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From Josh Del Sol, TakeBackYourPower, 14 July 2016 Untested 28GHz radiation blasting from millions of new hidden antennas and tuned-up “smart” meters. A corporate free-for-all, with oversight eliminated. Total, for-profit surveillance. An “internet of everything” with “hundreds of billions of … Continue reading

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Think Carefully Before Accepting A “Smart” Or “Advanced” Power Meter

While the German government rejected “smart” meters because they were not in the interests of consumers and a major US power company, North East Utilities admitted there is “no evidence” to show they are “a good choice for customers,” the … Continue reading

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World Chemtrail Awareness Day in New Zealand – Waking Kiwis Up To The Great Rain Robbery

The aim of this event is to draw the public’s attention to the highly destructive activity of spraying chemtrails into the atmosphere, which is officially known as Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering. This is occurring on a massive scale worldwide, including throughout … Continue reading

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Randy Quaid blows whistle on crime against celebrity Targeted Individuals

In a Vancouver press conference, actor Randy Quaid described part of the typical plight of a Targeted Individual, naming eight close Hollywood associates he believes were targeted and killed. The targeting system is highly organized; involving people at all levels … Continue reading

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Truth Frequency Radio On Objects Seen Over New York On October 13

UFO’s Over New York : Psy-Op Or Prophecy with Freeman Link to radio show here: Related: The Intel Hub We normally wouldn’t cover a set of UFO sightings but seeing as a retired NORAD officer claimed that their would … Continue reading

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United Nations Names Astrophysicist as Head of Office for Outer Space Affairs

She got her PhD in NZ. Mon 27 2010 For fans of science-fiction, robots play a big part in the end of the world. But, there’s always that ever-looming idea that aliens could come down and wreak some havoc on … Continue reading

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Health Freedom NZ Newsletter Action Alert On Vitamin C

Hi all It’s been an exciting week in the day and the life of our new campaign on Vitamin C. The Auckland District Health Board issued a press release this week which flies in the face of truth and reality … Continue reading

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Tui Spreads 9/11 Truth?

No, sadly the Tui beer company did not erect these billboards.  These pictures were created on a computer recently.

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Niwa sued over “global warming” data accuracy

STUFF The country’s state-owned weather and atmospheric research body is being taken to court in a challenge over the accuracy of its data used to calculate global warming. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition said it had lodged papers with … Continue reading

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Jane Burgermeister threatened with Court Supervision

By Mike Philbin Jane Burgermeister’s to appear in court on August 12th in Döbling, Austria – and is being threatened with being put under Court Supervision. NOTE: this is “Silencing of a Dissident” legal corruption. And it’s not just happening … Continue reading

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