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Newsletter No. 33 For 2010 From the NZ Climate Realists Against The ETS

Greetings once again Climate Realists, Firstly, our apologies for the lengthy delay in getting this newsletter out. NCEA exams necessitated seven trips to Gisborne and back (an hour and a half each way) for our two daughters and minimised the time … Continue reading

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Much-Awaited Documentary ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’ Now On YouTube

RealityZone There are many dramatic photographs and video clips of chemtrails on the Internet, and your innate intelligence tells you that what you see in the sky is not caused by mere vapour trails from jet aircraft, but no one … Continue reading

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Chemtrails & Wave Formations Over Whangarei, NZ On Oct 24

This short film was made in Whangarei, Northland, using footage and photographs taken on October the 24th, 2010.  While government claims nothing is going on, and those white trails are merely vapour trails, the evidence shows otherwise. For more information … Continue reading

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James Corbett On Chemtrails & Disinformation – A NZ Perspective

This 3-minute long video includes a segment from episode 40 of James Corbett’s show entitled: ‘Silent weapons for quiet wars.’ One of the weapons spoken about is chemtrails and another highly significant one that goes unnoticed too often, is propaganda, … Continue reading

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Health Freedom NZ Newsletter, 14 Sept 2010. As the Vitamin C debate hots up, 60 minutes are to air a follow up story this Wednesday. The Sunday program is also broadcasting a piece on Cancer and Vitamin C. At the … Continue reading

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Announcing the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition

From: Health Freedom NZ Newsletter, 7 Sept 2010 Since the 60 Minutes program aired with Allan Smith being cured of Swine Flu (and hairy cell Leukaemia) using high dose intravenous Vitamin C, much activity and excitement has resulted. One of … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media: Swine flu ‘post-pandemic’ but New Zealand has second wave

SundayStarTimes Despite the World Health Organisation declaring the world to be in a post-pandemic phase, that’s not the case in New Zealand. Some schools are reporting record absences, businesses such as hairdressers and dentists are experiencing more than usual the … Continue reading

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New Video: Chemtrails/Geoengineering & Coloured Clouds Over Whangarei, NZ

I took most of the video footage shown in this new video on the 12th of August. One of the primary messages to be drawn from this is that the sky is being loaded up with so much particulate matter, … Continue reading

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Fluoridation Should Be Issue Of Personal Choice

This is a letter written by Jason Greenwood of Belmont, NZ, regarding the issue of fluoridation to MP, Wayne Mapp. Dear Wayne, I am currently working with a group of concerned citizens on the shore to try and get fluoride … Continue reading

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MEDIA COVERAGE OF THE FIRST AUCKLAND MAYORAL DEBATE – from Auckland Mayoral Candidate Penny Bright‏

By Penny Bright, 4 August 2010 Well – it was a bit of a hoot being the ‘rebel who got the applause’! That will no doubt throw the expensive ‘spin machines’ of the main ‘Corporate Lapdog’ Mayoral candidates into turbodrive! I … Continue reading

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