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Congressman Ron Paul Talks About The Problems Associated with the Federal Reserve Banking System with Jon Stewart

For those who didn’t know, the Federal Reserve Bank is running a scam – perhaps the biggest one of them all. This private entity creates money out of fresh air and charges you for it, while pretending to be a … Continue reading

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Dr Ron Paul on Swine Flu Hysteria

Brasscheck Ron Paul is one of the only doctors in Congress and he’s not buying the swine flu hysteria. He’s also raising the issue the US news media won’t: “Why is the Department of Homeland Security getting involved in a … Continue reading

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Swine Flu Vaccines – Order Out Of Chaos

This 10.19 minutes YouTube clip from Dan Dick includes excerpts from Congressman Dr Ron Paul and journalist, Wayne Madsen.

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Congressman Dr Ron Paul: Current Conditons Or Just A Bad Dream?

Hear Dr Ron Paul’s address of the 19th of May which he entitled “Current Conditons or Just a Bad Dream?”

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Bilderberger, Richard Holbrooke Uses al-Qa’eda Was Behind 9/11 Lie To Justify Attacking Afghanistan

In this YouTube clip Ambassador Richard Holbrooke says in response to Congressman Ron Paul during a Foreign Affairs hearing held on the 5th of May that: “The reason we are in this area [Afghanistan/Pakistan]…is because the people in this area … Continue reading

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Congressman Dr Ron Paul Exposes New World Order on Glen Beck Program

Here is an interesting interview with congressman Ron Paul on the Glen Beck Program on the 10th of May, 2009.   Hear Beck say to Dr Paul: “You are the one guy who has had this right from the very beginning” … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] RON PAUL on the Reality Report

On this edition of the Reality Report, Congressman Ron Paul joins Gary Franchi to discuss HR 1207 in detail. Franchi asks Dr. Paul about the Federal Reserve “cooking the books”, they discuss competing currencies, economic collapse and Franchi takes questions … Continue reading

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