Vaccine Victims Blamed for “National Emergency”: Smoking Guns Indict Murdoch’s Media in Deadly Corruption

This article by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitzfrom Tetrahedron, LLC,  Health Science Communications for People Around the World, came in an e-mail dated Nov 12, 09.


Rupert Murdoch

In Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, medical doctors failed to determine the cause of bizarre behavior among youngsters in that town. Religious zealots, steeped in their cult, diagnosed satanic possession to justify criminal prosecutions and serial slayings.

The publication of “Why you can’t get swine-flu vaccine” in Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post (Nov. 3, 2009) by Robert Goldberg, Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, proves how human intelligence has devolved since Salem’s victims were blamed to popularize status quo psychopathology, social injustice, and mass murder otherwise called institutionalized genocide.

According to Goldberg, partnered with Peter Pitts, mainstream media’s health pundits for consumer protection, the H1N1 National Emergency declared by Barack Obama is due to fringe lunatics who think mercury is harmful when injected by vaccines; not “vaccine shortages”.

Goldberg blames people like me for heralding mercury toxicity’s links to neuro-developmental and behavioral disorders in children (e.g., autism). We are blamed for allegedly pressuring governors into ordering single versus multi-dose vials (as if the government of the US has ever listened to vaccine prohibitionists). The different vials have differing mercury concentrations (which indicts lacking industry standardization of heavy metal toxic mercury levels evidencing gross criminal negligence rationalized by pseudoscience) and the single dose vials are more costly and time-consuming to produce. Thus, we victims of mercury intoxication and vaccine injuries are blamed for the alleged vaccine shortage and national Model State Emergency Health Powers Act implementation advancing across the country.

They are Killing Us

I suffer from eczema–a common condition linked by science to vaccine mercury and/or injected foreign proteins causing multiple chemical sensitivities and autoimmune conditions. Vaccine-linked eczema now curses between 10-15 percent of the American people. Eczema is most often caused by vaccination intoxication. Human bodies are injected with mercury and foreign proteins that attach to normal body parts. The combination of mismatched protein parts forms an “antigenic complex” that is attacked by white blood cell bodyguards. This results in the vast majority of autoimmune diseases, including eczema. Such diseases profit petrochemical-pharmaceutical industrialists.*

My mother died of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) from the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine campaign. My sister-in-law was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from a hepatitis B vaccine. My brother-in-law receives Canadian military compensation for a vaccine injury called multiple sclerosis (MS).  My best friend has type-1 diabetes thanks to a flu shot. These illnesses are all autoimmune diseases proven in science to be linked to, or caused by, vaccinations.**

I testified briefly before the US Congress on vaccine mercury’s link to autism. I personally witnessed legislative officials’ gross criminal neglect of the scientific study commissioned by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) by Verstraeten, et. al,  titled, Thimerosal VSD Study: Phase I– Update 2/29/00.” Herein, definitive links between vaccine mercury intoxication and neuro-developmental and behavioral disorders in children were reported. This report was originally censored, then modified, for subsequent official publications eliminating all findings condemning vaccine mercury, thus keeping autism a “medical mystery.”

Today, everyone practicing any form of natural medicine is endangered. Energy medicine is particularly suppressed along with paradigm-shifting biophysics, hydrosonics, and electrogenetics that could eliminate widespread reliance on drug industrialists. Practitioners in these fields are persecuted for truth-telling about vaccine illnesses and deaths linked to mercury poisoning and antigenic complexes.**

History Repeating

Medical industry censorship and persecution is reminiscent of the mysterious Salem witch trials. Historians speculate a combination of events, including an untimely smallpox outbreak, created the climate for this public fright. One-hundred and forty people were accused of witchcraft. Forty-three people were supposedly afflicted. Nineteen people were hanged, one person was pressed to death, thirteen people died in prison, and as many as 1200 persons were victimized in other ways.

What terminated this deadly madness is the same reason Rupert Murdoch’s yellow press, the New York Post, published Robert Goldberg’s diatribe. Public support and false belief in the “witches” began to wane; as is happening now with growing distrust of vaccines and fraudulent vaccine trials. The “silent majority” sees through transparent safety assurances and government intrusions into our lives. People are frightened and fed-up with deadly disasters like the Merck company’s VIOXX and 1976 Swine Flu vaccine fraud, both certified by the US Federal Government.

Respected Salem ministers started to believe that some innocent people were being accused and executed for witchcraft primarily on unreliable spectral evidence (such as Goldberg presents). Today, confessions by doctors and scientists who once worked for drug giants are truth-telling, whistle-blowing, and discrediting the vaccine makers and their safety assurances over the Internet.  As the  Reverend Increase Mather stated, “It were better than ten suspected witches should escape than one innocent person should be condemned.” I say, “it is better that ten vaccine-prohibitionists be condemned by medical madmen than one innocent child suffer neuro-degeneration from vaccine mercury intoxication.”

The Salem Witch Trials website explained, “As the accusations mounted, persons from all walks of life–rich and poor, beggar and merchant–were being accused. Additionally, the accused that originally confessed to witchcraft requested to recant their former confessions. With public confidence in the trials slipping, the cries of the afflicted were steadily ignored, and the accusations eventually stopped.”

So increasingly ridiculous accusations from the status quo, such as Goldberg’s, are disbelieved by increasing numbers of vaccine victims. The majority of people now see through BigPharma’s fear-inflicting propaganda, exemplified by Murdoch’s articles, wherein “We the People” are accused of madness, ignorance, and now allegedly causing a national emergency.

Public confidence in medicine is at an all-time low following the medically-assisted demise of our parents, friends, and siblings. The leading cause of death today is drug-induced illnesses; and these shocking statistics omit all vaccine injuries since officials criminally neglect surveying and reporting the sick and dying who’s only mistake was their misplaced faith in medical deities.

It is said that medicine has extended longevity, but degenerated quality of life. Medical mistakes have made death seem more appealing than drug additions and lethal side effects for millions.

Murdoch’s Media-Driven Humanicide

For those who don’t know, Rupert Murdoch controls the majority of American news media.

Recently, investigative journalist Sherri Kane and I exposed gross conflicting interests between Rupert Murdoch and the global drug cartel. Pregnant women were tested for H1N1 vaccine side effects using a bogus study design at Elizabeth Murdoch’s Royal Women’s Hospital in Australia. Rupert’s daughter-in-law, Susan, oversees the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) wherein infants and children were tested with H1N1 vaccines by Merck’s subsidiary, CSL, Inc. James Murdoch, heir-apparent to Rupert’s estate, oversees the Board of Directors of Glaxo-SmithKlein, another H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine maker. All of the above Murdoch affiliates administered fraudulent H1N1 vaccine studies that neglected placebo control groups and long-term surveillance to fraudulently erase statistically significant risks and provable “adverse events.”

Rupert Murdoch is Co-Chairman of the David Rockefeller founded, Royal family of England chartered, Partnership for New York City (PFNYC). This is the world’s most powerful biotechnology trust–the heart of the vaccine industry, “genetopharmaceuticals,” and mass-media mind controlling social engineering. This is the heart of the American Medical CULTure. Their prostitutes promote and prey on people’s fear, magnify microbial menaces, and persecute natural healers and alternative care providers as though we are witches practicing witchcraft.

powerful Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He co-founded, with The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the influential Population Council. The former is the most potent US Government think tank and policy director. The later is the world’s most active depopulation organization funded by the US Government and Rockefeller-related foundations and institutions.

The Population Council’s goal is to reduce populations by nearly two-thirds through intoxicating drugs and vaccines, including those that cause sterility. They advocate the 1977 book, Ecoscience, co-authored by Obama administration science czar, John Holdren, calling for massive global depopulation using vaccinations for sterilization.  Is it simply a “coincidence” new H1N1 vaccines containing MF-59 adjuvant include nonoxynol-9 spermicide linked to spontaneous abortions?

Evidencing this group’s power, on October 16, 2009, a special gathering of CFR joined vaccine specialists and social engineers led by health media propagandist, Laurie Garrett. The group discussed the urgency of the vast majority Americans rejecting vaccinations for H1N1. They articulated the need to use “shortage marketing” (i.e., fraudulently claiming vaccine shortages) to promote better public acceptance of the distrusted vaccines. Prior to this meeting, the nation’s vaccine supplies were reported ample. After this meeting, the media began administering shortage marketing, and hypnotizing the panicked public into lining up for their shots.

Another example official malfeasance at the highest levels of government involves the PFNYC Co-Chair, Lloyd Blankfein, the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs & Co., whose manager of private client services, Linda Daines, is wife of New York State Health Commissioner, Richard Daines. The Daines’s profit from vaccine sales to New York State (legally another member of PFNYC) and other governments, including the US Federal Government (officially another member of PFNYC) that stockpiles the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine. Goldman Sachs, directed by Blankfein, was the largest shareholder in a deal they brokered in 2007 for the $15 billion sale of vaccine giant MedImmune that produces AstraZeneca’s H1N1 “Flumist.”

What’s Next? The Expected Created “Big One?”

Flumist is the H1N1 nasal spray vaccine. People taking it spread the “live” “active” laboratory-engineered unstable virus for up to 3 weeks, putting non-vaccinated persons at risk of infection and worse. These “shed” unstable viruses more readily recombine with other circulating viruses; thus, potentially more severe outbreaks and far more deadly pandemics are now expected.

One such threat, a possible H1N1 hemorrhagic pneumonia recombinant, has emerged in the Ukraine, where the Chernobyl disaster occurred. The NATO superpower has fully engaged biological and chemical weapons research and development. This country was predicted to host a biological weapons release associated with H1N1 vaccines courtesy of the Baxter Corp around the time this outbreak occurred. Joseph Moshe, an Israeli Mossad agent, made this prediction on August 11, 2009, and his persecution and arrest made the national news.

Moshe attempted to warn US federal investigators and law enforcers about Baxter releasing a bioweapon as they had earlier this year “accidentally” shipping H5N1-contaminted seasonal flu vaccines to labs across Europe. Baxter previously shipped AIDS around the world in their HIV-contaminated  blood product, heparin.  This H1N1 vaccine supplier is among the least trustworthy companies in the world. Their adjuvanted vaccines are currently banned in the United States due to US Congressional condemnation, but favored by European nations. So much for consistency in vaccine science!

Here is the biggest problem. Unvaccinated persons are being vicariously “immunized” by simply going to school or work, contacting shedding H1N1 vaccinated carriers. Since more deadly viruses circulate in people, birds, animals, and the global environment, worse pandemics are predicted. Simply one “Typhoid Mary” transmitting an H1N1-H5N1 recombinant might depopulate millions of people in many nations thanks to the H1N1 vaccinations! This is what experts and officials, in fact, expect to happen. It is the real grossly-neglected reason for the declaration of “National Emergency” by President Obama who, by the way, advanced the 2005 Senate bill to fund development of the H5N1 avian flu vaccine!

Murdoch and Blankfein’s allied news sorcerer is Thomas H. Glocer, the Editor-in-Chief of Reuters News Service, who is also a member of the PFNYC. His directorship of Merck & Co, the world’s largest vaccine maker, is another gross conflict of interest. Reuter’s and Murdoch’s News Corp. controls virtually all Western World propaganda, including the Associated Press which Murdoch directs as a board member. Murdoch and Glocer’s media co-broke the story of Obama’s H1N1 National Emergency declaration. Glocer broke the H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu news.

Let us not forget the conflicting interests of PFNYC member Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief of US News & World Report and the New York Daily News, who financed the American Lyme Disease Foundation that heavily promoted SmithKlein’s disastrous Lymerix vaccine that tragically caused hundreds-of-thousands of casualties before the FDA suspended its use.

All the above are advancing massive media deception and human intoxication for population reduction through H1N1 recombinations spread by vaccinations, shedding, and reassorting with circulating viruses including, we now expect, hemorrhagic pneumonia from the Ukraine.

Concerned intelligent activists are demonized as “witches,” holistic physicians are ostracized for practicing “witchcraft,” and natural cures and immune boosters such as the silver hydrosols that could put Big Pharma out of business, are suppressed by officials of a murderous medical cult. Together, medical maniacs allied with media moguls have sewn the seeds for population reduction consistent with Population Counsel objectives, and their own demise as humanity awakens to the catastrophe of this unfolding humanicide.
– end –

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is an award-winning author of 16 books and a Harvard-trained internationally recognized expert in public health and consumer protection. He views vaccinations as genocidal weapons for human intoxication and mass depopulation, and condemns gross criminal negligence and official malfeasance in the administration of the H1N1 Swine Flu “Scam.” Go to for more writings by Dr. Horowitz.

The original article by Goldberg is published here:

*The two most deadly myths in medical history is that: 1) vaccines, not mainly improvements in hygiene and nutrition, terminated polio and smallpox; and 2) vaccines are “safe and effective” when more than 90 percent of vaccine injuries and fatalities are criminally neglected, not surveyed nor reported.

**According to Approximately 75 percent of autoimmune diseases occur in women, most frequently during the childbearing years. These diseases also comprise a significant portion of chronic childhood disorders. Autoimmune disease refers to a group of more than 80 serious, chronic illnesses including diseases of the nervous, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems as well as skin and other connective tissues, eyes, blood, and blood vessel. In all of these diseases, the underlying problem is similar–the body’s immune system (including B and/or T immune cells) becomes misdirected, attacking the very organs it was designed to protect. (

Author’s footnote: It is grossly idiotic and genocidal to neglect the diagnosis of general systemic vaccination intoxication then conjure up misdiagnoses requiring drug treatments. The best treatment, and public health measure, would obviously be to cease vaccinating and intoxicating people. Proof of this is adequately evidenced by the huge percentage of people with autoimmune diseases that even vaccine makers’ package inserts warn about, eczema being a most prevalent one. This ignorance and neglect of what is obvious places the medical paradigm in jeopardy of crumbling due to iatrogenocidal stupidity.

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Ms. Kane is a freelance investigative journalist working with Dr. Horowitz to advance Healthy World Organization (HWO), a natural alternative to the UN’s World Health Organization. Information about HWO is available at: For more information about the flu, and what to do, go to FLU TO Dos on Dr. Horowitz’s comprehensive website

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