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Photo of Dying Marine Draws Fire from Pentagon

Information Clearing House By Matthew Shaer Defense Secretary Robert Gates has condemned the Associated Press decision to release a photograph of a US Marine wounded during a battle in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan. The Marine, Lance Cpl. Joshua … Continue reading

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Why The Photos Probably Do Show Detainees Sodomized and Raped

By Naomi Wolf May 29, 2009 “Huffington Post” — The Telegraph of London broke the news – because the US press is in a drugged stupor — that the photos Obama is refusing to release of detainee abuse depict, among … Continue reading

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How To Spot A Disinformation Agent

By Clare Swinney Information warfare is being waged throughout the cybersphere.  Whether they are  CENTCOM disinfo government employees or ill-informed know-it-alls, there has been an ugly battle raging on the Internet for the minds of the public.  

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9/11 Video Tape Footage Yields Big Clues

By Clare Swinney On April the 30th, a member of the Prisonplanet.com Forum named “Noel Degrassi,” wrote that he was rummaging through an old box of VHS tapes that had been in storage for years and came across two tapes … Continue reading

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