. The hotel where it was being held (5 star) was across the road from a street sellers area so the officials built a wall in front of it so the IMF/ World Bank scum couldn’t see them.

    Remembering that this is a so called conference on how to help the starving people in the undeveloped world (lol), all these lot all travelled first class to attend the conference and also flew in chefs from Paris to cook at the event.

    These people are criminals and should be treated as such.

  6. Clare Swinney says:

    David Rockefeller’s name does keep popping up doesn’t it – and he is behind Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinksi too. Refer:
    John Pilger is good at exposing the heartlessness of the elite’s actions. I think his ‘New Rulers of the World’ depicts some of what you described in Indonesia Lorraine and it’s at Google Video here:

    I believe it was mentioned on episode 90 of The Corbett Report, which was befittingly entitled ‘Our Leaders Are Psychopaths,’ that they even deliberately aim to produce heartless offspring. The episode can be downloaded from here:

  7. walter brewster says:


    We have been bombarded with lies about Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, the “war on terror,” “global dimming,” “catastrophic global warming,” and “lethal swine flu,” because those in power, who are pursuing a tyrannical New World Order, believe that fear and panic make us far easier to manipulate and control. Their motto “Ordo Ab Chao” means order out of chaos and they will also create chaos in order to try and achieve their goals.

    Correct English grammar would be:

    “ in order to try to achieve their goals.”


    “…in order to try and achieve their goals.”

    Incorrect English usage is distracting and unprofessional.

  8. David Cee says:

    Walter is right, but one must still ask, “is he a witless drone ?”. Sorry, drones have a function while Walter’s is unclear.

    Walter, Clare does a pretty amazing job running this site & nit picking is distracting & unprofessional – get over it.

  9. Mary Lou says:

    This is a great website! One of my Facebook friends posted it. Speaking of the IMF & the World Bank destroying every economy they go into, are y’all familiar with John Perkins and his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man? Here’s a good long interview of him –

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi Mary Lou, Yes, I am familiar with Perkins’ work. He features in Alex Jones’ documentary, Fall of the Republic also. Thanks for the post and the link!

  10. Mad Bluebird says:

    These wretched liberal left-wing journalists lie to us 24/7 its small wonder no one trusts them anymore.

  11. Upper Hutt area man says:

    Mark is right.

    This is very scary.

  12. Derek says:

    That is a really heavy quote by Orwell… I am looking to read 1984 in the near future, I still haven’t yet. Anyway, great little post here… it boggles my mind that a great percentage of people are still oblivious to everything happening around us. Keep up the good work Clare.

  13. free without you says:



    This article if still up raises some real questions

    Don’t you love the blatant lies all the time like Osama Bin Laden dead and washed out to sea. Boolsheet. Lets smoke screen stupid America again. What should really scare you is what the U.S. government is planning by its many smokescreens. Watch out something is rotten is America. Our government needs to be overthrown. Here is a list of things they are doing to you, and how to fight back within the scope of civil disobedience. You can figure out your own violent means on your own, ha. I know it is long, and you can simply go paragraph to paragraph to find out the subjects that interest you. They are the truth, and it is scary the amount of screwing the American people are taking in the name of GREED, MONEY and the RICH.

    America you need to avoid paying taxes, and funding this corrupt defunct government. Uncle Sam has cheated us all, and they do not deserve your tax money. There are things you can do. Pay cash. Help others with cash not credit. Credit card companies and banks make money off transactions and report all your information to the IRS. If you receive cash, don’t claim it and don’t place it in any bank account. Use it. Use barter, and make your own products tax free. Uncle Sam has been wasting and stealing your money for years and I will explain in detail what is happening to you below. Avoiding taxes is the only way to fix this corrupt government.

    When using cash or accruing it, make sure you take the cash out of the U.S. on trips and deposit it in a non-America based area like the Cayman Islands. Never put money or use credit that traces the money. You get cash in your business, simply pocket it and take it with you on your next trip. Alternately, you can buy precious metals or any physical commodity where you don’t give your name and it makes it easier to transport your wealth. Forget all these 401K schemes and other investing boolsheet. They are distractions on how you can really save for your future. The longer your money sits in some account or 401K. The more time it gives some banker to steal it from you. Remember the RICH have already screwed you, and their punishments, if any, never fit the crime. Plus, it takes less than one penny out of one dollar for everything we need from roads to infrastructure. Everything else is someone else’s agenda or waste. If I am not right here, then how did measures like Glass-Steagall Act get removed. Banks, Wall Street, Congress and those in control of Congress know exactly where all the money went, and worked hard to cause this raping of America.

    America, tired of your world crumbling around you. Well, guess what, you have it coming. How many times have you all sat back and let measures like I-1098, tax the rich, go to the waste side. You are nothing but sheeple, and I will explain exactly how deep the manure you are stepping in really is. All I speak is the truth and you can start looking up these facts and do something for once. Also, I do not just bitch like most bloggers, I propose solutions. I know only fools will reply, and this message is not for them. Many of you will read this and know exactly how deep the rabbit hole really goes and where you really need to ally yourself. This is not some doomsday or conspiracy theory. American probably will not go into chaos or ruin, but your way of life is doomed at the very least. How you react to what has happened to you will determine if the United States falls apart because you were screwed hard, if you did not already know.

    Bailouts for bankers showed exactly where our government allegiances lie, and it is not with the people. Wall Street lies. Accounting firms helped cook the books that were supposed to protect us. All large corporations are audited by the big four like KPMG, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers who pretend to not see fraud. There should be a whole system constantly watching where all the corporate money goes and not the lowly peasant American class. There should be more than four accounting firms, and honesty ratings for their work, don’t you think. Why on earth would anyone every invest any money into the stock market or America under these conditions. AIG allowed a bailout and the banks. We, the FED, pay Goldman Sachs money to sell us our own bonds, and Hank Paulson worked for the SOBs. There are lists of the banks that took money from the bailout. Never do business with them again, period.

    Federal Government is shutting down because no other country is accepting our money. There are actually 1 in 4 (25%) Americans out of work, look it up. Unemployment only looks at those registered on unemployment. Expect the bond market, and the falsely valued Stock Market to get a reality check.

    States are going bankrupt and will either give you an IOU or pay you nothing. If you are a private business worker, do no jobs for any government without money up front.

    Housing market is toast just check out the concept of Shadow Inventory. The real number of foreclosures is hidden by banks. The reason to hide the truth is because when people see a rundown or vacant neighborhood they run. Really, the number of foreclosures is huge, and the most conservative estimate is 5 years to work itself out if possible. Reality is conservative estimates are lying some, and the reality is America is screwed big time. By my estimates, there are 7 to every 1 foreclosure seen, and banks try to hide the status of these using manipulation on how they consider this asset/liability of a vacant depreciated house. Just rent some dive for now like I do, and force the rest of this burst bubble to drain off. Causing the housing market, banks, states and the US government to go belly-up is the best thing you can do right now to get us back on track.

    Mandatory Spending
    $695 billion Social Security, $571 billion Other mandatory programs, $453 billion Medicare, $290 billion Medicaid, $164 billion Interest on National Debt

    Discretionary Spending
    $663.7 billion Department of Defense, $78.7 billion Department of Health and Human Services, $72.5 billion Department of Transportation, $51.7 billion Department of State, $47.5 billion Department of Housing and Urban Development, $46.7 billion Department of Education, $42.7 billion Department of Homeland Security, $26.3 billion Department of Energy, $26 billion Department of Agriculture, $23.9 billion Department of Justice, $18.7 billion National Aeronautics and Space Administration,


    Lets start with 2011. Why the budget cuts everywhere all of a sudden. Maybe you are not hearing the news American media wants you to hear, but the world (particularly International Monetary Fund, China, Russia and the Middle East) is no longer taking US quantitatively eased funny money anymore. This occurred more than a year prior, but was announced in non-biased media in November 2010 (Media like CNN, New York Times, and MSNBC are crap and usually leave this news out). The effect takes about three months to kick US butt. Your money is deflated, and is probably worth half what it originally was worth a few years ago. That is right. 50% loss in a few years. Also, foreigners are not likely to take your money anymore. Try an exchange in Europe sometime, or take a trip there. Dollars are like the plague.

    Since demonstrations were in the media lately in Wisconsin, lets show who is deserving of your money. So lets address cops, firefighter, teachers and city workers in the budget cuts which seems to be a focus from Wisconsin. Now first of all all Congress, administrators, managers, judges and high paid workers should take a pay cut before those that actually do good for a city do. Cops, firefighters and teachers are not part of the good, and all deserved to be fired and restructured. In fact, with the purse strings getting pulled, I bet you see more state employees doing less work or more illegal acts as retribution for the cutbacks.

    First we will tackle cops. Cops make up charges, arrest to keep themselves in business, and last time I checked traffic tickets never helped an economy. Look these facts up. Many other countries use no traffic lights and get along just fine. I do not need some coward cop acting like a thief behind a bush waiting to give someone a ticket. There is less crime than ever before. Look up the movie Freakonomics. Freakonomics showed the correlation between abortions and reduced crime. However your take on abortion, it is clear moms raising good kids and less unwanted children by birth control or whatever is what is actually reducing crime not cops. Why do we need police with less crime. When did tickets go from $10 for seriously speeding in my dad’s days, to $150 for parking, wrong. Stupid cops also suck at solving crimes. Many of you know you are lucky to get a fingerprint job done if you are robbed and they usually never catch the thief. Are we not paying them to protect and serve. I personally have never seen them do any of this for my community. If they do catch thieves, you have an even higher chance of never getting your money back or getting justice. Cops are corrupt and cowards from beating up grandmas to killing unarmed men like Oscar Grant that have already been restrained. Do you understand the liability to the taxpayer. When these corrupt cops screw up we are liable for those million dollar lawsuits funding more lawyers and the rich. This means less services you really need from your city like clean streets during winter, look at New York. I absolutely sympathize with people when they kill cops because any coward that abuses their power deserves it. Arm yourselves America. Fire cops, they are, at the very least, a waste of money.

    Cases of judges are just as bad as the cops. Wrongfully jailing juveniles, taking kickbacks to fund their own private companies, dealing with these supposed troubled kids. Judges Michael T. Conahan, and Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. both guilty.

    Now the firefighters/paramedics. It is noble to help those that are in trouble in a fire or emergency, but the majority of firefighters don’t do this. In other words there is not enough work to go around. If we had lots of fire problems or emergencies, then I could see all the government payout, but most of the time they are sleeping or playing at the firehouse or EMT station. It is a liability for a firefighter to enter a burning building. Most either just hose the building down if people are there, or let it burn down if there are no people inside. Who the hell needs that. There are even firefighters who start major fires all across the country. Terry Barton and the Hayman Fire fiasco actually had a firefighter causing a huge amount of damage 138,000 acres, destroyed 133 homes and 30 million dollars total. We the taxpayer flipped this bill. Cops and firefighters also use taxpayer owned vehicles for their own personal business commuting from home. How often have you seen a firetruck parked over eight spaces to eat bar-b-q or do their shopping at a store, bullshit.

    Finally, teachers and their worthless effort at educating our kids. You are paid way more than you are worth. You teachers have horrible education records, lack of care and taxpayers are tired of it. Little Suzie and Johnny are getting dumber by the second.

    National defense in America is a joke. 700 billion dollars in wasted money a year. Yes, wasted. Since the time of Regan’s dumb monkey sell off days, taxpayer’s money to companies like Lockheed, Haliburton, Monsanto, GE, Northrop, Boeing, and Raytheon, have went through the roof. We have fronted the bill for nothing. That is right our military is nothing.

    Here is a look at how defenseless America really is. Serbia shot down our F-117 stealth fighter, and America tried to hide the truth. A Serbian baker working in their countries army used long range radar to detect stealth easily, and shot one down with old school technology. Billions spent in stealth technology and it is worthless. Not only is stealth worthless but congressional kickback players and defense companies knew this. That is right. Lockheed reps knew stealth was crap, and their congressional cronies. They are not concerned with the safety of America, but only ripping Americans off. It is all about money. Americans are no better protected from a nuclear attack today. America is also no stronger a superpower than many of the rival countries around the world. Russian S-400 missile systems are all around the world, sold to the Middle East, China and Europe. The S-400 can stop a nuke or plane (bogus stealth or not) up to 250 miles away by heat seeking missiles. These systems are fool-proof. For years America has bought into star wars, missile defense shields, and expensive laser systems like Free Electron Laser. These systems are either expensive as hell or don’t work or are not worth the money.

    Next problem are home grown defense problems like the CIA, FBI, etc. Cut intelligence and get rid of the pentagon and bring our troops home. Stop forcing soldiers into war they do not want to be in for the pursuit of oil. Stop trying to assassinate people around the world and pissing them off costing us Americans more money. Stop entrapment cases against your own citizens just to make us believe we still have a use for you. Particularly I read some articles where Islamic U.S. citizens were promised large sums of money by FBI agents to attack us. Most think they would never have thought of this without large promises of money in the sting operation. Our country is poor and you will find people willing to do a lot for money. What ever happened to actually catching those that do crimes? Additionally, the FBI was trying to get people as child predators for hitting a link they set up on a site. Now I am not defending child predators, however, the act of placing stupid links that anyone can accidentally hit is simply a money grab. Someone could get on your business or home wireless network and your screwed, and you could screw that neighbor you don’t like for sure just looking for these FBI sites. Entrapment kills freedom, and it sucks to live in this supposed “Land of the Free”. Additionally, both CIA and FBI don’t even communicate with each other for crap. Again, you can see the pattern here. It is one big money grab.

    If the Middle East is smart, they will unify, and turn off the oil spicket to the west completely. Declare peace and force America out of all the Middle East countries. In fact, if the rest of the world was smart, they should refuse the dollar, and force the closure of all U.S. bases. The only way Americans are going to ever take their country back is to bring down its own government, and we cannot do this with the Middle East supplying money to these corrupt politicians. Broken borders, and cheap American Labor has no financial pull anymore in the world. Act now or be outsorced.

    NASA, need another seven astronuts, is a public relations waste of money. NASA is wasteful and you can look up the statistics of how wasteful the space shuttle and rest of the space agency is. You will find there are ways to save money like flying rockets by plane and then releasing instead of wasting tones of precious fuel. The real question is why do we need NASA anyway. It does nothing. Most land telescopes, infrared, etc. tell us what is going on in space. Hubble was pretty decent, had they shipped it into space correct the first time. Mostly NASA is overpaid bureaucracy with no intention of actually benefiting science. This is why you see stories like that crazy lady astronaut who used a space suit to avoid stopping on her way to kill her competition. Waste beyond belief with nothing to show for it. Overpaid scientists that come up with virtually nothing. We have a lot of problems at home people, and until we figure ways to move like Star Trek there is absolutely no reason to send people up there.

    Now a bit on Social Security. What is the point of Social Security if Congress is allowed to dip into it. What is the point of Social Security if we have to keep raising the age to the point of death. What is the point of Social Security if it does not accommodate the unfair devaluation by the FED that is pumping funny money around deflating the American dollar. I have a solution, read below.

    Obamacare, Medicaid and Medicare. WTF? Why do insurance companies get what they want? Health insurance company stock went through the roof when Obamacare passed. All Americans now had to buy health care insurance in 2012 whether they like it or not. Medicare and Medicaid are making huge cutbacks, and our federal healthcare will be worthless in just a little while.

    Monopolies and big business destroy an economy. Here is a lesson on business 101. An Oligopoly is a few companies that control the market while a Monopoly controls the whole market. Market control can work vertically and horizontally. Example, in vertical control a company owns rubber trees, to rubber plant vulcanization, to tires to cars. You control the very creation of the item to finish. Horizontal control is where one would own all tire producing stores that sell tires to cars. This is what kills America. You let the few control all the power. Look at Microsoft. Why in the hell is one company in control of producing all the operating software for systems. Not only does it force higher prices for you. It also stagnates innovations i.e. Windows blows dog. On top of this. This is your country America, and if they make stuff here they need to play by the rules of the people. Break up Oligopolies and Monopolies and promote competition. There is plenty of work to go around.

    These corporations also don’t pay taxes or get a huge refund. GE, HP, Google, Microsoft, etc pay no taxes, and have their headquarters on paper outside of the United States. These corporations pay millions to Congress under the table to screw you. These taxes should be helping you live a better life. Most tranfer liability to places like bermuda with no taxes. America you need to do the same. Stop paying your taxes, and force the American Government to fall apart. It is the only way. Even if you fail to pay your taxes and don’t just flat out refuse, there are forms that actually lower the taxes you owe if you cannot legitimately pay (Form 9465 and Form 656). Plus if you own a house lower its tax value. This does not change its real value. Protest the tax amount and bring proof of the lowest priced houses in your area. You are paying too much in taxes. So fight back. Give Uncle Sam what he deserves, little or nothing. Whether you believe in capitalism, socialism or communism. This is an Oligarchy by the rich plain and simple, and you are getting really screwed.

    Freedoms are completely gone and America is just a lie. I give you one example, Wikileaks. Now you may not like Julian Assange or his organization, but you should question how your government reacted and influenced others. If America has dirty laundry, we the taxpayer want to know about it and correct it. The right thing would have been to discipline those that did wrong and tried to have a more open door policy with the military. This did not occur. Assange was branded a terrorist and other countries were influenced to do America’s bidding. Bradley manning has not seen the light of day, and has not been charged. Companies like Paypal, Visa and Mastercard blocked donations to Wikileaks for favors from the United States government. What the hell does this have to do with freedom. Freedom is the right to do anything that does not infringe upon others. If I want to do drugs or skydiving, it is no ones business. I own my body. Not insurance companies or employers. We have a right to keep our information secret and not have corporate America or government use it against us. We also have the right to know where every penny of our money is being spent, period. We also have the right to justice like the lady with a blindfold holding the scales. She is blinded so no one can unfairly influence her.

    Blindfolded justice is an essential concept, and concepts help one solve problems. What kind of person would I be if I just bitched above. It is time to give you some solutions that I bet most of you have had at one time or another. You will note that none of these solutions have ever been discussed by Congress. Why? They don’t listen to people when there ringer falls off the hook. Why? Because they are busy colluding with their private funders. Wonder how many Swiss Bank accounts Congressmen own. Wouldn’t it be great if the FBI actually did their job and investigated them. Wonder why people like Gabrielle Giffords are getting shot. Here is the only way to get out of Wonderland.


    1. Put your money in gold, silver or around the world. Do not let your cash money into an account that can be subpoenaed by anyone. Get passports to other countries and start taking your money out of this corrupt country. Demand your employer pay you in something other than US dollars. Never take a paper backed by gold, or leave your gold in a US bank.

    2. Fire overpaid state workers, and lower all our taxes including pay to top paid officials; cops, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, etc. Just fire the majority of cops unless they actually deal with current crimes. No cold cases or traffic tickets. No helping cities with austerity measures. Hire all of people with degrees, out of work, to teach. You don’t need a teacher certificate to teach. You would bring up the standards of our children exponentially. There are enough educators if you change this standard. Citizens should volunteer for free to help in case of fires, and not pay a bloated state system. Public employees should earn the same or less than the public, always. Remember they work for you which is not happening now. Lower your tax rate if you own a house. Go to the state board and fight to lower the value of your home to pay less taxes. It does not affect what your home really sells for. You are all paying too much in taxes. Also, never invest in anything. If you cannot see your money, you may not really have it.

    3. At least follow the constitution like Ron Paul would like, or think outside of the box and change it to be better than it was written. Why can we not have true freedom of speech? Why can I not get a jury of my peers in every situation? Who needs a corrupt judge. If everyone had a jury, even in small traffic offenses, then cites would not be able to rape us in austerity measures. Traffic tickets should be based on points, and not money. Case in point. Well off drunk drivers are back on the street after multiple offenses. Those that can’t pay their traffic tickets lose their license. It is all a money grab people. This has nothing to do with street safety which is the point of the ticket system. Again, my father told me they used to pay 10 dollars for maximum speeding tickets, but they were strict on points. Take money out of the equation and see exactly how well a society can work.

    4. Drop the entire national defense budget and start over. Revamp the entire thing into one intelligence agency and one army, thats it. Government needs to build its own weapons, and actually build something that can defend. Buying worthless crap from private contractors is not the solution. If there is enough real crime, not created or fudged numbers, then there is a need for intervention. We are not a criminal nation, and we need very little policing. We all have the right to bear arms, and that goes farther than any government system at protecting us.

    5. Social Security is easy to fix, watch this. Every age gets to vote on this measure and determine if they still want to be part of the system. If you do not want to be part of Social Security, you vote, get your money back plus interest, and you never get benefits again. If you want Social Security you are entitled to it, and it should be adjusted for inflation. We owe the older generation for everything they did. Look at the Hoover Dam. My community benefits from this creation, and it has been said it could not be done in this day and age. Why, because of a government drain on societies and labor. We need to cut Congressional pay, pork spending, everything until we pay back the last generation the benefits they deserve. They were promised 55 and not an escalated age. Where does it stop, 100 years old. There is no point to benefits if you increase the age.

    6. Obamacare. I do not have to buy insurance, period. I accept my own liabilities whether in a car or my own body. America needs to stand up to this, and you should never pay for anything you are forced into. What I cannot figure is why people don’t buy insurance out of the US that claims to meet the requirements. Cities have no way of verifying this, or running out of state licenses. States don’t get along with one another with minor matters. So get cheap insurance to meet the requirement for now, and force changes to remove this requirement. Plus, you need to register your vehicle in another state that is cheap. Help your brothers out and let them use your residence for mailing. Help expensive registration fees get a reality check.

    7. You have to break up monopolies, period. A true capitalist society does not have these because greed naturally forces people to go for their share of the pie. Just think if there were 20 Microsoft companies. I would not have the crappy windows garbage that has gone nowhere in a long time. I would have a windows that could be set up for exactly my needs without tons of resident crap programs running burning my vital processor use. Just more errors, less customer service, and a crappier product. Competition breeds innovation, and improves all our lives. The only aspect of government should be to ensure no corruption or collusion, as well as pollution is occurring with these companies. Since American does not work like this, I do not blame the pirate nation. People should copy movies, software, etc because you have been cheated by these monopolies that have bought out your government. Additionally, other resources need to be publically shared by the American people. All oil and essential commodities need to be held by the people or government for everyone to use at a cheap price. Oil companies either need to be capped on how much they can charge, or national oil processing plants need to be established. This goes for any other resource that is unfairly manipulated. The Middle East can charge what it wants, but what about the Gulf or U.S. oil. There is no reason for $7.00 a gallon gas and record profits for the oil industry.

    8. Transparency in government is the only way. The people need a vote on a national level like states do, which is only done by Congress at the moment. If there are enough signatures in states, a measure is voted by the people that can never be turned over by Congress. The same can be done nationally. You can have open year round measure proposals by the people that override Congress. If people vote on it, it can never be broken by Congress. You also need rights. Right to know where every penny is going. There are watchdog groups that are willing to do this for free, and all they need is access to the cooked books. One thing that needs to happen is an open FED to see how screwed up our monetary system is. Right to be free of entrapment and made up government. Right to your own land and imminent domain in the name of Walmart is not right. The US government needs to destroy the money it takes in, and begin to deflate the dollar increasing its worth. The actual debt is false, and is even bigger if you consider inflation. The actual debt is probably double what is reported. Time to deflate the dollar down which means government will not benefit from the money it takes in and destroys. Sammy needs a diet anyway.

    9. I said it before. Wikileaks should not have been as dramatic as it turned out. The United States overreacted because governments are screwing their people, and If we knew what they were doing to us, they would no longer exist. Look at companies like Monsanto who placed cockroach DNA in corn to make it survive its own Ready Round Up pesticide. They were a chemical warfare company back in the day, and caused cancer around the globe that will be felt in soils for hundreds of years. This corn fiasco was allowed to be patented, and Monsanto’s own employees now run the FDA. Their corn has blown across fields poisoning us all. You very food has been screwed by government. You may say, well I don’t eat corn. Corn syrup is in everything, and you need to read the labels. Corn syrup manufacturers wanted to change the name to just sugar, and you should fight this. Originally corn was going to be used to fuel ethanol to avoid oil prices, but this is not the case. There is not enough sugar in corn for that. South American countries use this technology though with sugar cane, and making money right and left while America falls behind. It is not just Corn, but other foods as well. There is a product called pink slime. Lets say I was a butcher and all the scraps on the dirty floor were thrown in a rotting trash bin. Well imagine corporate America found a way to use that trash by treating it with ammonia and smashing it up. Well, they do this right now for over a little bit of 5 years, thanks FDA. This is a non-disclosed filler in everything from McShit to Taco Bell. 80% of ground beef has this pink slime stuff, look it up. They also use a toxic enzyme called meat glue to put the small pieces back together and sell them as prime cuts. The rich do not care about the poor, and if this doesn’t wake you up I do not know what will.

    10. America without a real revolution you are screwed. The Constitution does not fit the benefit of us today, or not the way it has been changed. I am not going to fix it, and am leaving as soon as possible. There are better lands abroad, and places where they do not screw its people to such an extent. I truly hope that not many lives are lost, but I hope you take with you, as your world falls apart, one thing. It is not your neighbor that is your enemy no matter the color, shape, size, even though there may come a time when you steal what is his to feed yourself. Your enemy is the rich, and it always has been. The rich are the reason for no advancements in society, eating garbage, and being forced to do their bidding. Trust me, there is plenty for everyone. When you have come to the end of the line I hope you remember this, and where your vengeance should lie. DESTROY THE RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ellen says:

    The only thing I’d differ with what you wrote is the concept of global dimming. I fully believe that this is ongoing due to the chemtrailing that’s been inflicted on us for many years. It’s been some 17 years or so that this has been going on in earnest. I remember deep blue skies that went on forever. I have not seen those deep blue skies for many years now. I’d rightly think that the prevalence of very low vitamin D in humans (probably other mammals as well) is due to the lessening of the sun’s rays that can reach the skin and stimulate the conversion process of cholesterol into vitamin D.

    What do you think?

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you for your comment. You are right about global dimming. I agree with you and have edited it accordingly. When I wrote it I regarded global dimming as a hoax. I was wrong. Now I know it is occurring as a result of aerosols. Rainwater tests from around the world indicate that chemicals are being put into the air in the name of geo-engineering, including aluminium oxide and barium.

      Refer the 2012 documentary for more information: What In The World Are They Spraying?

      The article by Michael Murphy ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’ mentions:

      Dr. Hui Su of NASA, a participant at the Aerosol and Precipitation Symposium, was asked if she has noticed a considerable increase in stratospheric aerosols. She replied by stating that she has noticed a significant increase but has not measured the composition of the aerosols.

      This observation was also noted in a recent study by the National Ocean Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). While both have failed to acknowledge the source and composition of these particles, evidence points towards ongoing stratospheric aerosol geoengineering programs.

      Dr. Su went on to say that putting aerosols in the stratosphere impacts temperatures, water vapor and clouds leading to droughts and other negative consequences to our atmosphere including ozone depletion.

      When asked about the idea of adding aerosols into the atmosphere from geoengineering programs, she stated the idea is “scary” and concurred that it could give governments and corporations the ability to corporatize and thus control our weather.


      • victoryintruth says:

        Thanks for the additional information. I’ve seen MM’s “What in the World Are They Spraying?” Superb movie. I look forward to his next one; I know we won’t be disappointed with his efforts.

  15. Bill Daly says:

    Does anyone know the date that Kim Hill interviewed the representative of Architects and Engineers for Truth in 9/11? I think it was about 2-3 years ago.

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