NZ’s Prime Time Mainstream Media Covers Chemtrails

By Clare Swinney

TV One‘s prime time Sunday program covered chemtrails, plus more on July the 4th!

Source: Sunday

Sunday: Conspiracy Inc. -Forget what you accept as fact because the truth, it seems, is not as you know it.

A Sunday show with correspondent Ian Sinclair, produced by Stephen Butler called  Conspiracy Inc, addressed the role of the alternative media in New Zealand and delved into topics rarely canvassed by the mainstream media, including that of chemtrails.

Jon Eisen

The 13-14 minute-long show, centered around interviews with the editor of Uncensored Magazine, Jon Eisen and Duncan Roads, editor of Nexus Magazine, both of whom are well versed in covering topics many probably have never heard of before.

As well as showing the raw video that indicated the plane crash which killed members of the Polish government on April the 10th, was a case of murder, they touched on 9/11, global warming being a hoax, President Obama being a CIA plant and that vaccines cause more harm than good.

The topic of chemtrails took the Sunday crew to Whangarei, where they filmed from Lester Heights Drive in Woodhill, and interviewed local residents Laurie Reader and I.    We chose Lester Heights Drive as it overlooks the Whangarei CBD and I often go up there take photographs and video to use in films I make with Whangarei resident, Jim Reece.   While the Sunday team was there, I was able to point out some unusual bright-white cloud formations, including one with tell-tale lines through it, which revealed it had originated from an aircraft.

Duncan Roads

Conspiracy Inc.  included an interview with Duncan Roads on the topic of  chemtrails, and a brief interview with Bob McDavitt, MetService Weather Ambassador, about the cloud formations seen in Whangarei. Not surprisingly, McDavitt took the government line and hastily proposed that the man-made cloud material was natural and what looked like chemtrails was due to normal jet traffic.  He did not ask if the routes were used by commercial jet traffic.  If he had done, the answer would have been “no.”

An interesting clip from parliament filmed on June the 15th of Dr Nick Smith, the Minister for the Environment laughing inappropriately when he spoke about chemtrails was presented.  Smith, while chortling, erroneously claimed the trails being observed “simply come from jet engines.”

Why did the Minister for the Environment laugh when he spoke about chemtrails?

It was an interesting program that showed there is a lot more happening than meets the eye and that the alternative media has an important role to play, particularly in these strange times.

Jon Eisen and his partner, Katherine Smith were very happy with the program overall, and so was I.   To get the topic of chemtrails discussed during a prime time show like Sunday was ground-breaking.  It didn’t expose as much as many would have liked, but then it revealed far more than has been revealed before!

Watch the program at the link here:


From the TVNZ website.

Conspiracy Inc
Forget what you accept as fact because the truth, it seems, is not as you know it. That’s the message being peddled by one of the world’s fastest growing media industries. Conspiracy magazines are bringing you the stories that are too hot to handle, too hot for the mainstream media. So what is the truth?
PRODUCER – Steve Butler
CAMERA – Ken Dorman and Lea Scott-Donelan
EDITOR – Will Kong

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