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Dr Betty Martini Talks About The Artificial Sweetener, Known As 951, Aspartame & NutraSweet

Today, Dr Betty Martini spoke to Dr Bill Deagle of Nutrimedical.com, about aspartame,  the artificial sweetener, which is known as 951 on many food and drink labels in New Zealand.  It is in diet drinks such as diet coke.  It … Continue reading

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Major Legal UK Victory Against Aspartame Maker, Ajinomoto

OpEdNews Asda wins court fight over sweetener claim [This is a serious and superb legal milestone affirming that a supermarket chain can describe artificial sweetener aspartame as “nasty,” if it wants to do so, based on customer responses, whether the … Continue reading

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NZ: Healtheries Vitamin C Tablets Contain Aspartame, A Known Poison

Look at the labels on Healtheries Vitamin C tablets before you buy any. I went to a supermarket today and went through the Healtheries tablets range and found it stated on their Vitamin C  tablet bottle of the 1000mg size, … Continue reading

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