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Dr Russell Blaylock Talks About Damage Caused By the H1N1 Vaccines & More on Alex Jones TV

TheAlexJonesChannel — 23 April 2010 — Alex Jones of Infowars.com, welcomes Dr. Russell Baylock, a certified neurosurgeon, author and lecturer, back to his radio show.  For 25 years Dr Blaylock practised neurosurgery, in conjunction with having a nutritional practice.  He … Continue reading

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Only Two Dead From “Swine Flu” When Vaccinations Began In Sweden. Already Two Deaths Have Been Linked To Vaccine

Since vaccinations for the so-called “swine flu” were initiated in Sweden on the 12th of October,  two deaths have been linked to the vaccine.  Unfortunately for the Swedes, the vaccine was GSK’s Pandemrix, which contains  squalene and mercury. Squalene has … Continue reading

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New Study Demonstrates Significant Harm From Just ONE Mercury-Containing Vaccine

Dr. Mercola October 22 2009 A new study found that primates that received just ONE vaccination containing thimerosal, the mercury-preservative found in many vaccines including the new swine flu shot, had significant neurological impairment when compared with those who received … Continue reading

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Washington Health Department Suspends Mercury Restrictions for Swine Flu Vaccine

To learn about how mercury can cause neuron degeneration, watch this 5 minutes clip from the University of Calgary here. Dr. Mercola October 17 2009 In preparation for swine-flu vaccinations next month, the state of Washington’s Health Department has temporarily … Continue reading

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German Soldiers Get Additive Free Swine Flu Shot

German troops get access to shot without dangerous additives. What about the general public – why can’t they be administered a vaccine like that? Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com October 13, 2009 According to a report out of Germany, German … Continue reading

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Dr Rebecca Carley, MD: Vaccines – The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Writes Dr Rebecca Carley, MD, “People are waking up BIGTIME as to the true intention of the medical mafia; i.e., causing disease and curing nothing.” In this talk, which is in 8 parts at YouTube, Dr Carley, whose only child … Continue reading

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Dr Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones TV: The Very Harmful Effects Of Vaccines

Infowars.com radio show host, Alex Jones, today spoke to Dr Russell Blaylock, MD, a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, and respected author and lecturer, about some of the evidence that shows how dangerous vaccines really are.  The 29 minute interview is … Continue reading

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FDA Declares Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safe for All

Go here to sign up for a FREE Email Newsletter from Natural News (NaturalNews) His mercury fillings were gray And he chewed on them every day. But the stuff reached his brain And it drove him insane Now he works … Continue reading

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Dr Blaylock’s Solutions To Help Those Forced To Take An A/H1N1 Vaccine Stay Healthy

By Clare Swinney This report provides practical information on how to protect yourself if you are unlucky enough to be forced to take an A/H1N1 vaccine.   Dr Russell L. Blaylock, a highly-respected neurosurgeon, who has authored three books on nutrition … Continue reading

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New Study Proves Thimerosal Induces Autism-like Neurotoxicity

DProgram.net July 12, 2009 Excerpt of abstract of new scientific study proving that the mercurial compound used as vaccine preservative called ‘thimerosal’ induces neural damage similar to that seen in autism patients: Thimerosal-induced cellular damage as evidenced by concentration- and … Continue reading

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