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Episode 7 of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Apocalypse 2012

This is the seventh episode in the excellent Conspiracy Theory series,  which aired on TruTV in the US on the 13th of January. This program reveals that some of the powerful and wealthy believe that the world is heading for … Continue reading

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Alex Jones On The Technological Enslavement System

In these clips from the 3rd of January, 2010, radio show host and documentary film maker, Alex Jones of Infowars.com, speaks about the extremely cold weather, human nature and peoples’ reluctance to take responsibility and get involved in the infowar/politics … Continue reading

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Reality Report 24: Ron Paul 2012, Verichip bridges Gap, FBI in your Face, Lawless Free State

RR-24 | In this edition of the Reality Report Gary keeps you informed by covering a story on the VeriChip moving beyond medical records into the realm of “buying and selling” and a story on the FBI taking advantage of … Continue reading

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