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Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent: “Here’s what may have REALLY happened on 9/11”!‏

Truthjihad.blogspot.com McFarland, WI 5/26/2010 Breaking his self-imposed rule against talking about 9/11, former Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent and author Alan Hart described what he thinks may have really happened on that fateful day on yesterday’s Kevin Barrett show.

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BBC an arm of MI6, says police chief of Iran

TimesOnline Iran’s police chief has accused the BBC of being an arm of MI6 and warned of severe punishment for any Iranians in contact with the organisation. General Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam, whose police forces have played a key role in … Continue reading

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BBC: Can The Internet Genuinely Threaten Governments?

Dr Aleks Krotoski continues her fascinating investigation into the power of the internet with the Enemy of the State, part two of The Virtual Revolution. Starting with the impact that Twitter had during last summer’s political violence in Iran, she … Continue reading

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BBC ‘Aftershock’ Promo – Economic Collapse & Proposed New World Order

This YouTube clip of a BBC ad for a program called Aftermath, suggests that a New World Order will be required because of the impact of the recession.   What is the BBC, which is well known for disseminating propaganda, trying … Continue reading

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UK: Camera Grid To Log Number Plates

BBC A national network of cameras and computers automatically logging car number plates will be in place within months, the BBC has learned. Thousands of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are already operating on Britain’s roads. Police forces across England, … Continue reading

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Peter Power Divulges It Was Reed Elsevier He Was Working For On 7/7

By Clare Swinney, April 7th 2009 Peter Power of Visor Consultants, who openly admitted during a BBC  interview shortly after the London bombings of July the 7th 2005, that he was running an exercise for a company of over a … Continue reading

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