Held In A Psychiatric Ward & Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

By Clare Swinney, Member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth & Justice.

I was wrongly diagnosed as delusional by the psychiatric staff of Ward 7 at Northland Base Hospital in Whangarei and held hospital picagainst my will for 11 days in mid-2006, because I maintained the attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated by criminal elements inside the US Administration.

A definition of delusional: relating to,  based on, or affected by delusions.  A delusion: a false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness.

In light of the definition, one of the most astounding aspects to the ordeal was that when I met with the chief psychiatrist, Dr Carlos Zubaran for two formal mental health assessments,  I held Issue 3 of Uncensored, which is shown in the picture above, and asked him to look at information related to the 9/11 attacks.  This magazine contained an article I’d written entitled: Why Does TVNZ Lie To Us About 9/11?, which cited evidence that proved the official fable was a lie – yet reminiscent of the fabled vampires afraid of the light of day, he refused to even cast his eyes over it, during both of the so-called “assessments.”

Another astounding aspect to what occurred was that Section 4 of the New Zealand Mental Health Act makes it clear that no one can be judged to be mentally ill solely on the basis of their political beliefs.   The District Inspector for Mental Health – Northland, barrister Julie Young; Bridget Westenra, the lawyer she appointed to assist me and the staff of Ward 7, including the chief psychiatrist, did not appear to know this.   As can be seen, it is written in layman’s language on page 33 of Chapter 2 of Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992,  which is on the Ministry of Health’s own website:  ‘You cannot be considered to have a mental disorder just because of your:   political, religious or cultural beliefs…’.

As this Judgement shows, because of his reluctance to scrutinize the evidence related to 9/11 and apparent lack of awareness of  Section 4 of the Act,  nine days into my incarceration, Dr Zubaran still held the belief I suffered from a “delusional disorder” owing to my political beliefs.

The evidence that shows the official story of 9/11 was indeed a lie is now overwhelming.  We now have what has been referred to as the “loaded gun” – this is the unignited nanothermite, a highly-advanced explosive substance, which was far too sophisticated a composite to have originated from a cave in Afghanistan. Think military.  Think US government.

The following article, which relates to what occurred in Ward 7, was published in Issue 8 of Uncensored.   Thankfully, since writing about what happened and making numerous phone calls, plus sending many letters, as well as supplying numerous DVDs to the staff of Ward 7 to show them the truth about 9/11 – and then finally threatening to protest outside the hospital,  the Clinical Director of Mental Health & Addiction Services in Northland sent an apology in August 2008, which can be viewed here.

Dr Zubaran did not apologise.


James Corbett of The Corbett Report Interviews Clare Swinney On The Topic Of Weaponized Psychology, ( 9/9/09).



Clare Swinney brought a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority pointing out that TVNZ’s claim that Osama bin Laden carried out the attacks of 9/11 was an outright lie. Shortly afterwards, she was threatened and then incarcerated in a psychiatric ward. Following a week of compulsory treatment, the head psychiatrist told a judge that she should remain in hospital, as her belief that 9/11 was an inside job was evidence she was “delusional.” The judge agreed. This is her extraordinary story:

On the morning of June the 6th 2006, two social workers came to the door and advised that they’d come to take me to the public hospital’s psychiatric facility, as they’d heard I might be suicidal. Although I ventured to enlighten them I wasn’t, they didn’t listen as their unit had received a phone call from an ill-informed family member who’d said I might be on the verge of killing myself. As it was apparent from their demeanour that my psychological state was a foregone conclusion, I asked if my flatmate, Brian Kennedy could come with us and attest that I was fine and most certainly not suicidal.

I picked up my bag and appropriate evidence for the meeting and walked anxiously to their car, where one of them warned that the two police officers who had driven into the driveway, were there to stop me from running away.  In retrospect, I probably would have done if I’d known the emotional cost of what lay ahead.

At Whangarei Hospital, Brian and I were transferred into Ward 7, which is a secure, locked up area, and then herded into a meeting room, where we waited for several nail-biting minutes before the middle-aged psychiatric registrar, Dr Mothafar Abass entered and introduced himself. In a rather detached fashion, he advised that he would be conducting my suicide risk assessment, and then hurried through it, as if he was pressed for time.
Mindful that this was to determine whether I was to be committed under the Mental Health Act, I found his manner disturbing to say the very least. He didn’t appear to fully understand me, nor did he give me sufficient time to explain myself to a level appropriate for this kind of evaluation, and in one instance, he even spoke over me in a rush to get to the next question. For instance, when he inquired if I’d been treated for depression, I replied I had, but wasn’t given an opportunity to explain that it wasn’t relevant to this assessment, as it was substance-induced, caused by sniffing a general anaesthetic intermittently when a teenager. Likewise, when he asked if I had a sense of hopelessness about the future, I replied I did, but had no chance to clarify that it was based in reality, experienced by some of my friends also and related to the political and environmental state of the earth. It wasn’t a core symptom of suicidality in this case, as I could see he assumed it was.
Then came the big issue of my supposedly being suicidal. As I told Dr Abass, but not in this detail, the story began in May 2006, following my complaints to TVNZ and the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) about a TV1 news item which placed the blame for 9/11 fallaciously on Osama bin Laden, [1]. Paradoxically, while the BSA chose to “decline to determine” my complaint, they became propagandists themselves by alleging that Osama bin Laden’s “involvement [in 9/11] is a widely accepted fact supported by the weight of credible evidence,” [2].

Bin Laden's FBI Page - No Mention of 9/11

Bin Laden's FBI Page - No Mention of 9/11

As many Uncensored readers now know, there is not a shred of hard evidence to show bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11, and even Dick Cheney had acknowledged this, [3]. Consequently, on May the 6th, two days after the BSA decision was released, I e-mailed their office and asked why the BSA panel had failed to take Cheney’s pivotal admission regarding bin Laden into account, that “evidence has never been forthcoming.” I further stated, “Their failure to do so is utterly disgraceful in my opinion, as it is indicative that they are failing in tower collapsing 911their duty to do proper research prior to arriving at important decisions and therefore making a farce out of their obligation to serve the public.”
As well as poking a spanner in the works there, I had been distributing 9/11-truth DVDs to people in the New Zealand media and posting 9/11-related information on Internet newsgroups. While I knew I was courting danger, I continued to do so because I believed that doing nothing was ultimately more dangerous.
I received a number of veiled death threats via e-mail between late-May and early-June 2006, which included, “You are right about the assassination part,” and “I like to pull my guns out and shoot at moving targets,” while a number of benign messages received during the same period, were accompanied by a photo of a man holding a shot gun. I believed they were from the Security Intelligence Service, (SIS), who’d targeted me for a psychological operation – a psyops – because I was a political activist challenging the validity of the government’s portrayal of 9/11.
Although I didn’t have the opportunity to tell Dr Abass this, I speculated that as a whole these e-mails were designed to prime me with fear for a subsequent encounter with a man, who looked the part of a cold-war assassin, which took place on June the 1st. This pallid-skinned, clean-shaven man with dark blond hair, who was dressed in expensive-looking black clothing and was sporting an army-style hair cut, looked completely out of place in mid-town Whangarei.  He made a point of coming uncomfortably close up behind me while I waited at a major intersection in town on June the 1st. There was no reason for him to have come as close as he did, unless he had wanted to intimidate me, so I stepped several meters to the left, to put a safe distance between us. When the buzzer signalled that it was time to cross, I walked purposefully slowly and got directly behind him. When we reached the pavement on the other side of the road, he glanced backwards briefly, his cold grey-blue eyes scanning my face to see if I was watching him, and then he clenched and unclenched his right hand four times. I carried on walking and saw he’d stopped on a corner and was watching me, and then when I looked back again a few seconds later, he had gone.
I was absolutely terrified by this, particularly so as I was horribly conscious of the content of the threatening e-mails I had received in the days preceding this. (A Englishman who has been researching the New World Order,  stated he has heard of these kind of tactics being used “often” to harass people in “the anti-war and 9-11 Truth Movement.”  His letter to the hospital can be viewed at the end of this post).  Consequently, with my heart thumping wildly, I strode to Police Superintendent Viv Rickard, who happened to be in the town Mall at the time, and told him I believed the SIS was threatening my life because of my work in exposing the truth about 9/11.  Rickard said he believed me, but said he thought that others on the police force might not, so advised me to deal with him directly about the matter.
Subsequent to the encounter with the man dressed in black, I had a discussion with a family member about hypothetical scenarios and my very real fears, to the point at which I said that if it were between a man with a gun and tablets, I would prefer the latter.  This was not about being suicidal, it was about preferring a non-violent death to a violent one. Fortunately however,  this became a complete non-issue the next day. I received an e-mail on June the 2nd, -I believed it was from the SIS, which intimated that the threats would cease as it appeared I had gotten the message.
Although I tried to get Dr Abass to listen to me about the context my statement was made in, my hopes sunk like a submarine when his body language indicated he’d stopped listening to me and his resolve to commit me was rapidly gathering momentum.
Brian, recognizing my situation was looking bleak, told Dr Abass that as I was so knowledgeable and active in this area of politics, it wasn’t at all surprising I had been threatened. He also advised that he’d seen the e-mails containing threats, and he perceived them as intimidating, and said in spite of these, I wasn’t suicidal – I was fine.
Nonetheless, to my horror, at my assessment’s completion, Dr Abass told me I would be held in the secure unit under wardthe Mental Health Act for 5 days for further assessment. And as if this news wasn’t bad enough, he told me I hadn’t been threatened, I had misinterpreted the messages and that was because I was suffering from a delusional disorder. He said he was prescribing antipsychotic medication to combat this problem and as I was depressed, he told me I should go on a course of antidepressants also.
I sat stunned, the reality of my predicament closing over me like a grave. I was in a prison for the mentally ill, wrongly diagnosed as depressed, delusional and suicidal because of a case of what I believed to be medical incompetence. I choked down the bile from my anger, approached the door and said: “OK. Take me to my room!”
It came as no surprise, when I demanded to peruse my file with one of my nurses a few days later, to find it littered with misleading comments – and it was mentioned that Brian was deemed delusional too!  I had been perceived, interpreted, construed and categorized incorrectly. Dr Abass had given me a score of 14 on a suicide scale for which anything over 12 is regarded as “risky.” As my mother had committed suicide, my score was raised from what would have been 11 to 14, and as he’d made inferences based on incomplete information, the full score belied my condition warranted hospitalization.

Magazine Article I'd written Showed I Was Sane

Contents Of Magazine Article I'd Written Proved I Was Not "Delusional"

A young nurse escorted me down a foreboding corridor, to a small dowdy room with two single beds, two cupboards and a hand basin in it. I felt so disempowered; I lay face down on my bed for over four hours, agonizing that I was vulnerable to misdiagnosis by other staff members because of what I knew as a journalist. As Aldous Huxley had put it, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.”
I found my first day in Ward 7 very troubling to say the least, for a number of reasons. Nurses came in to check on me and although I hadn’t had anything to eat for around 20 hours, ( as I didn’t have the chance to eat my breakfast before being picked up from home), I was offered Valium before I was offered food or a cup of tea. It didn’t seem to concern the staff either that I only had the clothes I was wearing with me. Consequently, I phoned Brian and got him to bring in some personal effects, fruit, chocolate bars and enough clothing to last for 5 days.
As a polite way of telling the staff to “piss off and leave me alone,” shortly after arriving I stuck a notice above my bed: ‘WHILE MY HUMAN RIGHTS ARE BEING COMPROMISED LIKE THIS, PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT ME TO PARTAKE IN ANY SO-CALLED “TREATMENT”.’ Of course, it didn’t work. At night-time, I was forced to take Risperidone, a mind-altering medication administered to treat schizophrenia. I’d read about its dangerous side effects from a website I subscribe to called Mercola.com, so utterly resented being forced to swallow this poison by a zealous nurse who stood over me like a guard in a Soviet camp for political dissidents.
Although I consoled myself with the thought that it wouldn’t be long before a well-informed psychiatrist who could talk English fluently would realize that I’d been misdiagnosed, it wasn’t to be.
The following day I felt lethargic because of the medication. It looked as if most of the patients in the ward were up to their eyeballs on it, as they moped around, gazing woodenly, the majority seeming unable to engage in articulate coherent conversation.  As it seemed there was no one to have a conversation with, I had a look around for things to do – there was no garden, only a small grimy area outside for the smokers that was fenced off from the hospital grounds with prison bars. There was however Ping-Pong, reading Woman’s Day and New Idea, watching TV and talking to nursing staff, many of whom were empathetic and well-intentioned.
The consultant psychiatrist, Dr Carlos Zubaran, approached me cheerfully that day and said he wished to talk to me. As The_ScreamI presumed there’d be no difficulty in correcting my misdiagnoses and as Dr Zubaran had the position of authority, I retrieved my evidence and strutted hopefully into the meeting room, thinking, ‘At last, he’ll realize I’m not mad and I’ll be released!’ However, no sooner had I sat down than it became apparent that the self-assured Brazilian had accepted Dr Abass’s diagnoses without question and was eager to commence treating my purported cases of delusional disorder and depression. It was so awful for me at that moment, realizing I was imprisoned, and the head warden was going to play a part in this surreal ordeal.
In a beleaguered manner, as the Risperidone was making me drowsy, I tried to describe my frightening ordeal and show him my e-mails and my article, Why Does TVNZ Lie to Us About 9/11? but he wouldn’t even spare 10 seconds to lean over and look at them. He said he didn’t want to hear about them and told me I was “delusional” because I believed 9/11 was an inside job.

Charlie Sheen - Delusional Too?

Charlie Sheen - Delusional Too?

I could tell it was a waste of time pointing out that I was far from alone in this belief and that a CNN poll conducted in March 2006 had shown that over 82% supported Charlie Sheen, when he went public with his opinion that the official story of 9/11 was highly questionable to say the very least.   If I had raised these types of matters, Dr Zubaran would have probably said it was further evidence of a delusional disorder.

CNN poll

As if he believed he was in possession of extra-sensory perception, he said, “I know what’s wrong with you” with a glimmering smile, and then to my alarm he began questioning me in the manner one would expect from a card-carrying member of a Freudian Institute for Clinical Practice.  Although I was full of anguish and immense frustration, I think rage is not an exaggeration to describe my mood, I was forced to answer this totally irrelevant track of questioning for several minutes. “Did you use a condom with your last partner?” “When was your last sexual encounter?” “Who was your last partner?” “Who initiated the sex?” freud“How often do you have sex?” and “Have you been questioned before like this about your sex life?” he inquired. When I could no longer stomach wasting time on this nonsense, I briefly tried to draw his attention to the issue of my misdiagnoses and present my evidence, but like Dr Abass, he wasn’t interested in engaging me in a reasonable interview. There was obviously no easy way out of my buttonholing, and I could see imploring for help wasn’t going to get me anywhere either, so I ended the session after only five or so minutes by storming out of the comfortless room, miserable and livid with indignation.

In the ensuing days, I made a concerted effort to make the staff realize I wasn’t delusional. I wrote in a note that I had a M.Sc. (Hons) and was highly regarded for my research as a journalist. ‘One can not do this, if one is “delusional”’, it concluded. I also recommended that they look on the Internet to verify some of what I was saying, and I provided them with search terms for Google. Although Dr Abass said he’d looked at these web pages and claimed to have understood the relevance of the information, to my amazement and mystification, he said he was increasing my dose of Risperidone to find a “therapeutic dosage.” When I protested, saying that I wasn’t delusional and I didn’t like the way the medication made me feel, he told me I had to take it and reiterated that he also wanted me to go on antidepressants.
On one occasion I’d cried at the communal dining table, but this was a normal response to my current circumstances, not evidence of a major depressive illness. Nonetheless, he was convinced I was depressed, owing to his initial faulty assessment of me and so recommended that I take Aropax. I refused, telling him I’d written an article for Investigate about it in 2004 and was aware that numerous studies had found that placebos were often just as effective as antidepressants, and there was significant evidence to demonstrate that Aropax was addictive also.

Following this gut-wrenching meeting, I forlornly walked into the lounge and spoke with a nurse about not wishing to take the Risperidone. Unsympathetically, she advised that if I refused to take it, I would be injected with it.  An old schizophrenic woman who’d refused hers because she thought she was pregnant, told me she was given a shot, so with tears in my eyes, I swallowed the larger dose, which did nothing other than make me feel like a zombie and so sluggish, I even struggled to maintain conversations.  I was particularly worried about this latter side effect because I knew I had to be able to communicate fluently to be able to dig myself out of this nightmarish hole and make people realise I was grounded in reality.
Nurses asked me questions to establish my state of mind each day. Apart from a young one who childishly told me I was “stupid” to work in this dangerous area, most listened respectfully and attentively, and to my immense relief, a number told me they didn’t think I was delusional.

I had a lengthy conversation with a nurse on my fourth day, during which she said it was easy to tell who didn’t belong in the Ward and clearly I didn’t. The psychiatrists got so used to seeing “daises,” – when they saw something else, they sometimes couldn’t recognize it, she said.
In spite of the growing awareness amongst the nursing staff that I wasn’t mentally ill, the doctors opted to extend my stay beyond 5 days. I can’t remember being given a reason why, but I assumed it was because they wished to continue my assessment.

In my second session with Dr Zubaran, which was a week after the first abortive one, he began by telling me he had a Ph.D. in psychopharmacology and that I should consider going on an antidepressant such as Aropax. He said proudly that he’d run a double-blind study that had shown how effective antidepressants could be and I should at least give them a go. I again refused and tried to explain that if he was so concerned about my mental health, he should discharge me immediately as I loathed being in hospital – I found it almost unbearable.
I again beckoned him to look at the threats I’d received, but instead he sniped curtly, “They’re a defence mechanism.” I choked with emotion and got up and walked out – again after only a few minutes, absolutely livid with anger, as I could see no end to this trial, which judging by the look on his face, appeared to be nothing more than a minor part of a day’s work.
When I spoke to one of my nurses about my misdiagnoses and my mounting sense of helplessness, he advised me to apply for a Section 16 hearing and put my case before a judge. He said it would be an informal meeting, where Dr Zubaran would state his case and I, mine. He gave me an application form to complete, which I did and he then faxed it to the District Inspector for Mental Health, Julie A. Young, a barrister, who contacted me promptly to advise that she would appoint a lawyer for the hearing, which would be on the following Wednesday, on the 14th of June.

As the days went by I persisted in complaining about the Risperidone, which one night had made me feel so breathless and headachy I’d felt compelled to ask for a nurse’s help. Subsequently, I told the head nurse that I felt better without it and thankfully, she accepted my word and advised that I didn’t have to take it if I didn’t want to, implying that they would turn a blind eye. From then on, when nurses brought it to me at medication time, and when I refused it, they didn’t threaten to inject me with it.   That was encouraging, so too that the nurse who’d said I clearly didn’t belong in there, took me on a home visit to collect more proof that I wasn’t delusional. I got items for Dr Zubaran and the hearing, which included more of the e-mails that contained threats and documentaries on DVD which proved 9/11 was an inside job, such as 9/11: In Plane Site and 9/11: The Road to Tyranny.

On the day of the hearing I felt reasonably confident good sense would prevail and end Dr Zubaran’s reign of error. My father, who is an anaesthetist and knew 9/11 was an inside job, came to give his support, as did one of the nurses and the lawyer, Bridget Westenra, who’d been appointed by the District Inspector for Mental Health, to help. There were two psychiatrists present; Dr Zubaran, and a psychiatric registrar called Dr Vernon Reynolds, who had listened to me and informed my father and I before the meeting had started that he believed I should be discharged immediately.
The hearing was in a small unpretentious room in which the seven of us sat, watched over by an old bearded guard. The judge, Tim Druce, who was an elderly man who wore a brown suit, began by asking Dr Zubaran what he thought my problems were and if they were serious enough to warrant depriving me of my rights by keeping me in hospital under a compulsory treatment order.
Dr Zubaran set the stage by saying he found my case “challenging” and believed my problems justified my being held for 14 days for further assessment. He told Mr Druce that I had a problem because I’d had a hysterectomy that caused me to be depressed, I had unsafe sex and I drank too much – and concluded by saying that as I believed the US Administration had perpetrated 9/11, it was evident I was suffering from a “delusional disorder.”
Mr Druce, visibly deferent to Dr Zubaran, nodded his head in apparent agreement. The fact that I was a journalist and therefore might know something that they didn’t hadn’t seemed to have occurred to either of them.
Lamentably, Dr Reynolds, rather than advising the judge he thought I should released, displayed the backbone of a soufflé, presumably unwilling to challenge Dr Zubaran’s authority. Instead he wheedled in a flat, pessimistic voice that he was “ambivalent” about me being released. The nurse, however, said she had spoken to me and found me to be rational and in her opinion, I should be discharged.
Then the judge asked for my father’s opinion, noting he was a doctor and looking duly impressed. My father, Dr John Swinney said he thought I should be released and went on to boldly divulge that he agreed with my political beliefs. He said 9/11 was an inside job and he’d seen the evidence to prove it.  His words rang out like a shot and everyone in the room tensed up. Mr Druce, looking awkward, grimaced and theatrically exclaimed: “Oh dear!,” and tellingly, didn’t question my father any further. It was as if his mind was coated with a varnish that waterproofed it from information that might get in the way of the hearing’s foregone result.
(My father, who decades earlier had aided his brother out of an institution, as he had been wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenic, told me after the hearing that he felt as if he was putting himself “in danger” by exposing his political beliefs before the so-called mental health “experts.”)
Mr Druce then turned to me and asked me what I thought, although it was apparent from the manner he was eyeing me mistrustfully that he regarded me as too unbalanced to make any rational statements. As I was anxious to be released, I battled on though and told him I’d worked as a journalist for over 5 years and had a Master of Science, then pointed out that instead of talking about my political beliefs, what we should be discussing is whether or not I’m suicidal – which I wasn’t. Doctors Zubaran and Reynolds both acknowledged that they didn’t think I was, and without hesitation. However, in spite of this and the provision in the Mental Health Act which states one can not be deemed to have a mental disorder because of one’s political beliefs, [4], Mr Druce, concurring with Dr Zubaran, concluded by saying he thought it best I remain hospitalized, as there was evidence I had a delusional disorder. I waited for my lawyer to challenge their decision, but she said nothing and instead penned “delusional” in her file notes.   (View page 1 of Tim Druce’s judgement, where he stated Dr Zubaran believed I had a delusional disorder related to my political beliefs, here: http://i480.photobucket.com/albums/rr163/KiwiClare/SCAN0012.jpg ).
Following the hearing, a social worker friend, who works in Auckland, phoned me to find out how I was. I described what had happened and she was aghast, advising that my being held under a compulsory treatment order because of my political beliefs was in contravention of the Mental Health Act. She also mentioned that she knew of a patient with a number of mental health issues who had also voiced her opinion that 9/11 was an inside job, and she too had been judged negatively as a result. So I wasn’t alone.
To try and crack through this insanity and halt the spectacle of ignorance, I contacted Jon Eisen, the editor of Uncensored and asked him to write a letter to the staff of Ward 7. Mr Eisen, whose support and sympathy really helped to cheer me up that night, kindly wrote the following, which I printed several copies of during a brief home visit with a nurse, the next morning –  which was day ten of the needless  incarceration:

To whom it may concern

I am the editor of UNCENSORED magazine, a quarterly journal published in New Zealand and Australia. I have known Clare Swinney for about two years, during which time I have had the pleasure of working with her on several important projects.
I can say without hesitation that Clare is one of the best journalists in this country. Her work is very well known throughout New Zealand, and indeed internationally, as it has appeared in other journals beside UNCENSORED, including INVESTIGATE magazine, where she has broken many important stories. She is the kind of writer who any editor would be honoured to work with, as she is more than competent: she is thorough and her writing is, to put it mildly, simply brilliant.
There is no doubt that some of her work has come to the attention of people who do not wish her to cover some of the stories she has been writing about. Specifically I am referring to her most recent work in UNCENSORED which is both controversial and potentially dangerous for her. I have no doubt that when she says she has been threatened, she has indeed been. Clare is not by nature paranoid, nor is she delusional. She was, however, badly frightened, and given the dangerous nature of her work, there is no doubt in my mind that she probably had every right to be frightened. Journalists all over the world are being murdered for what they know. To be a journalist is to have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world right now.
In fact, prior to her being hospitalised, I was concerned for her safety myself, as she had copied me with some threatening e-mails that she had received.
I have suggested to Clare that she immediately desist from writing about those subjects that are likely to provoke further threats, and she has agreed to this.
I have spoken with her at length tonight and she seems to be coping very well considering the circumstances. I would be pleased to travel to Whangarei to meet with her doctors, should that be required.
I urge anyone who is currently in a position of responsibility for Clare’s safety and wellbeing, to treat her with the respect and dignity she deserves.
Sincerely yours,
Jonathan Eisen.

As soon as I returned from home, I handed a copy of this to Dr Zubaran and had one placed on my file for my nurses to read. To my enormous relief, as the day progressed, I could see from the nurses’ reactions towards me, that this letter was having the desired affect and I felt certain it wouldn’t be long before I was discharged.
Also that morning, I had a fruitful discussion with Heather Blackburn, the occupational therapist about my Catch-22 situation with Dr Zubaran.  She said she’d seen the angry look on my face when I walked out of the meeting room after talking to him, so I explained that he wouldn’t listen to me and that being stuck in hospital and not being listened to was torturous.  Consequently, she offered to organize a meeting with the Consumer Rights Advocate, Brian Vickers, which I  gratefully accepted.
In the morning of the following day, Friday the 16th, Dr Zubaran said he wanted to talk to me. I advised him about the meeting planned with the Consumer Rights Advocate – he said he knew about it. He suggested that we talk outside, so we stood on the pavement of Hospital Road, and exchanged words a few meters from the hospital.  Evidently, he still hadn’t done any research related to 9/11 and reiterated that I was “delusional” because I believed it was an inside job. “This is evidence I’m not delusional,” I said as I handed him an article I had in my pocket for him about what was then the biggest smoking gun of them all – Building 7’s collapse. Not to be outdone, he ignored the clipping’s contents and said I should go on antidepressants. When I yet again replied I wouldn’t, he said he’d inject them intramuscularly. Suspecting he was hoping I would take the opportunity to do a runner before the meeting with the Advocate, and as I was offended by his condescension, I replied, “You don’t treat me like a human being,” and headed back to the hospital cloisters.
We met at the door and it was then, for the first time, that he asked to see the evidence of death threats I had, on this, my eleventh day of compulsory treatment.
At last! I eagerly gathered my bits of evidence together, and sat down at a table in the dining room with him.

Building 7 of the WTC Collapsing on 9/11

Building 7 of the WTC Collapsed on 9/11

Ironically, he said he was in Manhattan on the day of 9/11 and saw the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings fall with his own eyes. Referring to photos in Uncensored of Building 7 plunging, I advised that engineers and physicists had established that the only way the buildings of the WTC could have fallen at a velocity close to the speed of gravity, as they did, would be if  explosives had been used, which showed that the official story was a lie. I could see clearly he didn’t want to face this, but couldn’t elucidate if he was reluctant to do so because his need to cling to the official story was greater than his need for truth, or because he was so certain of his intellectual prowess, his mind had closed up like a steel trap.
A nurse who looked annoyed with Dr Zubaran came to the table and said that there was a consensus amongst my nurses that I should be released, and in their opinion, he was holding me back wrongly. He acknowledged that he was indeed holding me back, but tried to justify doing so by stating that during the hearing, the judge had agreed with him. The nurse pointed out that the only reason the judge had agreed with him was because he regarded Dr Zubaran as the person with authority during the hearing.  This nurse then got up and left the table and the Consumer Rights Advocate sat with us. We talked about the e-mails I’d received and I pointed out some of the threatening statements, which included, “I like to pull my guns out and shoot at moving targets,” “Decide in your heart of hearts that you are prepared to die to fight for justice if that’s what it takes –then you don’t have to be paranoid anymore,” and “You are right about the assassination part.” I told Dr Zubaran that I surmised that these e-mails had come from the SIS and thankfully, the Advocate advised Dr Zubaran that the SIS did in fact exist. Their head office is in Wellington and they have branches in Auckland and Christchurch, and as I discovered subsequently from a young woman who answered the phone at the Auckland office, there is someone who attends to “media issues.”
Although, Dr Zubaran acknowledged I wasn’t suicidal, he persisted in returning to his view that I should remain in hospital because my belief that 9/11 was an inside job was clear evidence of “a delusional disorder.” Fortunately, however, after approximately 15 minutes of a discussion with the Advocate mediating, to my jubilation and relief, he agreed that I could go home that day, in spite of my political beliefs, on the condition that I saw a psychologist, as well as a community nurse at regular intervals. We shook hands and I gave him DVD copies of Confronting the Evidence, The Oil Factor and 9/11: The Road to Tyranny, and said I hoped once he’d watched them, he would apologize to me.  He shook his head and said he didn’t think that that would happen.
For the sake of future patients, I made a complaint to the Clinical Director of Mental Health at Whangarei Hospital and supplied psychiatric staff with new documentaries regarding the rise of fascism and government-sponsored terror, including America: Freedom to Fascism and Terrorstorm. Not surprisingly, Dr Zubaran failed to issue an apology, although he did succeed in writing in a letter he dated September 11, 2006, “Thanks for offering an alternative look to such a puzzling issue.”

My case has highlighted quite a number of issues, but perhaps most significantly, how dangerous it is to give psychiatrists the power to detain people on the basis of minimal and/or questionable evidence, without making their duty to abide by the provisions in the Mental Health Act clear to them. In particular, that people can not be regarded as mentally ill on the grounds of their political beliefs. Psychiatry was abused by the state in Soviet Russia to incarcerate dissenters – this has shown how easily it can happen in New Zealand, whether it is the result of ignorance or an inordinate unwillingness to face the truth.

1. ‘Why Does TVNZ Lie to us About 9/11?’, Uncensored Magazine, Issue 3, p. 25-29.
2. TVNZ vs Swinney, BSA Decision is at:  http://www.bsa.govt.nz/decisions/2006/2006-011.htm

3.  Vice President Dick Cheney stated: “We’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.”—WhiteHouse.gov, Interview by Tony Snow, March 29th, 2009.   (Also, the FBI has admitted that they had no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11 in 2006).

4. For information on the Mental Health Act, refer the Ministry of Health website at http://www.moh.govt.nz.  Note that on page 33 of this PDF document titled ‘Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992’, linked to on the Ministry of Health website, it states: “Are there some things that can never be called a mental disorder?
You cannot be considered to have a mental disorder just because of your:
political, religious or cultural beliefs;
• sexual preference (for example, being gay or straight);
• criminal behaviour;
• substance abuse (this includes drug or alcohol abuse);
• intellectual disability.”


As well as DVDs showing the evidence of 9/11, in 2008 I provided Northland Base Hospital with letters from 5 friends, including one from respected scientist, Dr Robert Anderson of Tauranga, who wrote that I had never shown any sign of being delusional and that 9/11 was indeed an inside job. The following was a letter written by an English friend, who has been researching the New World Order for some time:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have read the testament of Clare Swinney as to her appalling treatment by a Dr Carlos Zubaran during a period of unlawful detention at a mental health facility.

The scare which began this episode, being followed by a man dressed like a member of the security services and email based death threats, is a story I have heard often from people within the anti-war and 9-11 Truth Movement. Sadly whether you choose to believe it or not, the security services in many nations (not just the USA) have a habit of targeting individuals with threats and intimidation and harassment in order to get them to cease their political activities.

Seemingly however, Dr Zubaran thought nothing of this and chose to presume that Clare Swinney was having some form of mental breakdown. He even cited her quite reasonable beliefs regarding the tragic events of 9-11-2001 as evidence that she was suffering from a “mental delusion”.

As you do not reside in a Nazi controlled nation, it is not a proper action by a Doctor , or indeed a judge (Judge Tim Druce in this case) to detain a person under the mental health act for their political belief.

You may or may not be aware that there is a very significant global movement which has seen enough evidence to conclude that 9-11 was not perpetrated solely (or even at all) by 19 Arab hijackers, and that the whole event was staged by persons within the US government and security services, perhaps with aid from Mossad, MI6 and others.

This attack was conducted for the purpose of starting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (we have proof they were both planned prior to 2001) and indeed to enable greater implementation of security laws to allow stricter controls on persons in society.

Yes we do have proof, and the most famous 9-11 film – Loose Change – has been watched at least 100 MILLION times online, with dozens of other such documentaries having been watched many millions more times on Youtube and Google.

There are politicians, scientists, structural engineers and many other relavent persons who state quite clearly that the towers of the WTC were demolished by controlled demolition and did not collapse due to plane impacts or fire (again we have proof).

You may or may not choose to believe such, which is irrelevant, what however should be clear to you is that this is not some wild fantastical fringe movement – a survey taken over a year ago found that over 80% of New Yorkers feel the government is covering up what occurred on 9-11.

I have been lucky to meet Clare online as part of my own research, it is my aim to be an author, and can attest that she is clearly fully competent mentally. Further, she is a person who bases her viewpoints and online discussion contributions on facts that she can prove. Clare Swinney is most certainly a fact driven lady and not one who is prone to wild assertions or accusations.

I find her treatment by the Dr and Judge mentioned above to be a disgrace and am dismayed for your nation if this kind of behaviour by trusted members of society is the norm. She should in my view receive significant compensation as for a doctor to betray his Hippocratic oath in such a way is unforgivable. Further for a judge to make a mockery of his role as legal trustee is sickening and he should be reprimanded in the strongest possible terms.

Yours sincerely,


390 Responses to Held In A Psychiatric Ward & Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

  1. Matt says:

    Scary to think that it’s actually happening to people.

    And are we to paint the 9/11 victims’ families, first responders and survivors with the same brush for wanting an independent investigation into 9/11 with subpoena power?

    Ironically it’s the general public who have been conditioned to see dissent, research and investigation as ‘kooky, tin foil hat-like.’ It is not kooky.

    Go to http://www.nyccan.org, http://www.911pressfortruth.com & http://www.ae911truth.org to see the faces of the 9/11 truth movement.

    They are architects, engineers, military officers, intelligence, firefighters, police, EMT, pilots, professors, physicists, government officials etc etc.

    Are all these people crazy?


  2. Mike Philbin says:


    I’m stunned to find out that this sort of latter-day Witch Burning, actually happens today. Is this, perhaps, what journalists the world over KNOW will happen to them if they ‘dare’ to unmask the Global Elite who’ve been working both sides of the War OF Terror since 9/11 and 7/7?

  3. Lorraine says:

    Clare, I am shocked at what you were put though – that’s awful.

    One thing I will say about you is that you have plenty of spunk in handing this Zubaran creep the DVD’s to watch on your departure.

    Classic 🙂

  4. Julie Smith says:

    Clare, I’m stunned by what you endured at the hands of “our” so called medical professionals.
    We are all being fed the “illusion” of a democratic country through the mainstream media. I really admire and respect you for having the balls to continue to lift the veil on the “illusion” after being incarcerated like this.

    Kindest Regards

  5. Rant says:

    If the examining psychiatrist was employed by the military and present at the event on 11th Sept, they were involved, which explains them not being interested in the evidence.

    The Australian Prime Minister inspected the Twin Towers the day before, and was “meeting with the British Prime Minister” when the London bombs (which were actually under the buses, not on the buses) went off. It’s clear the highest level of government and their military supervised these operations.

    Just recently, we had alleged terrorist arrests here in Australia the week before the new Prime Minister introduced tightened Anti-Terrorism laws. These people have no shame.

  6. Deenie says:

    I think you are one brave woman. The truth is what these lizard-like people fear more than anything. You must not give in to their fear invoking efforts, not that I think you will. Being true to yourself is the way to go, the only way. I am not as high a level of activist as you, yet. I deeply admire you and wish you the best life possible. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Peace to you. Namaste.

  7. FckNWO says:

    Hi Clare
    I just wanted to let you know that a similar situation with being involuntarily held in psych ward in the United States happened to me. I started researching mercury dental fillings and started finding out how it was poisoning us. I was very upset to find this out and find out how they are also suppressing cancer cures. I had a breakdown to my mom because I couldn’t understand how people could be so cruel and lie to us and let millions of people suffer and die. “My mom thought i was going nuts..she called the cops and they took me to the psych ward. They said I was delusional for believing that dental fillings caused mercury poisoning. They made me stay for about a week in there being drugged. It was awful to know the truth and to know that they are all “delusional” for being ignorant. You are smart girl..and we are the more intelligent people who KNOW what is going on..we need to stick together and support one another. You are brave and are doing a good thing by warning people. If the govt is trying to deceive us and are responsible for 9/11, 7/7 and many more atrocities..what do you think they will do next if we don’t warn and wake up people. It’s just a matter of time they use the real ‘weapons of mass destruction” on us..nukes or whatever else they have planned. These people are evil and need to be put in a “psych ward” for the rest of their lives. They need to be drugged up, fluoridated, injected with mercury and electric shocked etc. It’s payback time!

  8. Clare Swinney says:

    You are smart and thank-you for sharing what happened to you. I am very sorry that you went through that dreadful experience. Your mother needs a kick up the bum for putting you in jeopardy like that. Mercury is highly neurotoxic, as this clip from the University of Calgary shows: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/538419/how_mercury_produces_brain_damage/

    I heard stories about Psych wards and thought they were exaggerated until I ended up in one. It seemed that they were trying to manufacture madness and intent on pushing pills which evidence shows can be dangerous/addictive and function little better than placebos.

    ‘Making A Killing’ exposes the damage psychiatric drugs do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKYAmg5giAE

    ‘Psychiatry: An Industry of Death’ is interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsfH_ap2Wgg

  9. Hello Clare,
    At the same time you were being held prisoner by these madmen (mid-2006) I was being told “Most people think you’re a nut” by Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly was opining that I should be murdered by the mob and thrown into Boston Harbor.
    If you’d like to join me on the radio some time, let me know. My shows are noon – 1 pm Eastern on Tuesdays and 6-8 pm Eastern on Saturdays. Don’t know what that is in New Zealand, other than probably not so good. Anyway, convey my best wishes for a quick recovery to the lunatics who kidnapped you. And congratulations for your heroism, which compares favorably to that of Winston Smith in 1984.

  10. Vince says:

    I hope you find a good lawyer, Clare, and sue the living daylights out of this ‘doctor’.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      That will not happen Vince. As I understand it, mental health workers who incarcerate people for illegitimate reasons are fairly well protected under the law. Section 122 of the NZ Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992 is an obstacle to holding professionals accountable, as it states:
      “Matters of justification or excuse (1) Every person in charge of a hospital, responsible clinician, duly authorized officer, member of the police, or other person who relies on any notice purportedly given under section 8 or section 11 or section 13 of this Act, or any order purporting to be a compulsory treatment order, shall be protected from criminal responsibility if he or she acts in good faith under the belief that the notice was properly given by a person having authority to give it or the order was properly made by a Court having jurisdiction to make it.”
      Thus, they can state: “I was acting in good faith. I believed the original assessment. It is therefore not my fault.”
      The Patients’ Rights Advocacy has been working to get this and other Sections of the Mental Health Act amended. Refer: http://prawi.sartorelli.gen.nz/

      • Eric Marks says:

        Claire, my heart absolutely broke when I read about your apalling treatment at the hands of New Zealand Medical officials. I am a fact driven researcher and writer myself, and my own investigation led me to precisely the same conclusion as you and so many other reputable people have reached. As “free” countries move further and further from democratic government and closer and closer into facist police-states, the grave injustices against humanity continue. Whenever someone insults me by saying i’m crazy for thinking 9/11 was an inside job or laugh at the idea that the US government would murder its own people, I simply state two words, “Operation Northwoods.” I’m sure you already know about it, but for those who don’t, it was a 1962 request by the state department for, “pretexts” to justify a Cuban invasion during the Kennedy Administration that specifically involved terrorist attacks by Americans, against Americans, in order to make it appear as though Communist Cuba was responsible. The document is now public domain, procured via the freedom of information act, and explains matter of factly how terrorist attacks would be conducted on military and civilian targets, so Cuba could be “justifiably” invaded. It’s right there in black and white. What I get tired of is so-called intellectuals who refuse to look at the facts and simply claim that they “know” the official story is correct, despite the plethora of evidence indicating otherwise.

        I sincerely am sorry you were put through such a horrific ordeal….especially because you’re right. It doesn’t take a dellusional person to look objectively at something and come to the only reasonable conclusion. Don’t ever give up trying to get the truth out. I know I won’t, even if it costs me my life. Oh and I’m not sure if you’re aware of this splendid resource for the 9/11 cover-up and many other cover-ups with substantial evidence backing them up. It is called wanttoknow.info and it is run by 10 or 15 scholars, scientists, medical doctors, and even a couple emmy award winning journalists and pulitzer prize winners. It is a fantastic resource that I’m sure you would find very helpful. I love it because it is so grounded in fact, and verified by a huge list of reputable sources.

        Once again, my heart goes out to you for your harrowing experience. It makes me sick even thinking about it!

  11. My guess is your 911 truth work caught the attention of certain NWO/globalists, and you were thus set-up for this outrageous imprisonment!

    In the 2008 movie entitle “The Changeling” based on a true story & directed by Clint Eastwood, a woman who persists in challenging the authorities is committed into a mental asylum to discredit/silence/punish her. (Took place in the 1920s, here in the U.S.A.)

    It seems that mental hospitals still cooperate with the other authorities in committing political “troublemakers.” This is a dishonest, filthy business they perpetrate against good people!

    Good luck, & please continue to speak out about this!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you. Their comments, body language and the hospital notes indicated what took place was the result of ignorance and a stubborn unwillingness to look at the facts. The mainstream media kept a tight lid on information relating to 9/11 in New Zealand, and as the Fox News clips with Kevin Barrett posted above show, in 2006 people were being brainwashed to erroneously perceive 9/11 truthers as ‘kooky’, which certainly would not have helped.

    • lomie says:

      One sentence that glitters like a diamond in its clarity and truth. Where are all the “leftist, alternative media heroes” on this? The zio-“journalists” like Howard Zinn and Naomi Klein (who said the 911 perps “dont matter” and all the other over hyped, highly paid obfuscators and distractors?

  12. Trevor Bacon says:

    It’s 6am and I’ve just read your account. It must have been terrifying. Not really much to say other than I don’t know how you got through. I have been looking at other stuff just lately and have not been up with all the 911 stuff for a while but came across the following documentary from the Citizen Investigation Team called National Security Alert at
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5FhQc-LJ-o&feature=fvw . It’s really rather good and as far as I can see a good piece of investigative journalism. you’ve all probably seen it months ago but I just thought I would flag it up for anyone who has missed it.

  13. Jim Lunsford says:

    Psychiatrists! Yech! I went with a friend of mine once as whe went to this shrink, because whe wanted my opinion of him. My opinion? He was just the lowest form of drug dealer and the only crazy person in the building. She wound up on a cocktail of drugs that were both highly addictive and very dangerous. I think she is off them all the way now, but her health has been ruined (mental and physical). She went from being a normal, drama queen young teen to a complete flake in less than six months. This was just one instance out of many that I have witnessed. The field is nothing more than an opportunity for big pharma to deal drugs at greater volume. It should be dismantled as a charlatan field with no more scientific basis than exorcism.

  14. Peter says:

    Dear Clare,
    I too experienced the abuse of the so-called “mental health establishment”. Psychiatry is clearly being used by the elites to suppress dissention. Big Pharma is in on it also. Your alluding to the former Soviet Union, using Psychiatry to suppress dissention, was spot on. It IS political.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      In my opinion, it was political primarily in the sense that the psychiatric staff had been brainwashed by the mainstream media to perceive 9/11 truthers as mentally ill.
      Here are some examples of the media manipulating peoples’ opinions:
      1. Bill Mayer calls 9/11 truthers “nut cases.”

      2. “You’re nuts…” says Bill O’Reilly to Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, October 2006. Refer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u1Iel-pZfA

      3. Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes call Kevin Barrett a “conspiracy nut” for knowing that 9/11 was an inside job. Refer:

      What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.
      -Adolf Hitler

      How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.
      -Adolf Hitler

      “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Colby, former CIA Director, quoted by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy

      • Peter says:

        I would imagine the psychiatric staff was hierarchical. The psychiatrists atop the nurses. (both, a hierarchical status quo overseeing lesser ranking individuals). This status quo has much to lose and will protect their privileged “hard earned” positions , AT ALL COSTS. This hard earned professional status quo, will,” circle the wagons”/”close ranks”, in order to maintain their privilieged/status quo ranking. Dissention from outside the status quo is a threat and is dealt with punitively.

      • Peter says:

        Your inclusion of a Dave McGowan quote really tweaked me just right. I have recently discovered many of his writings. I’ll include links to both his book, Derailing Democracy, that you’ve cited. http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/intro.htm
        Also, a hugely fascinating read about “pop” music. Titled, Inside the LC. (Laurel Canyon), http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/

      • Peter says:

        Once again Clare, I link you to yet another Dave McGowan piece. This time, dealing with Psychology/Psychiatry. It turns out Mr. McGowan degreed, from UCLA, in **drum roll** Psychology. His piece , titled, “Lies My Psychology Professor Taught Me” (chapter 30) shows a great “historical” knowledge of this so-called science.

        http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/fwordpreview.htm#chapter 30

      • pete says:

        just amazing how these people are paid to brainwash the public. The most evil society is the american government.

  15. ed says:

    I’m not surprised.
    And it’s not only in cases where somebody has an unpopular view.

    It is a problem that must occur when you have foreign psychiatrists. We have the same problem in Trinidad and Tobago; I witnessed it myself. A doctor here used as his excuse for detaining a woman, that she repeatedly wrote letters to the Prime Minister.

    A local doctor might have just laughed it off and say you’re stupid or ‘crazy’ or perhaps misguided but not in need of incarceration or medication.

    The doctors are biased towards NOT releasing a potential patient for various reasons – example what if the potential patient committed suicide after being released – that would be embarrassing. So the slightest excuse to detain is unsurprising.

    Local psychiatrists who are familiar with the community and culture are essential to preventing this kind of detention.

    Somebody should SUE.

  16. Randy says:

    I have had the same thing happen to me too here in the US – twice. They do it to discredit you and to make you unstable.

    You know that your government is a tyranny when it gives immunity to its tools of force such as police and mental health workers. Equal justice under the law is one of the tenants of the basic tenants of democracy.

    The doctor was most likely a Jew. 911 and the wars that followed on Israel’s behalf were for Israel. Iraqi oil now flows from from Iraq to Hafia Israe after Saddam had shut down the Rothschild pipeline decades ago. By the third day of the invasion, that pipeline was reactivated again and is evidenced by infra-red weather satellite photos since oil is hot when it comes from the ground.

    The war in Afghanistan is also for a pipeline they want to build from the area north of the Dead Sea to India where US oil companies and the Israelis built a multi billion dollar electrical generation plant.

    The Taliban stated that if they wanted to build the pipeline across Afghanistan, they would have to pay a fee on all oil shipped. SO we invaded them and are now killing them for defending their national interests. Fascist are as fascist do.

    Don’t ask a corrupt state to give you your rights. You will never have what you are not willing to fight and die for. Tyranny knows no other lessen.

    I am surprised people don’t simply boycott the criminals that have taken control of western governments through sexual blackmail and bribery.

    I personally won’t vote for anybody that is a Jew or supports Israel in any way. Read the Talmud. When Talmud Jews stop running a race based organized crime syndicate under the guise of religion, I’ll change my views.

  17. hANOVER fIST says:

    The same was done to Grace Stephens, the wife of wasted weasel Charles Stephens, who purported to identify James Earl Ray as the assassin of MLK.

    Clare – my best to you – and don’t give up in regards to making that scumbag who pretends at being a “healer” pay for the abuse and torture he heaped upon you.

  18. medicis says:

    Dear Clare, I’m very sorry that you experienced such oppression at the hands of a mental health hack. Unfortunately, you are not the only one. Now, equally unfortunately, the U.S. Homeland Gestapo is labelling 9/11 truth folks as terrorists. A strategy designed to inflict equal horror upon all who understand the truth about the government and its owners.

    As an aside, when I figured out 9/11 back in 2003 and began writing about it, (albeit not in a print publication but on the web). I was in a much more fortunate position than you and it was highly unlikely I would suffer the same fate. As a forensic neuropsychologist I had more than sufficient insulation from anything a psychiatrist might wish to do.
    Dr. Richard Welser, member, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice.


    Clare I commend you for your bravery. Someone has to speak out. I’m sure to see your name again in the future and indeed look forward to it.

    For any one interested in networking with other Kiwi 911 activists, check out: http://911truthaotearoa.myfreeforum.org/

    Introduce yourself and find out who’s active in your area. Most of the activity centres around Wellington. I’m in Christchurch myself along with a couple of other people and we’re always looking for fresh faces. The more the merrier.

    Clare I copied the link to the Prisonplanet.com article to the forum, so you’ll be getting a little more exposure and I think some people will already know who you are.

  20. Rogue Witness says:

    TOO LATE!!! The days for “calling on people to wake up” are over. Even if they do now — today — there are no actions remaining that could ever be taken to put an end to this dictatorship. They have the upper hand and will use ALL of the billions of dollars worth of helicopters, aircraft, guns and bombs the people supplied them with AGAINST us.

    If Obama is a true dictator, he will seize upon this opportunity to whack the heads off of anyone who believes in what this nation once stood for. Forced drugging in a psychiatric ward is akin to chemical lobotomy. It has been said that people get the government they deserve. Guess the majority in this nation are now getting their due reward for paying so much attention to video games, texting on their cell phones and being so enthralled in sports while their government has been building up the genocidal machine it now wields.

  21. escapefromobamastan says:

    Hell, 60% or more of the U.S. population would in a psych ward for that.

  22. dithers says:

    New Zealand is a nasty little fascist state, based around a weird copy of the UK in the 1930’s.

    This story isnt at all surprising, although Clare Swinney’s naivete certainly is.

    The medical industry is a vital part of the slavery and control system we call democracy.

    Where have you people been living? Mars?

  23. TruthMama says:

    Thank you Clare for your strength, courage and tenacity. I am so sorry you had to endure this experience on your own without the support of other NZ “Truthers”. As Robert says there are a number of us now and growing every day.

    I am appalled at the treatment of many of these so-called health professionals in positions of power and the judge in your case. I worry for NZ’s democracy and our civil liberties. When you see how this small group of protesters was treated recently in Wellington – see link http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO0908/S00192.htm – you can see how bad things are getting here.

    You have shown well and truley when it comes to 9/11 truth that the “pen is mightier than the sword” May God bless you and keep you in you his care.

  24. I am also Clare says:


    Good on you.

    I don’t know much about the law, but I am sure there are 9/11 truthers who do in NZ.

    It seems to me you have quite a case, should you choose to accept it.

    Good Luck and Thanks

  25. Guy Dunphy says:

    My sympathies!

    I too have experienced something like this a few years ago, though not so severe. I was seeing a counsellor regarding depression, primarily related to fairly extreme marriage difficulties, plus recent deaths of friends and family. I also mentioned my frustrations with the state of the world, relating some of what I’d found during my 911 researches. The lady counsellor had nodded sympathetically throughout, and I thought nothing more of it. I’d also given her a long list of alternative news URLs, if she wanted to look any of it up for herself.

    Some time later, I gave her contact information to a Dept of Social Security officer, regarding some background involving the marriage troubles. It turned out that when contacted by Social Security, the counsellor had described me as ‘delusional’ to them. Which didn’t help my standing with them at all.

    Quite annoying. At no point in the sessions had she ever expressed doubt about anything I’d said. I’d have been happy to provide extensive evidence in support of anything I’d told her (both marriage and political related), but with limited time, and no indication of a need, I’d skipped much detail, and mostly just given overviews.

    Not much to be done about it – I can see how a counsellor in a professional situation would pass over differences of perception, rather than engage in discussion on them until some mutual understanding was reached. OTOH, I personally consider it a complete waste of time to discuss anything, where the other person won’t even communicate their skepticism on a point and thus blocks the opportunity to be provided with argument and evidence in its support. The worst of it is a feeling of bitterness – to discover that someone you’d poured out your troubles to, and who you’d thought was being sympathetic, was in fact regarding at least elements of what you’d said as ‘delusional’.

    Hopefully, one day the 911 conspirators will be brought to public justice. For those of us who’ve known the truth for years, a bonus will be the look of shock and shame on the faces of the ‘useful idiots’ who supported the official lies throughout.

    “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation without investigation.”
    — William Paley (1743-1805).

  26. bobby says:

    unfortunately over the years as i have ‘revealed’ certain ‘truths’ to friends and family,I have been painted as delusional.In fact I still am.
    I worked for social work services for about sixteen years, 8 of which were in mental health services and still ,friends and family considered anything I said to be delusional. it’s just fear of the unknown, but they would have signed my life away if a ‘doctor’ had suggested it…..it’s just fear

  27. michael mazur says:

    Clare, the two mental health people who came for you said that they were responding to a complaint from a member of your family,
    which only complicates things if true, because i’m thinking it to be a ruse if not true, to put a person off side with their family, to dispirit them over the immediate period to come before the person can equilibrate enough to overcome the induced sadness which would present as depression, and so validate the grounds for detention – being potential risk of self harm.

    The other advantage of having a family member inform on the targetted person is that the person then, whether before or after release, cannot go up the chain of command to determine the initiating authority, whether it be a named individual in SIS, or a cabinet minister.

    If no one in one’s family was responsible for informing, then what would be the impediments for finding out who the initiator was ?

  28. barry says:

    Hi Clare, I read your story and am really sorry that this happened to you. Seems like the big shock though is that this sort of thing can happen in Godzone.
    We like to think that we’re immune from what happens ‘over there’, but it clearly ain’t so. The insidious bastards just keep on keeping on and over the years I see that the governing types got with the program, (globalisation?). Further down the ‘chain of command’ most are ‘just doing their job’. So I was relieved to hear your account of the people who spoke out on your behalf. Bless them all.
    I often meet with WWII veterans and am increasingly hearing ‘we fought against fascism, and now it’s everywhere’. The wisdom of old men eh!
    Our individual struggles will continue as this beast will only succumb when it devours itself and historically it always has. Until then, the outcomes of our choices will sometimes be very very frightening. Sadly, I accept we have no option but to run this gauntlet, I do it for my children and because it is the right thing to do. They’re learning by osmosis so there’s really no choice. Hat off to you, take care,
    ps Project Gladio wasn’t only Europe.

  29. Paul Smiler says:

    So sorry to hear what happened to you, it must have been awful! It is funny though, that they considered you to be delusional when quite obviously, it was they who were suffering from a severe case of madness themselves! Perhaps they should be in therapy themselves. I mean who is more crazy? Those that question what they find hard to believe or those that don’t question and trust everything that they are told? Sheep.
    But don’t worry, don’t threat – we will overcome.
    Love and light to all that read this.

  30. Garrick says:

    Some people believe reality is based on whatever an external authority tells them to accept. Other people believe knowledge about reality is based on empirical evidence and logical thought that one can verify. Which of these types is more likely to be deceived and believe in delusions?

  31. Bard says:

    You would expect better than this type of Ignorance from a doctor.

    WTC7 and the nanothermite proves it was an inside job. We already have all the pieces to know who did it – I’m convinced Cheney was the head authority in the US, who used Israeli assets (ACE elevator) to plant the demolitions through Jack Abramoff (Mossad Fixer) and therefore bypass the whisteblower protections for any US government employee who discovered or was part of what was going on.

    Cheney supervised the ‘air defense’ drills personally on 9/11 – he tried to ensure that the planes would make it – Except one national guard fighter – locally scrambled – shot down flight 93 (as attested to by multiple witnesses who are now saying nothing more than they are not allowed to talk about it). This was the plane destined for WTC7 that didn’t make it – the black box recorder data proved it was returning to new york – though the zionist owned media ensured there was no mention of this in the mainstream news.

    In a panic they reported WTC7 collapsed before it had (oops rupert murdoch) , then they ‘pulled it’ (should use secure comms Mr Silverstein) to prevent discovery of the preplanted explosives.

    What was in WTC7? “WTC 7 also held the offices of numerous government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the CIA, the Secret Service, the IRS, and the Security and Exchange Commission. Late 2001 was the time of “the height of the investigation into Enron, so the majority of Enron’s SEC filings were likely destroyed when World Trade Center 7 came down.”

    9/11 was an inside job. If you don’t believe it you simply haven’t looked at the evidence.

  32. John Morton says:

    Well done for beating the rap Clare. Keep fighting the good fight, we will WIN in the end.

    But, how long before these insane Psychologist creeps start locking people up for believing in Jesus Christ?

    That’s what they did in the USSR, and now it is coming to the EUSSR.

  33. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    It is about time we get another point of wiev on these peoble who have managed to delude society into believing they are a kind of in-fallible , mysterious beings; there are at least 7 major “schools of psycology” , each disagreeing with all the others on vital points. Have you EVER heard of ANYBODY being cured by one of them? There might be some terapeutic value in having somebody to talk to, but that does not necessarily have to be someone who charges you thousand $s an hour, anybody would do. These “medicine-men” are themselves not too sane;they have an UN-NATURAL obsession with other peobles minds- and they are psychopatic enough to believe that they have a right denied the patient, to decide to enter various, often poisonus, substances into other peobles bodies, just to see what happens; cause THEY DONT KNOW . Boycott the idea that ANYBODY can know your mind better than yourself – and that YOUR mind can be studied in a book on the delusional art of psychologi.They are a fraud , just like the rest of the established , mediocre bandits and psycho-socio.paths , temporarily in power.

  34. Rob says:

    Clare I really sympathize with you. I’ve been a Truther for 6 years now, since I was handed a copy of Loose Change while a student at University. The Truth Movement to expose the Global Elite is growing by the day. The anti-vaccination movement lead by Jane Burgermeister and co. is also helping to bring the crimes of the Elite out into the mainstream.



  35. Valerie Metin says:

    Claire Dr Carlos Augusto Zubaran needs your review @ doctorcheckup.org


    • Clare Swinney says:

      Shortly after it was published in New Zealand in Uncensored Magazine in 2007, Julie A. Young, the District Inspector for Mental Health – Northland, got a copy, as I was pursing an apology from the hospital. Dr Zubaran was still working in Northland then, thus, he is certain to have seen it already. Thank-you Valerie.

  36. Clare Swinney says:

    Thank-you everyone for sharing your thoughts – it helps to add to the big picture.
    Anna de Jonge, a NZ Patients Rights Advocate, did her bit and e-mailed these quotes today:


    “We can choose to use our growing knowledge to enslave people in ways never dreamed of before, depersonalize them, controlling them by means so carefully selected that they will perhaps never be aware of their loss of personhood.”

    Carl R. Rogers, former president of the American Psychological Association

    “Through strong, painful impressions we capture the patient’s attention, accustom him to unconditional obedience, and indelibly imprint in his heart the feeling of necessity. The will of his superior must be such a firm, immutable law for him that he will no more resist it than he would rebel against the elements.”

    Johan Christian Reil (who first coined the word psychiatry) 1810.

    “We must aim to make [psychiatry] permeate every educational activity in our national life… We have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the church; the two most difficult are law and medicine.”

    John Rawlings Rees, a British psychiatrist and co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, when defining psychiatry’s goals 1940

    The family is one of the major obstacles to improved mental health, and hence should be weakened, if possible, so as to free individuals and especially children from the coercion of family life.”

    One of the entrenched “policies” of psychiatry from the International Congress on Mental Health, London 1948

  37. John Morton says:

    Anyone who is into “social networking” should read the following, which blows the lid on the entire thing:

    Click to access 27-37_747-48.pdf

  38. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    Besides being pathologically “interested” in other peobles minds, those jokers allso are working for corporate USofA finding the best ways to SUBLIMINALLY control the population ,politics and purchasings. They have used extreme violence, physical as well as chemical aginst other humans , just to have THEIR will being accepted as a statement about the reality of the world -and of man. They are small,disgusting ignorant besties.

  39. Duncan O'Neill says:

    Two things strike me here;

    The first is the courage you show; One, in the face of madmen with an agenda who’re determined to keep you locked up, and two, in re-telling your story, and so leaving yourself open to the possibility of further persecution.

    The second is that the issue of the truth of 911 isn’t really relevant here. What is relevant is the part of the Act which says a person can’t be considered insane on the basis of their political beliefs. None of the health ‘professionals’ in charge here seemed to know that. The only other valid reason for holding you is if you were suicidal, which you clearly weren’t.

    As for depression, hell, I’d be depressed too after days of being held, and forced to take strong medication against my will.


  40. Rick says:

    Ms. Swinney, Although your experience was horrible for you, it may have served the good purpose of exposing how far the really delusional folks will go to support their crumbling paradigm.One hopes we have something better in mind?

  41. tiny hope says:

    911 was an INSIDE JOB and the global elites are afraid of the masses if they can ever find out! Sorry to hear about your situation, but keep fighting and keep informing as many as u can. We all need to enlighten our fellow prisoners so we can escape this panopticon. Thanks for staying true to the truth and we will prevail.

  42. Jeremy says:

    If the FBI doesn’t think Osama did it, why should we. They never sought a grand jury indictment, standard procedure in such cases. 9/11 is not on his wanted poster. They admit they never pursued the case due to lack of evidence.
    America became one big lynch mob.

  43. Cat Callahan says:

    Mental illness is a ruse in many dictatorial states to remove anyone whose thinking is dangerous to what they wish to do! People were called ‘crazy’ for saying Saddam Hussein was no problem-now we KNOW he had no weapons of mass destruction! Unlike Shakespeare who said “kill all the lawyers,” methinks it should be “shoot the psychiatrists!”

  44. JOE says:


  45. Hereward says:

    It’s a sad fact that the most narrow-minded and arrogant people in the world are medical doctors and psychiatrists. I’ve had quite a few mind-boggling experiences with doctors; many, if not most of them, will literally disregard the evidence of their own senses if it contradicts what they’ve been trained to believe. After reading this, I’m thankful that I’ve managed to avoid dealing with the psychiatric profession through my life.

  46. Valerie Metin says:

    Non-violent noncompliance. Changing the way people think by providing them with information to make informed decisions.
    If nobody believes in the benefits of ineffective brain damaging drugs (or the control freak psychiatrists that dispense them), they are then rendered a powerless oppression tool.

    Knowledge is power.

  47. Patrick Sullivan says:

    The only way a person can be forcefully committed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation is after a Grand jury has heard the allegations against the accused.

    The only party that can determine whether or not a person is sane or insane is a jury. A judge, psychiatrist or other mental health worker, preacher or teacher, none of them have the ability or the legal standing to determine sanity; that can only be done by a jury of ones own Peers.

    This is all part of the common law.

    If you go ahead with a legal action against those who carried off and imprisoned you against your will, make certain to Demand a Jury trial.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      The Patients’ Rights Advocacy in New Zealand has been working to get Sections of the Mental Health Act amended, one being Section 122 of the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992, which reads, “
      Matters of justification or excuse (1) Every person in charge of a hospital, responsible clinician, duly authorized officer, member of the police, or other person who relies on any notice purportedly given under section 8 or section 11 or section 13 of this Act, or any order purporting to be a compulsory treatment order, shall be protected from criminal responsibility if he or she acts in good faith under the belief that the notice was properly given by a person having authority to give it or the order was properly made by a Court having jurisdiction to make it.”

      Thus, the “mental health experts” can say: “I was acting in good faith as I believed the original assessment – it’s thus not my fault.”
      Refer: http://prawi.sartorelli.gen.nz/ for further information.

    • michael mazur says:

      Patrick Sullivan, the part that perked my interest in your comment was when you said,

      “The only way a person can be forcefully committed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation is after a Grand jury has heard the allegations against the accused.
      A judge, psychiatrist or other mental health worker, preacher or teacher, none of them have the ability or the legal standing to determine sanity; that can only be done by a jury of ones own Peers”.

      That is as truly beautiful as it is alert, for it leads me to conclude that Psychiatry as a discipline was devised to be, in reality, a tool of the state to chemically subdue those who understood its true nature – and were liberal with tongue about it – the ultimate indispensable representative and protector of those who create credit out of the fiction that depositor’s funds are necessary for the issuance of that credit.

  48. jack hudson says:

    i have had simlar treatment by speaking out about the aerosol or chemtrail programe being conducted over New Zealand, my conclussion tell persons who you feel are ready to hear.

  49. Daljit Singh says:

    It hurts me to know, how a “free country” like yours treated you like that. It pains me to know that the physicians in psychiatry department over there allow themselves to be “used”.

  50. strum says:

    You are delusional, the US gov didn’t do 9/11 Israel did. wake up, stop being distracted by the lies about Cheney and Bush being behind all this stuff, it’s Israel BTW were any of the doctors involved in your abuse Jewish?
    I would not be surprised

    • Paul Taylor says:

      i already contacted Clare to show her a link between Dr Zubaran and Israel but she has not published it. I am also well aware of Israels links to 9/11. New Zealanders in particular should be aware that Mossad were using NZ passports to conduct activities. further during the Christchurch earthquake Nerayanyahu called John Key ( who is also Jewish ) 4 times to get help removing Israeli agents who died in the earthquake. I am very disappointed that Clare will not publish my comments. Ps I think its likely that the doctor that Clare saw who had a Muslim name is an Indian Jew. Israel has many sayanim that can role play, obviously the Muslim Doctor would be a nice touch when attacking somebody who says 9/11 was not done by Muslims

  51. Issac Hanan says:

    One of the most conspicuous , suspicious and dubious phenomenon was that not a single official person in the whole of the US government or Bush Adminisration was officially reprehended and blamed of negligance or lack of efficiency. An attack of that magnitude must have chopped off heads of the highest positions in the Bush Adminisration, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI and other Governmental Establishments.
    27 years ago…We remember the breach of the skys of the Soviet Unoion by the small monoplane piolated by a 19 years old German youth to land infront of the Kremlin. That incident brought the biggest heads in the Army, the KBG and the Communist Party rolling down into oblivion….
    That monoplane incident is nothing compared to the graetest Breach in the history of an Emperial Power such as the USA, at 9/11.2001. But we saw not a single small head rolling down nowhere …!!?? I expected Bush’s head to roll down first..
    How do you explain that..!!! ???

  52. Archie1954 says:

    It’s hard to believe that a small and nondescript country like New Zealand situated out of harms way should take such a fascist position with respect to its own people and what they do or do not believe. What in the world is the New Zealand government afraid of? Are they really worried that terrorists are going to bomb Aukland? Why would they do that? what possible political motive would they have to try such a risky action? None, is the right answer. Therefore I think someone should investigate the activities of the New Zealand Security Service as I think they have acted irregularly and illegally in this case.

  53. j says:

    well , i think yer a frikin idiot, she knew damn well why they were there and she wants to make a politcal standoff with a guy/establishment that can lock you up and drug the crap out of you,,, smack forhead, YOU ARE AN IDIOT, in cases like that you shut the f up, smile and say everything is great and life couldnt be better, after they let you GO, then scream all you want OUTSIDE THE GATES lol hey i got a bridge in brooklyn for sale intersted?

  54. brain says:

    i would still consult a lawyer. the doc may have acted in good faith, but based on something you mentioned in the article, sounds like he violated a code nonetheless – that one can not be held for political beliefs. his ignorance of the law should not exonerate his actions. also, you may be able to take a different angle, such as slander.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      I have consulted two lawyers, on the advice of the Patients Rights Advocacy, and was advised that it is not worth pursuing. I was advised to write about it.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        you are a victim of a monstrous injustice. the state abuse of powers to silence political dissent. You are entitled to substantial compensation. however getting justice is another matter. I have been stalked. threatened, libeled and impersonated on YouTube for 2 years in a campaign of relentless daily abuse. however when I contact the police am told to ‘ignore it’

      • Ta'Raille Chesney says:

        I had the same thing recently happen t of me here in Washington state USA. On February 4, 2015 I had Patrick the Starbucks barista call 9-1-1 for injuries I had during a hit and run and an assault with a deadly weapon.  The ambulance came and asked me what was wrong and where I was injured.  I told them my head, shoulders, both arms, wrist, legs, ankles, chest and neck.  They escorted me into the ambulance and asked me a series of questions on what happened.  I told them I was kidnapped, beat repeatedly and tazed multiple times.  They laughed in disbelief.  

         I was holding a bloody license plate and a bloody Seattle Police Department card with the incident report number on it.  I told them if they didn’t believe me they can look up the incident report and talk to the police officer Yahia badge #7728.  They disregarded me and asked how I was feeling and I said, “Like Shit.  I am in pain everywhere.”  They asked me then if I was suicidal and I said, “No, but if I would have gotten kidnapped by those people then I’d rather kill myself then be tortured.”  I said this while laughing and he laughed with me.

         Upon arrival to Harborview hospital, I was admitted to the ER.  They asked me some of the same questions including if I was suicidal, and I responded with the same answer, no.  They asked me what happened and I told them the same thing.  They looked at me like I was crazy and proceeded to take my blood pressure.  They started to put restraints on me and cover my mouth, face and eyes with a towel.  I couldn’t breathe and I told them that.  Someone placed their hands over my ears so I couldn’t hear and I began to get agitated.  They had put restraints on both my wrists, both legs, chest and head.  I yelled out, “Sarah, you told me you wouldn’t let them do this to me.”  I began yelling, “I refuse all care and want to be released.”  They gave me a shot I felt in my left leg and I began to get drowsy.

         I woke up naked in a locked room restrained to the bed.  The restraints were on my legs, both wrists, my head and straps across my chest.  I yelled out, “Nurse!  Nurse!  Why am I in restraints and can you let me out?”  A nurse came and told me she wouldn’t release my restraints and closed the door.  I began yelling and screaming, “Let me go!  Let me go!  I refuse all care!”  A team of security guards came in, held me down and I felt another shot go into my leg.  I woke up in my own urine and feces.  I yelled, “Nurse, nurse.  I need to change beds, I peed on myself.”  No one ever came in.  I fell back asleep and woke up the next day.  At least I think it was the next day because there were no clocks for me to tell.

         I was still in restraints on both my wrists and both ankles and the bed was chained to the wall and I was still naked left in my own urine and feces.  I yelled, “Nurse!  Nurse!  Can you please take the restraints off of me.”  A few hours later a nurse came in and asked me if I was hungry.  I asked if I could get out of the urine and feces and take a shower.  They asked if I was going to behave if they let me wash up.  I responded, “I haven’t done anything in the first place to be put in restraints or to be here.”  They brought in a team of security guards and let me out of my restraints and escorted me to the bathroom.  They gave me a bunch of wet wash clothes and told me to hurry up.  I couldn’t take a shower because the shower was broken.  While they watched me nude, I tried to wipe what I could of the feces.  There were parts dried to me I couldn’t get to and I smelled very bad.  The security guards rushed me out of the bathroom, put me back on the gurney and transported me to the same room that I have urinated and defecated in.  It smelled really bad.  The nurse said if I behave they won’t put the restraints back on me.  I then again said, “I didn’t do anything wrong to be in restraints in the first place.  I want to refuse care and leave.”  They said I have to talk to a doctor before anything happens.  

         I asked to use the phone to call my wife.  They opened the door and a male nurse gave me the phone and shut the door.  I called my wife and told her everything that had happened to me in a sequence of events.  She began crying.  I told her to tell me son’s I love them and that I’ll be home soon.  She then said she was here at Harborview to see me.  The male nurse came into my room to take away the phone and I told him my wife is here in the waiting room.  He said he would go out and speak to her and he left.  He came back and told me she wasn’t out there.  I dropped the phone and said he was lying and I forced my way out the door naked, and ran around looking for an exit.  The security guards were called and 10 security guards tackled me to the ground.  One on each arm, bending them back.  One on each leg and one with his knee in my back crushing my genitals.  I screamed out in pain and they were telling me to shut up and that I did this to myself.  They picked me up hog style and put me in the same room and put me in restraints on my head, chest, both legs and both arms.  They gave me another shot in my arm and I passed out immediately.

         I wake up the next day in my urine and feces with poop stuck to my back.  I asked the nurse if I could clean up and they said no because last time I tried to escape.  The nurse came in with a plate of food and released one restraint so I could eat.  I ate it fast because I was hungry and hadn’t eaten in days.  She came in and took the plate then put the restraint back on.  She said I’ll be leaving soon and a doctor is going to come talk to me.  I’m guessing it was six or seven hours late a doctor came in to ask me a series of questions.  She asked if I was suicidal and I again said, “NO.”  She asked me if I want to hurt anybody and I said, “NO.  I refused services days ago.  I don’t know why I’m still here.  She huffed at me and walked out.

         I began screaming and yelling to break out of my restraints but couldn’t.  Three or four hours later a team of security guards came in and I began to fight them because they were trying to give me another shot.  They gave me a shot, I began to feel weak and limp.  They unlocked my restraints from the bed, transferred me to a different bed and restrained my arms, legs, head and chest.  I mumbled where am I going.  They said to a different facility.  I was still naked and I said I was cold.  They gave me a blanket to cover up.  They rolled me into an ambulance car.  I felt the drugs kicking in more and I passed out.

         I woke up at Novas and they handed me a pair of pants and a shirt.  The staff showed me my room.  I fell in my bed and went to sleep.  I woke up asking where I was at.  The counselors told me where and the reason why and I told them I don’t want to be here.  They said if I leave or try to leave I will end up in jail or the backroom.  They said I have court soon to see if I can be released.  They said if I behave, the judge will release me.  I agreed and said ok then asked to call my wife and kids.  They showed me where the phones were where I called my wife and kids.  I began crying on the phone and my wife told me everything will be ok and she’ll come see me as soon as possible. Taraille Chesney

  55. Barron says:

    Hi Claire

    Good to see your story on Rense!


  56. Steve says:

    Wow. I am probably the one who had most to do with Bigg’s conversion, if I remember correctly. No offence and no intention to steal any limelight if so, but it is GREAT to see such a great person, making a statement so strong and effective on behalf of this truth.

    I myself am horrified by Clare’s story, and distressingly familiar. I have had contact with our mental health establishment, thankfully under slightly more controlled circumstances, but only just. I found the descriptions of the idiocy and sheer insanity of the doctors compared with the relatively large percentage of nursing staff who could see through the bullshit, to be familiar. The massive prescription of drugs, particularly those which dull and muddle the senses. The complete indifference to the human condition, such that the most insane people in these places, are the doctors. Most of all, the reaction to the truth of 9/11.

    It is transparently obvious that people who defend the official story of 9/11, do so out of a case of deep and clinical delusion. This manifests itself most obviously, in the complete inability of the subject to even consider the information which has led someone to doubt the official story.

    Cognitive dissonance is not a new phenomenon and it has always been very commonly found in everyday life. From relationships with spouses, children and employers to facing up to unpalatable facts about our nation’s reasons for going to war, a supreme crime in itself. However it has become an almost international pandemic in its own right, regarding the events of 9/11.

    Good luck Clare. The only thing I would have done different is to have fought the enforced medication more, and they might just have opened a bad can of worms in my case, given my own very extreme feelings at this time and my skill base and the fact I no longer have anything of significance to lose.

    I think this story must make it clear that sooner or later, the only solution is going to be direct, physical confrontation. The system must be torn down, and any who stand in its way, or defend it, must be destroyed along with it.

  57. jeremiah says:

    Indeed Clare you made your point, and all and most of the mail supporting you deserve my praise.- But in order to succeed, to find out the Truth is not enough, a new , truly democratic force must be gathered by those with with common believes of counterbalance the “globazionisation”. A clear danger, is the masonic subservitude to put gentiles in a silver plate at the feet of Israel rulers. You should keep in mind that In NZ the road to Office is through a masonic oath of secrecy and obedience, as it is in most of Israel sympathetic countries.- Once your case was ruled and decided by a Judge, check on him because, either he is a mason or was compelled by the Intelligence DPT, naturally run by masons, to decide on your freedom even against the law.-

  58. Ha says:

    If those new zealand psycho demons tried that shit in the US, they would get very fast lead in their mouth!!

  59. Amy says:

    I am so, so sorry to hear of your ordeal. Sadly it’s not the first case i’ve heard, and i’ve also had similar treatment from the MH services in NZ, although nothing nearly as blatant as that. I learnt quickly to keep my mouth shut unless I was talking to certain people (I was in a position where this was much much easier than it would’ve been for you- I was still in High School), however this tends to create a situation just as dire as talking about it freely. I have constantly struggled with MHS here since I left the adolescent/youth services- for other issues I was going through at the time. I am also labelled delusional… why? Because I have hopes for a better future for us all, because I believe that the world we live in isn’t necessary and that things can change for the better. Ugh.

  60. Liza says:

    Hi Clare

    Your experience is shocking and deeply disturbing. So much for ‘human rights’ eh?
    We are already in 1984 – and anyone who questions the official version of events is a thought criminal. I’m 26 years old, living in the UK, and have been researching 9/11, 7/7, and all the other lies that the government have led us to believe. When I mentioned that I had seen enough evidence to support 9/11 and 7/7 being inside jobs, my parents went nuts;-

    They told me I was ‘dangerous’, ‘mentally ill’ , ‘insane’, ‘idiotic’, ‘depressed’, and ‘obsessed’ and ‘brainwashed’. Lovely eh???!

    They wouldn’t even let me defend myself or show them the evidence. It’s awful to be labelled all these things by your own family, who are meant to love you no matter what. I am starting to feel that I would be better off not having any contact whatsoever with them, but I know they will always blame me for ‘losing the plot’ and ‘cutting myself off’ from them.

    In a world full of insanity the sane man appears insane.

    The truth will prevail.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Sorry that you have been treated so dreadfully for expressing your views. Their apparent unwillingness to look at the evidence brings to mind this article:
      Scientists Confirm the Effectiveness of The Big Lie – People Will Go To Extraordinary Lengths to Create False Justifications for Government Misdeeds

      Science has now helped to explain why the big lie is effective.

      Specifically, sociologists from four major research institutions investigated why so many Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, years after it became obvious that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

      The researchers found, as described in an article in the journal Sociological Inquiry (and re-printed by Newsweek):

      * Many Americans felt an urgent need to seek justification for a war already in progress

      * Rather than search rationally for information that either confirms or disconfirms a particular belief, people actually seek out information that confirms what they already believe.

  61. Steve says:

    @ Strum…you’re only half right. Mostly you’re a reactionary, racist idiot.

    Sure MOSSAD was deeply involved in 9/11, although this may have been little more than an observational role, as confirmed by the MOSSAD operatives who were caught filming the WTC collapses, with pre-positioned video equipment, on 9/11. There has been a massive amount of information which has arisen since 9/11 which shows clearly that al-CIA-duh, is exactly that, and there is everything including Sibel Edmonds’ evidence which shows Osama Bin laden was a CIA asset at least until the day before 9/11.
    Even though the USA is nothing but a gigantic cock warmer on the end of the Zionist dick, it remains a massive military/terrorist force and that is independent of its Israeli masters.

    9/11 was NOT merely or ONLY an Israeli crime against the USA, nothing new as it happens, the attack on the USS Liberty by the Israelis was for example not even considered risky by Israel who was certain of the loyalty of such faggots as McNamara and Johnson at the time.

    9/11 was the supreme example of success for a foreign entity which has infiltrated a nation to the extent of dictating its foreign policy on behalf of ones own nation.

    It was mostly controlled by US/CIA entities but these are in themselves controlled by the Zionists.

  62. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    There are several delusions in humans life; the forgetfullness of the end of life and the forgetfullness of where we are; in a Universe with billions of Galaxies, trillions of stars and quadrilillions of planets. Hubble makes it possible to see that any part of the Universe is absolutely chock-full of heavenly bodies. That triggers a vein of humor because one remembers that a certain group of beings on this dust-speck, floating around a Sun in one of the billions of Galaxies actually , seriously state that they are chosen to “Conquer” the Universe!!!They might try to control their minds before that is possible. The universe radiates purpose, intelligense,good-will and co-operation, the “reptile-brain”-mind-set developed by the reptoid attackers through schools, media – and through ages,is an one-eyed view, illusory and temporary- too much out of sync with the Uni-verse, as its agenda is death to all humans. UFOs are just vehicles; what is important is who is in them, what kind of civilisation is behind them. I think we may soon have an answer, be it good or bad.Among alle these trillions of planets there may be many other than the reptoids-some even they don´t know about; the , the Universe is a busy place, they cannot know ALL that happens – and the Galactic war that has meant destruction of Mars, Venus and some on Earth, genetic manipulations of human DNA with much shortened life-span and lower IQ as a result,( but NOT annihilation, we have survived it! ) may allso offend other humanoid civilisations from whom we have been temporarily( millenias) cut off from contact with . We do not sufficiently appreciate the FACT that there is a sky above us – and that is the shores of the mightiest Ocean imaginable; the Universe with the Galaxy- Islands.We are made of exactly the stuff Stars are made of, so we need to remember that we are more than “consumers” and “voters”!:

  63. Steve says:

    Yo Johnny, I too think there will soon be an answer, that everyone can agree on. Isn’t that the defining characteristic after all? However I am quite certain that the Lizards are only peripeheral.

  64. bryan says:

    I would have thanked the doctor for helping me get a book and movie deal and said it was very brave of him to put his whole career up to such ridicule from all the gun toting Americans not suffering from the delusion that our government didn’t pull of 9-11 just so some crooks could make trillions of dollars from our going to war with the rest of the world

  65. NB says:

    Clare, the “good faith” protection you cited as a reason for the unavailability of compensation is not necessarily a bar to your receiving it, based on the facts you have set forth above. You say Abass and Zubaran refused to listen to you or examine the evidence. You say they violated the law which prohibits political beliefs as a basis for diagnosis of a mental illness and compulsory treatment. This is aggravated by the failure to alter conduct even after this portion of the law was brought to their attention. You say Zubaran stated it was unlikely he would change his mind or apologize even after reviewing the dvd evidence. All of that is evidence that your incarceration was not engineered in good faith. Had they not been in acting in bad faith, they could not have nor would have concluded there was a basis for holding you. I think it’s very important you proceed with a case for compensation asserting bad faith. You have a colorable case. Regardless of the outcome, the publicity alone could achieve a deterrent effect and bring to the public attention the necessity for instituting additional safeguards and amending the law. The New Zealand public would be well-served to have the risk under which they live brought to their attention. It would be good to turn these lemons into lemonade by using your torment for the public benefit.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, but I have been up that legal road and do not wish to do any more. I doubt the mainstream media would give such a case attention given its track record in this country. For example, a man who compiled a news item for TV3s Nightline for the Sept 11th, 2007 show, which revealed evidence that indicated 9/11 was an inside job, was told if he ever did anything like that again, he would lose his job. This was the news item: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6ST2anwCKE

      TV1, the other major news station, keeps a tight lid on the truth also.


  66. NB says:

    I wish to add that the act cited above says nothing about proceeding against the hospital itself, which is responsible for its employees’ and agents’ conduct under the common law legal doctrine of respondeat superior. Although individuals may assert protection under the act, there is no institutional protection. Moreover, even as to individuals, when you are crying because the doctors refuse to listen to you and observed departing from psychiatric sessions early because of the attitude and refusal to listen displayed towards you, a jury could conclude that the hospital and its staff were on notice that the doctors’ actions were not being taken or maintained in good faith. I note that even after making these observations, the hospital and staff failed to take a formal complaint and institute an independent investigation, but operated under practices which unjustifiably presumed a diminished credibility on your part, based on the doctors’ malicious political accusations. Moreover and most importantly, anyone reading the “order” would see on the surface of the order in plain sight the fact that it was based on your political beliefs and all involved are charged with knowledge of the law against mental health findings and actions based on political beliefs. So I would argue that anyone who read the order could not in good faith reasonably rely upon it since it was on its face unlawful and they knew or should have known it was unlawful. I would suggest you consult several civil rights attorneys for independent opinions before jumping to the conclusion that any legal action is futile. I find it ironic that you would rely on the opinion of what is apparently a government employee — the mental health advocate– in deciding not to pursue a government hospital and government employees. There is a conflict of interest there, isn’t there? The act does not provide absolute immunity. I would venture to say that had any number of government advocates like the judge joined Zubaran to inform you that you were in fact mentally ill, you would not have succumbed so easily to their self-serving point of view and would have sought aid in one direction or another, as you did, until you triumphed, as you did. The same applies to the pursuit of justice in the form of a legal action. No victory is ever handed over on a silver plate. It is hard fought and hard won, so after a rest, I encourage you to stand up and fight on.

  67. NB says:

    “I have consulted two lawyers, on the advice of the Patients Rights Advocacy”

    Clare, did the PRA refer you to them? Are they associates of the PRA? Two is not nearly enough. I have been involved in legal actions and in one case, I had to interview about 75 law firms before I received two offers of representation. Not all attorneys are created equal. Attorneys are often lazy and ignorant, and like the easy cases and easy money. Here is my best and favorite tip on selecting and retaining legal counsel; those who have followed it have invariably found it to be true. If the attorney to whom you are speaking immediately starts to spout legal advice after hearing a basic version or less of your story, i.e. jumps to conclusions, walk away. If the attorney listens carefully without interrupting you or jumping to conclusions and then tells you he needs to do some legal research before giving you his opinion, that is the keeper. I wouldn’t be surprised if the attorneys who told you that you didn’t have a case did zero research on how the courts have interpreted the law you cite before telling you that. Often advice like that is just a code for your case is insufficiently lucrative for me to be bothered, or it’s too risky. Often an attorney who wants to make a name for himself will take a case which requires greater effort for the potential intangible rewards from, e.g. establishing a new interpretation of the law. Since your case involves a question of law as to the interpretation of the Mental Health Act, I would look for civil rights attorneys with significant appellate experience or an experienced appellate attorney in their firm since appeals attorneys are generally the ones with sufficient intellect to make a cogent legal argument on the interpretation of the law and defend it in the event of an appeal. I also have some experience, albeit not in NZ, with the so-called “patient’s rights advocate”. These are not advocates, but persons hired to give the appearance of advocacy. It is not that they never do anything useful to the patient, but that their ultimate purpose and function is self-protection, to defuse and deflect complaints, and gather and create evidence favorable to themselves for use in any subsequent litigation. Under the guise of advocacy, they collect information and create official records, a sort of pre-litigation discovery. You can rest assured that now that you have sp0ken openly to them about your case, they have created their own official record in it with their version of what you said, and don’t be surprised if it isn’t consistent with what you said. Only they have a government record to corroborate their version of events as evidence to use in court, and you don’t. Even if you have a daily diary kept contemporaneously , it is not given the same evidentiary weight as an official record, and most people do not keep such a record. Interestingly, many politicians do, because they realize its importance to their own self-protection.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      The Patients Rights Advocacy (Waikato) in New Zealand is there for the patients and provides a useful, free service. Anna De Jonge, their spokesperson, gave me a lot of helpful advice and support, so much so that I’m sure I would not have got an apology from the hospital had it not been for her suggestions and encouragement.

  68. Eddy says:

    WOW ! Clare, your story has blown me away.
    As a cousin to you from the continent to your North, I’m shocked that you fail to realise the importance of your mental health law upgrade passed in the 1990’s.
    One must question even, why it was even neccessary to pass such a law in the first instance. How come not a one NZ person was aware of the consequences of this law ? It would seem to me, the NWO were placing their building blocks in place well in advance. And that is something I’ve identified many times over. It would seem the general populations in the U.S. Australia, U.K. and now it would appear N.Z. act only in responce after the event, never giving the attention to these issues that they deserve during their vetting and deliberational periods, the repercussions they would have on the community as a whole.

    In the early days, I warned many people with the repercussions the U.S. U.K. and Australian terrorist lwas would have on the general communities, Yet very few indeed, were ever prepared to look at this side of the issue to their detriment.

    Oh, Oh, I’m becoming delusional, better be careful, ysterious knocks on my door after midnight. HEH.

    It’s news to me, that my good citizens down south are ignorant of the many mysterious aspects of 9/11, even more revelaing is the info that your not even allowed to talk about it.
    Since when has NZ become a state of the U.S. ?
    I remember the days when NZ was enemy No 1 because they had the intestinal fortitude to refuse the yanks their harborage facilities to ships with nuk reactors or weapons on board. My, My, how things have changed since then.
    Having some small experience with the leagal fraternity in Australia, I would agree with comments made here, that you are letting these SOB’s off the hook far to easily. However, I also understand, you’ve stuck your head up and were noticed, so the establishment decided to knock it down a peg or two, which IMHO they have succeeded very admirably in, as you have no intention of ever sticking it up again.
    You say the advocacy is a free service, so it may be, however, it does require funds to operate, and in my experience with life, no one does anything for free, the moneys got to come from somewhere, now I wonder, does it come from Govt coffers ?
    If it does, how can if ever be an impartial advocacy ?
    Sue the SOB’s, don’t let them get away with it.

  69. Keith Richard Radford Jr says:

    History in the making can be changed. We have a wholly war being fought at the fringe of society effecting our set point where some religious leaders a calling it the evolution of religion and others call it the end of times, where something will be done to end our suffering when in fact its their own restraints applied while the world get smaller their lies show through their worn cloaks. Having been their done that the adjustments can not be found by the writer and if the editor is confounded by the restraints of the writer the body is cut off from repair/editing /repairing the mess and mistakes made by the one refusing to except TRUTH.

  70. Having been a psychologist for nearly thirty years now I am not at all surprised to find that such a thing has occurred. The United States government has routinely used (or should I say misused) psychologists to do their “dirty work,” and only recently has the American Psychological Association been willing to consider the ethical concerns that individual psychologists have had to deal with.

    In the long run, each of us as human beings, regardless of who we work with or for, must realize that our final responsibility is to those who we serve. For most of my life as a psychologist I have been a teacher (a Professor of Psychology), and I have always believed that I was there to do my best for my students (especially those who cared to learn), and the college……. well, I saw it as nothing more than an arm of the State, it was they “who paid me!”

    It is too bad that those who ran the mental hospital (at least as presented in preceeding article) were what would seem to be “pawns of the State,” individuals much more concerned about those who signed their checks than they were about those who they were apparently supposed to be serving!

  71. Valerie Metin says:

    That’s exactly right Doug and it is the problem.
    Serving the needs of the State take away personal responsibility for actions.
    After waging a three year battle with the State over a human rights issue I live in fear of the NZ Govt using the Mental Health Act as a means of control.
    But that would be paranoid right – so I am not even allowed to be afraid after my real multiple frightening experiences in 2006 of an illegal admittance with the loss of my legal patient rights.
    I am very lucky that a good Doctor discharged me.
    And I have even been told that is what they intend to do if I do not co-operate-

    I do not want to die for my belief, my belief does not harm society.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      They seem too inclined to use the DSM IV to slot quite normal feelings into boxes and transform them into something that requires treatment.
      In regard to governments using the Mental Health Act as a means to control people, it was reported in the Times Online in 2007 that the UK government set up a VIP “stalker” squad to identify and detain terrorists and other individuals who pose a threat to prominent people. The unit, staffed by police and psychiatrists, will have the power to detain suspects indefinitely using mental health laws.

      Quote from article: “This raises serious concerns. First that you have a unit that allows police investigation to lead directly to people being sectioned without any kind of criminal proceedings. Secondly, it is being done under the umbrella of anti-terrorism at a time when the Government is looking at ways to detain terrorists without putting them on trial.”
      Refer: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article1847697.ece

  72. Valerie Metin says:

    So if I stopped my preoccupation with inconvenient truth blogging, (which is the only activity I could engage in with my disability of untreated accident injuries and my fixated desire to contribute), they will not section me.

    Can they not see the absurdity of their insane “problem solving” actions with my medical condition.
    They are unbelievably cruel.
    When the State lock up a untreated patient in an acute medical condition for wanting patient rights- hers by law.
    *Accident compensation corporation will (technically) still have lost their legal battle to me, a disabled acute patient.

    What a telling way to ‘win’ for them.

  73. j. Peterson says:

    At a time when the USA is considering National Health Care this is especially scary…that I or anyone else could be “classified” as delusional over a “freedom of speech” issue smacks of Soviet Communism. George Orwell would be saying “I tried to warn you!”
    She is to be commended for the perseverance in truth-seeking for something definitely is not right about the whole 9/11 thing…or the “Big Brother” type control and “Homeland Security ” bureaucracy that followed. Jody Peterson USA

  74. Barron says:

    Hi Clare.

    Also good to see that Ed Griffin picked up on your story of what you went through in his weekly email out of Unfiltered News. Glad that the rest of the world are also getting to hear of your most shocking ordeal.

    Keep up your great work!

    All the best – Barron

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you Barron. I hope all is well in Auckland.
      For those interested in what is happening in New Zealand, this was sent from Anna de Jonge of the Patients Rights Advocacy (Waikato) Inc. (PRAWI) today. It is by Joselyn Chambers of Te Kuiti, and touches on what PRAWI do.

      The Ugly Truth about Psychiatry.

      As mainstream media sources feed us the public an almost daily diet of murder and mayhem in our society, do you ever stop to think must what is going on? Or indeed, when slick marketing produces clever TV ads, fronted by well known figures in our society, that are beamed into our living rooms for the sole purpose of luring us all into believing that we all need “treatment” for “mental illnesses.” In fact the real truth is that these so called “illnesses” are nothing more than life’s problems that with their proffered ‘help’ will lead us like ‘lemmings off the cliff’ down the slippery slope of no-return and into the bowels of psychiatry. Maybe we are all genetically flawed and in need of treatment and just don’t know it – which is exactly what biological psychiatry would have us believe! And again, ever wonder what produces psychopathic killers like Clayton Weatherston – could it possibly be a ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ that breeds such people or perhaps something more sinister is going on. Indeed it is –
      it is the face of Prozac. And what about the drama surrounding Michael Jackson’s sudden death? The lethal cocktail of drugs he was on would kill an elephant!! Where is the outrage about drug induced violence, suicide and homicide in our society? The answers to these questions hidden beneath multiple layers of the respectable façade of biological psychiatry.

      Since since wedding themselves to the drug companies almost thirty years ago, psychiatry has wreaked havoc on Western Society at alarming and ever increasing rates empowered with their
      brain disabling “treatments” given in the name of help for so called ‘mental illnesses.’ Their lethal drugs and dangerous prescribing practices produce the murder and mayhem in our society.

      Therefore, in order to inform the unsuspecting public about the real and ugly truth behind psychiatry, Patients Rights Advocacy Waikato Inc (PRAWI) conducted two public education days at the Garden Pavilion in Hamilton on the 9th and 24th August last. The purpose of these days was to inform and educate the public, via DVDs supplied via courtesy of world acclaimed ICSPP, (International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology) as to the serious risks associated with current mental health practices and the brain disabling “treatments” of psychotropic drugs and electroshock.

      Deemed “The Conscience of Psychiatry,” ICSPP is a non-profit research and educational network of professionals and lay persons who are concerned with the impact of mental health theory and practice upon individual’s well-being, personal freedom, families and communities.

      Indeed, for over three decades ICSPP has been informing the professionals, the media, and the public, about the potential dangers of drugs, electroshock, psychosurgery, and the biological theories of psychiatry.

      On each education day four one hr DVDs were screened, with a half hour discussion in between screenings with a PRAWI panel that was convened to answer questions from the public. The DVDs covered a wide range of issues pertaining to current mental health practices that are just relevant to New Zealand as the USA and Britain where most of these experts hail from.

      The DVDs screened were:
      “Why Mental Health Professionals Fail in their Treatment”
      ( Dominich J. Riccio).
      “Current Trends in Diagnosing and Treatment in Children and Adults,”
      (Peter Breggin, MD). “Defining Mental Health as a Mental Health
      Problem,” (William Glasser).
      “Drugging our Children,” (Fred Braughman, MD and Grace Jackson, MD).
      “Counselling with Theory: The New Reality Theory,” (William Glasser).
      “Abnormal Psychology Textbook: Valid Science or Oppressive Propaganda,” (Laurence Simon).
      “Beware the Dangers of the Incompetent State,” (Grace Jackson, MD).
      Plenary: “Prescription Drugs, Civil and Criminal Liability Cases and Concepts.”

      All DVDs offered a wealth of significant information that is not available through the usual channels of psychiatry and psychology because the truth threatens their very existence.

      The PRAWI panel consisted of three doctors – Helen Smith, Deborah Proverbs and Glenn Twentyman, all of whom treat patient’s emotional/life problems with empathy and understanding, and nutritional deficiencies with proper supplementation. Significantly all of these doctors speak of the urgency for a paradigm shift in New Zealand mental health, and are part of a growing number of mental
      health professionals who are seeking to rehumanise what psychiatry has dehumanized through current brain disabling “treatments” of drugging and electroshock. The fourth member of the panel was Jocelyn Chambers who shared her own family’s horrific experience of disablement through drugs to recovery with correct nutrition aided by supplementation, and emotional healing.

      Both days were well attended by members of the public, many of whom were battling the system themselves with drugged family members and were seeking alternatives that promote wellness and recovery. People were shocked to learn of psychiatry’s cozy relationship with the drug companies and their corruption of the science behind all the drugs and their testing. Another issue that came up time and time again with the ISCPP presenters was just how dangerous these drugs are and the lethality of what is touted as ‘side effects’ when in fact they are the real effects of the drugs.

      All presenters are calling for responsibility within the psychiatric/ psychological profession to promote honesty and recovery, instead of life long drugging and disablement for nothing other than one dealing with life’s problems/emotional distress/ relationship
      breakdown/nutritional deficiencies, when in fact love, kindness and understanding would lead to recovery and a productive life.

      Indeed, psychiatry’s justification for drugging and electroshock is based purely on their diagnostic bible, the DSM IV that touts the symptoms of 374 diagnoses that are voted in to existence by the APA members (American Psychiatric Assoc.) with nothing more than a show of hands – no tests because there are none – just moral judgements passed upon society’s most weakest and vulnerable by an authoritarian, controlling organization which has sold its soul to Big Pharma.

      Indeed, these fraudulent practices affect almost the entire range of humanity, from 2 years old to 90 years and rising!!

      The PRAWI panel all recognised a very real and pressing need for an urgent paradigm shift within New Zealand to have exposure and honesty promoted within psychiatry and psychology that would lead to wellness and recovery instead of disablement and lifetime drugging. All also recognised the need for ‘landing zones’ where people can go to safely detox. Glen Twentyman spoke of hope in this area through his involvement in a newly established center at Piha called “Serenity” that does exactly this. Indeed, Glen appeared on TV One’s Breakfast programme on the morning of the 25th August to speak about the lethality of all drugs, and quoted the death of Michael Jackson as the most recent example of legal drugging that kills.

      But much more needs to be done if we are to rescue our loved ones from certain brain-disablement and death. Both the panel and members of the public all called for urgent change through education and knowledge, and bringing attention to these issues through honesty in media reporting so as to begin to change public opinion. Indeed, it is only when the public, while previously trusting and naïve about drugs and drug company influence on psychiatry become as cynical about the mental health industry as they are about other industries, that we can get change and move from a sick society to true wellness, recovery and personal empowerment through knowing the real truth!!

      Jocelyn Chambers,

      Te Kuiti.

  75. Hate to jump on somebody else’s band wagon, but here is what happened to me….I’m in the UK!


  76. djbarney says:

    Clare Swinney,

    I suggest you contact http://mindfreedom.org and find a local branch of MindFreedom, or if there is not a local one then set one up or get someone to set one up. The MindFreedom international network is very supportive and well aware of cases such as yours which are in clear breach of Human Rights legislation. You are right to compare with the persecution of dissendents in the former Societ Union and the current Russian Federation. I’ve been in the same position myself. I think it is a mistake to try and discuss anything with these Doctors. They don’t listen to a word although it sounds like you had a few nurses on your side and, crucially, your Father. My Father was always against me in my case and I almost lost my life because of it. So, don’t despair. This is an attempt to tarnish your reputation, but don’t give up. Their attempt at supression does not work ! Take responsbility for all this crap and you will end up stronger and more likely to do your work sucessfully. A note about the drugs. If your health has been effected than browse to http://drugawareness.org (The International Coalition for Drug Awareness) who can tell you how to use natural treatments to recover your health. It does work ! It actually saved my life.

  77. Will H. says:

    Clare, I am proud of you.
    We need more of you here in OZ.

    Just wondering if you’ve heard about Alex Jones show (from Texas). I’d say he would be glad to have you speaking on his show.

    These are his contacts etc. http://prisonplanet.com and http://infowars.tv

    You’d love it!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you Will H. Alex Jones’ radio show is great – refer: Infowars.com. You suggest going on -unfortunately I did a radio interview recently and did not do very well at all. I won’t be doing another in a hurry, but thanks for the suggestions. Keep up the good work over there.

  78. Will H. says:

    Sorry: The url’s are prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv
    and infowars.com
    infowars.tv is an English channel also closely connected with AJ.

  79. Michael Cook says:

    Hello Clare!

    Just caught your interview with Kevin Barrett. I have a similar story. Just want to say cheers and well done and stay strong!!!! Kevin and I are friends and he wrote about my situation, in a humorous fashion, and helped keep me in the public eye, which no doubt contributed to my release. The first thing he posted can be found here http://mujca.com/secretservice.htm

    I’d like to correspond with you. I’ve long wanted to travel to New Zealand and have considered living there. I’ve worked and climbed and kayaked with some kiwis here in the states; they were top notch folks.

    Peace through Truth and Justice,

  80. Moonstone says:


    Read up more on this experiment – it was the inspiration for a famous book and film… it’s all about the power of labelling. One flew over your cuckoo’s nest.

  81. peaches says:

    PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 27, 2009 – A three year independent investigation into the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon has yielded new eyewitness evidence which, according to the Southern California-based researchers who conducted the investigation, “conclusively (and unfortunately) establishes as a historical fact that the violence which took place in Arlington that day was not the result of a surprise attack by suicide hijackers, but rather a military black operation involving a carefully planned and skillfully executed deception.”

    Full Article and Discussion Here…

  82. Jake Maverick says:

    I’m from the UK, they did it to me.

    Done some research since, and although it is impossible to get any ‘reliable’ statistics it seems that the ‘crazy people’ population in Britain has grown some 30-40% over the past few years….some say 30-40% per year!

    I really do think that this story is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg………..

    oh yeah, and you’re banned from smoking in them to now….which is another form of torture in itself…….nicotine does actually make your brain work more efficiently….another fact the WHO suppressed for fifty years….the PTB don’t want you thinking too much these days!

  83. Poor Claire. I found your site via rense.com.
    Read something similar that happened to Lucille Iacovelli of America. She has been speaking out against plastic surgeons (and who aroused the ire of the powerful AMA) whom she alleged very loudly on the internet botched her facelift. She now lives in constant pain and suffering. One day this year a knock at the door. The police. She was being dragged forcibly by ambulance to a mental health facility for 5 days mandatory observation with just the clothes on her back. Her dog was left behind in her apartment to fend for itself. A plastic surgeon in another state had enlisted a lawyer, he found some email rant she had posted and used it to declare her suicidal. He called a psychiatrist in MA made his assertions via FAX and phone and this DOCTOR who never met Lucille signed a Section 12 order that she was at risk for suicide and that was all it took. The only reason she did not get Claire’s treatment in a locked ward was luck: a friend came and got the paperwork admitting her to the local hospital who contacted her attorney immediately who began working on her behalf. And the fact that the state’s mental health wards are so overbooked they could not find anywhere to admit her so she was on “observation” in a bed in an emergency ward of a busy hospital taking up a bed of someone who really needed it.
    She was released in 24 hours and the emergency room doctor asked her a few questions, determined she was not suicidal and released her. But we were lucky that time because
    if they had gotten their hands on her she might
    have disappeared into the system, given a
    court ordered guardian, and a few incurable
    diagnosis later, a judges orderr, and voila, instant life sentence without jury or trial.
    Another fact: in America if you have health insurance then they keep you much longer than 5 days up to a month. You are the disappeared. You cannot make outside phone calls that take coins when you have no money, you are drugged forcibly with whatever they decide to give you, you may be forced to commune with really violent inpatients who could bodily hurt you. It’s a nightmare and I was surprised when I talked to people in my travels how many relatives or known people had been treated this way and what a horror show it was. The patients behind locked doors have no rights, and it is very easy for doctors to restrict your ability to contact the outside world where people could help you. Clair had that going for her at least. Right out of 19th century Charles Dickens novel. If you ever find this happened to you, the wrong side of the powers that be and they want to shut you up: have a bag packed, have a roll of coins in the bag, have a good lawyer who knows the system on standby to call immediately , keep letters of recommendation on file, protect your hard drive at all costs. One of the reasons they wanted Lucille out of her home was to download her hard drive data for use in the lawsuit. They could not do that if she were home all the time without a warrant. Thank you for telling your story. Please read Lucille’s today. She is a brave woman. The surgeon is now suing her in federal court and the judge has a vested interest financially in how it turns out due to investments. Blind justice indeed. Start waking up people, this abuse is real and it works to shut up dissidents even in free speech societies.

  84. RASADAK says:

    It was bound to happen. Those they don’t put in jail, they put in mental institutions. Propaganda is the norm now, just as Russia did years ago. We are pressed to believe what the press tells us. But I never did, not from day one. This is yet another peice of evidence that clearly shows what length they will go to in an effort to achieve their irrational end.

  85. wink says:

    You and most of the commenters on here are nutters!
    You belong under the mental hospital

  86. Ken says:

    Well to be fair, you fit that description of delusional spot on, so I understand why they said you were delusional.

    • Another nothingman with nothing to say. You’d never say what you wrote to Clare’s face, or anyone else’s face, but when anonymous both the cowardice and the cruelty come out full force. It’s a real shame. People like you help the minority rule. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        wink and ken are trolls, probably working for either JREF ( a Zionist debunking site) or perhaps UK based ( israeli owned SCL in London)

        their job is to mock, ridicule and make off topic remarks while ignoring the subject matter. as such they represent evidence that they are attacking the truth

  87. Hi Clare. So sorry to hear of what happened to you. I was taken prisoner here in the States for ‘talking to a Bush mask,’ a parody skit I had done, for stating that for a fraction of the Pentagon Budget a thousand children’s lives per hour could be saved, which they turned around into my saying that my brother-in-law killed babies, and for having a placard of Hitler in my yard that was really a placard of then President George W. Bush sporting a Hitler mustache.

    This happened on December 03-04, 2002, and I’ve yet to see any justice, nor even an apology. My wife incurred a permanent lower back disc injury when a heavy set cop blasted her in the back with his head in an obvious attempt to tackle me. There were three other cops involved also, as well as two ‘social’ workers. The cops then illegally searched me, took my video camera, and planted a blank cassette in to replace what I had captured moments earlier.

    Then my wife and I faced charges for asking the Chief of Police why he had allowed such a thing to happen in the first place. We actually faced jail sentences for this. He had been a key plotter, so rather than say he was sorry he violently arrested me and ordered my wife likewise be arrested. She was left with bruise that went from her armpit to her elbow.

    I have been documenting US election fraud since 2000, and have now written a book about it, though to this date no one has had the courage nor integrity to publish it.

    I have had several face to face video dialogues with Noam Chomsky, interviewed former presidential candidate Mike Gravel, and spoken for Ralph Nader.

    How can psychiatrists, who are for the most part brainwashed and kept ignorant by the same censoring media as everyone else, determine who’s sane and who’s not?

    Hope you hang in there. It’s not easy being a victim of such a horrible political crime. Were you not so far away I’d suggest we begin a support group.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you for sharing some of the details of your shocking ordeals. You and your wife are both very brave. It is a shame that good people like you have been victimized in this way and incurred permanent damage at the hands of government goons. Researcher Alan Watt calls this the “Age of The Psychopath” and sadly, stories like yours, show this to be all too true.
      Keep trying to get your book published and keep writing about your experiences.
      The truth will prevail.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        i tried to find some data on Dr Mothafar Abass and found NOTHING. i suspect that this man was chosen as part of the psychological attack on you. do you know if he still works in New Zealand ? Certainly Brazilian doctor Dr Zuberan has now relocated to Sydney and reecently attended an Israeli conference as an ‘Australian’

        I wonder why a Brazilian and somebody with a Muslim name should be chosen to ‘assess’ you. Are there no New Zealand born locals who can do the job? This is a cultural point . why would you be obliged to justify your political opinions to a Brazilian anyway?

  88. Jesus says:

    Delusional, no. Your lock up was wrong. It’s not a crime to be mentally retarded.

  89. aelfheld says:

    Oddly enough, I have to agree with the psychiatrists.

    • The anonymity of cowards is their only defense.

      Who cares what you think, when you’ve not the guts to even state who you are? Clare, on the other hand, put her reputation on the line, but she can back up her sanity with mounds of evidence.

  90. Sane Person says:

    You are clearly insane. I’m glad you were locked up, and you should be put back inside.

  91. Gordon says:

    I have to agree with the four previous comments by wink, Ken, Jesus and aelfheld, who are most likely all the same person with nothing better to do with his time.

    The fact is, as Morpheus says in The Matrix, most people are so dependent upon the system, so hopelessly enured, that they will fight to defend it. Anyone who believes that the average man creates his reality from easily provable facts, is delusional. People will consistently stick to their beliefs despite the most overwhleming evidence to the contrary.

    So when they take you for your 14 day evaluation, which they need no justification for at all, beyond the complaint of a close friend or family member, do not waste a moment trying to convince them that you have no mental disorder. Believing there is something you can say to the psychiatrist that will be viewed objectively, is all the proof he needs of a SERIOUS problem in your understanding of how the world works.

    A man purporting to be my father had me locked up in the same fashion. I was admitted to the hospital by a man with slanted eyes and a poor grasp of English. When I wasted no time trying to justify my existence to him, he simply said, “Your father has given us enough evidence to commit you.”

    I did not discuss my sex life with these creatures. Believing that they have the right to such information, or that a truthful answer will help you, is more proof of a serious mental problem.

    The head psychiatrist told me he believed I was bipolar. I laughed at him and said I understood that meant manic-depressive. I then told him he could observe me for the next 10 years under these oppresive conditions and he would not see me get depressed. I told him I had struggled with depression earlier in life, I knew exactly what it was, and I couldn’t remember the last time I was depressed.

    “Very well then, you’re manic”, was his answer! His “proof” I was manic? I had admitted to him that I was in the middle of writing a book. No joke.

    So you see, no matter what you say, your proof that you do not have one problem merely confirms for them that you have another. If you are not depressive, then you are manic. If you are not delusional about 911, then you are delusional because you believe that people hold their beliefs merely due to lack of proper evidence.

    Modern psychiatry is nothing more than an excuse for the drug companies to sell more drugs. All the drugs can do is dull your mind, not fix any mental problem.

  92. charles says:

    lady you and bin laden are on the same plane of stupidity.

  93. Steve says:

    Thanks Gordon. That last post pretty much sums up what I’d like to say about the mental health system, here in Australia also. Not that I could have said it so well.

    I’ve had direct personal experience where my views on 9/11 were also used as evidence of mental problems and I saw the same incredible lack of sanity displayed by so called doctors, not one of whom was very intelligent I was amazed to note and none of whom appeared able to grasp simple logic. I quickly stopped giving honest answers and began telling them what they wanted to hear, which soon had me out of there. They were so pathetic really, to think I could fool them so completely. By acting as mad as they are, they soon thought I was sane, yet I knew I was the only sane one among them, and so too did a good number of the nursing staff.

    Another was when I was asked about UFOs. I said I’d seen them which I had at that time twice and also quite close. This also was marked down as evidence of my insanity. Now what does that illustrate except that HE doesn’t believe in UFOs? How the hell would he know what I saw? It wasn;t as if I was spouting off about it, or pushing any of these things, they were answers to questions. Holding alternative views of history or reality when dealing with a mental health professional is like dealing with a mad dog. You have to watch their eyes and body movements to know how they are reacting. Keep them calm, lead them gently away from areas where you know their cognitive dissonance will start interfering with their emotional stability. Feel what makes them comfortable and beware the one who gets more and more happy and relaxed as he feels you are going to be his patient. Usually increased relaxation on their part, means they are moving the right way, but some have a fever for getting people under their control and react with calm when it seems they have you in the bag.

    The problem isn’t your sanity, it is theirs. But the thought of being at the mercy of an insane system, inhabited by insane people, is the horror story of the millenium.
    Now my daughter is in their clutches, instead of a bit of advice on dealing with the hassles of teenage years, they give her anti-depressants. She’s already collapsed twice in reactions needing hospitalisation and both times the hospital believed it was the anti-depressants. The doctor prescribing them denies it could be the drugs, and therefore doesn;t even record the reaction. Just like when they had me on them, and I got a minor heart attack, they refused to believe it was a heart attack (because they didn;t see it) and refused to accept the drugs could have done it. Hence, once again, no record of a serious side effect.

    I stopped taking the drugs there and then which also upset the doctor. I dealt with my depression the old fashioned way, too much drink and wallowed for as while. Now I’m fine and stronger than ever. These pharmacological solutions being pushed by shrinks are not solutions, they are the substitute for psychiatry, which is a field very few of the people in it would be capable of doing good in, if traditional mental health approaches were used. Many people with mental problems are very smart too. Low intelligence doctors simply cannot deal with superior minds and could not grasp sanity at such a level anyway. What they call sanity is a dull, unquestiong simplistic sort of existence where you tend to say and do what is expected. An automatic respect for authority is sane to them, distrust is not.

  94. Steve says:

    In fact that dull listless, lifeless shuffling typical of largactil recipients, is exactly what most mental health professionals probably see as relatively good mental health.

  95. You people are fucking crazy!

  96. Dr. Richard Welser says:

    Unfortunately, most professionals cannot look beyond their passive and unquestioned assumption that what they have been conditioned to regard as ‘reality’ (social, political, cultural .. as well as empirical) is quite wrongheaded. Cognitive dissonance, denial, as well as the forces of habit and fear prevent most mental health ‘professionals’ from ever actually observing what is actually going on. As well as the members’ (of the psychiatric and psychological professions) arrogance of assuming that they already ‘know’…..

    If our collective situation were not so dire it would be laughable.

  97. BelchSpeak says:

    I can’t believe anyone let you out. I’ll send someone right over to lock you back up.

  98. Lorraine says:

    The more disinformation freaks you attract the truer the story.

    As the saying goes “Contempt prior to examination of the facts is the highest form of ignorance.”

  99. decora says:

    Whatever happened to ‘first, do no harm?’

    the doctor should be in jail

  100. decora says:

    im not saying 9/11 truthers aren’t nuts. cleary, most are. read these comments. ‘the doctor was probably a jew’…perfect example…

    but that doesnt mean the police have authority to imprison. its against basic principles of medicine and law.

  101. AdamG says:

    Believing 9/11 was an “inside job” is not a political belief. A political belief is Democracy being superior to Communism, or that the Supreme Court has too much power. 9/11 conspiracies are no more political beliefs than that the moon landings were actually a warehouse in Toleodo.

  102. AdamG says:

    “By acting as mad as they are, they soon thought I was sane, yet I knew I was the only sane one among them, and so too did a good number of the nursing staff.”

    Steve, I’m sure you’re a fine individual, but you can rationalize anything. It’s a slipperly slope.

  103. Common Sense says:

    You are one seriously delusional bitch. People like you should be locked up, you morons have no compelling evidence, it’s yet another conspiracy theory put forth by complete and utter morons. Lady, you are seriously messed up, I build skyscrapers for a living and trust me, two planes loaded with fuel and flying at top speed Will COLLAPSE a building. It is simple physics.

    Typical conspiracy nutjobs, take several non associated facts, fill in the blanks with your delusions and voila , you have the latest conspiracy theory.

    Any of your morons that believe this woman are as delusional as she is.

    You people are wackos.

  104. Common Sense says:

    When you believe something so utterly impossible as to stretch credulity to the breaking point , yes you should be under the care of a medical professional.

    I have read all the bullshit you and others like you quote as “facts” I told you , I build these things for a living and have for decades. It is completely within the realm of reality for those towers to collapse after being hit by essentially two guided missles.

    I don’t need to see more idiotic spewings of yet more idiots that wouldnt know an I-beam from a stairwell. You need help, serious help. Any and all of you that believe this crap need help.

  105. Common Sense says:

    Look at it this way, when you take out approx 30-40 percent of the support columns on several floors, the building is coming down , it’s just a matter of when, not if. The extreme load stresses that were transferred to the exterior support columns and the remaining interior columns is more than enough to collapse the building.

    I can’t stress enough, you people ARE delusional, build things for 25 years and you learn how things are built, and how to take them down. These guys did their homework and got what they were after. Believe it or not, there really are terrorists, and they really want to kill us.

    The U.S. government is screwed up, but they are not in the business of killing their own citizens.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      If you are interested in what architects and engineers have to say about the collapses, refer Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth, http://www.ae911truth.org/.
      As they point out on the homepage, the Twin Towers’ destruction exhibited all the characteristics of destruction by explosives: (and some non-standard characteristics)
      1. Destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration

      2. Improbable symmetry of debris distribution

      3. Extremely rapid onset of destruction

      4. Over 100 first responders reported explosions and flashes

      5. Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally 600 ft at 60 mph

      6. Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking

      7. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds

      8. 1200-foot-dia. debris field: no “pancaked” floors found

      9. Isolated explosive ejections 20 – 40 stories below demolition front

      10. Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame

      11. Several tons of molten metal found under all 3 high-rises

      12. Evidence of thermite incendiaries found by FEMA in steel samples

      13. Evidence of explosives found in dust samples

      14. No precedent for steel-framed high-rise collapse due to fire

      And exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire, i.e.

      1. Slow onset with large visible deformations

      2. Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, intact, from the point of plane impact, to the side most damaged by the fires)

      3. Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel

      4. High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer lasting fires have never “collapsed”

  106. Common Sense says:

    Yeah, figured as much. You have nothing to counter actual facts…so it’s time to go hide.

    Go seek medical help.

  107. Common Sense says:

    What part of , I build skyscrapers are you having a hard time comprehending??

    You can string together countless facts and “connect the dots” all you’d like. It doesn’t change reality.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      The reality is that I use my real name and you don’t.
      Furthermore, the 803 architectural and engineering professionals and 4582 other supporters including A&E students, who have signed the petition demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation, have also used their real names. Refer: http://www.ae911truth.org/

  108. Common Sense says:

    As far as claims of “explosives” what you are seeing is , in effect air compression blowing out windows as the building collapsed. The very nature of how the towers were built , actually led to their collapse. Ironically, had the central core been built as they are in earthquake zones, those towers might actually still be standing.

    Had the core of the building ( this is typically where the stairwells , elevators and restrooms are located) been built with reinforced concrete, it could have withstood the impacts of the planes.

    The reason the core was all but destroyed is because in the WTC the core was built out of steel studs and drywall. While it is a cost saving method, it vastly weakens a building.

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Mr. “I Build Anonymous Skyscrapers”,

      I see here the first attempt of you to cite some facts. Now this is truly a revelation worth expanding upon. Two 110 skyscrapers built with nothing in the central core but some “steel studs and drywall.”

      Clare has provided references for the facts she cites. Can you please enlighten us delusional folks with some links that back up your claim regarding the cheap construction methods allegedly used for the WTC?

      I have read numerous citations from the structural engineer who designed the buildings, and he claims that they were built to withstand the impact of a 707 passenger airliner. But maybe he was lying or maybe my sources are questionable.

      So rather than engage in ad hominem mockery of your building qualifications, which you have already placed in serious doubt, I herewith give you the opportunity to silence all us delusionals once and for all with independent verification of the facts you claim exist.

      I’m listening …

    • p. shelly says:

      you are a troll, working for the scum who are hired by the droves to discredit the truth. some day this will catch up with you and you will pay for these sins of deceit and abetting this evil.

  109. Common Sense says:

    Another contributing factor to the collapse is how the core and the exterior were connected. The columns were , in effect comparable to sticking a bunch of straws end to end.

    As long as there are connecting beams between the exterior and interior columns, all is well. Remove the connecting beams and you have , in effect, pieces of wet pasta holding up the building. When that happens, simply gravity will finish the job.

  110. Common Sense says:

    Ahh yes, the old, you’re anonymous so you must be hiding something. This is the typical response of someone cornered and unable to support their claims with facts.

    So typical of conspiracy nutjobs.

  111. Common Sense says:

    More idiotic claims by so called “engineers” does not prove your point. You keep referring to 911 truthers websites. Those people are as delusional as you. Why on Earth would any rational person listen to the inane rantings of more conspiracy nuts. You are in effect reinforcing your own beliefs by only listening to fellow conspiracy nuts.

  112. Common Sense says:

    Tell you what, you try to explain to me how to build a skyscraper, or even a house for that matter.

    Let’s see how smart you really are. When you build things for a living, you learn where the weak points are in a structure.

    Until you know how to build a structure such as the WTC, you will have no real concept of how to take it down and will inevitably fall into the trap you have fallen into.

  113. Common Sense says:

    Well? Where is your instructions to me on how to build a skyscraper??

    Here’s your chance to show me where I’ve gone wrong.

    Please, try to explain how to support loads, both live and dead. Explain to me your understanding of bracing and the reasons for it.

    You claim to “know the truth” but you wouldn’t know the first thing about building a skyscraper, let alone how to take one down.

  114. Common Sense says:

    Let me guess, you’re googling like mad in a futile effort to understand how structures are built.

    Come on, support your case with industry knowledge…oh that’s right, you have no industry knowledge.

    Yet you “just know” it was an inside job.

    You and others like you are a joke.

  115. Common Sense says:

    Just to be clear, I NEVER said you should be locked up, I said you need help.

    There are plenty of outpatient options for you to pursue.

    You need help, the sooner you get the help you need, the sooner you can begin to heal.

  116. Common Sense says:

    Well Ok, I did say you should be locked up.

    Nevermind, I stand by my original comment.

    The sooner you are off the streets, the sooner you can get the help you so desperately need.

  117. Common Sense says:

    still waiting for your insights into the construction industry in regards to the construction of skyscrapers.

    I’ll give you credit if you can explain how to build a house. That’s an easy one, why don’t we start there.

    You tell me what is involved in the construction of a house….Then we’ll have common ground from which to advance the conversation.

    As it stands now, I’m dealing with a neophyte that wouldnt know the difference between a post tension slab and a conventional slab.

    Do you know what a post tension slab is?

    Do you understand the concept of compression?

    how about transferring loads through a structure?

    Do you know why an arch is such a strong support structure?

    I’ll give you a hint, I mentioned the reason in this post.


    Common Sense it really would help if you put your name and credentials on the line to prove that you do indeed build skyscrapers for a living. There’s no need to call Clare a delusional bitch. That’s just plain counterproductive. I’m sure you act like this because you want to be despised. Clare has had her life threatened and you add to the mix by your mean spirited behaviour. Really you and your masters are threatened by her and all of us who don’t believe the government account of September 11th. You are afraid and nothing you say can cover that fear. The more you attack, the more we see your naked fear. You are going to lose if we win. You are desperate.

    Are you in New Zealand? Why don’t you go to the Architects and Engineers web site and challenge Richard Gage to a debate when he comes to speak in Wellington in November? Anonymity has no credibility. Step out into the light like a man.

  119. Censorship is all she has says:

    I’ve never threatened her, I begged her to get the help she so desperately needs. You too man.

    Or can you explain how a building is constructed?

    Can you answer any of the legitimate questions I posed?

    Doubtful, otherwise you would have done so instead of trying to make this about me.

    Do you know what the word Obfuscation means??

    How about Straw Man or Red Herring?

    She obviously can’t refute my facts, and apparently neither can you.

    Oh and I don’t need to debate yet another engineer. Especially one that believes the same lunacy you do.

    You question my manhood? That’s the best you can do to refute my claims?

    I doubt you’ll see this since she is censoring any further posts I make…but who knows she might decide to allow dissenting views…if her fragile psyche can handle it.

  120. Steve says:

    Excellent, we now have ourselves someone who genuinely is suffering from some serious mental problems to compare. The streams of logical fallacies, the rampant denial, it is all exactly what delusion is all about. The obvious desperation for others to accept its belief, and the complete refusal to submit to any orderly discussion. It wants to do logical fallacies and rhetoric. Facts are facts, and facts alone, coupled with some fairly basic science are all that is required to understand that 9/11 was an inside job. Ignoring the solid scientific evidence now of actual Thermate which has long been believed to have been used in the WTCs, the only thing anybody ever needed was an understanding of the most basic of Newton’s laws. The WTC’s fell at a faster rate than if the tops had dropped through water, and not 70 floors of completely intact building. People who make ridiculous exxagerated claims about the imaginary damage to the WTCs from the planes, (something contrary to the official reports actually) completely forget that all that happened above the 70th floors, and all the structure below, the strongest part, was intact. Thus to believe that 70 floors of intact steel and concrete structure could provide about the same amount of resistance to AIR, far less in fact than mere water would have given, is to demonstrate a breathtaking level of insanity.
    WTC-7, which did fall at the rate of free fall, is even more impossible to explain because the damage was minimal, (once again despite claims by true believers, this is the official report’s conclusion) and very uneven and the collapse began at the base, exactly like a normal CD.
    Unless you have managed to acknowledge this simple fact, and the implications you simply are not able to discuss any other issues, because you have demonstrated cognitive dissonance to a degree which excludes rational discussion.

    I have no desire to waste time with crazy people Common Sense, so don’t bother. For your own sake, try and see if you can answer the following question, even if its just in your head. In my experience, nobody who has managed to cling to the official fairy tale, is capable of even acknowledging this simple quiz, let alone giving a simple answer. Not at least until they have spun reams and reams of posts trying to allege the example is not relevant and that it has nothing to do with the WTCs etc.

    The quiz only has one answer and it is in fact only not a good example for the WTcs, because I have been FAR too conservative in assigning the upper stories as a solid brick, when they were a relatively weak lattice instead, this only WIDENS the gap between what should have happened and what did.

    A) We drop a 10,000 ton brick through the air a distance of X.
    B) We drop the same brick the same distance through water.
    C) I drop the same brick, the same distance through four times its mass in concrete and steel structure.
    What order from fastest to slowest do you predict for the fall times of the brick?

    The problem you face in simply answering with a single letter, for that is all it needs, is that the implication is immediately obvious, because even behind that dissonant facade you are not an idiot, and so the only answer for your now panicking subconscious, is to ignore the question or to somehow rationalise it with enough words so that you deaden the pain.

    Your frantic posting is a waste of time here, you are not among friends, by the way.

  121. Censorship is all she has says:

    Yeah, I know I’m not among friends.

    My friends are logical rational human beings

    you people are nutjobs.

  122. Censorship is all she has says:

    Amazing, she decided to let me post again.

    So, since you nutjobs continue to try to make this about me.

    How about answering ANY of the questions I’ve posed.

    The best any of you can do is quote conspiracy theories to support your conspiracy theories.

    You , Steve, obviously have no idea about even the basics of gravity and physics.

    Oh and the other nutjob that questioned my manhood.

    Stating facts is not fear you dimwit. I’m not the scared little man worried about the bogeyman.

    Until any of you can answer the legitmate questions I’ve raised with something other than ad hominem attacks or more conspiracy theories.. I will enjoy seeing you flail about as you attack me and miss the point entirely.

    If you are so secure in your beliefs, answer my questions… I mean you must have built dozens of buildings by the way you pontificate….the funny thing is , none of you have addressed any of the facts I put forth.

  123. Steve says:

    Clare, censor this idot and don’t worry about his bleating, I would. Crazy people are not needed and the crazy person is on a roll.

    Don’t forget the slime ball is trying to silence you, he has repeatedly insulted you and said you need to cease with speaking out, so why on earth would your tolerate such a freak show just because he whines he is being censored? He isn’t making anything but a huge snowball of rubbish posts anyway. Make no mistake, this person and all like him, really are the sort of people that those moron doctors were trying to paint you as. They are deluded to the point of being incapable of reason when their delusions are challenged, they are manic in their responses as you can see, and my experience tells me that the persistence it is showing now by making new anonymous ID’s to stalk and spam your site, indictaes someone likely to be somewhat dangerous also. Such people are quite capable of making threats and stalking people when they feel their delusions under threat. Obsession in their case, is an obsession to protect their peace of mind, which is entirely dependent upon “Mother State”

  124. Censorship is all she has says:

    Yeah, run and hide.

    Don’t try to refute the facts I pose.

    Typical nutjob.

    Oh and no moron, I have never said she didn’t have the right to speak out. That is a complete invention of your twisted mind.

    I said anyone that believes this crap needs help in the form of psychological counseling.

    You are the ones advocating censorship, not me.

    • The anonymous coward, ‘Common Sense,’ stated,

      “Just to be clear, I NEVER said you should be locked up, I said you need help,”

      then followed that up with,

      “Well Ok, I did say you should be locked up.”

      Who cares what he or she says?

  125. Steve says:

    One simple quiz lonney tunes, and that is all you need to do. I am not going into reams of stuff with a dope who doesn’t even understand the most basic laws of science, why would I? If you can’t tell us which order my brick would fall in, according to the quiz, then it is because you are as I said, I deep denial.

    I can go and ask that question of just about anybody, over the age of nine and get a correct answer and no argument. However, if the person asked is one who believes the official story of 9/11, THEN I CAN GUARANTEE THAT A SIMPLE ANSWER WILL NOT BE FORTHCOMING. Which says it all.

    Go on back to those “logical rational human beings” you freak show. 🙂

  126. Steve says:

    Before you go, make a big deal about my typos, that should be good for a bit more of your empty ranting.

    Meanwhile, we have thousands of independent, professionals in relevant fields who support the truth of 9/11, and demand a proper investigation.

    After 8 years, you not only have ZERO independent professionals, you cannot even amass half the moron Americans to believe your twaddle anymore. The numbers who believe the official fairy tale, are roughly the same as the numbers who think the sun revolves around the earth. Your delusions tells you you are the majority, but when shown all the polls which prove you are anything but, your delusion tells you the polls are not reliable. Even Zogby polls are written off by you morons, because they don’t say what your delusion demands.
    Not only was Osama Bin Laden a US asset, at least until september 10th, 2001, as confirmed in several whistleblower testimonies, he was not involved in 9/11, an assertion which is not altered, but rather enhanced by the fact that the FBI admits they have no credible evidence of his involvment and he is not wanted for 9/11.
    There are so many devasstating facts like this, that if we began to discuss it your fruitloop, you’d die a thousand deaths at every post. Pointless though, because I’ve been here long enough to know you are incapable of rational discussion, as anybody in denial is.
    I always ask that simple quiz to ensure that people have enough mental faculties and mental honesty to continue. Faith Brigaders do not have either, because it is not possible to retain belief in that farcical and utterly debunked nonsense, against all evidence and despite one after another of the details having been destroyed over the years, whilst maintaining a rational and logical bearing.
    If you can’t apply a simple exercise in gravity, yet want to go into books worth of minor details and disputable matters, you are not seeking truth, but merely seeking to silence something which is threatening your mental stability. Trying by means of smokesscreens to avoid the simple straightforward issues which make it easy.
    In short, I truly mean it when I say you are deluded, beyond the point of reason. It isn’t a device, as saying it would be for you. it is an honest observation based on the inability to face a simple undeniable fact, which challenges the delusion.
    You could try saying that A would fall fastest and then C would be second fastest, one of your kind did try that once. Of course I didn’t bother answering him, he just altered Newtonian physics in his own head to accomodate his delusion. Why would a rational person, not being paid to help someone with their mental problems either; bother trying to discuss science with such a being?

    Get rid of the freak Clare and remove all its graffiti after it came back the second time. These dopes have enough space to spout their gibberish other places, this article was not intended to be a debate on the issues.

  127. Clare Swinney says:

    There, he’s censored. Thanks.
    Apparently web trolling is regarded as a legitimate job – and even in the private sector, as this ad from Advantage Consultants indicates:

    How To Spot A Disinformation Agent

  128. Steve says:

    They think of themselves as sort of like “Secret Agents”, a perfect job for someone living on delusions of reflected grandeur, which is what I think of Americans who boast about their mythical state these days.

    Just my last word on it, but I agree with the poster who with the obvious benefit of good legal experience says you should go after them legally. Sure take time and relax a bit, but why not have a go? These people HATE it when the system is used back against them, and what else is the law but the system? They have certainly breached your rights in a way which is terrifying. Every time they get away with this sort of thing, just emboldens them more.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      In my opinion, they did not get away with it Steve. Thousands of people are reading this and learning about how the New World Order goons operate.

  129. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    There is a person here who is wery emotional about the logic of what happend on 9/11; well try this quiz for logic: Two airplanes (or something) hit two towers, THREE towers fell!

  130. Steve says:

    @AdamG // 08/31/2009 at 3:12 +00:00Aug |

    “Steve, I’m sure you’re a fine individual, but you can rationalize anything. It’s a slipperly slope.”

    Adam, I on the other hand don’t imagine you are either fine, or decent because it took a fairly twisted bit of thinking to come out with such a response to what I just wrote. I have no regard for people who make asses of themselves trying to deflect people’s opinions or the truth with stinky little stunts and tricks. Your post was worthless and I suggest you study this site and there you may recognise that we have your training manual. The gig’s up sheeple, you either behave like rational beings, put up rational arguments or piss off. We may have to put up with the bastards at the top screwing us over, but we don’t have to put up with their bleating, mindless slave mentality willfully ignorant sheeple enablers.


    As I said, by telling the doctors what they wanted to hear, I managed to get them to stop trying to come out with ridiculous and demonstrably false diagnoses of suicide and delusion. They were forming this opinion, as evidenced by their own reports, precisely because I was answering them honestly. That is an action taken upon “observation” of the observed effect, and is eminently sane I might add. By preferring answers which actually only agreed with their ideology, I was able to reverse their diagnosis. which diagnosis was now by reverse psychology, the correct one. Now just as most arguments by those who cling desperately to a fairy tale end up based on logical fallacies, so too your posts so far that I can see.

    You are correct that one can rationalise anything, however you are being too general. I personally cannot rationalise everything, indeed the only person who can, would be someone who is suffering from delusion. In fact you are the one rationalising MY post, and not very well I might say. you are simply implying that I am rationalising things when I point out something I observed and which you did not. You do not know that my observation was not correct, you don’t even know if it was true. You have no idea whatever and yet you have “rationalised” it to yourself, by calling it rationalisation.

    In light of this article and of many comments by others, some of whom are mental health professionals, what I have told is perfectly credible and nothing about it begs belief.

    Your attempt at rationalisation using another logical fallacy, is noted, but it is begging the question and the burden of proof is on you before making such a generalised statement.

    The case for 9/11 is already made, and it is not a sign of mental illness to believe it was an inside job. Given that there are thousands of architects, engineers professors, military men and intelligence professionals, pilots and world leaders who firmly believe this and who are on public record as believing this, INDEED to suggest it is a mental delusion by a few crackpots is itself the perfect example of a delusion itself.

    ESPECIALLY SINCE THERE ARE NO INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONALS OF ANY OF THOSE CATEGORIES, who are publicly on record defending the official story. The ONLY defense of the official lies, comes from fruitcakes whose stridency of late is matched only by their stupidity previously…ON THE INTERNET. As far as dealing with an enormous and growing list of very damning evidence against the official story, so major that they are attracting discussion in national parliaments, the official elements remain silent, as well they must. There are no answers, the only thing is to hide and censor. That is why they destoryed most of the vidence and have kept the rest hidden ever since. NOTHING which has been released has ever done more than damage their story more.

    Given these facts, which are easily verifiable, making the bland assertion that disbelief in the official story of 9/11 equates to delusion is itself a pure case of someone in denial, rationalising reality on behalf of their delusion. I could introduce lots of things which would force you to rationalise. How about Polls which show not only that our numbers have been steadily growing all along, whilst yours have been dwindling, but also that we outnumber you “Faith Brigaders” by a factor of from two, to four to one? One of my favorite polls, shows the most common correlation with those who believe the official story, was a lack of knowledge that WTC-7 also fell down. In other words, the poll actually shows that IGNORANCE is a common factor of those who believe the official fairy tale.

    I have been around too long to even have to wonder what you’d do presented with such polls.
    You would RATIONALISE them away, –claiming the sample group was too small, despite being no different to regular polling for anything,
    –claiming the agency taking the sample was biased or not official, despite including CNN, ABC and Zogby polls, none of whom could be called biased for 9/11 truth,
    –calling the veracity of the source into question, and this continues from one to the next until you simply make the blanket appeal that NOTHING on the internet is reliable.

    These and more, are easily predicted to be your responses to the introduction of polls which show that we can hardly be called deluded or irrational, but you maybe can be.
    The point is not which path you take, but just that to maintain your belief, you must rationalise, and make serious use of logical fallacies yourself.
    I understand your passion, my own is extreme but being in full possession of my mental faculties and not relying on complex mental maneuvers to maintain my delusion, I am able to maintain an open mind, examine facts and remain rational. Understandable.
    The truth isn’t some path in between. One of us, is desperately wrong. Not just a bit wrong, but so wrong it is beyond treason, and amounts to prostration before something evil. This of course does explain the passion, the extremism and the fury which people like you are increasingly showing to those of us who do not agree with what you have decided to believe.
    I certainly know I did not wake up one day, and decide I would not believe what I was told. I began like most believing the lie, but honest examination of the facts has led to where I am now. As a retired explosives and demolition expert, I found recognising the WTCs explosive demolition easy, anyone can really, but that did not convince me of anything more than that somebody was seriously wrong about the reason those buildings fell.
    It took time and genuine effort to progress to where I am now. It would never have happened if I’d sat like a dog in a manger and defended the first story I was fed, as if my life depended on it, come what may in future.
    There was a time when it was possible for people to see the evidence, and if they were scientifically illiterate, to not quite have enough to make up one’s mind. However every year since has seen major new revelations and NONE of them do more than demolish the official fairy tale time and time again. We have reached the point where we now have chemical proof of the explosives and even actual un reacted portions of the explosive. [I will not go into a debate with illiterates on explosives, Thermite is not technically an explosive but the term “explosive” is loose and arbitrary to some degree, relying on actual deflagration speed and the ISRAELI made nano thermite identified, is in my professional opinion classifiable as an explosive and I’ll argue that with anybody qualified.]

    So with actual physical, scientific evidence of the explosives used, what do we get from the people who can rightly be called morons at this point? Naturally we get RATIONALISATION, in this case it usually takes the form of attacking the credibility of the professors who reported it.

    If suggesting any professional person would toss their reputation and career away, knowing that by merely speaking out they face professional ruin and ostracism, is your only way of dealing with such evidence, isn’t rationalisation in the face of a major delusion, I wonder what is? By making a false claim like that, a claim which by the way could lead to law suits and life in prison, producing fraudulent evidence of government treason, are you kidding me?

    The level of denial behind such “rationalisation” is breathtaking.

    So Adam, please don’t be telling me about rationalisation unless you propose to identify the actual rationalisation in context, and unless you fully intend to avoid making any of your own, in the process.

  131. Steve says:

    I furthermore admit that I have just to some degree, created a strawman argument, based on some assumptions. Perhaps you will gracefully accept polls and scientific proof of explosives after all, but my point is that if you are maintaining the official story as truth at this time, then you must be doing one hell of a lot of rationalising old bean.

    I personally have no need to rationalise anything. There have not been any discoveries, no arrests, no real anything ever since 9/11 which has turned up to support the official story and what little there was is history as far as being disproved. I also have no NEED to believe it was an inside job, frankly most of have no such need. We would much rather feel good about our governments actually but you somehow rationalise to yourself that we have the psychological need. How ludicrous, someone NEEDING to blame their own government. Obviously the psychological need springs from desire for security. Sure there are some people who prefer the opposite, but then we would only be a small number and we would NOT include thousands and growing numbers of professionals.

    Truth never dies. it can be imprisoned for a while but it never dies. A truth will always ONLY progress in one direction, when once it begins to escape its confines. It grows. That is why those who believe 9/11 was an inside job, continue to grow, and always have. The truth is simply not deniable when once you take the plunge and look at it, without the defenses up.
    Having watched countless people reach the moment of realisation, I can say it is ALWAYS dramatic, they typically freak right out and go into a tailspin for a few days, it truly is THAT big and bad a thing to face. I know it is. However given that fact, you have to wonder why people keep on waking up if it isn’t because they really have no choice..

  132. dave bedford says:

    clare ,my admiration keep going,my x and me believed jfk had an unfortunate accident too.
    i just purchased on ebay a 4 set dvd set on 9/11
    and i believe you.regards dave

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you. If you want follow up information dave, try the Alex Jones radio show at Infowars.com. It is the biggest radio show on the Internet worldwide now.

  133. Gordon says:

    Steve, that guy you wasted so many words bad-mouthing was just a typical disinformation agent. It was obvious the moment he said, “I build skyscrapers”, and failed to substantiate his claim.

    Later he even said, “What part of , I build skyscrapers are you having a hard time comprehending??” Was that classic or what? I loved it! He was already getting frustrated that no one was in awe of his home-spun credentials.

    His repeated posts also showed that he had nothing else to do with his time. Someone is paying him to do this. He was not checking back a few times during the day, like someone with a job or a life would. He wanted an ongoing argument, and was willing to sit around waiting until he got one. But it looks like he was not checking for replies to his previous posts, as I wrote one and he never mentioned it.

    All I wanted him to do was back up his claims with some substance. That always quiets people down. He can sit around asking how much you know about building construction until you ask him the same question. I am not a civil engineer or a builder, yet I understand all the terms he was throwing around. It would have been interesting to learn if he knew any more than a few basic concepts designed to intimidate the non-technical.

    If I had thought the guy was honest and open to some truth, I would have told him that I knew 911 was an inside job well before anything made me question the reasons that 3 buildings collapsed. Even without the WTC collapses the evidence is overwhelming, so it is odd that a story about being locked up in a mental ward would turn into a debate solely about why the buildings collapsed.

    Claire, I was locked up in NZ under the same Act as you, and went through many of the same experiences. I am glad to see you publishing your account of things, as few people have any idea what really goes on behind those closed doors. I was in a small hospital with less than 20 patients, and none of the others were there against their will. We could do a request under the Official Information Act to find out how many people have been subject to a compulsory assessment and treatment each year for the past 10 years.

    This Act is only supposed to be used for someone who is “metally disordered”, which means:

    Mental disorder, in relation to any person, means an abnormal state of mind (whether of a continuous or an intermittent nature), characterised by delusions, or by disorders of mood or perception or volition or cognition, of such a degree that it—
    (a) Poses a serious danger to the health or safety of that person or of others; or
    (b) Seriously diminishes the capacity of that person to take care of himself or herself;—
    and mentally disordered, in relation to any such person, has a corresponding meaning

    While you were considered a suicide risk, this applied. The moment they admitted you were not at risk of suicide, they had no further grounds for holding you. While it mentions “delusions”, you must also pose a serious risk to yourself or others, or be unable to take care of yourself.

    In your case and mine they stretched the law beyond its limits, but only for the 14 days. After that, they knew they had to let us out, as the “assessment” period was now over. To keep someone longer, they must be able to say with certainty that a person meets the definition of mentally disordered.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Sorry it happened to you too Gordon. Thank-you for sharing that. It is really awful isn’t it. And like you mention people have no idea what it’s like until they experience it for themselves. The Patients Rights Advocacy is concerned as it hears about mental health professionals getting “out of control,” which is why the Act needs amending to ensure they are held accountable for their actions. Their use of electric shock “therapy” – which is a form of brain damaging torture really and their prescribing of dangerous psychotropics, such as Zyprexa, is of particular concern to the Advocacy.

      The disinformation agent, Common Sense, does not seem to have anything better to do. He left screeds of messages, one of which inquired: “Are you getting tired of deleting my messages yet Clare?”

  134. Dr. Richard Welser says:

    Nicely stated, Steve. I would only add that the Pentagon’s Information Roadmap states pretty clearly that they will put as many disinformation operatives on the web as needed to challenge any information that threatens ‘their’ security. (that’s why ‘internet I’ will be replaced with the controlled ‘internet II’)

    I’ve battled those and other disinfo agents for years … As we move towards the ‘endgame’ of economic collapse, artificial pandemics and the unmasking of the police state, I find I have to focus more on trying to figure out how to ensure …. or at least increase … the chance of survival for those I love.

    But like many I correspond with have pointed out, 9/11 awareness and the ‘rabbit hole’ it engenders may be one of the keys that can lead to many other ‘awarenesses’ ….

    and that change is what the elites and their minions and media struggle mightily to prevent.

  135. Tom says:

    Good read, but damn you are full of yourself.

  136. Jen says:

    Thank you for standing up for all who are deemed delusional. One thing I know for certain is that once psychiatrists decide to lock you up, it’s best to let them do whatever they feel like doing. What’s sad is knowing that can include pretty much anything. They could convince you rape is OK if they wanted to, and if you cannot trust them you will never accept any treatment they offer. Psychiatric wards are incredibly dangerous places. Letting someone else control your mind for you is VERY, VERY, VERY dangerous and I don’t believe it ought to be allowed.

  137. Jennifer says:

    Give me proof that it was an inside job. There is none, there is much proof however, that it was Bin Laden, he admitted it stupid!! You need major meds.

    • Dr. Richard Welser says:

      Your use of the term “stupid’ and reference to “meds” are simply ad hominem – and thus, irrelevant and obnoxious.

      By the way, it has been well-documented that OBL was a CIA asset at least right up until the day of 9/11. Indeed, the term Al Qaeda was the name the CIA used for its own database/asset base. And the U.S. government utilized Al Qaeda members for covert activities and for insurgent training in the Balkans/Albania during that Western elites’ NATO war for the control of natural resources in Kosovo.

      So why don’t you go do your research and then debate honestly or simply vete.

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Apparently you did not see the interviews of Osama in the three months after 9/11. In every single instance he denied any involvement. Then in December (from memory) a video tape shows up that purports to be made by Osama, and in it the speaker claims responsibility for 911.

      So three months of denials are negated by one spurious admission, because that is the answer you wanted to hear. After all, the real perpetrators had spent the previous three months brainwashing you into believing it had something to do with a guy hiding in a cave on the opposite side of the planet.

      “It must be true. I saw it on TV”. Welcome to The Matrix, where reality is piped to your brain so you do not have to think for yourself.

  138. Jake Maverick says:

    i dnt usually approve of censoring posts, but i’m glad you wiped that K***head!

    some people really have nothing better to do with their time other than be needlessly nasty to people…….is that not a form of mental illness? i suspect he has no penis…..

  139. Jake Maverick says:

    but why censor me?

  140. Will H. says:

    COMMON SENSE says it all, a person with (small p) a sense soooo common, that to pay attention to that person’s crap would only elevate his self-worthiness i.e. A waste of time and effort.

  141. Archie1954 says:

    Many of the comments discuss the physics of the destruction of the three buildings. Not being an engineer or a physice professor I formed my opinion of “something rotten in the state of Denmark” from the actions of the authorities and from too many coincidences. for instance it took a lot of political pressure to get Bush to agree to a 911 investigation in the first place. Why? You would have thought he would want to know how this happened. The member sof the 911 Commission were not truly independant and that should have been a given. After reading the conclusions I noted that reams of what to me looked like imporant evidence were disregarded by the Commission in coming to their conclusions. The criminal evidence of the crime was removed so quickly and immediately disposed of such that any proper investigation was stopped in its tracks. The buldings had just been purchsed for a minimal amount of money and insured for many times that when 911 ocurred. Building # 3 was destroyed in the manner of a controlled demolition without being hit. Bush’s brother was in charge of the company that secured the buildings before the attack and a number of modiifications had been completed in the buildings shortly before the attacks. Videos of the pentagon attack from the gas station across the street were confiscated by federal employees and never shown to the public. the whole US military stood down during the attack for no good reason except Cheney’s say so. The US did never really go after Osama Bin Laden. It seemed as though he was just an immediate justification that was abandoned once the real invasions started. All in all there were just too many items that didn’t compute.

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Archie,

      Thanks for the list. Yes, there are so many independent issues that each prove the point.

      For me, it was the realisation that the world’s largest military had been stood down for several hours to allow the attacks to occur. I sat in my house in America feeling completely helpless while our military, though numerically superior to all other militaries on the planet COMBINED, failed to launch a single jet fighter into the air.

      A fellow in a cave in the Himilayas simply has no reasonable means of achieving this.

      On the other hand, I watched the US media document George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld sit on their hands minute by minute until the third unidentified flying object struck the Pentagon. Then with mission now accomplished, up they jumped and started looking like they thought something should be done about these “attacks”.

      Someone had studied fiddling from Nero.

  142. God bless you, Clare. Look at the bright side in this: you are now fully aware of the threats to liberty that exist. Unfortunately, most people need to have their own experience such as this before they are willing to believe such a thing happens. I can relate to you, because I, as a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, was labeled as “delusional” for believing that my objectively verifiable health problems were caused by the anthrax vaccine. Believing that vaccines, such as the anthrax vaccine, are dangerous earns you the same diagnoses. Of course, when the accuser and incarcerator are one and the same, this presents us with both a conflict of interest and a huge obstacle to overcome. Just know this: the last person in the world to go talk to about anything should be a doctor. Doctors are about as bad as politicians.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thanks Mark. That is outrageous! Sorry that you have endured being maligned for exhibiting an awareness of the dangers of the vaccine. It has been killing people hasn’t it!
      US Troops Refuse Deadly Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine

  143. Lee451 says:

    I see the tin-foil hats are out in full force today. Why would the NZ government care about your beliefs concern ing 9-11? A quick glance at the 911 in plane site webpage told me all I needed to know. Conspiracy nuts keep bringing up the “fact” that there were no pieces of a commercial airline near the Pentagon. I live about 80 km from the Pentagon (in Fredericksburg, VA) and the citizens driving on Interstate 395 (the highway that leads to and passes the Pentagon) on that morning saw the plane coming in, knocking down street lights lining the road and impacting the building. As it was fairly early in the morning here there were hundreds of citizen witnesses to this. Are you going to claim that all of them are in the conspiracy as well? Why would the US government attack its own war department? How could the government be assured that the thousands of people who must have been involved with the planning of this would stay quiet? Don’t you think at least one, out of his conscience, out of desire for his 15 minutes of fame would come forth?
    Another wacko claim is that “fire could not have melted the steel supports that the Twin Towers were built upon”. Geez, Rosie O’Donnell, ever hear of smelting? How do you think steel is shaped and formed? As there were people working in the Twin Towers 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, how did the demolition crews drill into the concrete walls and supports to plant the explosive charges without anyone seeing or hearing them? How did they manage to wire all those charges together and keep it hidden until it was time to fire the explosives? As for the idiot commentor above who said that the jews were involved with it; I noticed a lot of Jewish surnames in the lists of the dead.
    If the US Government could not break into a psychiatrists office without being caught, if the CIA cannot “torture” captured terrorists without it hitting the front page news, if an American senator (Barney Frank) cannot run a homosexual prostitution ring out of his office and keep it quiet, how did they manage to keep all the people involved in this massive conspiracy quiet?

    It was telling to me that the Washington, DC area didn’t even have a group of “truthers” and 9-11 conspiracy nuts until about 2 years ago.

    Lady, you ARE delusional. Paranoid fantasies are part of your illness. If all you have written above is true, why didn’t those who started this conspiracy just have you “taken care of” and shut up permanently? It would be easy for some sinister government agency (either from NZ, the USA or, in your case, Mars) cause you to have a sudden traffic accident or make you part of a robbery gone bad? Why haven’t they shut all of the conspiracy theorists up? If they could kill 3,000 or so America citizens without a second thought (not to mention all the people killed in the Iraq war) they certainly would not hesitate to take out anyone who was asking the wrong questions. And I sincerely doubt that you would be warned before hand.

    Reality: Get a grip on it. And please start taking your medications.

    • If you’re not paranoid yourself, then why not give your full name as others have, including Clare?

      Once you do that we’ll begin by talking about the holes in the official story of 9-11, but I’ll be discussing more of the New York City side of things, since that’s where I lived at that time.

      First off, you need to give your name. Otherwise you’ll be more apt to be mean, calling people names and talking about tin foil hats and other nonsense.

      BTW, your cruelty demonstrates that you could very well be a threat to society, and in fact already are. Clare is a human being, but you treat her as if she’s not, just like her captors did.

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Lee,

      Did you see the “airplane” that hit the Pentagon? If it is such an indisputable fact, then why did the FBI remove ALL video footage of cameras around the Pentagon immediately after the attack? Did they not know that this would fuel speculation by “conspiracy nuts”? Could they not silence us once and for all by releasing one or more tapes clearly showing the large passenger airliner that so many people saw?

      Seeing how you live so close to the site, how about listing for us the names, e-mail addresses and occupations of all of your friends who personally witnessed the large passenger airliner strike the Pentagon?

      I have listened to the “testimony” both of those who say it was a large airliner, and those who were there and say it was not. The most interesting bit of information is the occupations of those who say they saw a large airplane.

      So convince us that you have several friends who are completely objective on the matter and who will freely communicate to us what they saw that day. I for one am always open to someone with credibility proving me wrong. After all, I was not there that day, and so can only rely on pictures of the aftermath and inferences drawn from the rapid removal of ALL of the most damning evidence.

      But the single biggest problem you face, even if you can prove it was a large passenger airliner, is why the US military stood down to allow the Pentagon to be hit nearly an hour after it was well known across the country that a major attack on the country was under way. Are you going to ascribe to incompetence the complete lack of defence across the entire country, including the very power center of the world’s largest military?

    • macmarine says:

      Watching both of the Towers come down on 9/11 I knew in an instant that it was controlled demolition, and so did everybody else with even a little working experience in military explosive demolitions. When the official “explanations” of weakened steel columns and pancaking came out we began to smell a rat.

      And with that many of us started to take a closer look at the official conspiracy theory. And much to our dismay, wherever you look and whatever thread you pick up for a closer inspection it is always the same result: the whole fabrication will start to unravel rapidly. In fact there is not one explanation for any of the events of 9/11 in the official report that holds up to scrutiny in the lights of existing evidence.

      So labelling those of us who question this organized criminal cover-up of the 9/11 events “conspiracy nuts” and “tinfoil hatters” just goes to show that you are *either* a uninformed and dumbed-down person lacking any capability for critical thinking or intellectual curiosity *or* a paid shill. Either way, dealing with you is just a waste of time b/c you can never bring the tiniest piece of evidence for any of the official claims.

      On the other hand, here are some of the people you label as “conspiracy nuts” – good luck in challenging their combined expertise and credibility. And yes, there are ex-military among them who actually were at the Pentagon when it was hit and who say there was not a trace of a commercial airliner in the rubble.

      Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11 – Official Account of 9/11: “Impossible,” “A Bunch of Hogwash,” “Total B.S.,” “Ludicrous,” “A Well-Organized Cover-up,”:
      – General Albert Stubblebine, former commander of U.S. Army Intelligence
      – Col. Ronald D. Ray, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
      – Major John M. Newman, PhD, former Executive Assistant to the Director of the National Security Agency
      – Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD, former staff member of the Director of the National Security Agency
      – Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, Director of Advanced Space Programs Development
      under Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter
      – And 20 other officers

      Eight U.S. State Department Veterans Challenge Official Account of 9/11 – Official Account of 9/11: “Flawed,” “Absurd,” “Totally Inadequate,” “a Cover-up”:
      – Daniel Ellsberg, PhD, former U.S. State Department envoy to Viet Nam and Special
      Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense
      – Col. Ann Wright, former Deputy Chief of Mission of U.S. Embassies in Sierra Leone,
      Micronesia and Afghanistan. 16 years as U.S. Diplomat. 29-year U.S. Army career.
      – Fred Burks, former simultaneous interpreter for President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
      and others. 18-year State Department career
      – Melvin Goodman, PhD, former Senior Analyst, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, State
      Department. Later served as Division Chief, CIA’s Office of Soviet Affairs and Professor of
      International Security, National War College
      – Michael Springmann, retired career Foreign Service Officer. Former Consular Officer in
      Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 20-year career with the State Department and the International
      Foreign Trade Administration, Commerce Department
      – George Kenney, former career Foreign Service Officer. Served as Yugoslav desk officer
      at the State Department headquarters.
      – Michael Mennard, PhD, retired career Foreign Service Officer. Served as Regional Public
      Affairs Officer in India
      – Edward Peck, former Deputy Coordinator, Covert Intelligence Programs, U.S. State
      Department. Later served as Deputy Director of the White House Task Force on Terrorism
      under President Ronald Reagan. Former U.S. Ambassador and Chief of Mission in Iraq
      Dec. 13, 2007-Seven Senior Federal Engineers and Scientists Call for New 9/11 Investigation
      – Official Account of 9/11: “Impossible,” “A Bunch of Hogwash,” “Fatally Flawed”:
      – Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under
      Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Former Head of the Department of
      Aeronautical Engineering and Assistant Dean at the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology
      – David Griscom, PhD, retired research physicist with 33 years at the Naval Research
      – Joel Hirschhorn, PhD, former Senior Staff Member, Congressional Office of Technology
      Assessment and former Director of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources for the National Governors Association

      41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11
      – Enver Masud, MS, PE, former Chief of the Strategic and Emergency Planning Branch,
      U.S. Department of Energy
      – James Quintiere, PhD, former Chief of the Fire Science Division of the National Institute of
      Standards and Technology
      – Dwain Deets, MS, former Director, Aerospace Projects at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research
      – Edward S. Munyak, MS, PE, over 20 years experience as a Fire Protection Engineer for
      the U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense, and Veterans Affairs. Subject Matter Expert to
      the U.S. Department of Energy Fire Protection Engineering Functional Area Qualification
      Standard for Nuclear Facilities


  144. Clare Swinney says:

    An interesting experiment was conducted. 8 sane people gained secret admission to 12 different hospitals. Their diagnostic experiences constitute the data of the first part of this article; the remainder is devoted to a description of their experiences in psychiatric institutions.
    The experiment is instructive.


    It is clear that we cannot distinguish the sane from the insane in psychiatric hospitals. The hospital itself imposes a special environment in which the meaning of behavior can easily be misunderstood. The consequences to patients hospitalized in such an environment – the powerlessness, depersonalization, segregation, mortification, and self-labeling – seem undoubtedly counter-therapeutic.

  145. Jerry says:

    Took me nearly four years (admittedly that’s a long time) to come to realize that 9/11 was entirely different than the official presented version of events . Lots of reading and lots of quiet thought has brought (dragged) the reality of 9/11 as an inside job to my own set of beliefs. Ignoring the truth in the face of good science and common sense screams that believing otherwise is testimony that a person remains sound asleep to these truth. Wake up, America.

  146. Laura says:

    It was very upsetting to hear of your ordeal. You are very brave. There is so much that can be expanded upon as a result of what happened to you. You are fortunate that you have created a good and respectful name for yourself – that you are educated and articulate with an insatiable thirst for the truth. There are many who do not possess any of these attributes and have not earned degrees, or followed their passions in their careers, and who are not able to articulate their “truths” and back them with such strong evidence and they become weak when questioned as they are unable to articulate their convictions or beliefs and fall victim to those seeking control over them.

    You are fortunate to have survived this brief ordeal, although, I am certain that it did not feel that way while it was occurring. I question how many others are placed in such institutions against their will who are definitely of sound mind, yet are unable to articulate themselves well enough or have internal and external supporters as you did who are willing to stand up for you, and “fight” the system and instead are left to be drugged in the hopes that they will one day be allowed to return to a society that will not accept them or who never become free and literally die inside these institutions. These are the families of the victims we need to be talking to as their losses are much more substantial; resulting in death to their loved ones.

    I am curious to know if you know sepcifically what it is that the SIS feared you had gotten too close to revealing or was it the mere fact that you were gaining widespread popularity in your beliefs and needed to be “stopped”? Also, do you know the motive surrounding the family member who set this up originally – was this some sort of threat/pressure that came from an outside source or was this just their own fear for you and your safety? And do you know what, if anything, happened to the nurses or other staff who helped/supported you?

    Sometimes the intent to truly help is wronged or overshadowed by those who are incapable of recognizing that they are merely reacting instead of listening. Yet, these are the people who are placed in a position of authority over you and your “well being” with strong convictions that there are doing so for “your own good”. I wonder if their quickness to jump to conclusions and really try to listen would cease if they too were placed in a situation where they were treated unfairly, held against their will knowing that were sane but their views were not the majority or well accepted by the majority, and were forced to be drugged with medications they did not trust the effectiveness of and even feared because of the possibility of irreversible mind altering affects that existed – Would they, then, be so quick to label people in such a way that causes such irreparable harm?

    Money, time and fear will prevent people from seeking truth and justice for others, but when the cost to our livelihood and freedom is this great – I believe that the money is attainable, the time must be invested, and that truth and justice will prevail.

    Maybe, “justice” is a bad choice of words here as it surely means different things to different people. Regardless, I truly hope that others will be inspired because of what you (whom many respect and believe) witnessed, to seek the truth and to stand up for those who are not able to stand up for themselves and become victims of this control.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to you!!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi Laura, Thank-you for your insightful comments – yes, I agree there must be a lot of people who fall through the cracks, get trapped in the system and then end up being harmed by the psychotropic drugs as a consequence. There was a huge case against the makers of Zyprexa in Alaska, reported in 2008, which brought to light a small sample of the kind of damage being done.
      Refer: Lilly Settles Alaska Suit Over Zyprexa

      I had suspected the SIS had wished to threaten me for a number of reasons. One being that I was being critical of the Broadcasting Standards Authority, (BSA), which the government likes to pretend has a sole purpose of working in the New Zealand people’s best interests. Addressing my complaint to TVNZ, the BSA wrote in their judgement: “the Authority notes that Osama Bin Laden’s involvement is a widely accepted fact supported by the weight of credible evidence.” Refer: http://www.bsa.govt.nz/decisions/2006/2006-011.htm

      This was an obvious lie. The FBI reported to Ed Haas on the 5th of June 2006, that they had “NO HARD EVIDENCE connecting bin Laden to 9/11.” Thus, the BSA was not serving the public, as they claim to – they were complicit in the crimes of 9/11, as they were aiding in the cover up. Consequently, I had e-mailed the BSA office and told them they should be ashamed of themselves.
      Also, I had been discussing staging a 9/11 truth event with high profile activists and been distributing DVDs, such as Confronting The Evidence and 9/11 In Plane Site, to people in the mainstream media, and encouraging them to share the information with their colleagues.
      In conjunction with this, I suspect there may have been another reason for the threats, Laura. I had started to inform people of what I had learnt from a number of sources, including Alex Jones, Dr Stanley Monteith and Dr Len Horowitz – that the “pandemic” was going to be used to reduce the world population. The elite bankers want to reduce the world population significantly for their “New World Order” as they want what they call a “manageable herd.” One method I had heard they intend to use for that purpose is contaminated vaccines, which they wish to force people to take.
      The documentary ‘Endgame‘ by Alex Jones covers this matter. For updates, listen to his radio show at Infowars.com.

  147. Lee451 says:

    My full name is Lee Henderson. Do you really think I am going to publish the names and private information of my friends to a group of people who have little contact with reality? How about this instead: http://911research.wtc7.net/pentagon/evidence/witnesses/bart.html. Specifically, Gary Bauer’s and Steve Anderson’s testimony.
    Why did they allow the airliner to hit the Pentagon? No one knew how many planes or which ones were going to be crashed. The Pentagon lies directly under the approach path to Reagan National Airport. If that particular plane had been shot down without being 100% positive that it had been hijacked then you all would be criticizing the US government for “killing innocents for no good reason”.

    I see the esteemed Dr. Hildebrand calls me cruel for disagreeing with the beliefs of the others in here. He also called me a “threat to society” for disagreeing with Claire but I am sure I will get over that.

    What I did not see above were answers to any of my questions. I will reiterate for you throwing up the smoke screen: 1. Why should the NZ government care about what the author of this article thinks (about the 9/11 attacks)? If any government truly feels her inquisition is dangerous, why didn’t they permanently shut her up? Why would the American government purposely attack it’s own war department?

    Anyone wish to answer these Anyone at all?

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Lee,

      First I note that you are not keen on answering difficult questions either. Problem number one. Anyone can ask questions.

      Second, I have read a number of the testimonies on the page you linked. All I can say is that on the whole they lack credibility. A large number of military personnel, for example. But in addition to that many of the stories strain credulity, such as the one who claimed he could clearly see in the windows of a plane passing at 400 mph. It is hard enough seeing in the windows of a car passing at 100 mph.

      To answer your questions: Take a look around and realise that governments do not make it a habit to shut up all dissenters or even most of them. They understand it is bad for business, as it increases the credibility of these people. As Ben Kenobi told Darth Vader, “If you kill me, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

      As to your second question, apparently you’ve never heard of the Reichstag fire. For a country’s citizens to support its build up for war in far off lands, they need to feel threatened at home. A bit of honest research will reveal that Bush intended to invade Afghanistan and Iraq well before 11 Sept 2001. War was in the making, and all that was needed was an excuse for it.

      If you do a little search, you will find one conspiracy “theory” which says that a fellow named Albert Pike planned for three World Wars back around 1871. I had read that back when I was too smart to believe in conspiracies.

      According to the theory, which I read about a year before 911, World War III was to be between Israel and the Muslim countries. I reasoned that Israel was too small to be one side of a “world” war, so such a plan would have to include Israel’s biggest supporter: America.

      I then considered the possibility of a war between America and the Muslim countries back in 2000. I concluded that the idea was preposterous, as no American would support such a war. Few Americans could even name three Muslim countries, much less point them out on a map. No Americans felt threatened by them.

      So I dismissed the conspiracy theory as just that: someone’s fanciful theory. My smug self-assuredness remained in tact right through the 10th of September 2001. The idea of a war with Muslim countries was still laughable. By the 12th of September, that had all changed. To a person, every American I knew had the attitude, “let’s just kill them all and let God sort them out.” The false flag attack had worked like a charm. The country was ready for war overnight.

      The fact is that no one would have been happier than I to have Bush leave that conspiracy theory as a mere theory. But 9 days later he got on television and told the country that there would be a war on terrorism, and “if you are not with us, you’re against us.” Is that a recipe for polarising the entire planet or what? Either you agree with Bush, or you have joined the other side as his cannon fodder.

      So if you can explain to me why Bush reacted to the 911 attacks in a manner perfectly fitting the conspiracy theory, and if you can explain why the FBI rounded up all evidence regarding exactly what hit the Pentagon, then I will continue to take you seriously. Otherwise you get to join the ranks of the other shills who are not interested in honest dialogue, as their agenda is to merely criticise for its own sake.

    • Gordon says:

      I forgot to clarify one point where you actually did give an answer to my question.

      True, there may (and should) be some hesitation on the part of the military to shoot down civilian airliners. However, at the time the plane struck the Pentagon, the official story is that there were only two jet fighters in the air anywhere near Washington DC, and they were “on their way” from a base in southern Virginia.

      No military aircraft had been scrambled in the 50 minutes prior, and none were launched from Andrew’s airbase just a few minutes by air from the Pentagon. In fact, you merely spouted the official line, which is to avoid the question by changing the subject.

      For there to have been no air cover anywhere near the nation’s capital at that time goes far beyond inexcusable.

  148. Knut Holt says:

    The way that the mental health services are behaving against people with different beliefs than the politically correct standard versions, is a threat to democrasy and freedom. So is also the proliferance of psychiatric diagnoses used by these services.

  149. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    For exactly the same reason as Hitler burned the Reictags-building. To start a war and that way secure high profits from the production of arms-and ammunitions,rockets and airplanes and electronics owned by those bankers who finance BOTH SIDES of the wars and terrors. Anyone.

  150. Clare Swinney says:

    To answer your question Lee451, “Why should the NZ government care about what the author of this article thinks (about the 9/11 attacks)?”

    Please note that I stated in the article that I believed my life was threatened by the (NZ) SIS. Also, note that when the SIS had its 50th birthday party in late-2006, it was reported that the director of the CIA turned up, as did the heads of MI5 and MI6. Refer: http://tumeke.blogspot.com/2006/11/did-it-suddenly-get-cold-in-wellington.html

    Fascism is on the rise and is being sold to us using the lie that it will save us from Osama bin Laden and the other mythical terrorists, and this is not confined to the US. Far from it. Unwelcome changes have occurred around the globe, including in New Zealand. I suggest you have a look in the International section on the Prisonplanet.com Forum: http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?board=314.0 and at this e-book by Michael Nield, The Police State Road Map.

    The changes are really being implemented for the sake of progressing the New World Order agenda. New Zealand is included and we see changes here for that purpose that are being justified using the attacks of 9/11 and the “global war on terror.” For example, refer:
    Army seeks recruits for NZ anti-terror squad http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10562047

    Also, the NZ government has sent troops over to Afghanistan to take part in the phoney “war on terror,” – an invasion that began shortly after the atrocities of 9/11.

    (Incidentally, I was talking to a man who was in the New Zealand military a few weeks ago and he said he doesn’t read newspapers any more, because what he has witnessed occurring both here and overseas was not what was being reported).

    Another reason the criminal powers that be would not want people in New Zealand to know that they had been lied to about 9/11 is because information can be transmitted rapidly, thanks to phones, the Internet and air travel. In 2006, when my life was threatened, they were trying to keep people in ignorance of the truth of 9/11 and they still are.

    And finally, a further reason they would not want people in New Zealand to know is that once people realise that they have been lied to about 9/11, they no longer will blindly trust the mainstream media and are more likely to open their eyes to other hoaxes. The illusory house of cards one is told is reality by the mainstream media can then come tumbling down and perhaps most importantly, given the propaganda about the “swine flu” currently, those who once trusted vaccines, will probably not do so again.

    The documentaries ‘Terrorstorm’ and ‘Endgame’ by Alex Jones cover what has been going on behind the scenes.

    “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
    by: William Colby (1920-1996) former Director of the CIA
    Source: in Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See (2000), by Dave McGowan

    David Rockefeller, who is regarded as the New World Order kingpin, said at a meeting in 1991: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war, but only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in the past centuries. It is also our duty to inform the press of our convictions as to the historic future of the century.”

  151. Clare Swinney says:

    Attention New Yorkers: Russia Today is looking for a New York resident who has been held in a psychiatric ward for saying 9/11 was an inside job to interview.
    Leave a comment, with your e-mail address, -which naturally, will not be published and RT will get in contact with you.
    Thank-you, Clare

  152. Lee451 says:

    There were cries of “cover up” starting about the time that the dust settled at the Twin Towers. And it is always a mysterious “they”. Let us look at your response ad seriatim. You say you were threatened but you still have not made the case as to why those mysterious “thems” just did not kill you outright to shut you up. Or why they even let you leave the psychiatric hospital. Instead of the supposed “medications” you claim they forced on you why didn’t they just lobotomize you? “They” obviously don’t consider that much of a “danger”. Somehow I do not find it significant that the directors of the CIA, MI5 and MI6 was there; in this age of supersonic travel and almost uncrackable communication, they would not have to hide behind the ruse of the 50th anniversary to meet with the head of the SIS. In fact, that party was 6 years after the attacks. Maybe they have time travel, met and planned the attacks in 2006 (to throw such intrepid journalists as your self off the trail), then went back in time to engineer the attacks. Who exactly is trying to create this “New World Order”? There must be a mastermind who has set the schedule and sequence of events that will create the NWO.
    As far as “they” not wanting people to know the “truth” you are a little behind the curve. There are scores of people such as yourself claiming that the attacks were an inside job. The claim is out there; it is just that most people see it for what it is: paranoia (and frequently a case of people just wanting attention).
    Once again, thousands of people had to be in on this plot; why have NONE come forward with the plans, outlines or even memos (physical evidence) that would positively prove your claims? A plot such as this would generate tons of paperwork (or data files).
    If you have ever seen a destruction crew setting charges to bring a building down you would have noticed that it takes tons of prep work. Why did no one hear the holes being drilled into the concrete structures at the Twin Towers ? How did they wire all those charges together and no one notice that? It would have taken a small crew days or weeks to drill all those holes. If “they” sent a large crew in to do this, why did no one see them working? Men leaving that building would have been covered in concrete dust and would have stuck out when mingling with all the workers in business suits, the uniformed cleaning crews, etc. I have worked construction and drilled into reinforced concrete; it is a hard, dirty job and jackhammers are very noisy. I would imagine that guilt would have caused at least one person to admit what they had done.
    The primary Washington, DC newspaper (the Washington Post) despised the Bush presidency; they gleefully broke the story of war prisonewrs being mistreated. I would imagine that at least one legitimate journalist would have dug and dug until they could bring him (Bush) down. Look up “Watergate burglars” and “Deep Throat”.
    To quote Johnny de vulcan above: To start a war and that way secure high profits from the production of arms-and ammunitions,rockets and airplanes and electronics owned by those bankers who finance BOTH SIDES of the wars and terrors. There are numerous wars and skirmishes going on around the world every day; the arms manufacturers already getting rich. As arms manufacturers would quickly be put out of business (they are privately owned), why would they want to see a “one world government”, especially one that would confiscate all private firearms and severely limit the need for military weapons?
    I see you failed to address the fact that witnesses saw the plane hit the Pentagon. Why? How did so many different people come up with the same story?
    Airlines are privately owned as well. Why would they allow their planes to be crashed, hurting their profitability and how did “they” coerce the airlines into following orders? Once again, an amazing number of people would have to be involved and someone would have come forward with proof.

    Now let’s address your claims. Do YOU have any proof as to your involuntary incarceration? Hospital papers? Here, by law, a doctor or medical clinic must give you a copy of your file on request. Why not get a copy of your report and scan it online so WE know that You are telling us the truth? Could you get some signed affidavits from some of the people or nurses who you saw and talked to at this hospital?

    This is interesting: I see your esteemed poster above (Dr. Ken Hildebrandt ) belives in and has filmed alien UFOs: http://www.politicsdaily.com/2007/10/23/dennis-kucinich-is-working-for-the-aliens/ (see comments section). And about that audiotape of Osama Bin Laden that TVNZ aired back in 2006, what proof do you have that it was a fake? What proof do you have that Al qeada was/is controlled by the US government?

    One more question: Who actually set up and performed that shooting at Virginia Tech? If you knew anything about the US or Virginia you would know that we do not consider the acts of one psycho to be grounds for “mass gun confiscation” and that it would be well nigh impossible. In Virginia, most handguns are unregistered and may be sold between 2 private individuals without being registered.

    Thank you in advance for your “proofs”.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Lee451, Can you not see the links to the documents? And if you don’t believe me, why do you keep asking me questions? Why don’t you do your own research? It would be the intelligent thing to do wouldn’t it.

      You behave like a disinformation agent.
      Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation

    • Gordon says:

      Lee, Lee, Lee …

      Your questions are going nowhere. As another one involuntarily assessed and treated by the NZ Mental Health system, I can say that Clare’s story has enough detail to prove she knows what it is like on the inside. She has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. If she hadn’t, her story could never have had so much in common with my own, a complete stranger whom she has never met.

      I have got one thing you can do to prove your case. This should be the easiest thing in the world, this being the information age.

      On 11 September 2001, when the first plane struck the first tower, it caught everyone by surprise (except a van full of Israelis) . Within minutes the news had spread across the country and around the world. Cameras were in position, and virtually anyone on the planet could watch that tower burning.

      Now, with a huge number of eyewitnesses looking on, and with probably hundreds of cameras aimed at the building, in sweeps a second airplane and slams into the second tower. According to the official story, that plane was owned by United Airlines.

      Your challenge: Find me one, just ONE picture or video of a United Airlines plane flying within proximity of the second tower. I want one picture where I can clearly distinguish the markings that would be found on any United Airlines commerical airliner.

      Now I have tried, and such a picture does not exist. But if you are honest, you will devote at least a week to this simplest of all possible searches and come back with the picture that has eluded me so far. Only promise me this: when you cannot find a thing which should be so easy, you will admit to us here that the emperor truly has no clothes.

  153. Scott Ewing says:

    Do your own research, Lee …

    … and get your hand off it …

  154. chevyc15 says:

    forget about the DEVIL….. the familiar statement should read like this……
    The greatest trick the GOVT ever pulled was to convince the people that it’s crimes and coveups
    dont exisit!!!

  155. chevyc15 says:

    where are you now Claire, in Hamilton?
    I believe you mentioned something about being in the Waikato area now.
    I lived in Hamilton for some time.
    live about 4 hrs away from Alex Jones in Texas…have done for over 10 yrs.

  156. Clare Swinney says:

    Thankfully chevyc15 the government has not convinced the people its crimes don’t exist. For instance, polls taken in 2006 [1] showed that most people did not believe the official story of 9/11. How many believe the official story of JFK’s assassination now? The Patients Rights Advocacy (Waikato Inc.) is based in Hamilton.

    [1] Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story

  157. Jake Maverick says:

    I know this one is slightly off topic, but the PTB are always one step ahead…

    Just wondering if anybody else is planning on defending themselves if/ when attacked. I’ve been expecting another attack these past few years and I have personally resolved to STOP doing the Ghandi thing and mount some kind of defence. Given recent reports, it is likely to be in relation to this swine flu thing.

    There’s been many reports recently in the UK of people being ‘sectioned’/ jailed for life supposedly for killing non physical entities/ pig yobs because they have ‘mental health’ problems. Such victims are never allowed to choose their own solicitor and by the time they get to ‘Court’ they are so pumped full of drugs it is doubtful that they have any clue what is going on.

    The pigyobs usually claim they were trying to rest the guy for resisting arrest- so they don’t even try to make sense anymore! How can you arrest someone for resisting arrest? Surely you would have to be arrested for something before you can resist?

    I believe what they usually mean is they broke into his home and attacked the poor sod. Or on the street. No names. No uniforms. No nothing, ‘cept gratuitous violence and the poor sod defended himself.

    As I plan to. Far worse things than dying. But if I don’t kill myself now (turns out I don’t have the stones for it) I believe that is what they have planned for me!

    Anybody else thinking same thing? Don’t think we have much time left!

    Pls contact me?


    • Gordon says:

      Hi Jake,

      Clare actually mentioned her own sense of despair about the future in her story, so you are not off topic.

      Being locked up for about 12 days (they let me out early because of the weekend!) and forcibly drugged once, brought into sharp focus for me the very issues you raise. How do we fight a system that appears all powerful and intent on controlling every aspect of our lives?

      Some go so far as to credit the PTB with being aliens who have technology so vastly superior to us that “resistance is futile”. Key for me was the fact that I was raising three young children into a world with such a bleak future. So I needed an answer, and one that I was sure of.

      If the dark side was indeed so powerful that their evil plans were unstoppable, then the most rational thing I could do was get a gun with five bullets, shoot my wife and three children, and make sure I did not miss with the last one.

      But before I considered that an option, I needed to make sure there were no other reasonable options. As I am writing this some five years later, I obviously found one.

      Three things were key to the solution I found. I have always stood on the side of truth, irrespective of its popularity. I have been in touch with my Creator since my teen years. And for the past eight years I have focused on the Law as a means of putting my convictions into practice.

      I figured that I and my Creator were a majority, and no one could touch me without His permission. Truth has the same power as light: “There is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of a single candle.” So standing up for the truth, while protected by the Almighty, makes me an irresistible power of one.

      But the real key for me has been learning a practical means of putting this into action. I do not sit around waiting for that knock on the door. I am the one who goes knocking. The NWO, or whatever you chose to call the emerging global system, operates on “the rule of law”, as they love to remind us regularly. Who actually takes the time to understand these “rules”? Almost no one. Most people prefer to spend their time whinging and playing the martyr.

      Well I have spent the past six years digging deep into these rules. It started from a limited interest in avoiding paying income tax. From there I was led to the insight that ALL law in the English speaking world is rooted in the King James Bible. This is not a point for argument. If you do not know this, you are ignorant of The Law.

      Because I already had a strong respect for my Creator’s Law, I realised that the PTB could not use that against me without my own ignorance of the same law. I had to accept that I was at fault as the ignorant party.

      I clung to the maxim which says, “In law, there is always a remedy.” For every problem I saw, I diligently searched the Law for a remedy. This included New Zealand statutes, law dictionaries, and my KJV Bible. Understanding the Bible also requires going back to the original Hebrew or Greek in many instances.

      I learned by helping others who faced injustice brought on by the system. I fought the system and had many victories, and never once did the system bite back in an unreasonable manner. I fought quietly, and my victories were quiet. I sought only to free myself and the few who came to me for help. Unlike Clare and many others, I decided that it was not appropriate to trumpet my findings from the rooftops. As a result, I have complete freedom to do as I please, and no one has ever threatened me with so much as an unwarranted parking ticket.

      Today I am living the life I dreamed of when I first started down this path. I have no fear of being locked up, as I know what to do about such a threat. I also have no fear of forced vaccinations or any other such programs. These are all given their power through law, and I know how law works. I do not need to win a majority vote, as I have absolute veto power over anything related to my life and that of my family.

      The system controls the majority of people as portrayed in The Matrix. They are asleep and plugged in, and oblivious to what is really going on around them. But the PTB know that some will wake up. So those it provokes. It provides the Alex Jones and David Ikes of the world to overstimulate their imaginations and paralyse them with fear. That appears to be where you are at.

      But a system based upon law can never fail to provide you a remedy, so the narrow gate lies in being fully awake and aware, but no longer operating out of anger or fear towards the system. I have no desire to take down the system. I focus my enery on freeing the few who wish to be free, which includes myself. I am still learning. It is not continuous victories, but it is continuous growing.

      You or anyone needing help in understanding The Law and how the system actually works may contact me by emailing: gordon@contents.com

  158. JM says:


    Thank you for taking the time to write that msg. However, I do believe you are very wrong in what you say. If u r genuine then good luck to you, but I do doubt it!

    The law does not apply to these people/ yobs without names. Try telling that to Jean Charles de Menenzes,the bloke with the table leg or ME. I have done everything I can possibly do apart from defending myself (physically). Try reading my story!

    In the UK they have also brought in a law that allows them to the change the laws next week and retrospectively apply them to you. For all intensive purposes, they are the ‘law’….

    Pretty pointless considering what they do regardless…but they do like to present a veneer of respectability! I still say that somebody needs to invent a time machine and go back and nuke the bastards b4 it became illegal…

    Even when you capitulate to their threats they ALWAYS implement them against you anyway. Most of the time they don’t even make the threats. They just implement them/ attack!

    I dont believe in God or the tooth fairy either for that matter.

    Everybody has the right to self defence! I urge you and everybody else to make a stand! I know the best thing i can do is kill myself b4 they come for me again, but i dnt have the stones!


  159. Moonstone says:


    Pearl Jam, 1991… lyrics by the very sane Eddie Vedder. Not totally reflective of Clare’s situation, but pertinent nonetheless, especially once you have learnt about David L Rosenhan’s experiment: On Being Sane in Insane Places (1973)

    Why Go

    She scratches a letter
    Into a wall, made of stone
    Maybe someday
    Another child
    Won’t feel as alone as she does
    It’s been two years
    And counting
    Since they put her in this place
    She’s been diagnosed
    By some stupid fuck
    And mommy agrees

    Why go home?
    Why go home?
    Why go home…

    She seems to be stronger
    But what they want her to be is weak
    She could just pretend
    She could join the game, boy
    She could be another clone

    Why go home?
    Why go home?
    Why go home?
    Why go home?
    What you taught me
    Put me here
    Don’t come visit

    Why go home?
    Why go home?
    Why go home?
    Why go home?
    What you taught me
    Put me here
    Don’t come visit

    Why go home?

  160. Clare Swinney says:

    Thanks Moonstone. These lyrics about being “crazy” by Gnarls Barkley include the phrase: “But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough, I just knew too much.” This seems to have been a ‘problem’ for a few people who have shared their experiences in the comment section.

    Crazy Lyrics

    I remember when
    I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
    There was something so pleasant about that phase
    Even your emotions had an echo
    And so much space
    Hmm mmmm
    And when you’re out there
    Without care
    Yeah I was out of touch
    But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough
    I just knew too much

    Does that make me crazy (x3)

    And I hope that you are having the time of your life
    But think twice
    Thats my only advice
    Come on now
    Who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are
    Ha ha ha!
    Bless your soul
    You really think you’re in control

    I think you’re crazy (x3)
    Just like me

    My heros had the heart, to put their lives out on the limb
    And all I remember, is thinking I want to be like them
    Hmm mmm
    Ever since I was little
    Ever since I was little it looked like fun
    And its no coincidence I’ve come
    And I can die when I’m done

    But maybe I’m crazy
    Maybe you’re crazy
    Maybe we’re crazy

  161. From one of the other posts, I looked up The Rosenhan Experiment, and found this interesting video, especially the ending. — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXp-ANr8jAQ

    • Clare Swinney says:

      What a great clip Ken.
      I wonder how many are deemed sane and “cured” around the time their insurance cover runs out?

      • No doubt the insurance companies already know the answer to what you’ve brought up, Clare.

        Amazing Rosenhan took part in this. Talk about guts. I’d like to see one of the big mouthed people who’ve posted here give it a go. Any volunteers? Of course these days one would probably be sent to jail for doing such a thing, so when released from one institution they’d likely be sent to another.

        I can’t imagine any psychiatrist in the entire world being willing to submit herself or himself to checking into a psych ward to see what would happen, not in this day and age. That should tell them what kind of profession theirs has become. I’m not saying they don’t help ‘some’ people, but it’s far from being an exact science and the numbers of innocent people they hurt must be staggering.

  162. It’s disturbing to see that this story is seemingly losing attention now that it’s no longer at the top of the headlines. I hope there’s a way we can get it back into the limelight where it belongs. A brave journalist was taken, abused and tormented for days. That’s serious and deserves constant vigilance.

    To all who are continuing to check on this story, please do what YOU can to keep it going. In addition to Clare, please think of the innocent people who had no choice but to jump to their deaths, as someone I interviewed on 9-11-01 witnessed himself. If this story dies, it’s yet another victory for the enemies of humankind.

    “Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye, than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few.” – David Hume

    It’s not only media deception that allows a proportionate few to misguide the many, but also individual apathy. Too many think someone else will do the work. As former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell stated, as per the quote at the conclusion of my book,
    U.S. ELECTION FRAUD: An Ongoing Scam Against Humankind,

    “We’re at a tipping point. We’re at a point, bifurcation point…, and it’s not clear which way it’s going to go, but we are the ones that are going to determine which way it’s going to go, and it’s up to us.”

  163. Clare Swinney says:

    The Corbett Report/James Corbett is doing an episode on this topic for an upcoming show. James is very good at putting enough pieces into the jigsaw puzzle to enable listeners to grasp the big picture.
    Refer: http://www.corbettreport.com/

    I agree Ken “we are the ones that are going to determine which way it’s going to go, and it’s up to us.”
    No man on a white horse is going to come and save us. It is up to all of us to take responsibility for what our future holds.

  164. Beaumont says:

    “in cases like that you shut the f up, smile and say everything is great and life couldnt be better, after they let you GO, then scream all you want OUTSIDE THE GATES…”

    the guy who wrote that – as harsh as he was – is spot on. You can’t win with these people at this time… but maybe another time another place.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      I was put in a position of having to wake them up, Beaumont.
      As the David Rosenhan experiment of 1972 shows, once you are in there, it is very difficult to get out, even if you are behaving “normally” in their eyes, ie. not talking about FEMA camps, mercury being poisonous or 9/11 being an inside job.
      Refer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq-7uvVOoyk

  165. JM says:

    Dr Ken

    just wondering, with the Hume quote, if you are in the UK?

    Real Doctor? Not a Psycho Anal yst, surely?


    • JM,

      I practiced as a manual medicine physician claims free for 13 years in New Jersey, USA, so yes, I’m a real doctor, though my efforts over the last 9 years have been exclusively in trying to heal our sick world.

      As for Hume, he’s, “The most important philosopher ever to write in English,” according to, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, located at, http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/hume/, as referenced in my book, U.S. ELECTION FRAUD: An Ongoing Scam Against Humankind, posted at, http://REALITYbeKNOWN.com.

      I only started using the ‘Dr.’ title again, after I was taken as a political prisoner like Clare, though even when I practiced I was known as ‘Ken’ or ‘Dr. Ken.’

      My best, Ken

  166. BDB INC says:

    The Alex Jones Show: Charlie Sheen Requests Meeting With Obama Over 9/11 Cover-Up Actor demands investigation be reopened after majority of 9/11 Commission members say government lied about official story.

  167. JM says:

    Dr Ken

    thnx for the reply, but we’re a bit public on here is you wanna chat anymore…. jakemaverick911@gmail.com

    was a lil surprised by the hume quote, thought u meant this one for a moment


    but he is a bit of a waste of perfectly good oxygen!

    i was a political prisoner to, still am, going on for 4-10 years now, depedning on how u look at….my link is on this page, but more readible copy is you email me!

    interested to hear more on your story if u care to share!


  168. Lee451 says:

    On this sad day of rememberance, I had to stop by and see the ‘brave souls railing against a world that is too blind to see”. I think all of you should take the name “Rex Luscus” (Rex Lusci”?) from the Latin “inter caecos regnat luscat”. Using the philosophy of high school sophomores everywhere, you quote Eddy Vedder as if he were some Great Mind, then (closer to your actual situation), you quote Gnarls Barkley. You forgot to quote the Pointer Sisters (We Are Family) to round out your bowl of Planters Nuts.
    I submit to you: If you people are as dangerous to society and government as you wish you were, you would not be here. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were dangerous to our government. John Wayne Gacy was dangerous to society. You people are merely self-delusional. The fact that some of you have claimed that I an a member of the “disinformation campaign” shows your self-delusion and paranoia. I am sure you have googled my name and come up with….nothing. That surely is proof that I am a secret government agent sent to demoralize you.
    I find it telling that several of the comkmentots have been locked away in psychiatric hospitals. I kind of surprised that they let any of you out but if you were truly dangerous, you would not have been. You are sad but your delusions (and fantasies about alien visitors, “Dr.” Hildebrandt. Hmmm…German name. Can you prove you are not a Nazi? Claire De Lune never gave me ANY proof of her lies and claims of being incarcerated by the government . Where youi all refuse to believe the government but swallow her paranoia wholeheartedly, I think she is an “attention whore”.
    I have followed the links and they tend to contradict each other and offer little to no evidence, much like the idiot above who demanded proof that human beings saw the plane hit the Pentagon and shut up promptly when I gave it to him.
    You search and research each other’s claims and move in a circle finding nothing knew. Yes, Charlie Sheen is one of America’s Greatest Living Minds. Likewise Rosie O’Donnell (“In The History Of The World Fire Has Never Melted Steel”).
    You people do give me a good laugh ever few days, whenever I pop in here. I will reiterate that no one answered my questions above, it was the same tired “click the links! The truth is there!”.
    Thank you for my daily laugh.

    • Dr. Richard Welser says:

      Actually, there are well documented programs by both the military (Pentagon’s Operation Information Roadmap) and FBI/CIA (see cointelpro, Operation Mockingbird, etc.) that more than suggest a great many government operatives are out on the web trying to play havoc with anybody actually questioning the PTB. In which case, somebody like you shows up.

      Yours is essentially a string of ad hominem attacks and thus, is irrelevant.

      One silly attempt to be demeaning was your revealing comment about various poster’s history of receiving psychiatric intervention.

      Merely a fatuous exercise.

      Please try again. Perhaps your next attempt can avoid fallacious argumentation.

      Dr. R. Welser
      Forensic Neuropsychologist

  169. John Morton says:


    Suggest you read the following book then come back here and demonstrate that you are not the idiot that you currently appear to be by your comments:

    Click to access 7277552.pdf

  170. JM says:


    have you tried to take out a private prosecution against these yobs for, i dunno, say gang rape, torture, false imprisonment, war crimes, crimes against humanity?

    I’ve tried in my country, but i have no idea whether your legal system is as corrupt as it is here!

    Was any reason given why Zubaran no longer works for them? or what happened to him?

    You seem to have got further with your case than mine, although it seems to have happened about same time. With what’s likely to be coming in next couple of weeks death is most likely the best possible outcome for either of us!

    I for one resolve to at least try and defend myself……


    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi Jake, I was talking to the top Patients Rights Advocate in NZ, Anna De Jonge a few days ago and she said she believes the system is rotten to the core here. She made the point that over 300 were forced to endure electric shock therapy against their will in just one year recently, which she calls brain-damaging torture.

      She knows of cases where the people had nothing wrong with them being forced to take harmful “treatments” and said she never see these errors being mentioned in the government’s summaries.

      As Dr Grace Jackson MD has exposed, significant damage is being done to the brain by the psychotropic medications being prescribed, including the new ones. She has implied they kill so many brain cells, that the brain “shrinks” – hence the term “shrink” that is used for psychiatrists is quite appropriate.
      When Dr Jackson testified as an expert witness [1] she stated the pharmaceutical industry had skewed and suppressed data showing the harms these drugs caused. She testified that the life expectancies of people taking drugs such as risperidone had shortened by as much as twenty to twenty-five years, that the drug caused many patients to be chemically brain injured, and contributed to an epidemic of dementia. She disputed the idea that risperidone was safer than the older drugs. She testified these drugs really should be called chemical lobotomizers rather than antipsychotics because they merely inhibit brain activity to reduce annoying behaviors.
      She testified that five to twenty percent of patients on risperidone will develop tardive dyskinesia symptoms in the first
      years of use.

      [1] Bigley v. Alaska Psychiatric Institute (05/22/2009) sp-6374 http://touchngo.com/sp/html/sp-6374.htm

      Dr Zubaran went to Australia. I do not know why.

  171. Heh heh, I spent a week in the funny farm 2
    months ago…thank goodness I never mentioned
    the 9/11 issues. I had to play games with them
    to convince ’em to release me, even though I
    went in voluntarily.

  172. Rob says:

    When you’re catchin’ flack… you must be right over the target!

  173. quintaldo says:

    i think dr zuba-something should be detained, he is obviously a dangerous individual who is ruining the lives of many people
    not to mention his delusional traits…

  174. GWscam says:

    That’s psychiatry for you. A made up profession based on someone’s opinion, largely staffed by nut cases, ego-maniacs and eugenicists.

  175. Jane says:

    Charlie Sheen was tested at about average intellectual capabilities .
    Nobody on this blog suggested that Sheen would ever qualify as one of “Americas greatest minds” .
    Pathetic spin (and; so was trying to attribute Mr Sheen with the fictitious man whore role he plays on TV).

    So Lee451, (this is not a pick up line) do you pop in “daily” to spin like you said, or is it “every few days” like you also said.

  176. Rich Moore says:

    Common sense…what a misnomer. Some construction worker…probably a labourer hauling cement…thinks that he knows more than engineers and architects!! it is too funny. The mere fact that he dismissed all the relevant issues shows that he knows absolutely nothing about what he is saying.

    Simple physics, ( which he will call witchcraft, no doubt) says that buildings cannot fall through the place of most resistance, The Towers exploded into dust so fine that it defies any collapse theory. Also, cars and trucks blocks away were melted and distorted in ways that defy conventional explosives.

    I have spent many hundreds of hours researching this subject, and people like ‘common sense’ are just irritating flies hovering around until someone swats them away. He should be ignored from now on as he has proven that he will not accept evidence and cannot refute us…OR define his own theory. Loser.

  177. tophuggles says:

    Shouldn’t Dr Zubaran be held for observations in a mental ward to establish that he/she is not a danger to the public?

    The doctor couldn’t differentiate between a political view and mental disorder yet he took extreme actions on the basis of his poor judgement.

  178. Moonstone says:

    I think someone mistakenly thought Clare quoted Eddie Vedder – it was me. I recently had the privilege of seeing Pearl Jam at the O2 Arena in London and they blew my mind – the fact he wrote a song about a girl being misdiagnosed and the fact I subsequently quoted it since it’s on my ipod all the time right now does not have any bearing on my mentality. I am not a sophomore. I am 38 yrs old and I have an IQ bordering on genius. Nobody I ever speak to in real life regards me as anything other than highly intelligent and reasonable. I have not given an opinion on 9/11 at all, not here or anywhere else. I have also never been in a psychiatric institution. If any or all of that irritates you, I can’t help you with that.

    I do however have an experience of a mistake in mental health diagnosis, made by an ‘expert’ at the world-renowned Maudsley Hospital in London (“world-renowned” is their own statement from their own literature). Last winter I felt dreadfully depressed and that feeling had been increasing for some time. My mother had cancer and I couldn’t stop thinking about past traumatic events. I had physical problems as well but I thought they were all attributable to my apparent depression. I begged for help and was referred there for an assessment. I was assessed in February 2008 as needing 3-5 sessions with a clinical psychologist each week. During the assessment I was coming to a particularly traumatic memory, one which would have caused any person in the world to feel down. Some people who have suffered the same event commit suicide; that’s just the way it is, and they’re not mentally ill – they have simply suffered something so awful that they can no longer live with it in their memories. At that particular point during the assessment my mouth went so dry that I almost couldn’t speak. The ‘expert’ refused to allow me to drink water. But I’d been having ‘that dry mouth problem’ a lot at that point in time; I tried to explain that, but she didn’t believe me, this ‘expert’. She refused several times. I could barely move my lips, they were stuck to my teeth. In the end I asked if there was a water fountain in the corridor, because I thought I’d seen one on the way in; she said yes, but there are no cups! Still trying to prevent me drinking water. I got super-irritated and told her that was fine, I’d use my hands. She believed, you see, that I was trying to avoid the issue. That is, the very issue I wanted help with, the one I had requested help with, the whole reason for me being there. She related my need for water to a perceived mental health problem and she was very smug about it.

    So it must have really p-d her off when I wrote to her a few weeks later and told her that I was actually dying from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes (which is very rare at my age) during the assessment. The apparent depression had been caused purely by dint of the extremely high blood sugars which I had suffered for so long. The higher your average blood sugars, the more likely you are to suffer depression. At the levels I was living with, it was almost unavoidable. I no longer needed anyone’s help because my insulin injections had sorted the whole thing out and apart from having to learn to live with this awful diagnosis, I was fine. Apart from depression and a whole host of other physical problems (which, it also transpired, were not caused by the apparent depression, but by my average blood sugars of 18.5 in the UK – 333 in the US), what else happens when you’re dying of hyperglycaemia? Your mouth goes desert dry and you compulsively drink water. It has nothing to do with your mental health and you don’t need 3-5 sessions of help per week – you need insulin, and fast, before you die.

    So…. yeah. That’s what I think of that. My opinion on 9/11 is still not written down here and never will be, I have no comment to make. There’s really no point having a go at me or my mentality when all I have done is point out the existence of the Rosenhahn experiment (on which I once wrote a very highly scored 2,000 word essay at University) and quoted a great song which happens to be about a mental health misdiagnosis.

    • anonymous says:

      type1 diabetes often responds to supplementation with chromium and/or vanadium, but can cause severe blood sugar lows during the transition off insulin.

  179. Anon says:

    Hi Clare

    Thank you for your courage in writing your experiences. I am so sorry you had to suffer this rank injustice and indignity.

    Honesty begets honesty. And honesty is not an operating principle that current ‘experts’ and ‘public servants’ employ now.

    The world is quite obviously now under the diktat of fear-ridden Pavlovian monkeys who, in turn, are led by the genuinely psychopathic.

    I’d relate some of my story here but at the moment I’m not keen on attracting the attention of those who might be too interested. In some ways my experience is perversely opposite, (e.g. withholding treatment for very debilitating PTSD), though nonetheless mental health abuse.

    Had we the resources to do the research, I think we’d find that MH abuse routinely borders on the criminal throughout the world and that there are legions of casualties of abusive psychiatry – especially in the most ‘civilised’.

    Please keep posting and fighting. And know that there are many of us out here who support your fight as much as we can.


    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you Anon for sharing your thoughts. I’m saddened to learn that you have been abused by the system. It appears there are more than a few of us and it makes one wonder what it is really set up to achieve.
      The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, Inc (ICSPP) is focused on critically studying the mental health sector. It is completely independent.
      I heard one of their Board of Directors, Dr Grace Jackson, say during a talk she gave in 2006, which is available on DVD, that the whole system needs changing and I bet you agree!
      Refer: http://www.icspp.org/


  180. freer says:

    As someone who once had to lie to get a friend released from a mental “hospital”, I know the real crazies are the ones who run those places.

    As for 911 being an inside job, no amount of ridicule or propaganda is going to work this time.

    They didn’t count on us being this smart or determined. 911 Truthers are winning the hearts and minds.

    911 Lie-ers are LOSING the hearts and minds.

  181. Anon says:

    Hi Clare

    Many thanks for that link. I shall peruse widely.

    Strangely, more and more people keep mentioning Peter Breggin (‘Toxic Psychiatry’) to me! I rather think they want me to feel fortunate that I haven’t been ‘treated’.

    You ponder what is being achieved by such intimidation and abuse (or abusive neglect)? Well…I’m sure my former colleagues in the former USSR could enlighten us!

    Closer to home, it is possible to discern a pattern: those who are singled out seem to be very articulate, educated and have access to the media.

    I could be wrong. My perception could be skewed by my connections to a particular demographic: an educated, articulate, media-savvy milieu. But I also mix with many others who aren’t so ‘privileged’. These good people are simply too scared, too inarticulate, too undereducated, too conditioned to tug forelocks that they accept all the institutionalised abuse and neglect that’s applied to them with such psychiatric disdain. They shrug, know they are not equipped to seriously question what’s going on…and go back to leading lives of quiet desperation.

    Meanwhile, of the 5 close friends or acquaintances in my circle who have been well and truly – and incredibly – stuffed by the system in the last few years, 4 of us are published authors or have enhanced access to media and are veteran campaigners.

    Could be just coincidental. But it seems to me that in a climate of rising fear and fascism, the flailing and increasingly dysfunctional organs of the state unconsciously get into lock-down lockstep to ‘quieten’ we rowdies!

    Twas ever thus. The pendulum will eventually swing back. Meanwhile, in our darkest hours we can only hope we each survive to become the Solzhenitsins of our day!

    One thing’s certain, right now we’re all Kafkas.


  182. Clare Swinney says:

    As can be seen in this paper by Dr Grace Jackson MD, entitled: Evidence for the Neurotoxicity of Antipsychotic Drugs
    http://psychrights.org/States/Alaska/CaseXX/3AN-08-493PS/JacksonOnNLtoxicity.pdf there is substantial evidence to show that medications commonly prescribed by psychiatrists are causing quite significant brain shrinkage, as they kill off brain cells at quite a rate. For example, this is a table on page 5 of the paper:
    Average change in tissue volume (cubic centimeter) by week 52
    ………. Zyprexa aka Olanzapine Haloperidol ……….Controls
    frontal gray – 3.16 – 7.56 ……………. + 0.54
    parietal gray – 0.86 – 1.71 ……………. + 0.70
    occipital gray – 1.49 – 1.50 ……………. + 0.99
    whole brain gray – 3.70 – 11.69 ………….. + 4.12

    It is best to have a look at the original paper, as the formatting on this website makes it difficult to lay the table’s contents out correctly.

  183. god says:

    And I thought that New Zealand would be a good place to run to when the shit hits the fan.
    If nz can be taken over and it only has 3 million people who could almost know each other than the rest of the world better get more guns to save themselves.

  184. Dr Leon says:

    Re: Dick Cheney’s famous statement during Tony Snow’s interview on 2006/March/29: “We’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.” Unfortunately, later in the interview, at Tony Snow’s prodding for confirmation, he corrects this and says he had meant to say Saddam Hussein.

  185. Susan J. says:

    Had this happened in the US, Clare would have been handed a bill for $500,000 in addition to her false arrest and imprisonment.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      I understand something like that happened to Michael Cook of http://cincinnati911truth.org, Susan. He was wrongly diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and he states that all he virtually had the chance to say to the psychiatrist who “assessed him” was “911 was an inside job.” He was held for a few weeks and then given a bill for a few hundred dollars, which he contested on the grounds that he should not have been held there in the first place.

  186. The Examiner says:

    If you question the jews, you too can expect this kind of treatment. We have seen the Nazis and they are the jews!

  187. Mr. Roboto says:


    You wrote: “I have consulted two lawyers, on the advice of the Patients Rights Advocacy, and was advised that it is not worth pursuing. I was advised to write about it.”

    Those lawyers are telling you it’s not worth pursuing because they are afraid. Find someone with some courage and sue all parties involved. If they don’t hurt a little, they get away with it, and they’ll do it again.

  188. I had my rant on on September 12th 2001 – A New Yorker took violent offense to my opinion of Cheney’s Inside Job – This earned me two months in a mental hospital – I’m still right –

  189. talmoodhtr says:

    Working for jews can drive you mad as well and I do NOT recommend it.

    Google Christopher Bollyn the number one 9/11 researcher today. If they are not locking you up in a hospital they are sending out Homeland Security Goons to shut you up when you get too close. This guy is good !!

  190. Vicky Gallas says:


    Apparently there are many of us “delusional” people walking around these days. I certainly realized that my illusion of trust in the US government went out the window by the afternoon of September 11, 2001, but of course my thoughts were extremely unpopular back then. I am elated that so many more people are enlightened today.

    I am truly sorry to hear about your ordeal. Imagine how it was to express such thoughts back then though – I was in a state of disbelief and commented to many that “I couldn’t believe that they did it,” and when questioned as to what I meant, well I sure wasn’t referring to 19 Middle Eastern hijackers. It earned me some serious enemies and a place on the watch lists when people still thought the lists were real.

    I was born with a background of career USAF (father and mother) and my main thought, regardless of all else involved, is where was NORAD? I said that on 9/11/01, and I still say it today. I’ve never heard an answer that made any sense to me – I know what NORAD is, unlike most people.

  191. Roger says:

    These so-called mental health professionals should themselves be locked up in a ward for believing that 9/11 was not an inside job. They are the ones who are delusional.

    Sadly, this is the treatment meted out to dissenters. The message that they want to deliver is “Toe the party line or pay dearly for being a heretic.” Well, their egregious and cowardly behavior makes me even more determined to spread the truth.

    Just a few years ago many were calling me a conspiracy nut. They would look at me like I had two heads when I propounded theories contrary to the mainstream thought. Now, it seems like most people are waking up to the truth. They are beginning to understand that things are not as they should be. There is more to major events than they had first thought.

    I admire your courage and thank you for speaking the truth. Keep it coming. Together we shall wake up the sleeping public. Then the elite will have no place to hide. That day is not very far indeed! So be it!

  192. Francis Kuhn says:

    To the Point. The Psychiatrist and The Judge
    should both be Locked up. Bottom Line. .. both of them are minions of the New World Order.

    911 was an inside Job. All the proof is there.

    To the Judge: Please tgo and do your Homework.
    You do not own people!

  193. Francis Kuhn says:

    This will confirm the Truth that 11 September was an Inside Job:

    Long-gagged FBI whistleblower’s full under-oath testimony from Ohio election case, details
    Congressional blackmail, bribery, espionage, infiltration, more…


  194. RASADAK says:

    For all those idiots, and especially “common sense”, who think Clare and those who believe as she does are crazy: Get a life!!! We do not care that you don’t believe the truth. Stay in your lalaland and find something better to do than criticize without having any facts or research to back up your criticism. We have better things to do than listen to your “You’re all crazy” dogma. Why don’t you get on a website where people share your views? Probably because you are not really convinced that your views are right. You just don’t have sense enough to do any research of your own, and you choose to believe lies because the truth is not in you. Clare knows my name, and can contact me whenever she chooses. However, I have no fear of any of you ‘haters’. MY NAME IS DR. ROBYN KELLEY. So what are you gonna do? Can’t kill us all, and you can’t touch me even if you knew exactly where I am. Believe me when I say that I have no fear of any of you cowards. To believe in truth and stand behind it takes guts. That’s something you idiots who haven’t a clue to the reality of what Clare went through, is going through, and probably will go through in the future, will never understand because you will believe any lie the government chooses to feed you. It is exactly as it was in the 60’s when we were all told that Russia fed the media information and forced their citizens to believe bullshit. It’s called propaganda. You can continue to believe your propaganda, but find something better to do than harass Clare and those of us who happen to do the research and know the truth.

  195. RASADAK says:

    Well, since so many would claim that Clare and others are crazy, consider this: Not only have our governments (plural) been deceptive, there are other areas of our lives that are based on serious lies. For example, mostly all Americans were raised as ‘christians’, and that whole system is a result of religious syncretism, or a blending of religions. Of course, like Clare, I am quite crazy. However, I have yet to find even one single individual who has been able to refute the facts. And those facts are as follows:


    Dr. Robyn Kelley
    P.O. Box 166091
    Little Rock, AR 72216

    Yahweh – from YHWH (English letters equivalent to Hebrew letters for the divine Name of the Creator); Creator of heaven and earth; the Father

    Yahshua – the Son of Yahweh; the Savior; name means Salvation of Yahweh (Yah – meaning from Yahweh, Shua – meaning salvation)

    Jesus – originally Iesus (see 1611 Edition of Holy Bible); Greek name, meaning Son of Zeus; Zeus is Greek idol

    Christ – English word for the Greek word Christos; Christos is Greek word for Krishna; Krishna is Hindu idol

    God – English word for Gott; Gott is German idol (the deity of fortune); originally Gawd, an Assyrian idol

    Lord – originally Iord, a German idol, the deity of agriculture and fertility

    Jehovah – came from Jove, which is another name for Jupiter, a Roman idol, the supreme being to the Romans

    Amen – original spelling & pronunciation of Egyptian idol, commonly spelled Ammon
    *There was also a custom of pronouncing the name of the one worshiped at the end of the petition or prayer.

    Elohim – means many idols; replaced El in Phoenician pantheon, and was replaced by Baal

    ***There was never a letter J in any language until the mid 1600’s

    Furthermore, I stand behind everything that I say, and can back it up with research. If any government can force all its subjects to conform to a certain religious dogma, then certainly there is no limit to the propaganda that they can have many believing. Tell a lie long enough….. What wasn’t counted on was just how many people there are now in the world who refuse anything but truth. If it were only a handful, they would most likely have auto accidents or something (suicide, etc.). But there are too many of us truth seekers and they will never wipe us all out. And we all have children who will seek out truth after us, and grandchildren. It would take way too long to kill us all, so they try to make us seem crazy to others. Fortunately, there are many of us who see the whole picture.

  196. JM says:

    “It would take way too long to kill us all,”

    …..you not heard of this so called swine flu thing going around? Trying logging on to David Icke forums and have a read around there!

  197. RASADAK says:

    The problem with the swine flu is that it affects everyone seemingly indiscriminately. In other words it can’t be contained effectively. It would assuredly affect those that don’t give 911 or anything else a second thought, not just those who are aware of the facts.

    We may look forward to more people being detained based on their alleged threat to society and/or themselves.

  198. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    Flying pig-flu allready has caused legislation in USA to make the criminals that unleash it on the public innocent in advance. They are giving it several strands of diseases and dispersing some of them in the chem-trails in order to make it difficult to find one specifik origin and culprit.

  199. I have a very short chemtrail video on my youtube site, and a longer one covering this and other media buried topics in the video,
    ‘Your Movie,’ posted in a lot of places, http://VictoryAtLast.com, being one.

    It sure doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult for them to put pathogens in this stuff.

    I hope this isn’t too off topic, but others have brought it up and we have a friend who was taken to the hospital prior to 9-11 for talking of chemtrails. He called the FBI from the hospital telling them he’d been kidnapped. They referred him to the local police, who came and interviewed him and he was promptly released.

  200. Hi Clare.. I see you as a great soldier for truth, taken prisoner and tortured by the enemy!

    I sense that thru the efforts of your good self and only a few other tireless truthers, that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that “they” are on the defensive.

    Over the 911 weekend Russia Today which goes world wide on the UHF television band, showed footage taken on the day at each station break, and were up front telling viewers that the rush to lay the blame on OBL was highly suspicious.

    My own views are best paraphrased by Roger who says..

    “These so-called mental health professionals should themselves be locked up in a ward for believing that 9/11 was not an inside job. ”

    Hell I remember when the psychs locked me away .. it was in 1983, I was in the middle of a crack up and told the psychiatrist all about it.. next thing I’m in the slammer for three days, a closed psych ward that is.

    Mind you in my case there was probly no smoke without fire.. in any case I learned not to open my heart to any damn psychiatrist that’s for sure.

    ‘ave a good one!

  201. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    Its worse; in order to make it impossible to trace the origin of the flying-pig influenza,it is speculated that it is a genocidal attack with many components, some to be delivered by CHEM-TRAILS (I think I see strange white cars outside – and peoble with straitj…. help!) the other is in the gom-jabbar jab(vaccination), that as fill-in-stuff has mercury, animals tissue,squalene,to contain the spanish flu/Novartis-delivered ,lab.engineered (not found in nature during the millions of years we have lived with birds and pigs)avian-pig (flying pigs,an arrogant reptoid joke?)-human-influenza; that is the only way they can succeed in the de-population-agenda; now they MUST succeed, they MUST get the pan-demia started. DON`T take it!!!****after the bummer with 7/7 and WTC (2 planes, 3 houses)-and they won´t, because they obviously are pressured to try to reach their goals before planned; otherwise they would have suceeded in keeping it secret as usual; this time its different; and the pressure might come from some unexpected direction****in the Sun-system,in the Galaxy, in the Universe (billions of Galaxies, trillions of Suns, Quadrillions of planets!*****************AND FROM US!!!!*

  202. qikiprana says:

    If you’d like to learn more about this issue (psychiatry’s attempt to corner the market on what is sanity), I highly suggest listening, yes from the initial installation of Madness Radio: Voices And Visions from Outside Mental Health

    Brings you personal experiences of ‘madness’ from beyond conventional perspectives and mainstream treatments, and also features authors, advocates, scientists, and artists. Hosted by Will Hall, who is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

  203. antioligarch says:

    I’m really really sorry for what happened to you Clare.

    In a way, I feel responsible for letting this happen, as I was put to sleep for nearly all my life by the mass psychologists.

    While we were sleeping during the last 50 years they’ve set up Soviet style powers for themselves and God help us all.
    I’m afraid the worse is still to come.

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Unfortunately, the rot in the wrongly-named “mental health system” does seem to be pervasive, as this comment left on the Infowars.com website revealed:
      “This happens far more often than most people imagine. I am an outpatient therapist at a community mental health clinic, and believe me, I’ve witnessed more involuntary commitments than I can count, simply because a patient verbalized “delusions” such as “9/11 was an inside job,” mentioned FEMA camps, or discussed health concerns related to chemtrails, fluoridated water or genetically modified foods. If my patients mentioned these things, I have to be extremely careful how I document my treatment notes to avoid a trip to the local funny farm.
      Sadly though, most of my patients also see staff psychiatrists for their meds. Should any of them mention such things, they are immediately tagged with an incorrect and lifelong diagnosis, typically paranoid schizophrenic or delusional disorder, and more often than not, considered actively psychotic and thus hospitalized against their will…”

  204. Steve says:

    I was locked up for 6 days several years ago because of 911 talk.

    I was very depressed and becoming suicidal, and the fact that most of my friends and family bought into the government’s cover story made me even more depressed.

    My wife urged me to seek help at a hospital after a particularly bad night…but things got really crazy next. I told the alleged doctor my feelings and he pronounced me delusional and locked me up with folks who had been resuscitated by paramedics after overdosing, and folks who had slit their wrists, etc…but me, I was locked up for what I believed.

    I eventually had to lie about why I was depressed just to get out of there. If I had kept talking about WTC7 and the Pentagon, I might still be there. As it stood, it took me three tries with alleged psychiatrists to convince them I was no threat…only after I totally fabricated a story for them did they let me leave.

    While I was there I had plenty of time to think about dissidents in so-called totalitarian countries who get thrown into psyche wards for being crazy enough to disagree with the state.

  205. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    Among the many who died in these places of horror, was the first medical doctor to suggest that it was a good idea for surgeons to wash their hands-BEFORE OPERATING!

  206. JM says:

    another ‘friendly fire’ incident?


  207. JM says:

    that should have said check bottom of page….

  208. My ‘crime’ was not to express doubts about 9/11 or 7/7, but my mission to expose the corruption which is rampant in the British courts (of which I was unaware until the age of 70). In 1997 I stood for Parliament & published the book CAUSE FOR CONCERN. In 1998/99 I won a case in the European Court of Human Rights (single-handed!), bringing a vital change in British law, a change much hated by judges & kawyers. Powerful people decide I should be silenced. Two potentially lethal terror attacks failed to silence me (1999 & 2000), so I was stitched up for a NON-EXISTENT ‘crime’ & given a sentence to ensure I died in prison. Well, I didn’t die, & in 2005, having ‘Paid my debt to society’ was due to walk free. Instead, aged almost 80, weighing 8 stone, with spondulosis, osteo-arthritis & congenital fusion of the spine, three sadistic screws & a ‘nurse’ put me in double handcuffs & UNLAWFULLY carted me off to a the first of two lunatic asylum. I was not as a patient, but a captive, just as much as Terry Waite, John McCarthy, Brian Keenan in Beruit, Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, Ken Bigley & Margaret Hassan in Iraq. They were mad keen to pump me full of drugs to turn me into a zombie but, thanks to a few honest nurse I managed to avoid that. Even so, I never expected to be allowed out alive. However, after one & a half years I had the great good fortune to come under a new Consultant Psychiatrist who was NOT a puppet of The State (as most of them are). Knowing that I am (in spite of all their efforts!) still completely sane, he was anxious to release me but even he did not dare rock the boat too much. So, I had to go through the pretence of six months ‘rehabilitation’ before release. Anyway, here I am, 84 next month, & STILL not silenced! I currently have another case in the European Court of Human Rights, whereby I am seeking to end this diabolical Stalinist practice. Even those who live at the other side of the world may be able to add weight to my case by making ‘THIRD PARTY INTERVENTION’ Please contact me, Norman Scarth, on enscarth@hotmail.com .

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Your story is shocking, so too some of the information on your website. I have written a letter to the Registrar of the The European Court of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms, stating that I seek to make Third Party Intervention under Article 36 (2) in the belief that my evidence could help the Court in its determination of this matter, and that I would be happy to submit it.
      Even if they do not request any information, the fact that someone offered, may help your case.
      If anyone else wishes to write in on Norman Scarth’s behalf, the address is:
      The Registrar,
      The European Court of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms,
      Council of Europe,
      F-67075 STRASBOURG,
      CEDEX France.
      Fax: 00 333 88 41 2730.

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      Re: Case 57035/08, Scarth v UK.
      I have personal experience of the violations of human rights comparable to those in the case 57035/08, Scarth v UK. I seek to make Third Party Intervention under Article 36 (2) in the belief that my evidence could help The Court in its determination of this matter. I would be happy to submit it if you wish.
      Thank-you for your attention to the contents herein.
      Yours sincerely,
      Your Name.

      • anonymous says:

        Moonstone, type 1 diabetes sometimes reverses with chromium and vanadium supplements, just beware of insulin reactions/low blood sugar episodes. As to the towers collapse, I was told in the original timeline the buildings were nearly full and the towers fell over sideways just as the very argumentative engineer alleged “should” have happened given the official story. Originally over 70,000 were killed. I was told thru arcane physics a team traveled back, made sure the towers had far less people in them; evacuated as many as possible; and then took the buildings down thru controlled demolition. Why not prevent the attack altogehter? make sure the buildings were empty when the planes hit? similiar scenarios? I don’t know.

  209. Clare Swinney says:

    This is from a group on Facebook called: “Free Anthony Milne.”

    Message from Anthony Milne

    This message, written by A Milne, and sneaked out of Valkenburg by Shawn Reitstien is testimony to the ongoing suffering occurring in the name of medical science. Anthony needs therapy not drugs. He requires our understanding not admonishment for his hairbrained schemes and ideas. If we cannot provide alternatives, we do not deserve to be called citizens in possession of inalienable rights. It is without doubt that AM’s rights have been infringed. These words are clearly written under the influence of drugs but sufficiently cogent as to make one question the motives of the hospital in keeping him under lock and key. Please help to restore Anthony’s dignity. DRL

    To Valkenberg Hospital
    The Minister of Health
    and to those who support this petition

    “Petition for the release of Anthony Milne from involuntary psychiatric incarceration” from valkenberg Hospital, CapeTown, South Africa.

    I am entering my 7th month of forced psychiatric incarceration this year and maintain strongly I am being victimised by the hospital and the psychiatrists for my clear anti-psychiatric views and adamant refusal to accept their punitive and unscientific diagnosis.

    I was incarcerated last year under the same circumstances by the police. The subsequent lobby for my release which included the UN High Commission for Human Rights being notified and letters of protest being delivered to the Hospital Head, are I believe, the reasons a certain Dr Temmingh is holding me for an extended period intentionally as punishment. Similarly my parents, refusing to accept the recent tragedy of the soul murder of their granddaughter, are using psychiatry as punishment at the expense of the taxpayers.

    While I was hoping to receive Google status as an Arts developer and Childrens Rights activist it seems that, unbeknown to me, a facebook site has been established to lobby for my release. I thank all those people who support this petition.

    This letter includes a personal account of my predicament and the motivation for the ratification of the Anti-Torture legislation required to monitor the 25 psychiatric hospitals in South Africa. there is also a lack of resources currently to protect the rights of patients, voluntary and involuntary, in state and private hospitals. This means that the current legislation is not being practically implemented due to lack of resources for the legal protection of patient rights and the “kabah” of psychiatrists is legally assuming the sole rights to qualify the mental state of individuals above all other professional and specialist professions.

    My Personal Account:

    After 5 months in involutary incarceration this year, I was for the first time ‘diagnosed as schizophrenic’, the grounds being my supposed ‘delusions’ over the account of my child’s assault and ‘other unspecified things’ !? Well, firstly, since 2001, the Arts in South Africa have been under attack by Government and developers. Reaching crisis point in 2003 with an accelerated ‘faited’ infrasructural development programme seeing 300 individuals, 30 organisations – moved, closed and many forcibly evicted. Over 45 murders in Johannesberg, CapeTown and Durban have been recorded in the sector. An Arts Sector Commission is currently being forwarded by myself in the South African Parliament.

    In 2006 after 2 years separation (because of work) my child was literally soul murdered and body possessed via the actions of the grandparents and my now ex-wife. The initiation of minors without officiation or parental consent is now a research movement accepted by the National Department of Social Development with the Cultural Commission of SA forwarding the research to the Human Rights Commission of SA, who in turn will be contacting the Indian Human Rights Commission for expert input. The Jamait Transvaal has similarly passed on the matter to the Muslim Legal Council for investigation into the matter formally as the family is Muslim. The Occult Unit, SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency), NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) and the Child Protection Unit of the SAP(South African Police) have all been notified, along with religious authorities in a 100 page report, placing this matter above the Heads of Valkenberg and their psychiatric doctors.
    As I was psychologically and spiritually bonded to my child, my winess is detailed and of some significance to exposing this practice nationally and globally. Similarly my work in security and forwarding the Art Sector Commission in South Africa/SADC( Southern African Development Community), is of importance, meaning the label of schizophrenia is legally impeding my expert witness and lifes work and will thus be challenged.

    I was first incarcerated voluntarily in 1995 on my return from Europe. I was suffering from tremendous work fatigue having been an active curator organising exhibitions and events from 1991 to 4 weeks after the 1994 elections, in “no-go areas” at the time, like Soweto and others around the country. After meeting with UNESCO, Commonwealth and international development communities in Europe, I flaked out and took a much needed holiday which unfortunately resulted in me not eating properly. I suffered an accute pophiric*attack due to malnourishment and was flown to CapeTown from my Paris squat. I still remember vividly sitting in the courtyard holding area of the old ward 16 in Valkenberg, when an African man with blood running from both nostrils, clutching a bible emerged through 5 locked doors, filling me with the holy spirit and power to make a run for it. I pushed over 2 staff and ran out and over the wall, a month and a half later I registered and completed, in 1996, my BA Fine Arts Degree.(* pophiria – a blood disease where one cannot fast)

    Today tall electrified and barbed- wired fences encircle Valkenberg resembling a concentration camp.

    This year when I was picked up, I was out of choice, spending two weeks living in a local park or rather sleeping there at night under the stars, enjoying myself. I still kept my possessions at friends and showered and ate there. I managed to attent the opening of the National House of Traditional Leadership in Parliament. As a Barnard and Direct decendant of Jan Van Riebeek, I found myself shaking hands with more than 80 people at the entrance of parliament on their arrival. My work in constitutional development, art and cultural heritage had served me well. So when I was picked up this year, by police, in my father’s property, the day before my birthday, I was calm, happy, and talkative. Still joking “I’m clearly too white “, ” this is racism!” with the police of three vans, there to take me away.

    After 3 months in Valkenberg, meeting with doctors an avarage of 5 minutes a week, my doctor Dr Vabr, said she could not release me due to a certain Dr Temmingh. I made my anti drugs policy clear during this period. Dr Vabr still threatened she could “keep me here indefinitly”!

    Dr Ali was my next doctor who scheduled my release for the second week of June and a weekend pass to “fix my teeth” which had cracked while at Valkenberg. Again Dr Temmingh stopped my release and had me transfered to another holding ward. On the 28th July I met Dr Temmingh for the first time and he said:” you will be on medication for all your life” and “we will keep you here for 6 months to 2 years”! Due to this I requested legal aid to help with my release.

    To summerise: Treatment at Valkenberg:
    1. I received no adequate 72 hour assessment when brought in by police.
    2. I received less than 5 minutes of doctor’s note taking in a week with no therapy or answers to questions.
    3. Threatened and intimidated.
    4. Assaulted by being forced triflu-perizine (stellazine) 20g a day against my will, this psychotropic causes brain and nerve damage, documented in the 1950’s, and is banned in many countries.
    5. I’ve been exposed to the risk of TB infection.
    6. I have been assaulted by being forced medication in the form of depo injections without explanation as to what they contain.
    7. Torture: I have had toothache for two and a half months as Valkenberg only extract teeth and offer no repair work.
    8.Police harrassment through the hospital last year.
    9. I have not received adequate protection from the Mental Review Board and maintain they are negligent and not fullfilling their mandate.

    My parents, whom I took before the Cape Magistrates court last year, to warn them of a legal restraining order against them having me involuntarily incarcerated in Valkenberg, will now face legal action.

    In conclusion, I was born at Vincent Pillotti Hospital, Lived at Oude Molen Village (a community under attack by state developers in CapeTown), I spent my youth in lower main road Observatory playing pool and drinking beers, matriculated from Ronderbosch high School and completed my degree at UCT. I currently reside in Woodstock. My family have warned I should leave CapeTown for my own protection but I will not.I demand to be released. I will not be taking psychiatric medication or be regarded as an in or outpatient of their hospital.

    Yours sincerily
    Anthony Milne

    To reply to this message, follow the link below:

  210. Clare Swinney says:

    “Swine flu prompts changes to British Mental Health Act” Managementinpractice.com 23rd Sept. 2009
    The government plans to rush through measures allowing people with suspected mental health issues to be quickly detained because of fears over staff shortages in any forthcoming swine flu outbreak, it has been revealed.

    The temporary changes to the Mental Health Act, as laid out in an unusually short consultation lasting just one month, would mean it would only take one doctor, rather than two, to have a person sectioned and put on medication without their consent.

    The measures could have a serious effect on the thousands of patients with psychiatric issues who currently live outside state care, meaning many could be detained against their will on the word of just one health professional.

    With very little information on the proposed changes published, many mental health experts have warned the government that they risk side-lining an already vulnerable community and have called on it to spell-out the full raft of changes proposed in the consultation. [For more: http://www.managementinpractice.com/default.asp?title=SwineflupromptschangestoMentalHealthAct&page=article.display&article.id=18628…]

    CuttingEdge.org This development is major, for the following reasons:

    1) “Temporary” government changes have a way of becoming permanent.

    2) This government measure — which has been implemented without any vote by Parliament — can force a person to take “medication without their consent.” This is dictatorship.

    3) Once the government becomes involved in declaring certain persons “suspected mental health issues”, history warns us that the government can, and has, used this power to declare people who are opposed to government policies as suffering from insanity or some other mental malady, a declaration which grants the government the ability to silence their opposition.

    The Communists of the old Soviet Union filled their mental institutions with dissidents, the most common of which were Born Again Christians. You see, the Communist government taught that anyone who did not support the precepts and the practices of Communism were “insane”. We might be seeing the precursor to this type of mental health declaration using the Swine Flu scare as the cover story.

  211. Johnny de Vulcan says:

    The enormity of the attack on humans is undeniable; poisons in everything, from chem-trails, food,water,medicine ,soil,toys,-anything,combined with deadly and crippling mandatory vaccinations, the grand-theft of peobles hard earned money by peoble who never did a days work, the imbecile militarising, the idiotic and deadly dangerous war-mongering and bankrupting of ecomy by spending ALL on the military-industrial complexes Eisenhover warned against,the miltarising of the police, the agent-provocateur-acts of inflaming the public with fear, etc.etc. etc. Proves we are under attack. By whom we can discuss later, when we get to the reptoids in the shadows, but attacked we are. AND ; THEY have drawn first blood so many times that it must be possible to comprehend that, even if you are not in the streets facing a row of “polic”-who are breaking the laws of the constitution and attacking any assembly of protesters against the government.We need to free our prisoners in the psyc.wards, they are victims in this war -do not believe the shrinks (litterally shrinking your mind and world-view) when they want you to believe that it is wrong /insane to be ANGRY; they are just afraid the ANGER (natural human reaction to unacceptable conditions ) will hit THEM. And I profesize : IT WILL. It will allso hit f.ex. those meterologist who have seen no chem-trails during ten years of intensive spraying. (See Legend labs. for analysis of chem-trails) as well as, of course ,the politicians and military and police that have sold themselves to war against the populations.They administer a drug called Trilofon that is so potent that it is given with intervals of months; the patient becomes a walking cucumber. BE ANGRY!!!

  212. Sam says:

    Talking about how ‘anger’ is often interpreted as a symptom of mental illness – I’m just writing a complaint about my psych who, amongst other things, had me thinking that my distrust of her was a symptom of my PTSD.

    NOOOOO! It is a cause! The way she took advantage of me is actually a cause of my PTSD etc.

    These people are not human. They are callous, selfish headf*ckers who are only interested in their own gains/status/comfy pensions.

  213. JM says:


    3) Once the government becomes involved in declaring certain persons “suspected mental health issues”, history warns us that the government can, and has, used this power to declare people who are opposed to government policies as suffering from insanity or some other mental malady, a declaration which grants the government the ability to silence their opposition.

    The Communists of the old Soviet Union filled their mental institutions with dissidents, the most common of which were Born Again Christians. You see, the Communist government taught that anyone who did not support the precepts and the practices of Communism were “insane”. We might be seeing the precursor to this type of mental health declaration using the Swine Flu scare as the cover story.



  214. JM says:

    any other victims out there? thinking of making a mailing list….


  215. Anon says:

    Hi again

    I’m the anon here: https://clareswinney.wordpress.com/incarcerated-in-a-psychiatric-ward-because-i-said-911-was-an-inside-job/#comment-874

    An important new link: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/patientrights/ = For Brits, a petition to the PM for statutory legal rights (nope, amazingly we don’t have them in the UK…)

    If you can, PLEASE sign up! And spread the link.

    Also an interesting interview with filmmaker Kevin Miller (“Generation Rx”) about the horrific effects of psychotropic drugs. http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2009/10oct/RIR-091001.php

    All power to everyone!

  216. I dont know If I said it already but …I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, 🙂

    …..Frank Scurley

  217. Savannah says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  218. mick from oz. says:

    Hi Clare…
    I can totally relate to your experience and fustration….
    Though i am not a journalist Nor were my ‘delusions’ exactly of a politcal issue….
    i too was illegally incaserated in “The Missenden Unit’ at Royal Prince Alfreds in Sydney for several weeks on a Doctors ‘opinion’….( i had my head bashed in and was left for dead some months before) was still crosseyed, had a slurred speach and dificulty with balance and co-ordination, i had up until that point been living in western N.S.W amoung ‘crazy bushies’ with distint attitudes and veiws that had positivly influenced me…needless to say ..after the initial confusion and disorintation of Recovering in Intensive care it seems my Character and disposition was so …”forign” to the …’city people’..nurses etc….that it was enough to be Certfied’ of unsound mind to be ‘commited’ for …’treatment’…..where instead of focusing on nurilogical recovery i was drugged and ignored…..i was ..am still astounded that was back in 1998..in Sydney….IN SYDNEY!!!….THE TOWN IS FULL OF UNSOUND MINDS….REAL CRAZY PEOPLE ARE EVIDENT EVERY DAY??? i was in a bad way and needed help but did not warrent …This treatment….
    though i was not part of a movement or had any cause to appeal too….i …played their game in the end and agreed that i was ‘slowly feeling better ‘..’and agreed my previous opinions and views were extreme’ and …’eventially got out..was still an outpatient ..for many months..etc….doing speach therapy etc…
    i completley sympathise with you clare…THE WHOLE MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTY IS A SCAM!!!!

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Listen to this episode on Weaponized Psychology if you have the chance Mick. I think you will find it interesting:
      Episode #098 – Weaponized Psychology
      Date/Duration: 2009/09/13 / 59:43
      Description: We looked at the ‘other’ C-word back in Episode 050 of this podcast, but now it’s time to look at the other other ‘C-word’: Crazy. Who gets to call who crazy, and what does that mean? Is it crazy to want to know what the 9/11 whistleblowers are talking about? Or is it crazy to believe that powerful people never act behind the scenes to further their own political agenda? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we discuss the politics of sanity.
      [Download MP3]

  219. Anthony says:

    Concerning the Middle East, despite all the talk about a “successful surge” in which the United States paid off various Iraqi irregular militias not to shoot at our troops, there is still much which needs to be said about Iraq, and to a lesser extent, Afghanistan.

    This exercise will require the painting of some very broad and even painful strokes. So many important and vital questions have not been asked, let alone pondered. These are things Clare Swinny’s doctors can’t begin to imagine let alone grasp …

    There are of course on the surface the all-too-familiar debacles. How could these impending defeats have happened to “the greatest military power on Earth?”

    Consider that the very same nation which in 1945 had six percent of the world’s population and over 80 percent of the world’s wealth has now decayed into an infantilized economic and moral state.

    A nation caught up in such a great decline should be ripe for self analysis, rather than engaging in craven delusions. If the reasons for the invasion were wrong, or outright lies to conceal the real agenda, how can the occupation ever be made right? As such, one might wonder about the real reasons behind the invasions?

    Was it to break up Iraq into three little states which would be unable to challenge the U.S. or Israel? (I doubt our leaders are that smart.) Was all of this the workings of the Project for a New American Century, AIPAC, the Council on Foreign Relations or some other allegedly nefarious group? Some hidden New World Order elite operating from secret chambers? The Antichrist? The Boogeyman? Or did George W. Bush and Tony Blair fly by the seat of their collective pants? Could Dubya pull off 9/11?

    There are those who claim over 1,000,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians, are dead. Some may rightfully dispute this number, as if an exact account is possible in a country where overwhelmed morgues have turned away bodies in droves. This Neocon invasion happened all because the U.S. felt the need to get rid of a murderer and dictator we had trained, financed and armed. It’s fair enough to say “We created him, so it was our responsibility to get rid of him.”

    But make no mistake, Islamic militants did not start the war in Iraq — Dubya did. Why?

    First, Saddam tried to kill his father, George Bush Sr. (We can understand the son’s anger about that and perhaps even applaud it).

    Second, President Bush Jr. read a book about democracy written by Natan Sharansky, a former Soviet refusenik, (a smart, decent man) who gained notoriety in the Israeli Knesset. After reading this book, Bush Jr. decided to democratize the entire Middle East. He quoted from this book at his second inauguration. The question remains, if Natan Sharansky had written a book about the cartoon character Gumby, would we all be riding around now on an orange horse?

    British Intelligence, Blair, the CIA, Dubya and his cabal (as correctly chided by everyone from Paul Craig Roberts to Paul Sperry) have acted shamefully at various levels. This should be chilling to all decent Americans who value truth. Only liars tolerate other liars. And no lie occurs in a vacuum, rather only to cover up other lies. And they still don’t get it, do they? Let us consider that American soldiers (about 80 percent are at least nominal Christians, Catholics and Protestants/Evangelicals) have now effectively run most Iraqi Christians out of their own country by installing the radical Shiites to power in Iraq. Is that true irony? Of course we all know from an infamous Sixty Minutes interview with a true insider how evangelicals have been used to the highest degree by this administration. And to think how many of us voted for them back in 2000 not knowing their level of contempt for us! Never again …
    And where are the vaunted American Christians when our fellow believers are killed in Iraq and Gaza? Many actually cheered on this sickening spectacle. Others simply nod in silence. No wonder so many people hate Christians in America. What happened to love thy neighbor? What happened to silencing one’s own conceit, false pride and self esteem? What happened to the notion of turning the other cheek and doing good to those who hate you? What happened to defeating evil with love and not with more evil? To know Christ’s power mean to first know His betrayal and abandonment and humility and service to others. How can we say we are Christians when we are so quick to kill? This is not the path to “the narrow gate.” This is more like “I never knew you.”

    With thousands of dead American soldiers (the very best boys and — shamefully — the girls of America cut down like flowers in their youth) and tens of thousands of serious casualties, again, we must ask, “Why?”

    There was a greater freedom of worship for Iraqi Christians under Saddam than after “liberation.” And as non-state and sub/micro-state actors (Fatah, Hezbollah) and supra-national actors (al-Qaeda, Islamic jihad) continue to fill the coming power vacuum, things might get even worse in the Middle East for everyone who doesn’t support their particular brand of religion. What’s the point?

    What about all the missing U.S. development aid which Paul Bremmer couldn’t account for? He couldn’t fly in some accountants? Where is the outrage of the U.S. taxpayer? Who knew the money was being flown in? Have you considered that maybe we stole the money from ourselves?

    As an aside, the December 5th, 2006 edition of the USA Today reported that a billion dollars has been wasted on training the Afghan police force. No one knows how many police were trained, what equipment they have or where it is. Where is the outrage as Mr. Obama makes further preparations to bankrupt America in the Graveyard of Empires? The nation of Afghanistan where Alexander the Great, the British Empire and the Soviet Empire all were all eventually sent packing. Is our hubris that strong? Are we that far off the beaten track?

    How could our military have trained so few Iraqi soldiers in all this time and with all that money? Why dismantle the entire Iraqi Army and purge every single Baathist from power? Was that smart? Is this the best our military, the CIA, DIA, State Department, Rand Corporation and so-called Ivy League “elite” can come up with? What do they teach at West Point? “How to Ruin a Country 101?”

    Can you explain how a radical Shiite government in Iraq, allied with Iran and chanting “Death to America” helps American interests? It’s just insane and it is getting increasingly harder to focus on the reality in Iraq, or what went on in the minds of Cheney, Bush Jr. and Halliburton. (As a plus, the Kurds, the largest ethnic group in the world without a country, may finally get their own state.)

    Of course, things didn’t have to turn out this way. From the very beginnings of the now infamous Shock and Awe we had no real plan for occupation. U.S. Special Forces bribed Iraqi commanders with briefcases filled with cash as a means to make them abandon their positions. This was not a very good introduction to capitalism.

    Then we failed to secure an important Iraqi museum which was soon was looted. Great and priceless treasures of human antiquity were lost. This was a horrible mistake as it set a tone for anarchy. In fact, it was so stupid from a tactical point of view it stupefies the imagination. When questioned about this, former Secretary Donald Rumsfeld simply said “Democracy is messy.” Well, so is a diaper! That’s why a baby needs constant attention.

    And what good is a brand of democracy in the Middle East which brings to power the rockets of Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Iranian-aligned the Shiites in Iraq and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? These groups only taunt Israel and give the Israeli/American military machine more reasons (real or imagined) to go to war. And wars mean money for certain elites.
    (That said, if it was a reverse situation and the facts on the ground showed all Jews from Morocco to the Philippines and from Southern Russia to the Sudan, and this tiny little Muslim nation was in the middle of that vast “Jewish sea” of nations and peoples, would all those Jews come after this one tiny Muslim country? Or would they leave them alone and give them a tiny piece of land the size of New Jersey? I think we all know the answer to that question at least.)

    Want an exit strategy? Sure, with multi-billion dollar bases, the most luxurious embassy ever built, air power and oil involved, was there ever a plan to leave Iraq?

    Ever truly ponder Rummy’s “light footprints” of a rapid moving, fluid military? Does this include women in combat, women with babies in combat, women with little children in combat and as Sixty Minutes reported, calling up a 60 year old grandmother?

    Further, does this include our troops hunting for scrap metal to protect themselves, and the families of servicemen and women mailing off body armor and other equipment the military should be providing? But we’ve got oodles of money to send the ANC, the United Nations and God knows who else. (The “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska comes to mind).

    “Look, Grandma mailed the soldiers cookies!”

    “Look, Grandma mailed the soldiers body armor!”

    “Look, Grandma mailed the soldiers … Grandma!”

    This is America?

    Why wasn’t a 60 year old grannie on the beach at D-Day?

    Then, to control people with vice, alcohol and prostitution were legalized almost right away in Iraq by the U.S. forces. If you look at MTV you will see why Muslims fear America. Our culture is disgusting. Things we would have shunned even in 1990 are now not only openly tolerated but celebrated. Legalizing such vices in Iraq probably alienated many Muslims. Islam is a genuine religious faith and we should respect its higher morals, especially its stance against abortion, resistance to pornography and other ills. Instead we as Americans demonize them, because their prayer life, family values and resistance to abortion show us how sinful we really are. (Granted, some of them are violent and very nutty. Usually you become a martyr by being killed, not by killing other people.)

    Not many Americans realize that scores of Iraqi doctors and professors have been murdered on an almost daily basis. How does this bode for the future? Why aren’t professional mercenaries from South Africa and ex-SAS protecting them, or even trying to? Again, no one saw this coming? Does anyone care about the Iraqi brain drain?

    Trick or Treat at Abu Ghraib was beyond disgusting and has forever damaged the image of America. Our soldiers and the Vlakplas archetype mercenaries were beyond cruel. Where is their honor? Where is their love? Where is their humanity?

    The rape of Abeer Qasim Hamza, the teenaged Iraqi girl, her subsequent murder and the murder of her family (and a very small child) to conceal this sick ritual was beyond disgusting. The U.S. soldiers involved with this are beyond inhuman and shame all of us. Again, this is the great, Christian America? No wonder people around the world hate us, our sick culture, deluded and insane leaders, our violent video games and our pornography. No normal person wants to fight the war in Iraq anymore so they have to let in people with criminal records. How sad.

    Think of Jessica Lynch, our great heroine, running around topless at her Army base in Iraq. (That’s our girl!) Ponder Lynddie England recording the madness at Abu Ghraib through her cell phone pictorial essay. Sadly this is what America has decayed into. This is attested to by the recent story of a young man in the U.S. who was vociferously cheered on over the Internet via his webcam as he committed suicide. Not all Americans are that way, not nearly a majority, but there are far, far too many who live and think and act that way for us to remain a “normal” country.

    Other questions we might consider about Iraq, our foreign policy and culture run across a wide spectrum;

    What about the fresh water from the Tigris and Euphrates? Israel is running out of water. Has a pipeline been proposed? (A few years back, Tony Blair was caught trying to broker a fresh water pipeline from Kurdistan to North Cyprus and then across to Israel).

    What about Iraq’s oil?

    What of Iraq falling into Iran’s orbit?

    What about the proposed oil pipeline going through Afghanistan? What about the opium? What about the opium money?

    What about exiled Iraqi girls as young at eight being sold into sexual slavery in Saudi Arabia via Syria — as reported by Brian Williams on NBC News? How could Bush Jr. sleep at night knowing this is going on?

    What about America’s MTV culture trying to turn Allah McBeal into Ally McBeal in the Middle East and Central Asia? That is the real issue in the battle between civilizations. It is the singular untold story — the sexual liberation of Islamic women. Granted, some Muslim women are treated like chattel slaves and even have acid thrown in their faces, (the “Religion of Peace”) but we all know the American endgame for them is Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton. That’s another brand of acid and a story for another day.

    What about Central Asian population control? Will the New Age Mother Gaia types allow Iran’s population to continue to grow at such a high rate?

    What about the U.S. declaring victory in Afghanistan not when bin Laden was captured (he probably never will be) nor the Taliban defeated (they are now busy retaking the country) but rather when “women were liberated from the Taliban.” This is the 21st Century America. The soft America. The America that makes the World War II generation cringe. The America where all the soldiers in our Army get to wear the archetype special forces beret so their “feelings” and “self esteem” aren’t hurt.

    The America which made Alan Greenspan a demigod. The America which abandoned all its traditions and morals to participate in the global economy. (Pornography, weapons sales, MTV values, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, sexualizing pre-teens, slave labor imports from Mainland China, helping to fund the U.N. abortion jihad on and on ad infinitum). Again, have we no pride, no honor and no shame? Think of the latest American fashon — high heel shoes for babies. Think of our once vaunted universities and the godless, Christ-hating professors who insert Marxism into your precious chlidren. Think of the filth on Saturday Night Live. Think of the war on the Boy Scouts.

    Think of the murder of poor Channon Christian and her boyfriend in Memphis, this by the lowest form of oxygen stealing parasites ever to grace America’s shores. This gang Sodomized them, cut off her breasts, cut off her boyfriend’s penis and then poured lighter fluid down her throat. While they did this they were living out rap lyrics calling the faithful to “kill whitey all night long.” Where were Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Mr. Obama on this hate crime? Silent. Regardless, this is the United States of America. This is who we are and there is no escape from that fact. We are a nation that is already eating the dishes we served to Rhodesia, South Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. The dishes we served to the Hmong, Montagnards, the Karen, UNITA, Rwanda, South Sudan, the Contras and the Afrikaners. It’s cosmic blowback. “As you do unto others …”

    I count America having lost four wars in the past six years: there is of course Iraq, Afghanistan, the Somalia-warlord contest and by proxy, Lebanon. The U.S. has been kicked out of Uzbekistan. Bahrain might be the next nation to send our fleet away, never to return. Are these disasters somehow linked to the sickness in our culture? Perhaps not. But is God blessing our nation these days? If not, then why not? Maybe it’s time to ask if America is long past the point of no return? (Maybe Woodstock was the point of no return — though few could see it — then or now).

    We woke up one day and the Soviet Union was gone. We woke up the next day and apartheid was gone. Think it’s impossible we’ll wake up one day and find the gang in Washington, D.C. vaporized by a terrorist or Russian or Chinese or North Korean mini-nuke? Let’s hope not, but we should be ever wary. We have real enemies “out there” and inside our own nation. These enemies, both foreign and domestic, terrorize us daily through their Gramscian culture war 24/7/365.

    Because of Iraq, our military is a wreck. Ex-NFL great and late soldier Pat Tillman, (an Arizona State graduate) though a brave and great American, died for nothing. Our leaders have been exposed as insane cowards and liars. They ran from Vietnam, only to send young American men and women to do what they themselves would never attempt. Now they’ve handed our nation over to Marxists.

    Furthermore, depleted uranium is making many of our soldiers sick, never mind what it is doing to ordinary Iraqis and Afghans. It’s all just so very, very Christian, isn’t it? Let’s wave the flag and chant a mantra that the center is still holding.

    South America, Central America, much of Africa, China and Russia, along with Cuba and North Korea and various drug cartels are aligned against the U.S. Our border with Mexico is a joke and the EU is leaning away from the U.S. On our side we can count on Australia, the UK, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Latvia, Albania and maybe (and this is a big maybe) Bangladesh.

    Nuclear war and nuclear terrorism remain very real possibilities though our shopping mall culture does not want to hear this annoying truth. Remember when a man carrying a sign on the street saying “The End is Near Repent” actually seemed funny instead of prophetic?

    We’re in tremendous and unpayable debt, with both fiscal and trade problems as Lou Dobbs tries in vain to tell us just about every night on CNN.

    Worse of all, our children wear pajamas to school, can’t flush the toilet and in the winter, during the most frigid of days, many children refuse to wear a coat, but rather only a T-shirt. It appears the insanity and the infantilization has spread from top to bottom.

    I want America to become a great nation again, but the sad reality is that from impending Sharia Law in the UK to France on fire to the new Hong Kong to the killing of the ethno-European farmers in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and The New South Africa, our civilization is either dying or already dead.

    Democracy has become meaningless in many ways. It’s not merely the idea of democracy being “the broad participation of the electorate.” Rather it’s about the progressive left wing Gramscian/Jacobin and Cultural Long March on social and economic issues favored by the American and Transnational elites.

    (Consider in Europe how the Irish and Danes must vote again and again about immigration or divorce or abortion or the Euro till the elites get the answers they want.) In the U.S. we have similar battles about abortion, pornography, the NEA, the dumbed-down public schools, taking our guns away, Rhodesia (destroyed, totally) MFN for China, turning over South Africa to the communists in the SACP/ANC, legalizing the 30 million illegal immigrants, partial birth abortion, (as needed for fetal tissue in regard for disease research, cloning and future patents on the human genome) Dubai ports (shut down), as well as the erstwhile boondoggle of the financial bailout (opposed by Americans but went through anyway).

    The question of the day is how we should feel about our new crop of leaders? Think back to where Hillary Clinton was in 1974. At that time, then-President Nixon was fighting Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge and their soon-to-come Killing Fields. As a young lawyer Hillary Clinton was actively working on Capital Hill to impeach Nixon and hamstring the war effort. Yet rightly or wrongly, be it the plain truth or the imaginations of the vast “right wing conspiracy,”

    Hillary’s husband got to stick around through LORAL’s satellite technology and missiles to Red China, “Coke Daddy Supremo” in Mena, Arkansas, the alleged rape of Juanita Broderick (“You’ve got two problems honey, one you’re credible and two you’re very credible”), helping “Father” Aristide in Haiti, propping up the ANC, Wen Ho Lee, Monica’s dress, Ron Brown, Vince Foster, organizing demonstrations vs. the U.S. during the Vietnam War in the UK, editing Communist and Soviet propaganda documents in Eastern Europe and the rest of it.

    William Jefferson even went back to Eastern Europe at the end of his second term to visit his old Commie friends. These are our leaders? Couldn’t one man or woman in the United States Senate have asked Hillary about any of this at her confirmation “hearing?” Are they that cowardly or that pathetic? Why should these wicked, sick and evil Marxist animals (think of Winnie Mandela on crack) get a free pass?
    Instead of fighting the enemies of God and humanity, Hillary was on the front line to undercut Nixon. And of course the Khmer Rouge were given a huge boost by Nixon’s impeachment. They took over Cambodia and murdered 25 percent of the population — around 2 million people. Now this woman will be in charge of the State Department. And to think, what kind of a man would select this woman, drenched in blood — legalizing late term abortion and the bombing of Serbia — to represent our nation? And they invoke the name of Abraham Lincoln in doing so. They are delusional beyond human imagination. Pity them as you pray for them. Yes they’re only human and no one can be perfect.

    It’s just that they lie to themselves as they “play the great role” (as do many Republicans) while the remnant of real Americans know better vis-a-vis Marxism, late term abortion, cloning, DNA, stem cells, GE/GM foods, United Nations, EU, African Union, Big Pharma, public schools, open borders, replacement migration, Tower of Babel, ANC, MFN for China, the financial “bailout” and the rest of the never ending nightmare.

    Behind the media spin they most often seem anti-Christian, anti-Bible, anti-family, anti-patriarchy and anti-white. They wage war on everything that is pure and good and noble left in the world. All normal people, black, white, gay, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Korean, Arab, Jewish and so forth should see through their lies and agenda. They won’t be happy until we’re all starving, homeless serfs dressed in rags and pleading for them to “save us.” It’s already starting.
    As for McCain and Bush Jr., their cluster bombs for Iraq and Afghanistan, use of depleted uranium and arms for Lebanon and Gaza; they are beyond the pale on those anti-life issues. It’s sad how the Christian right waved the banner for them. What real choice did Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Catholics and Protestants have for a true, 100 percent pro-life agenda in this past Presidential election? All of our institutions are corrupt. It’s no longer good vs. evil. It’s corrupted good vs. evil. What ever happened to “Thou Shall Not Kill?” Arab blood is real — they’re not computer characters in a violent video game.

    Hopefully the Republicans will enjoy their next twenty years in the political wilderness. Just as he destroyed his oil company, Bush Jr. has destroyed our nation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Republican Party, the rightist Evangelical block, the border with Mexico, Iraq (“God told me to strike them!” Sure bro …) Afghanistan, New Orleans and our economy. Add to that the happy times at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. And remember, just a few weeks before 9/11 Bush Jr. went to New York City to tell us “immigration is not a problem to be solved.” How crazy was that? Didn’t one of the 9/11 pilots get a visa renewal form in the mail the following April? I think we’re talking about Narnia. We talking serious institutionalization.
    As for President Obama, consider the message of the International Herald Tribune of December 20th, 2008. In an article by John L. Allen, the senior correspondent for The National Catholic Reporter entitled “The Pope’s Real Message for Obama” we read; “Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City, Missouri, for example, warned voters that their eternal salvation might be at stake if they supported Obama … Cardinal Francis Stafford, a former archbishop of Denver who today heads a Vatican court, described Obama’s rhetoric on abortion as “aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic,” and compared the election results to the Garden of Gethsemane — the spot where according to the Bible, Jesus agonized before his crucifixion.”

    In the end, the nightmare in Iraq is merely a symptom of a far greater American disease. Where there is no love, no honor and no shame, there can be only false pride and ultimately, a decay into evil and unreality. More bombs for Afghanistan and Pakistan are not the answers. If “God is love” then in those three words alone will we find the answers to the questions we seek. For now, we can only join Cardinal Stafford in weeping for our once great nation.

    Alas, Babylon! Clearly our new leaders cannot save us. Our lives and our property are ours, not the elites. Yet President Obama was right about one thing — we are the people we’ve been waiting for. Let’s help him all we can, pray for him as he attempts to navigate the current nightmare not of his own doing, and hope for the best in spite of the long odds.

  220. Diesel says:

    Clare, you are absolutely right: 9-11 was an inside job. The Feds would not be eradicating habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights and constitutional protections if this were the work of a rogue, former CIA asset living in a cave in Afghanistan. The controlled demolition of Bldg. 7, stand-down by NORAD, security at all 4 airports on 9-11 had been outsourced to an Israeli firm, the 5 “dancing Israelis” on the NJ rooftop, Urban Moving Systems…there are so many loose ends and unexplained coincidences to that attack, the truth is…the biggest “conspiracy theory” of all is the Official Story propagated by the 911 Commission and the federal government!

  221. Clare,
    So sorry to hear about your ordeal of being locked up in a mental ward. I was held in a mental hospital for three weeks in 1991 after expressing concerns that my kids were being sexually abused with my spouse’s knowledge. I still believe it today, only more so. I went through a period of years of litigation, stress and frustration. The kids survived, thank goodness.
    One point to consider here. What doesn’t kill you can make you stronger. My experience literally marked the beginning of a new life for me, much more aware and paying attention. It set me on a path of seeking real truth and constantly digging down through layers of information.
    Now my belief system is so different from most people and I have done the reading, done the research, to support what I say. I am learning to spot the lies faster.
    In expressing my beliefs to others I have found that often it is the traumatized people like myself who are open to deeper truths because they have experienced firsthand that their experience does not match the conventional reality of society. Those who are seemingly comfortable are not motivated to change. Those who are deeply invested in the system feel they cannot afford to change direction now.
    Thus, horrible as these experiences are, they can be used like a judo throw to employ the attacker’s energy against him. The trauma can motivate us to seek real truth with a burning desire we would not have had otherwise. Now we KNOW something is deeply wrong. We KNOW that what we do not know really can hurt us. We KNOW that just because everybody seems to believe something does not make it true.
    So in the long run this can be very empowering. It can help you learn how to grow the courage to look deeply at some horrible aspects of hidden reality which others are too terrified to even consider. It can help you grow character. It can even help you develop sympathy for those most deeply caught on the “dark side” who do its bidding. Help you take seriously people like author David Icke or Henry Makow of http://www.SaveTheMales.ca who seem so far out unless you have experienced some of these things.
    Best Wishes,
    Jim McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia

  222. Присоединяюсь. И я с этим столкнулся.

  223. kelly says:

    Govt and police can be crooks! I was once locked up too but for a VERY minor reason in Singapore: I did not change my ID in time. DUH!!!

  224. Exytrans says:

    Фига! Молодец!

  225. Anon says:

    @Jim McPherson, Atlanta, Georgia

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a more accurate, sensitive and sanely eloquent description of the changes one is forced to make after a crushing encounter with the comfy, superficial consensus reality. Thank you.

    One learns that every scrap of spin on the the planet is just a cover for rank savagery and routine betrayal of humankind. As Jim says, just because so many believe everything is sort-of-ok-really it doesn’t mean that everything is ok.

    It surely isn’t.

    Now I despise all those who cowardly refuse to look at the savage reality that is staring them in the face and even battering the people closest to them. Nothing will change until a majority wakes up – or rather, until they get brave enough to say ‘NO MORE!’.

    Until then, I’ll do without them and bear the new label the psychs dish out: EPCACE: enduring personality change after catastrophic events. What they omit to acknowledge is that they are part of the system that forces such traumatising events on decent, innocent folks.

  226. Bridget Day says:

    I can identify with every word Clare has recorded. I was detained for ‘assessment’ in a physchaitric hospital and diagnosed ‘delusional’ for 6 weeks though fortunately i managed to refuse treatment. It is a common form of control of anyone who speaks against the system; security services of any country. I was in disbelieve that it could happen in the UK. I too documented my experience. I have survived but have suffered deprivation and loss of liberty for no justifiable reason that has been shared with me.

  227. Strangely, I’m not getting emailed updates to this page anymore….just checked in.

    Bridget, I’m UK too and have a similar story to tell


    pls get in touch if u feel like comparing notes or anything!

  228. dave says:

    If that happened to me here in the US, I’d be suing that doc’s ass off, not to mention filing criminal charges for depriving me of my civil rights in contravention of the law, AND going after his license to practice. He was obviously punishing you (probably for the government at their request) and only let you go when it was going to get legally nasty and they felt you’d been scared enough.

    All that failing, I’d look for some other means of justice. And by the way – I’d avoid that ‘family member’ too for ratting me out. Might kick his/her ass into next week, but avoid them after.

  229. Clare Swinney says:

    This does not apply in this case:
    Govt looks to settle historic abuse cases
    4:00 AM Thursday Feb 25, 2010

    Up to 1000 victims of historic abuse could be offered “wellness payments” to settle their claims, MPs were told yesterday.
    Ministers were given confidential advice before Christmas about how to settle a wide range of long-running claims of abuse in psychiatric hospitals, welfare homes and other institutions, Crown Health Finance Agency officials told the health select committee.
    Agency property manager Lynn Martin told MPs there was a large number of claims against a range of government entities.
    “The recommendation was that we might look at offering a wellness payment, and it’s pretty confidential at the moment,” Ms Martin said.
    “There are a number of government agencies that have historic abuse claims, and we are dealing with them on a whole-of-government approach and just prior to Christmas we put up a recommendation to ministers and also a report on how we are going with managing those claims.”
    Attorney-General Chris Finlayson is co-ordinating the Government’s policy response to the historic abuse claims, and his spokesman confirmed the agency was one of those giving advice.
    No decisions had been taken and ministers were set to consider the issue in March.
    In May 2007, the Queensland Government set up a A$100 million ($129 million) redress fund in response to an inquiry into the abuse of children in Queensland institutions. The scheme provided for payments ranging between A$7000 and A$40,000 to people who experienced abuse and neglect.
    More than 10,200 applications were received by the closing date in 2008, with more than 7400 applications being paid.
    In New Zealand figures differ on how many people might be eligible for payments. The Attorney-General’s office said 527 claims were before the High Court, but no consideration had been given to how much could be offered to settle the claims.
    It was recently reported that more than $11 million of state-funded legal aid had been approved or already paid to pursue hundreds of historic abuse compensation claims. Few of the claims have been heard despite some being filed almost 10 years ago.
    The Dominion Post reported that the Legal Services Agency, which administers legal aid, said more than 900 people had asked for legal aid to sue for the damage they said decades-old psychological, physical and sexual abuse caused them. Claims were still being filed.
    Legal aid for about 50 people was refused at the outset and about 300 more had either dropped their claims or had legal aid withdrawn after it was initially granted, the agency told the newspaper.
    It began reconsidering funding in the wake of the first few claims failing. When legal aid was withdrawn for some claimants, the withdrawal decisions were taken to a review panel and then on appeal to the High Court.
    The United Nations Committee Against Torture has asked the Government what it is doing to ensure the allegations are investigated, perpetrators prosecuted and victims compensated and rehabilitated.
    – NZPA

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  231. Lee says:

    Wow! I knew something wasn’t right on Sept 11th when the news showed iranians celebrating in the streets after the attack, it seemed the media was trying to hard to manipulate.
    Loose change is a good DVD to watch, if anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

  232. Clare Swinney says:


    Very good to show friends and family. Here is the link for the story:


    And you can also listen to an audio interview on it:


  233. WoW!!! I am speechless… you ROCK. I hope this goes far and wide, you deserve it.

  234. Just checking up on things, Clare. Perhaps it’d be a good idea to write a book about this. If you do, or are thinking of so doing, please let me know.

    Am in the process of editing my book, with help, and then I might have to write another one likewise. I reread some of your story last evening. It’s terrible that people who “believe” the media’s version of reality are labeling those who do not.

    My best, Ken

  235. Tempus Mutantis says:

    The psychiatrists and psycologists are an extremely active part of the propaganda and mind-conditioning of the dawning fascist-state, and willing lackeys of the medical ( read :poison)-industry There is NO reason to believe that those persons should be taken serious as healers or doctors; no-one has EVER been cured by any of them,there is NO scientific evidens of their methods and theories as there are at least 8 “important” so-called psychologicaL “SCHOOLS” (THEORIES) THAT ALL DIFFER WITH EACH OTHER ON BASIC, fundamental issues and fight each other like pre-teens.They are the “would-be magical,hypnotising, all-knowing ubermenschen who has nothing but an ironic attitude to anything you say “, to hide behind, they are all a bit crazy; proved by their UN-NATURAL urge to deal with other persons thinking , being and doing-; they will very soon be completely irrelevant and unveiled as stupid, narrow-minded,intellectual LAZY , corrupt, ponerologists who LOVE THEIR LITTLE POWER, go away you perverts. They are the peoble who studies MANs subconcious for “weak spots”that can be used to hypnotize peoble, in order to sell their knowledge to the advertising bureaus- – and the militarys torturers and propagandists.

  236. ChrisB says:

    I am gobsmacked at your terrible treatment. I hope you get a good lawyer and sue the living daylights out of the shrink.

  237. Jake Maverick says:

    New word on me, pronoia, decribes what the people on the rest of this planet seem to be suffering from….

    Story here


  238. Jake Maverick says:

    Lawyers have no interest in taking on these type of cases. It’s not really a civil matter anyway, it’s criminal- these yobos need to be prosecuted reagrdless of hair colour, eye colour, gender or who their employer happens to be and regardless of their ‘alleged’ belief systems.

    In the wider context it is war. It just boils down to what are you prepared to do.

  239. James says:

    Hi Clare, firstly I am disgusted to hear what happened to you and ropeable! I was not even aware of the SIS. I was aware that this sort of thing went on in the U.S but not here in NZ. I believe everything you said and can’t help but think that people like “commonsense” are not just oxygen thieves but could well be on this website on the orders of other people. if the SIS ever follow me they will get a hail of rocks or whatever heavy object I can find! I admire your courage for putting your reputation on the line like this and wish you had a good cause of action but it seems the evil powers that be have a good foothold even in Nz. This is evidenced in the media’s lack of coverage of these issues and our governments sucking up to the bush administration. The random senseless attacks on you are always abusive and are never backed by fact, just a staggering arrogance, gullibility and blind faith in the main stream media which is controlled in my opinion by the very people who perpetrated 9/11 this to me is the genesis of the whole issue, people do not seem to fathom this fact. Keep it up and I will be spreading the details of your disgracefull “imprisonment” far and wide.

  240. Jake Maverick says:

    This goes way back, before the 911 thing. It’s just the one symptom in a long line of false flags and manipulation.It’s actually in PTBs interest to let this ‘truth movement’ continue. As if the activists campaigning for a ‘re-investigation’ (investigation rather) weren’t doing that they wd be campaigning against far worse attrocities, like the mass murder of millions in Afghanistan and Iraq, torturing people (like Clare and myself and many many others, we’ve all heard the ‘rumours’) mass fingerprinting of children, DNA database and the rest of this fascist state that the planet has become…

    So it all boils down to what are you prepared to do…for the sake of yourself, your children and your fellow man…

  241. There ar none more delusional than those who state that Britain is a ‘Democracy’. Apart from which, if a person is happy with their delusion, why not leave them with it? Re. Suicidal: c1962 Lord Chancellor Kildangan(?) said, “If a person wishes to take their own life, it is no part of the duty of The State to prevent them, much less punish them if the fail in the attempt”. Persuaded by this argument, in due course the British Parliament decided, “The law by which it is an offence to try to commit suicide is hereby abrogated”. Yet the (supposedly) ‘civilized’ world locks people up in madhouses on the PRETENCE that they are ‘suicidal’. Even if they are, so what? – bearing in mind that the human popluation explosion is one of the greatest threats to the planet.

  242. Jake Maverick says:

    Perversely, I guess that’s why they need to release some kind of flu virus again, in order to instigate a mass population cull…

    Oil runs out in a few years…money= power= oil, it’s the ‘foundation rock’ that holds current society together…so when that collapses those with the power are going to try to hang on to it with yet more violence…we’ve only seen the opneing salvo over last ten years or so! All societies are going to descend into some form or communism/ socialism with yet greater ‘authoritarianism’ in order to keep control…of whoever is left alive!

  243. Jake Maverick says:

    And glad to see you still abt Norman!

  244. Anybody struggling should also check this site, too late for me…might be of some help if you still in early stages!


  245. I am sorry you were forced to endure such ignorant treatment. I totally understand your frustration in dealing with this type of people – you should have seen when I mentioned the term “chemtrails” to a psychiatrist! He had never heard of them. When I said “Surely you must have heard about them, there are videos and articles about them all over the internet!”, he looked like he had “struck gold” and began to write furiously, then asked me if I would “describe chemtrails”. Which I did. And then I recommended that he go to his computer and google the term to see for himself.

    I found out later that he had written in his report that I am “paranoid” and “delusional”, when I am nothing of the sort. I have merely done my homework. And I happen to look up at the sky now and then to see what is going on up there, as do many other thousands of people who have eyes to see and brains to think with.

    People like this, have allowed themselves to become so closed-minded that they can no longer comprehend nor think on their own. They have no original thoughts, nor are they capable of seeing or hearing anything that does not fit in with their pre-programmed conception of their surroundings and social conformity.

    I can only feel sorry for them, because they are pathetic in their ignorance.

    May God accompany you on your journey towards the truth and protect you from any evil directed towards you.

  246. Clare Swinney says:

    Thank-you for those most thoughtful comments.
    Perhaps some are labelling the wrong people as delusional and psychotic because it is their means of dealing with their own fears. They force medicate people into silence in order to avoid having to face the ugly truth about the world around them.

    Alex Jones’ and Michael Murphy’s upcoming films will wake people like that up about chemtrails, I’m sure.

  247. Clare Swinney says:

    Thanks Jake. It is worrying isn’t it. A few days ago access to locally madeYouTubes was not as usual. There was an error message.

  248. Clare Swinney says:

    I want to share this thoughtful message with others:
    Dear Clare,
    … I do not need to read the detail, as I am only too well aware of the gross misuse of psychiatry. If you have not already got one, I suggest you obtain a copy of the book ‘RUSSIA’S POLITICAL HOSPITALS: The Abuse of Psychiatry in the Soviet Union’, by Professor Sidney Bloch & Peter Reddaway. It is available on Amazon. Written 30 years ago at the height of the Cold War, you will find that every other paragraph reflects what is happening today (in Britain, whatever about New Zealand). Prof. Bloch is currently at Melbourne University, but my attempts to contact him have brought no response.
    However, I write mainly to comment on ‘Delusions’ & an aspect of them which is ignored by those who delight in locking people away. Incarceration is, sadly, necessary for those who are a danger to others. It is also used as a punishment for crime (though much cheaper, and better ways could be used).
    But delusions? If people are happy with their delusions, so what? Millions of people have the delusion that Britain is a Democracy, with Human Rights, & the Rule of Law. Millions more have the ‘delusion’ that a man rose from the dead, & will take us all to Heaven when we die – if we have been ‘good’. Many go hysterical about football. Some, like you & me, have ‘delusions’ that the official story of 9/11 may not be true. If delusions were a good reason for incarceration, then half the population of the world would be locked away. If our ‘delusions’ keep us happy, why not leave us with them?
    One final point: People are often locked away because they are, rightly or wrongly, considered to be ‘a danger to to themselves or to others’. If to others, yes, there may be no alternative. But a danger to themselves? Until 1962(?) it was an offence in Britain to attempt to commit suicide, & many were imprisoned for it. There was big debate about whether this should be so. In Parliament, Lord Chancellor Kildangan (I think) said “If a person wishes to take his own life, it is no part of the duty of The State to prevent him, much less punish him if he fails in the attempt”. That argument prevailed, & the law by which it was an offence to attempt suicide was abrogated. And yet some shrink states that a person may be suicidal, & the person is now punished by being locked up in a Nuthouse, & pumped full of drugs by force! I am half serious in saying, considering that the human ‘population explosion’ is exacerbating all the ills of the world, the person who takes his/her own life is doing good for the planet. Why try to stop them by locking them up?
    Keep strong Clare.
    Norman Scarth (Bradford, West Yorkshire).

  249. Here’s another doc RE: what western powers or doing to political prisoners, u will never hear about that on MSM of course!

    Click to access US_Political_Prisoners_Joint_Report_USA.pdf

    Also RE Raoul Moat

    another TI pushed so far his only option left to fight back? Surprised media today reporting his fan club….do you think I’ll get one of them when i go? Always did think i would be one of those people not appreciated until after my death….

    Stranger still ITV news today, turns out he had decked out his own house with cameras to record his own movements, so they couldn’t pin anything on him. Forever being harassed by poo lice. Always wearing a microphone to record conversations/ trying to get evidence on them FOR YEARS.

    I wd be doing that if I had the means. In a lot of the gangstalking/ TI threads cameras often come up as an option. But a bit pointless as TIs rarely have the means and even if u do get evidence on them u can go to jail for filming a non-physical entity + they wd just destroy it if u got anything really juicy….e.g. Jean Charles assassination…..

    The only major difference between me and him seems to be that they did him in an official prison…cnt condone it for legal reasons, but sounds like even his bird knew just how to provoke him….i know, if u r not a TI u just dont get it…..but his ending is probably the best I can hope for!

  250. People who do actually believe that they have some kind of special power to see inside people’s heads and see things that other people can’t see are, quite obviously, DELUSIONAL!

    Trouble with the Scarth is he was a part of ‘that system’ for way too long and he obviously still has a large part of that belief system. Thta’s the trouble with societal programming, very difficult to break and when you start doing that you become an enemy of that system…

  251. john cameron says:

    Dear friends,
    Did you know that literally hundreds of respected government officials, professors, and 9/11 survivors and family members have stated there was a major cover-up around 9/11? Did you know that over 1,000 architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation into the collapse of the buildings on 9/11? And did you know about the media articles? The below excerpts from eye-opening news articles published on highly respected major media websites raise serious questions about what those in key positions in the U.S. government really knew about 9/11 and who was behind the attacks.
    Though this information may be disturbing to read, consider that the more well informed we are, the more effectively we can work together to build a brighter future. By reviewing these articles, verifying them using the links provided, and then spreading the word, you can make a significant difference in helping to make our world a better place to live for all of us. And don’t miss the “What you can do” box at the end which provides excellent links to further educate yourself and to spread the word. Thanks for caring, and have a good day.
    With best wishes,
    Fred Burks for PEERS and the WantToKnow.info Team
    [9/11] Hijack ‘suspects’ alive and well 2001-09-23, BBC News
    A New Look at the 9/11 Commission 2009-09-11, Time magazine
    U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba 2001-05-01, ABC News
    CNN Asks Why Government is Lying about 9/11 2006-08-09, CNN News
    Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman? 2005-01-11, Los Angeles Times
    9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply 2006-09-08, MSNBC/Washington Post
    Connections And Then Some 2003-03-14, Washington Post
    9/11 third tower mystery ‘solved’ 2008-07-04, BBC News
    Tenet told 9/11 panel that he warned Rice of Al Qaeda 2006-10-03, Boston Globe/Washington Post
    Why I Resigned From the CIA 2004-12-05, Los Angeles Times
    The 9/11 Secret in the CIA’s Back Pocket 2004-10-19, Los Angeles Times
    Transcript: Rice’s Testimony on 9/11 (for 9/11 Commissioner Lehman) 2004-04-08, Washington Post
    Experts Urging Broader Inquiry In Towers’ Fall 2001-12-25, New York Times

  252. Bobsy says:

    I’ve also been abused by the mental health system-good on you Clare for your political dissidence. I actually was pretty unwell when treated-it happened shortly after whistleblowing on a bully at work, and initial disclosure of childhood abuse, which they said was not reality. They sent me back to live in an unhealthy situation with the family member who abused me years earlier, despite warnings from me that this was an unsafe place for me to live. They didn’t believe me when I said we’d had to ring the police on violent neighbours upstairs-2 witnesses to this, the woman the police tried to help also threatened to kill my flatmate-yet again-not believed. Then next door to us some dodgy people moved in-went on a rampage down the street smashing car windows-delusion again. And the following new neighbour bashed his pregnant girlfriend whilst turning up the music loud. I saw with my own 2 eyes the police taking him away for breach of probation-a community worker I dealt with, when I told him all this, took me to Psych Emergency, doctor drugged me up on Seroquel, and said “take 600mg”. When I said no he said, more forcefully “600mg” and yet again, a no from me with the same reply. Whilst I have had major problems, they are all related to actual trauma that I have really experienced. But psychiatry made life worse by drugging me up, initially on Risperdal-25kg weight gain, Type 2 Diabetes, virtually mute for 6-7 years. Then started the antidepressants-Citalopram(suicidal feelings), Aropax(very low mood), Prozac, poor sexual functioning. I am on Seroquel now, still feel like crap a lot. I’ve just stopped drinking Diet Coke-it IS A POISON. The withdrawals have been horrendous. And interestingly, they sell it outside Psych wards around the country!!! PSYCHIATRY has denied my sexual abuse, pathologised my normal reaction to the actual pathology of the event, and acted under false pretences that I was being subjected to voluntary treatment-it’s voluntary as long as you’re a “model” patient, believe me, rock the boat and you see another side to it. Did you know that Petra Kelly, the German peace activist, became psychotic and was driven to suicide because she actually was subjected to repeated harassment by the secret service, police and no doubt the CIA and or MI5. These organizations use mind control and the dark arts to break dissidents and try and make them more mentally ill and/or submissive, just look at the “training” manuals used at the School of The Americas, so they have a vested interest in driving dissidents mad, hence some dissidents ending up in mental institutions. Whistleblowers often lose their job, get smeared, and suffer from PTSD for their honesty, take a look at the Australian authored book “Bullying:From Backyard To Boardroom”, see what psychiatric symptoms victims of bullying end up with, then, ironically, they get bullied in the hospitals as well, in order to make them more “well”

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Thank-you for your thoughtful comment Bobsy. I am very sorry to learn of what happened to you and that your health suffered significantly as a consequence. Risperidone’s side effects are not taken into consideration sufficiently and what on earth are they doing selling aspartame drinks (diet drinks with 951)? It seems that once you break through the thin veneer of the psychiatrists’ roles, you find a system designed to drug people with dangerous, addictive drugs, which they wrongly deem safe and non-addictive. It is a front for the pharmaceutical industry.
      Listen to Dr Grace Jackson’s talks if you haven’t already. She speaks out against the system and the drugs – and she IS a psychiatrist.

  253. Jake MAverick says:


    your story sounds very similar to mine….getting locked up and tortured under ‘Mental Prime Directive’ is very of ten the last part of it…..you come across term TI?

    Couple of sites i like to keep a regular eye on


    and especially


    i’ve been looking for years to try and find a way out, there is none….all i can do is defend myself when they come for me again! Wish i could help


  254. William says:

    I applaud you for your bravery and ability to hold your sanity in such dire circumstances, not many people would have the background to understand what you do or to know the laws which so many in places of power either do not understand, misunderstand, or just ignore complacently.

    Your struggle is the struggle of many even though we are made to be a minority; (although this may be true to some extent in some places), It is only with continued dedication by individuals like yourself as well as others, that the truth may be exposed for what it is, so that positive change can occur.

    As of this posting We in the United States are voting our Mid-Term Elections today, and hopefully enough people have awoken through either irritation or being informed by alternative sources and media like yourself, Alex Jones, Gary Franchi and so many others that have been fighting this battle of wills and minds for many a year. That we will see a hopeful paradigm shift in ideology with the newly elected leaders and officials.

    As for Americans, those of us who do see that we have been and are being lied to, that some of our leaders are even openly mocking us, that the crimes and unjust actions towards other countries and peoples are being placed upon the Citizens of these United States, by our very own leaders.

    Is a cause for serious anger and our redress of grievances have been mostly ignored by those that are supposed to be subject to our will as a people as our Public Servants.

    It is a situation that causes many of us madness in the analogical sense, and perhaps fear, too.

    We hope that for our future and those futures of our World neighbors, that we can facilitate change in a manner conducive to freedom for all, and the removal of such powers that assume dictatorial, fascist, and marxist style methods to destroy what cannot be formally destroyed; a persons individual and inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and Eminent Domain.

    For by denying the importance of Property, we devalue Liberty, and Life itself.
    By denying Liberty, Life has very little meaning, and our Life is where our Rights begin, and all these must be guarded jealously if we are to physically keep what was given to us beyond the rule and law of Man.

    So thank you for your continued fight for justice, even in such a great Country as New Zealand, for without friends and Good and Decent Persons in this World our days would be very bleak indeed.

    Kenja No Sekkyoudan

    If you want to access my blog you are invited to send me an email so I may add you to my readers list.

  255. Scott says:

    I know you’re very busy, but please try to watch my 19-minute video on gang stalking & 9/11 truth, an pass it on to anyone who may be interested in it:

    Keep up the great work!!!


  256. Paul Taylor says:

    Hi Claire

    well done for your work on behalf of 9/11 truth

    As you probably know a New Zealander in London Richmal Oakes-Whitehead was murdered for not agreeing to alter her testimony

    blatant murder dressed up as DVT

    35 years old. The New Zealand Herald did some dirty hit pieces on her

    some names to mention include Derek Cheng and Ian Lambie both helped with the character assassination

    my youtube is thisisyourwakeup

    lets all keep going to expose the 9/11 and 7/7 government terror attacks

  257. Crazy8s says:

    I was a victim of human trafficking 5 years ago at the hands of a Canadian drug lord. I was forced to live in my own filth and I was worked like a slave: not to mention completely controlled. I was a 21 year old white male from a small town in the suburbs of my small town. I had a normal job, normal life, lots of friends. The only thing I ever did was smoke pot and drink at parties with my friends. Well believe it or not I got a call out of no where from a British man who asked me to work for him. I accepted and he summoned me to Vancouver, where He forced me to work for him. I was forced to live in filth and I could only take one shower a month, and I was drugged constantly. I manged to escape by just running away one day.

    Black unmarked helicopters started following me at a distance. I have friends who saw them as well, so I know I am not crazy. Also people in plane clothes kept getting close to me when I would hide out in Allies trying to sort through what had just happened to me. I live in a small town that is deserted at night so this is extremely unlikely.

    I made it back home and tried to tell the police what I knew, but they wouldn’t listen. Months later I recognized what the men I had been working for had been doing on CNN and MSNBC. I contacted the FBI and a number of other agencies. The only people who would listen were the military, and they sent 5 spooks in black suites from the Air Force Base to interview me for 3 hours. After they were finished they let me go, much to my suprise.

    Later that night I ended up in the hospital because I was going to kill myself, because of what the Spooks had told me. I Quote “It’s to late for that” “You could go to jail for life” and “The military hangs people for that”. I am not going to tell you what the freaks in Canada were up to for many reasons, but it was horrible. I felt like my brain was on fire and the weight of the world was on my shoulders. They admitted me to the psychiatric unit, where they gave me some sleeping medication. I hadn’t been able to sleep for more then a few minutes at a time for the past 6 months. I passed out from the pills only for a few minutes as pure fear of being captured or killed woke me up, as it had for months.

    I stumbled to the common are where things went weird, it was deserted and suddenly a strange blonde woman came out of here room and sat across from me. I was fading in and out as I sat in my chair, like a drugged hero in an action movie. She kept saying random words that stressed me out, like international criminal, terrorist, etc. Finaly I asked here why she was saying those horrible things and she replied ” This is a federal investigation” “I work for the State of ******”.

    I tried to escape, the blonde followed me along with an African American man as I crawled down the hall and tried to open the security door. I passed out next to a wall, I got up suddenly and ran to the nurses station where I demanded to use the phone, because no one knew where I was. The nurse refused to let me, so I took a marker from her desk and started writing my name and the message that the federal government was going to kill me on the wall. This might seem crazy but if you think about it, it makes sense to leave evidence that you were there so no one could just take you.

    The next day a man in a suite served me with papers to be probated to the hospital, meaning I had been comitted by court order. I had not even seen a doctor yet so I find that strange. The same day five “patients” were comitted to the ward. They all had MBA’s had never done drugs, and all had different professions. They were federal agents trying to act like patients. They kept trying to engage me in conversations about things that no one else would know about, like candadian pills, human trafficking, etc..When I would have visitors they would fan out across the ward so they could listen to our conversation. They would set and have breakfast dinner and lunch with me. Once one of them was setting across from me and I was writing in a note book verticly so they couldn’t see. I wrote the phrase “Grapes Make my Throat Burn” the woman who should have no idea what I wrote because she could not see it said “So Eat Some Grapes”.

    I was held in this ward against my will for 26 days, and when I was finaly release. Everyone one of the 5 patience was release only a minutes after me. I know because I signed up as another patience guest, so I could come back into the ward to bring him soda. A little counter survaiance proved that I was correct, they were all gone even the woman.

    I know this all sounds weird but I swear to god that it is the truth. It’s been 5 years and when I investigated all of the names that I had given the police, well they are no longer among the living. They all died strange deaths, including Heart Failure, Seizure, Car Accident, Shot in the face during burglary, and two went to prison for life etc…All of these people ARE dead and they all died within 1 year of my return home.

    As for stories of men in black suites stalking you, it doesn’t happen like that. Real federal agents where plain clothes, speak well, are educated and you most likely will only ever meet them once. They have a stark cold creepy personality, that lacks signs of humanity. They are like robots, they are far different from soldiers or police officers, they remind me of a colder version of Agent Smith from the Matrix.

    If you want to know how the world works and what is truely going on, watch the national news, than look for the stories that go away quickly. The stories that are only one line stories or stories that concern national security are only aired for a few seconds. Keep a mental note of those, and soon a real picture will develop and you will see the real truth. Learn how Federal Agencies operate, such as there specific function, how the recruit etc. and you will be able to spot a cover up a mile away.

  258. Paul Taylor says:

    thanks for all your hard work on this issue. Such a pity that New Zealand a country I like very much should have John Key in charge. A Zionist ex Wall street banker no less. No wonder he wanted to hush up the Israeli espionage issue

    i have done a lot of work on these issues so please take a look at my channel. They target people like us. They have a lot of resources and to give them credit they are very clever

    stay sane and watch your back,



  260. Filippo says:

    Mind control is reality !
    I am a victim of electronic harassement at least since 2000
    If I posted all what happened to me only in the last two years, I probably would fill up your site
    So believe me: I am honest victim who would never lie
    I say just one detail for your understanding: some months ago I was making a movie to some planes flying above the roofs of the neighbourhood houses nearby which I live.
    Well, in the middle of this filming action, they shut off my camera: I mean my camera suddenly shut off itself, without any rational for that.
    I lost that moment, but then just resumed making the video, adding a comment about what was done.
    No other cause could have determined that: the battery was full, had alot of memory left and the camera perfect, and had never failed in the past, nor did after that event.
    And besides, I could give you dozens and dozens of these examples of electronic harassement
    You can’t simply state all those are coincidence !
    You have to explain.
    We all know that some well advanced technology do exist
    I personally saw about 40 of so called UFOs,which I believe are very advanced military aircrafts and not just alien space ships.
    Unfortunately I had no camera with myself ( my cell is a poor one from 2007, and tha “UFOs”” event occurred in 2010, in mid summer, in the skies of the central europe city where I live, and which has — just a detail — a military academy very next to the city center.
    I was carrying glass wastes for disposal where I could find the proper green bell-shaped containers, and just after a bend of the street just behind the corner of a house I spotted in the distance some pale yellow round globes.
    They were flying with not much speed, and they were quite low in height; I folloewd their path with my sight after having made my distance to them shorter, and I spent more than ten minutes counting them.
    They were coming up in waves of units, and I calculated thair apparent direction was from the sunset to the opposite direction, so roughly east, that is from Germany to Poland / Russia.
    It was about 22:00 of June 25th, 2010.

  261. Filippo says:

    Just adding a thing: the planes that I have taken with my camera were spreading the so called chem-trails at a height of some hundreds meters above the roofs nearby I live.

  262. Jake Maverick says:

    but @ Natasha….I’m still getting same thing here, I’m UK….from what you said I suspect you are mainland Europe? have heard of that similar ‘procedure’ in andd around Spain…..but here they just attack and abduct…..my link is on this page soemwhere….

  263. Jake Maverick says:

    i forgot…these sites dnt like pointy brackets!

    also just mentioned that the last few comments only just showed in my inox, implying they’re being filtered/ held back by an extrenal source….

  264. dr richard welser says:

    Why all of this activity now?

  265. stay positive says:

    i was held in a psychward for two weeks.. because i meditated opened my third eye chakra.. sun gazed and began talking to my mother to help her with her “low negative energy .. lol sounds crazy but its true and it was easy so anyways i opened it was able to see auras and what not was talking to my mother trying to cast her demons out in the name of jesus christ she started crying i said ill stop she then called the cops had me taken away .. i demanded a lawyer and keep in mind they are manipulaters in the EMS/Psyche wards who know what they are doing they fuck with peoples heads with Evil Energy.. sound crazy? yeah because people dont realize we are energy beings… are bodies were made perfectly i would love to sue this hospital but im sure the Psychiatrist who labeled me as schizophrenic for No real reason would win also said i was delusional thinking because i said as a spirit before we were born we chose are own lives? lol like i read that somewhere and its automatically delusional thinkings what honestly is delusional thinking is alll the workers and psychiatrists thinking they can label someone something and even treat them the way they do IS RIGHT.

  266. dttv info says:

    For over 20 years an organization in ohio has been researching and using an imaging and tracking radar system that can send and detect sound and other frequencies. the operators of this system can talk to someone without other people hearing and they can hear any response. it can tell each person apart and remembers them. it was being used before haarp or gwen were finished. This technology has been kept secret from the public, only a small group of people, including police and doctors knew about it. it has grown. as of 2012 nearly all police, firefighters and medical professionals in columbus, ohio are aware of it. a network of professionals, business owners and most cops in the rest of the state along with atleast part indiana are also aware. some doctors and nurses are in fear for their own safety and that of their families while the police and mental health professionals seem to have been advanced to their position because of their willingness to work with this organization. please read dttv.info. china was one of three visits to this site on the first day. the other two were from arizona. the first day of posting someone in china typed dttv.info into their computer. who told china? in the first 7 days there were visits from from 10 countries. all typed in. after 39 days, 35 countries. most of them non english speaking countries. all concerned about whats happening in columbus, ohio.

    china – israel – luxembourg- republic of korea – germany – russian federation – austria – romania – ukraine – georgia – japan – united arab emirates – slovenia – slovakia – ethiopia – el salvador – portugal – sweden – phillipines – new zealand – latvia – switzerland – france – netherlands – austrailia – india – hong kong – united states – equador – canada – united kingdom – panama – jamaica – malaysia – norway

    as of 1/15 there has also been one visit from italy, poland, and the republic of moldova.

  267. I was imprisoned for 4 weeks for compulsory assessment, and was reported to be delusional. Judge Broadmore of Wellington later found that I was not delusional and also found that that I was fit to stand trial. The judge that ordered the compulsory assessment twice admitted to committing fraud. The original incident was in September and the court case is still pending.

  268. John Allman says:

    Thank you, Jake Maverick, for kindly drawing my attention again to this, earlier today. I was very glad to be reminded of this case, which I read about when it was fresh news.

    Care Swinney, where can I obtain a full copy of the judgment of Judge T H Druce of 14th June 2006? The link early on this page appears only to be to a JPG image of the first page of that judgment, including only the numbered paragraphs 1 and 2.

    John Allman
    +44 7769 218187

  269. Jake Maverick says:

    is this site still taking comments?

  270. Jake Maverick says:

    ah, sstill pre-approved….twas a reason i asked…bit concerned abt Clare….anybody in constant touch with her?

    • Clare Swinney says:

      Hi Jake, Thank-you for your comments. I have not worked on this website for a few months. I am fine, thank-you. I hope all is well with you.

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  279. Gavin W says:

    Have you seen Simon Kaiwai’s website? He suffered a similar fate to yourself for different reasons. His ‘insanity’ was to ask his power company for a True Bill that complied fully with the Bills of Exchange Act 1908.

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  282. Ian Todd says:

    Scary to think that things like this are happening here in NZ. Glad you’re ok Clare. Keep up the good work, but look after yourself too.

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  284. Andrew says:

    She is extremely delusional, however if we locked up everyone who didn’t believe the small giveaway line by Bin Laden – “we did it” then 10 % of the population would be in a mental institution.

    Andrew P

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  287. Someone Else says:

    I, too, have a story of being drugged up for thinking 9.11.2001 was disgusting, although it occurred in 12.2001, so conspiracy theories weren’t something I’d even considered at that point. It’s a long story. I’ve since picked up all my medical records and read them, and researched into the psycho / pharmacutical industries, so I could actually understand my insane dealings with the psychiatric profession. What I’ve found is even more “unfathomable,” in scope, than the appalling maltreatment of you, or me. No offense intended, but it’s about greed inspired crimes against millions of children.

    You may already be aware of this, but if not, someone disgusted by psychiatric industry abuse may find this interesting, please read all 7 or so pages:


    Basically, what this says is that US psychiatrists have iatrogenically turned over a million American children into bipolar patients with their ADHD drugs and antidepressants. Robert Whitaker’s books “Mad in America” and “Anatomy of an Epidemic” nicely explain historically how this all happened, too. And given this evidence on the long run harm of antipsychotic treatments:


    It basically means these children will all end up with atrophy of the brain exactly as seen in long run medicated schizophrenics. The psychiatric industries drugs cause the illnesses they’ve documented in their DSM, of couse! The magnitude of their crimes against humanity are mind blowing, though.

    As to your forced treatment, here’s a statement from the United Nations:


    I’m sorry for the inappropriate treatment that was forced upon you. No one should ever be forced to take psychiatric meds.

    • Thank-you for your informative comment.

      There are a number of good documentaries by the CCHR on the unnecessary drugging of millions of unwitting people. ‘Making A Killing’ is a good one. From memory, Robert Whitaker appears in it.

      It is not all bad. Thankfully, the latest DSM is so over-the-top with new categories to put people into that psychiatry has been rather exposed as a hoax ‘science,’ working for the benefit of Big pharma and greedy, and unscrupulous psychiatrists.

  288. giselle wilding says:

    I too was incarcerated, made to go cold turkey off five years of Efexor and drugged with risperidone after finding a Supreme Court Case that I would have destroyed. My own lawyer, John O’Brien of Whitehorse Lawyers Box Hill Melbourne was bribed to do this as I could has cost he perp millions. My own mother and sister were used to lie to the quacks and make up stories that I took sample and went manic on Efexor the FOIs are showing. The perp tried to keep me drugged also as I am a Sept 11 truther. I have no delusional mood disorder or I could have received a large payout. My lawyer had taken $130,000 from me and then took the other side and tried to get me on the drugs for five years and jailed for yelling at my rapist and assailant.I cannot recover from what was done to me and I allege vision damage from drugs I never needed and the horrific withdrawal.

  289. Paul Taylor says:

    I am going to email he hospital this charlatan is working for , informing them that he is engaged in politically motivated harassment of patients. I suppose nothing will be done but we can try . I suggest you do the same.

    • Paul Taylor says:

      i emailed and left my contact number etc and the hospital ignored my input. I believe this man is guilty of abusing his position and as such is unfit to work in his profession

  290. Knut Holt says:

    Show solidarity with rjose abysed by the pstchiatry this way: Do not use the services of the psychiatrists. Do not relate to a psychiatrist in any way, personally, socially or commercially.

  291. JM says:

    um, campaign of civil disobedience?
    i advocate the same, still do against all g-men until they’re held accountable for all the crimes they commit in exactly the same way as anybody else is. i also advocate right to self defence when they get violent as they always do!
    apparently that’s a mental illness….been TI 13 years + now, and things just recently got really violent again….smashed teeth, smashed computer smashed door….and more threats, still no accusation or anything.

    Clare how are you these days? any repeat or are they leaving you alone now?

  292. PurpleTantrum says:

    Your placement in the psych hospital demonstrates one side of the double edged sword of mental health policies. The US became fiercly pro patient rights due to unfair hospitalizations and patient information shared with unauthorized family members. You might be thinking this sounds like great news, considering your experience. Yet, the pro patient policies have created a system that often expects a very ill, often psychotic or irrational person to CHOOSE to be AWARE of their state or condition AND seek treatment. The problem with that is: when those who desperately need treatment are asked to make these decisions, it requires rational thinking. Someone in crisis with psychosis from schitzophrenia or bipolar, or someone who is emotionally exhausted and distraught from major depression or Borderline Personality Disorder has trouble realizing they aren’t in reality, or that they can’t think rationally. The mentally ill are usually the last to accept that they’re in their illness.

    So imagine trying to get help for a loved one who can’t be forcefully hospitalized unless they are clearly a danger to themselves or another. You are left with practically waiting for them to confess to a policeman that they intend to kill themselves or someone else. Good luck with that when you’re desperate for help. I’ve had an uncle laugh maniacally in his room all night long, while speaking in tongues with his eyes rolling back in his head. And when I asked him if he’d like food, because all I’d seen him eat for 3 days were popcicles, he screamed NO in my face. Then he dumped a pile of wet newspapers in my hands and demanded that I file them according to the Dewie Decimal System. He passed me in the yard the next day and jammed a shovel into the ground, and said with mock cheer, I’ve got work to do today. My uncle didn’t bathe or take his medication. He barely ate or slept. This is serious schitzophenia. No matter how bad the side effects of antipsychotics, they don’t compare to the brain damage done without meds. People should research that.

    People also need to research what it’s like to be in a psych hospital when you really are sick, when you really do rely on meds. I’m bipolar 1. I know all about it. I take Resperdol. It’s also for bipolar. The fun part of being mentally ill is you can’t always advocate properly for yourself when you are sick enough to need a hospital. I had a psychiatrist laugh in my face when I was distraught about meds. He thought my suffering was funny. So who advocates for the mentally ill? Not very many people. It’s still socially acceptable to ostracise us and make fun of us-never mind not give us a job.

    I think it’s horendous that you were kept in a psych ward when you didn’t belong there. But please, for a moment, consider what it would have been like for you and for your family if you did need to be there.

  293. Wez G says:

    I was locked up as ‘suicidal’ in Wanganui mental hospital after I emigrated to NZ in 2005. The only evidence they had was that I was reading ‘Death In The Afternoon’, Ernest Hemingway’s book on bullfighting in Spain. They said that because the book had ‘Death’ in the title I was suicidal. The judge agreed with psychiatrist and kept me incarcerated at my court appeal. After several months I was discharged to a homeless hostel, having lost my new job and my new home. My family out there disowned me too. I was to be held under a perpetual community treatment order whereby I would be injected in the NZ community by a nurse every week for the rest of my life. Suffice it to say I didn’t value New Zealand’s attitude to freedom and felt it was the most oppressed society I have ever visited. I am a NZ national via my mother’s birth. In the end I fled the country and escaped back to the UK via Auckland airport. I have written to senior NZ politicians about the possibility of ever returning but know that I will be immediately locked up for breaching the mental health act there. It’s great to watch the All Blacks from a distance and NZ lamb is tasty but human rights there is atrocious and even though the UK has its own share of oppression, NZ needs to awaken to democratic values and freedom.

  294. Rüdiger Müller says:

    really, this sounds like a concentrationcamp. http://www.meesdorf.de

  295. Pingback: Quora

  296. Dublinsmick says:

    This is the first time I have run into your story and it is shocking.

  297. NWLinda says:

    Clare, I’m so sorry this happened to you.
    However, because you are a journalist, maybe your experience was for a good reason: to be able to tell the world your story, to make thousands of people more aware of the fraudulent activity of psychiatrists.
    Here in the United States, the American Psychiatric Association for decades has been disparaging mental health care that really does work. It’s called “orthomolecular medicine,” and has been around for well over half a century. The “problem” with it is that it only brings in pennies compared to the drugs + talk therapy approach.
    I hope the shrinks are leaving you alone now and that you will keep writing about this important subject.
    Linda Van Zandt, M.Ed., author of The Secrets to Real Mental Health

  298. The purpose of the psychiatry in most modern countries is to control people that might be a threat to the power structure and the profit of those in power. When dealing with this establishment, it is always wise to consider this fact.

  299. JM says:

    it gets damnsite worse than that. there are also worse case than mines, but prisoner for over 15 years now….no legal way out.

  300. JM says:

    some battles have to be fought, regardless of the probable outcome.

    and no reasonable person would even suspect that they go to the extremes that they do….we must be talking about 10 of millions of pounds to torture me these past 15-6 years…then there’s the opportunity cost…i.e. the 100s millions lost in tax revenue by me not having my life….obviously only the richest countries can afford to do this and they can only do that by destroying the poor, not only this country but africa as well and the rest….it really is beyond comprehension.

  301. JM says:

    something gone very wrong with comments here….those last few were replies to other people’s comments but they all showed up at the bottom like that…..can’t even see what Ta’Raille Chesney said….but it did come around on email? he’s in a dreadful state…

  302. Tanya says:

    Unfortunately I am not surprised. I have seen some of what goes on in a mental health ward when a loved one was in there. I am so glad you are speaking out about it. Most people have no idea what goes on, and how ignorant, arrogant and obnoxious these doctors can be.

    I took print outs of studies and books etc to show the psych…and it was exactly the same…she couldn’t even bring herself to look at them. I guess they don’t want their illusions (and years of training) destroyed. Too bad if they are severely harming people in the process. They just don’t care. It makes you wonder just who are the mentally ill ones.

    I met a nurse many years ago and she used to work in mental health. She ended up leaving because she said the doctors and nurses were worse than the patients. I know whenever I visited the ward you certainly couldn’t tell who was a patient and who worked there. Well actually once you visited a few times, you realised that most of the patients were really lovely people and a joy to talk to… and the staff were usually rude and hostile. Not all, but many of them. They even ignored the paramedics who had brought in a patient from another hospital. It took them quite a few minutes to get someone to turn around and acknowledge them.

    I have so many stories, as my loved one was in for much longer than you. No one would believe what goes on in there if they don’t witness it for themselves.

    I found it interesting when you said which hospital you were in, I’m pretty sure my dad worked there at the time. It may explain why he too thinks “conspiracy theorists” are mentally ill. Not to mention that your treatment disproves his belief that mental health patients are treated well in NZ. It sounds just as bad as it is in Australia, as well as much of the world from what I have read. I’m very glad you were “only” in for 11 days.

    • Thank-you for taking the time to share your observations, Tanya. I think you are right. No one would believe how dysfunctional it is unless they witness what goes on in there for themselves.

    • JM says:

      it’s not just this….it’s part of a much wider program. I’ve been
      targeted for over twenty years now, random attacks in the street…..
      and so much more which you can’t even talk about as it is inviting
      them to label you as mentally ill and do this all over again….my
      biggest problem still is no papers though, in my own country/ the
      cuntry i was born in……so no home, job or even access to a bank
      account. makes living impossible…..I’m effectively being held
      prisoner by pedophiles as their slave…for 12 1/2 years now!

  303. JM says:

    i think it’s more a case of them working for the so called intelligence agencies, another arm of really….

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