Peter Power Divulges It Was Reed Elsevier He Was Working For On 7/7

By Clare Swinney, April 7th 2009

Peter Power of Visor Consultants, who openly admitted during a BBC  interview shortly after the London bombings of July the 7th 2005, that he was running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London peterpowerbased on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where the 7/7 bombings occurred, has disclosed  that the company he was working for was Reed Elsevier.On April the 6th, in response to a news item and a short blog related to the 7/7 bombings that were posted on the Uncensored website, he stated in the comment section that in 2005 Reed Elsevier asked Visor Consultants to prepare an effective crisis management plan and rehearse, and he wrote that:  ” Several draft scenarios were drawn up and the crisis team themselves set the exercise date and time: 9.00am on 7 July…”.   You can read his full statement here, which he provided to the j7: July 7th Truth Campaign Blog website back on the 3rd of October 2008, although it evidently did not attract any media attention then.  It has now however, as the major alternative news sites, and have published the story.

So what is Reed Elsevier known for?  Their website shows that the company invests heavily in disseminating information across the globe, describing itself as a world leading provider of professional information and online workflow solutions in the science, medical, legal, risk information and analytics, and business sectors, as well as being one of the world’s largest media companies.   It owns a wide variety of companies and publications, from LexisNexis to Gray’s Anatomy and New Scientist magazine.

It promotes the unfounded notion that climate change is a threat and hails support for the United Nations Global Compact, and its activities are as diverse as  funding medical facilities in the developing world, to hosting meetings to discuss designing a transatlantic agenda.

In recent years it has been criticized for promoting the arms industry, as it has organized arms exhibitions in the Middle East, the UK and the US where inhumane weapons and torture devices have been exhibited.   Reed Exhibitions, a a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier, runs The Shot Show in the US where electroshock batons and stun belts have been up for sale,  in conjunction with torture devices that bear that inhumane caption: “Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975″ according to the  Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT).

In addition, Reed Exhibitions purchased the IDEX fair which has been a subject of some controversy too.  According to the Independent, IDEX, named  “the world’s largest and fastest growing defence exhibition,”  organized an exhibition in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates and invited the defence minister of Sudan, a regime condemned for sponsoring the “genocide” in Darfur, as well as put land mines and cluster bombs up for sale.

Reed Exhibitions  owned the Defence Systems and Equipmentreedagm07small International, (DSEI) a defence and security equipment exhibition, which is held every two years in London Docklands.   It staged a show from the 13th to the 16th of  September in 2005,  a few weeks after the 7/7 London bombings, described as Europe’s biggest arms fair.  However, it appears that owing to criticism from campaigners who believed the company was making the international arms dealers’ work that much

ExCeL Exhibition Center

ExCeL Exhibition Center

easier,  the company sold the DSEI to Clarion Events in April 2008.  Reed is still part-owner of the ExCel Center, where the exhibition is to be held in 2009.


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    3 Responses to Peter Power Divulges It Was Reed Elsevier He Was Working For On 7/7

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    3. Christopher Hobby-Lee says:

      In reports I have read, Peter Power says no actors were used. But my youngest half brother who is an actor specialising in police roles, especially armed response unit roles, in 2017 tweeted an admission that he was on one of the bombed trains, and he just happened to be on an acting assignment in the area!!!!! You can see his tweet admitting this, here—supt-peter-power-ronnie-hobby

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