Penny Bright: Does The NZ Prime Minister Personally Profit From NZ’s Indebtedness?

31 January 2011

By Penny Bright, Auckland.

Hi folks!

Had a VERY productive night at the ASB Lunar Festival 2011 ‘Year of the Rabbit’ celebration at the Telstra Pacific Events Centre in Manukau City, Saturday 29 January 2011.

What a forced, faded, ‘shonky’ smile I got from Prime Minister John Key, when we made eye contact from about three feet away, as he did the ‘mix & mingle – meet the people bit’  following the Lion dance opening event!

Is this because he has yet to reply to my Official Information Act request of 26 January 2011, where I have asked him;

“Can you please uphold the principles of ‘open, transparent and democratically accountable’ government, and provide the following information:

1) On a line-by-line accounting basis, provide the detailed information which shows EXACTLY to whom New Zealand has become indebted, since the National/ACT Government came to power in November 2008.

2) In particular, the information which confirms since the National/ACT Government came to power in November 2008, whether or not New Zealand has become indebted to the Bank of America, any subsidiaries of the Bank of America, or any lending institutions of any form, which have any connections to the Bank of America.”

(The reason why I have asked about the Bank of America, is because Prime Minister John Key has declared a pecuniary interest as a shareholder in the Bank of America in the latest ‘Register of Pecuniary Interests of Members of Parliament, as follows:

‘Register of Pecuniary Interests of Members of Parliament:

Summary of annual returns as at 31 January 2010

Pg 36

Hon John Key (National, Helensville)
Interests (such as shares and bonds) in companies and business entities.

Bank of America – banking  “

Is is NZ Prime Minister John Key personally profiting from NZ’s growing indebtedness?

It’s a fair question – isn’t it?

It appears that a growing number of concerned citizens are interested in his reply………

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