NZ: Allen Appointment a New Direction Towards Globalism? May 09, 09 By Fran O’Sullivan

The commission’s panel was encouraged to look at the top MFat job in an “expansive way”.

The Government has put a bomb under the public service by appointing top State Owned Enterprise head John Allen as the new boss of foreign affairs.

When Allen walks through the doors of 195 Lambton Quay to take up his appointment – probably in July – the New Zealand Post chief executive will not only break the mould as the first business person appointed to lead the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFat).

For the rest of the article, go here.

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1 Response to NZ: Allen Appointment a New Direction Towards Globalism?

  1. Kiwi says:

    It’s a power grab, placing key players of the same ideological ilk into key positions.

    As a trading nation, trade deals are vital. However, it’s what’s in the finer detail (the trade offs) that become most crucial.

    Introducing resources from the private sector to help run trade negotiations is comparable to the “revolving door” process.

    Private sector representatives representing national/public interests in vital trade negotiations lacks balance, strikes of conflict of interest, and is far from prudent governance.

    As the reforms of the eighties has shown, what’s best for the private sector is not necessarily what’s best for the overall long-term national interest.

    The unmasking of National’s secret “purchase advisers” further reveals the party’s plans (unfinished business?) and the extent at which they are willing to go to drive them through.

    The Super City development is also very revealing.

    We are clearly starting to see an old direction coming into play.

    Sir Roger noted in his 1993 book: “Define your objectives clearly and move towards them in quantum leaps. Otherwise the interest groups will have time to mobilise and drag you down.”

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