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MUST HEAR: Dr Andrew Wakefield Warns Of Tainted Vaccines

TheAlexJonesChannel — 25 May 2010 — Alex talks with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British former surgeon and researcher who was banned by the General Medical Council from practicing medicine in UK for his research and public statements linking the Measles-Mumps-Rubella … Continue reading

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Autism rates double in children as vaccines poison an entire generation

(NaturalNews) According to a U.S. government survey just published, rates of autism in children have doubled since 2003. Today, an estimated 1 in 91 children are being diagnosed with autism, making this the highest rate in any population in the … Continue reading

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Autism Spectrum Disorder has Risen to New Heights

Mercola.com September 10 2009 A pair of studies on autism rates show that somewhere around one percent of all U.S. children currently have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The rate is even higher among 6 to 11 year olds and … Continue reading

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Dr Rebecca Carley, MD: Vaccines – The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Writes Dr Rebecca Carley, MD, “People are waking up BIGTIME as to the true intention of the medical mafia; i.e., causing disease and curing nothing.” In this talk, which is in 8 parts at YouTube, Dr Carley, whose only child … Continue reading

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Vaccines & Autism – What Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Joe Scarborough Have To Say

Brasscheck. Two unlikely allies – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  and Joe Scarborough – talk about one of  the greatest scandals of our era.

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New Study Proves Thimerosal Induces Autism-like Neurotoxicity

DProgram.net July 12, 2009 Excerpt of abstract of new scientific study proving that the mercurial compound used as vaccine preservative called ‘thimerosal’ induces neural damage similar to that seen in autism patients: Thimerosal-induced cellular damage as evidenced by concentration- and … Continue reading

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Baby Girl Vaccinated Against The Will Of Parents Now Autistic

In this WETM 18 News Report from  Elmira, NY,  Zach Wheeler talks to Barbara and Butch Labrecque.  As the Labrecques’ first child, Jonny developed  immediate life-threatening illnesses and autism as a direct result of  vaccinations, the couple were determined not … Continue reading

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