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Fall of the Republic: Millions of People Worldwide Take the Red Pill

The revolution is being televised as blockbuster documentary explodes onto the Internet, unlocking minds and dismantling the elite’s conspiracy to exploit the financial crisis to finalize their global government takeover. Paul Joseph Watson  PrisonPlanet.com October 30, 2009 Fall Of The … Continue reading

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‘Fall Of The Republic’ Out Now! Film Maker, Alex Jones Asks Supporters To Redouble Efforts To Save Falling Republic

Radio show host and film maker, Alex Jones of Infowars.com, asks that people get a copy of his new documentary, Fall Of The Republic and burn copies of it to DVD, and get them out to people.  Show the film … Continue reading

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Fall Of The Republic & The Rise Of The Resistance!

This is a special alert from Alex Jones reminding everyone out there that my latest documentary movie, Fall Of The Republic, lands on October 21st and that we need everyone to see this film, make copies, and spread the information … Continue reading

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