Mobile Van Takes Covid Vax To Homes and Work Places in Far North of New Zealand

On September 3rd, Radio New Zealand reported that a mobile vaccine clinic, using a Kaikohe-based health provider, Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi and St John Ambulance, is involved in going to people’s homes in the Far North to administer the covid-19 jab to make sure “no one misses out.”

Photo: RNZ

The van, which is targeting Maori and Pacific Islanders, is also going to small work places in a bid to jab those who may find it difficult to get to a “vaccination center.”

What is the point? RNZ reported on September the 3rd that New Zealand had one new “COVID death,” making it a grand total of 27 deaths since the “COVID pandemic” first started last year. Only twenty-seven. It was also stated that the woman was in her 90s and had “a number of underlying health conditions.”

As well as an increasing awareness of the ridiculousness of the official COVID narrative, it is becoming more widely known that the experimental “vaccines” are not safe and effective as claimed by government, as credible information regarding those being seriously harmed by them in New Zealand and overseas reaches the eyes and ears of more members of the public.

The group, Voices for Freedom and the publishers of The Real News magazine, both of whom have recruited enthusiastic volunteers, have distributed information to many thousands of letter-boxes around many parts of New Zealand in recent months. Their work has helped to counter the government’s deceptive, dangerous and Orwellian COVID narrative and helped people to question the real value of the “vaccine.”

Furthermore, more are questioning the value of getting a jab now, as studies with results which contradict the official narrative, surface. For example, a large-scale study in Israel by Dr Sivan Gazit and colleagues found that natural immunity protects much better against infection than the Pfizer COVID jab. Also, a recent report from the UK Government found that the majority of those who died with a ‘Delta” variant were not among the UNvaccinated, but the “vaccinated.” Studies such as these should cause those who are pro-vaccine to pause for thought and question if the risk of submitting to one outweighs any perceived benefits. Getting vital information out to the public before the COVID-vax van arrives, is a race against time.

Listen to the RNZ audio report here:


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