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Hawaii Legislators Question H1N1 Vaccines: Doctors Express Serious Reservations About Safety

HealthyWorld Hilo, HI–Discussing H1N1 vaccine safety, on behalf of Hawaii legislators considering the question, Dr. Michele Carbone, Director of the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, and full Professor and Chairman, Department of Pathology at the John A. Burns School of … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera Interviews Jewish Doctor Evidencing Anglo-American H1N1 “PanGenocide”

By Sherri Kane LOS ANGELES–Al Jazeera has broadcast a stunning interview with a respected Jewish doctor, Leonard G. Horowitz, to help explain the suspicious emergence of H1N1 and risky vaccinations that more than half of people polled worldwide are rejecting … Continue reading

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Dr Len Horowitz Predicts Bioweapon Will Be Released & Used To Make Taking Vaccinations Mandatory

By Clare Swinney Dr Len Horowitz, a  well-respected medical researcher who authored ‘Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?’, said today during an interview with Alex Jones on the Infowars.com  radio show, that he fears the Rockefeller-controlled powers … Continue reading

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Dr Len Horowitz: Send This Letter To The FBI

This following came in an e-mail dated the 17th of September, from Dr Len Horowitz’s organisation, Healthy World. “Please copy, paste, and forward the following letter to your local FBI headquarters, and to others in your network. Perhaps if we, … Continue reading

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Dr. Horowitz Blows Lid Off H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Scam

Here is the latest dispatch from Dr Len Horowitz. WHO Issues H1N1 Swine Flu Propaganda: Reports BigPharma Is Testing “Mock” Viruses in Vaccines Los Angeles–The World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading propaganda like the flu to convince people that “live” … Continue reading

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Stockpiling Deals Link Baxter to CIA & Carlyle Group: Covert Ops Discredit Official Flu Response

Tetrahedron, LLC Los Angeles–Profitable politics and lacking science condemns governmental preparations to administer “required” flu vaccines and drugs this year according to new evidence linking Tamiflu maker, Gilead Sciences, and flu vaccine producer, Baxter Corporation, to Carlyle Group investors and … Continue reading

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Doctor Says US Health Care Reformers Are Traitors Committing Genocide

Washington, D.C.- Dr. Leonard Horowitz says President Obama’s health care reformers are acting like drug pushers, vaccine junkies, and population controllers, neglecting alternatives that Americans really want, including low-to-no-cost solutions to common health problems, with many cures immediately available online … Continue reading

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Updates On “Swine Flu Pandemic” From Dr Len Horowitz At FLUscam.com

This is from the HealthyWorldMessage.com newsletter of the 26th of June 2009:  FLUscam.com is the most important website you will want to visit to alert you to the most lifesaving truths about the advancing “Swine Flu Pandemic.” As you may … Continue reading

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9-11 Attack Sets Stage for Planned Population Reduction in America

By Dr. Len Horowitz, Health Scientist and Government Cover-up Investigator, Sep. 23rd, 2001. “The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 on New York and Washington, D.C., and ‘America’s New War’ provides perfect motive and cover for military retaliations and the … Continue reading

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Dr Len Horowitz: Mexican Flu Outbreak From Lab

By Clare Swinney In this special report at YouTube, medical researcher Dr Leonard Horowitz says that the evidence the Mexican “swine” flu was created in a laboratory and released deliberately is undeniable.  Link to the text related to this report … Continue reading

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