Klaus Schwab Provides Clues About The Purpose of COVID Injections?

By Clare Swinney

   ‘Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (2018) is the title of a book by the founder of the World Economic Forum,  Klaus Schwab.  It is to help all, including global leaders, to “connect the dots” and it’s about what is happening now.  On March the 29th Schwab said “we are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

   There are numerous reports of scientists finding carbon tubes in the COVID serums, as well as on masks, swabs and in rainwater.   Interestingly, Schwab refers to carbon nanotubes in a chapter of the book, titled: New Computing Technologies,in which he advises that researchers at Berkeley have created a working transistor with a 1nm-wide gate using carbon nanotubes and molybdenum disulphide.  

The E-book can be found online at Kobo.com

Furthermore, he claims that “microchips” will become part of us – that Smart watches, intelligent earbuds and so on, are giving way to implantable microchips and there can be a two-way flow of information between humans and our “environment,” (where wireless transmitters and receivers are). 

Still under New Computing Technologies, Schwab reveals that the increase in possibilities for the two-way flow of information between humans and our environment highlights the challenge of continually expanding bandwidth, as well as improving compression technology.  The vast amounts of data created in a digitally driven world will require new approaches that offer dense, long-term storage and using (synthetic) DNA for storage could provide a solution. 

Indicating that technology has developed far beyond what most of us could have imagined, Schwab advises:  “Biological computing could soon allow us to replace specialized microchips with custom-designed organisms,” …used for “biohacking”.   “Researchers at MIT have demonstrated that sensors, memory switches and circuits can be encoded in common human gut bacteria, indicating that our biomes could, for example, be purposefully designed to detect and treat”… diseases. 

If they can “detect” and “treat” diseases, could biosensors and associated circuitries be used to harm our organs and harvest information about what is occurring, including in our brains and transmit this via wireless networks? 

In the chapter: ‘Artificial Intelligence and Robotics’,  Schwab warns that the combination of AI and robotics can be risky, as they have the potential to be weaponized.   This combination, he claims, in spite of the threat they potentially pose,  is on a path that will put them in positions of power, where they will be used to enforce the new (zero-carbon, transhumanist) ethic.

  Warn your friends.  This is not a time to remain quiet.  This is time to do everything we can to stand against the anti-human agenda.

About Clare Swinney

Committed to awakening those still asleep. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyTh2WC7w_8GYD6ZecXUQMQ Clare on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/1z2iaeXTln25/
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