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Paul Watson: Japanese Authorities Admit Deadly MOX Plutonium Reactor Is Leaking

The Alex Jones Channel posted at March 26, 2011 Paul Watson sits in for Alex Jones and leads the discussion on the latest developments in Japan.

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Brainwashed For War Propgrammed To Kill

AFP In BRAINWASHED FOR WAR: PROGRAMMED TO KILL, we learn that we Americans have been brainwashed for war our entire lives. From the Cold War of our youths to Vietnam and now the so-called “War Against Terror” (including the war … Continue reading

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No Credible Evidence’ of Iranian Nuclear Weapons, says UN Inspector

Guardian By Julian Borger and Richard Norton-Taylor The UN’s chief weapons inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, said today he had seen “no credible evidence” that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, rejecting British intelligence allegations that a weapons programme has been going on … Continue reading

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North Korean Atomic Tests Lift Lid on Japan’s Nuclear ‘Taboo’

May 29 (Bloomberg) — North Korea’s nuclear test and missile launches have Japan confronting a topic long off-limits: acquiring atomic weapons of its own. “The threat is elevated and Japan should seek to arm itself with nuclear weapons,” former Japanese … Continue reading

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