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Video: Antoinette James on ‘Inalienable Rights Regained’, A New Zealand Perspective, June 4th, 2022

Author, researcher and speaker, Antoinette James describes herself as a broad-based enthusiastic encourager with a heart to educate, inform and empower by way of speaking and writing. She hopes to empower you…

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Klaus Schwab Provides Clues About The Purpose of COVID Injections?

By Clare Swinney    ‘Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (2018) is the title of a book by the founder of the World Economic Forum,  Klaus Schwab.  It is to help all, including global leaders, to “connect the … Continue reading

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37,000 Surgeries Cancelled in NZ Because of Lockdown

TV3 reported on the 7th of September 2021 that 37,000 surgeries have been cancelled in the last month because of the lockdowns. More: In another story of the 6th of September, it mentions that many people with cancer are … Continue reading

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Mobile Van Takes Covid Vax To Homes and Work Places in Far North of New Zealand

On September 3rd, Radio New Zealand reported that a mobile vaccine clinic, using a Kaikohe-based health provider, Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi and St John Ambulance, is involved in going to people’s homes in the Far North to administer the … Continue reading

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JAMES CORBETT: Red Alert: False Flag Incoming! And Tyranny in New Zealand

September 03, 2021 While James Corbett mentions during this show that Vinny Eastwood and Billy Te Kahika were arrested under Level 4 lockdown rules, there were two others arrested on the same day. Plus, 19 were arrested up and down … Continue reading

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Spectator, Australia: The bribing of the New Zealand media?

Spectator, Australia: The bribing of the New Zealand media? By Amy Brooke, 2 Sept 2021 “Trustworthy, insightful, important” — one thing we can say for our mainstream media is that they must think we are a pretty thick lot. The … Continue reading

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Mental Health Expert: NZ Mental Health Act Clearly Excludes Political Beliefs As Reason For Invoking Compulsory Treatment

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Dr Damian Wojcik on LED STREET LIGHTS – The Major Health Concerns

Thank-you to Dr Damian Wojcik,  Clinical Director at the Northland Environmental Health Clinic in Whangarei, for giving this presentation in front of the camera.   It is similar to a presentation he gave before members of the Kaipara District Council in … Continue reading

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The First Reports on the Day of the Christchurch Mosque Attacks From Talk Back show, NewsTalkZB

Here are excerpts taken from New Zealand’s most popular talk back radio show, NewsTalkZB,  following the mosque attacks in Christchurch of March the 15th.  Calls from alleged eyewitnesses and the Prime Minister’s first speech about the atrocities can be heard … Continue reading

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From Josh Del Sol, TakeBackYourPower, 14 July 2016 Untested 28GHz radiation blasting from millions of new hidden antennas and tuned-up “smart” meters. A corporate free-for-all, with oversight eliminated. Total, for-profit surveillance. An “internet of everything” with “hundreds of billions of … Continue reading

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