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California state legislators balk at disclosing their salaries on the Internet; yet they want to compel city and county officials to do exactly that following public outrage over disclosure of high salaries of officials in the City of Bell. [The City Manager there received total compensation worth $1.5 million. Could it be that publishing the income of state legislators would cause a similar uproar?] Yahoo 2010 Aug 27 (Cached)

Australia bans flu vaccine after children suffer from seizures and fever (one child is in a coma). This same vaccine is approved for use in the US and the UK.
Natural News 2010 Aug 27 (Cached)

Los Angeles Sheriff Leroy Baca has introduced micro-wave weapons, made for the military, into the LA jail system. They create the sensation of being burned. If used for more than a few seconds, it could cause serious harm or death. The device also can be used for torture.
[LA County has a history of prisoner abuse.] Yahoo 2010 Aug 25 (Cached)

Global demand for gold surges 36% in response to increase in industrial use and concern over inflation. MarketWatch 2010 Aug 25 (Cached)

Incredible video of two athletes scaling buildings – and much more. [Don’t try this yourself.] YouTube Posted 2010 Aug 25

Maryland hospital patient is beaten by hospital security when he realizes he has been mis-identified as a cancer patient scheduled for surgery and tries to leave the hospital before the surgery. [A nightmarish tale, but it really happened.]
Courthouse News
2010 Aug 25 (Cached)

Ron Paul says he will introduce a new bill to “legalize the Constitution” and introducing gold and silver as competing currencies against Federal Reserve Notes. He calls for an audit of US gold reserves, including what is in Fort Knox.
2010 Aug 25 (Cached)

Maryland: Montgomery County will use high-tech finger scanners for admittance to recreation centers, pools, gyms, and senior centers. Some schools already use them for lunch programs. Officials say this is to save money – of course.
Washington Examiner 2010 Aug 25 (Cached)

US: Home sales plunge; July’s sales fell by more that 27%, the largest monthly drop since 1968. Foreclosures are running 10 times higher than before the mortgage-loan meltdown. Sales in the Midwest have fallen 35%, sales in the Northeast are down 30%, sales have dropped 25% in the West and 23% in the South. Raw Story 2010 Aug 24 (Cached)

Even Tony Robbins, famed motivational speaker, warns of economic collapse and recommends self-education and preparing for tough economic times in the very near future.
Economic Collapse
2010 Aug 24 (Cached)

Rise of Sea Level is “the greatest lie ever told,” says former chairman of the International Commission on Sea Level Change. [Story from 2009. Don’t know how we missed this then, but this is too important to pass over.] Telegraph Posted 2010 Aug 24 (Cached)

Mexico’s ‘War on Drugs’ has claimed 28,000 lives since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against the cartels in 2006. Bullets have landed across the Rio Grande in El Paso, Texas, as a result of the conflict. The War on Drugs is not working. Yahoo 2010 Aug 24 (Cached)

US: Boston University Professor says the total US debt is $202 trillion when all off-budget items are included. That’s 15 times greater than the official numbers from Washington. He says the country is bankrupt and warns that hyper-inflation will occur unless radical steps are taken to restructure the government and economy. [We agree, but the only radical step than can cure the problem is to scrap collectivism and replace it with individualism.]
2010 Aug 23 (Cached)

US: Egg-contamination scare is being used by the FDA to further its crusade to irradiate, pasteurize, or fumigate all food so that, ultimately, natural foods will be a thing of the past.
[Most chicken sold in grocery stores has the same salmonella contamination as the eggs that were recalled. Salmonella is destroyed by cooking, so why the recall of eggs and not chicken? This article just might have the answer.]

Natural News
2010 Aug 23 (Cached)

Philadelphia requires bloggers to pay $300 for a business license. [This could be the beginning of using Internet use as a means of funding government at all levels.] Washington Examiner 2010 Aug 22 (Cached)

Vehicle onboard computers could be controlled by hackers, researchers say. More and more functions rely on signals transmitted without wires, which could make them vulnerable to remote control of engine and brakes. Not much to worry about today, but could be a serious issue in the future.
ABC News 2010 Aug 21 (Cached)

US: FDA is being sued for failure to protect the public from toxic chemicals in anti-bacterial soap. Even if we choose not to use it, it still can enter the food chain through wastewater and fertilizer.
Thyroid Disease Blog
Posted 2010 Aug 21 (Cached)
Here is a list of personal products that contain toxic ‘Triclosan’.

Cleveland, Ohio: Following the example of the UK, high-tech trash bins will monitor trash recycling in Cleveland. Those who fail to meet government standards will be fined. [Even though cities, counties and states are hopelessly buried in debt, Cleveland found $2.5 million to implement this program.]
Posted 2010 Aug 21 (Cached)

Government says Gulf oil spill is now cleaned up; yet BP Oil is asking fishermen to release the company from liability for seafood that may be contaminated. Activists are demanding that the FDA test seafood for toxicity. [Opinion: Don’t trust the FDA. Get independent tests.]
2010 Posted 2010 Aug 21

Hawaii has $1.4 billion in ‘special funds’ that are not earmarked for any stated purpose. The state is looking to raise taxes to cover budget shortfalls while failing to use the money it already has. [This situation is not unique to Hawaii and may exist in other states as well.]
Posted 2010 Aug 21 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Chemtrails or Contrails? An analysis by G. Edward Griffin. Unfiltered News 2010 Aug 23

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative discloses Big Pharma secrets: The industry has NO interest in your health. It’s only goal is to get you on drugs and keep you there your whole life.
Posted 2010 Aug 21

Keith Olbermann, TV commentator on MSNBC, delivers a powerful defense of the right to build a Muslim community center near Ground Zero. [The media and major political parties are building up this issue as an emotional distraction from far more important matters that should be the focus of public debate. Olbermann is correct on this issue, but it is too bad he is aligned with Left-Wing collectivism and only speaks out against Right-Wing collectivism. He was Bush’s constant critic (and rightly so in most cases) but now that Obama is President and is continuing the Bush agenda, Olbermann is virtually silent. He is a cheer leader for the Democrat Party and a gatekeeper of the phony Right/Left paradigm. Having said that, his discourse on this issue is brilliant and worth watching.] YouTube 2010 Aug 20

The purpose behind engineered economic collapse is explained.  This excellent analysis includes debunking the most popular myths about the meltdown of the financial system.
2010 Aug 17 (Cached)

Author F. William Engdahl says “Something stinks about Wikileaks” and that the recent so-called leaked documents are disinformation to benefit US and India’s intelligence and cover-up Afghanistan drug trafficking.
War and Peace 2010 Aug 8 (Cached)

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