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Elitists’ Agenda To Reduce World Population By “At Least 80%” Revealed On TV In US

The latest episode of Jesse Ventura’s hit TV program, Conspiracy Theory, which was about secret societies this week, revealed the elites’ agenda to reduce the world population by at least 80%.  The show featured radio talk show host and documentary … Continue reading

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Flashback To 1984: Frank Zappa Talks About Race-Specific Bioweapons & More

The idiosyncratic American composer, Frank Zappa, who lived from 1940 until 1993, is cited by Time Magazine as stating “AIDS is a CIA plot.”  His widow, Gail Zappa told Alex Jones in late-2007 that he was very good at synthesizing … Continue reading

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UK: Children to get just half dose of swine flu vaccine

DailyMailUK Children receiving the swine flu vaccination will now be given only half the original dosage in a single shot after fears it could cause a high fever. The Government had previously recommended two separate 0.25ml doses of the Pandemrix … Continue reading

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Britain: Swine flu less deadly than first thought

AP LONDON — Swine flu is far less dangerous than originally feared, British officials said Thursday — about 100 times less lethal than the 1918 Spanish flu. To determine how deadly the virus is, the British health department tracked all … Continue reading

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Tamiflu’s Effectiveness Called Into Question

TimesOnline There is no clear evidence that Tamiflu prevents complications in people with flu, an analysis suggests. While studies have shown the antiviral can cut the length of time people have symptoms by about a day, no real evidence has … Continue reading

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Time Magazine: The H1N1 Pandemic: Is a Second Wave Possible?

Some may recall that during James Corbett’s interview with Mark and Josh of the 17th of October, 2009,  it was mentioned in the 48th minute that sources had advised “a Christmas present” is planned, in the form of an engineered … Continue reading

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The Corbett Report – Episode 111: A Brief History of Biowarfare

In the run-up to Copenhagen we take a moment to look at the sordid history of biowarfare. From aerosol spraying of live bacteria on unwitting citizens to the race-specific bioweapons that already exist, we delve into the minds of the … Continue reading

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James Corbett Interviews Steve Lendman Regarding Viral Outbreak In Ukraine

Date/Duration: 2009/11/21 / 50:00 Description: Steve Lendman of the Global Research News Hour joins us to discuss his recent article on the mysterious viral outbreak happening in the Ukraine. We discuss the information about the outbreak at the moment and … Continue reading

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Russia Today: Plague or Plan? Ukraine’s Mystery Disease ‘Burns Out Lungs’

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Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria Sharyl Attkisson is a CBS News correspondent and investigative reporter. She’s covered Capitol Hill since February 2006 and has been a Washington-based correspondent there since January 1995. She was also part of the CBS news team that received the … Continue reading

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