Newsletter No. 33 For 2010 From the NZ Climate Realists Against The ETS

Greetings once again Climate Realists,

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Firstly, our apologies for the lengthy delay in getting this newsletter out.
NCEA exams necessitated seven trips to Gisborne and back (an hour and a half each way) for our two daughters and minimised the time left for catching up with farm work, leaving no spare minutes for the computer at all.
A thank-you to our wonderful neighbours who rallied around and helped us with this year’s docking- some of the hoggets being fed down the docking cradle were a two-man effort, I know.
Thank you also to those on this network who have sent so many articles, letters etc- we do read them all- eventually- and many of them are in this newsletter or on our website but individual replies are at times hard to keep up with.
Ah well. Exams are over, the girls are free to help out on the farm, and at last their mother gets to the computer.
This item in the Herald was brought to our attention:
It demonstrates yet again how ingrained the whole climate change scenario has become- affecting all policies and forward planning by local and regional councils now and for years to come.
We as Climate Realists believe it is vitally important to speak up and be heard every inch of the way as these policies are thrashed out.
Now is the time when the meetings are happening; already so much has been put into motion.
By making a protest, by challenging councils and officials, by not simply accepting the ETS as a fait accompli or the global warming scenario as established fact, we can continue to raise awareness among officialdom that they are up against a backlash of public opinion, and that not every person they encounter agrees with their stance.
Ongoing correspondence to the papers such as that going on in the Rodney paper help to raise awareness of the issues at stake.
Congratulations to those of you who have been doing and are continuing to do just that.
Happy reading,
Neil and Esther
Climategate video of the year: brought to our attention by Jeff M. Well worth watching and passing around.


From Andy W:
Although preparations are in place for a summit on climate change in Cancun, Mexico, at the end of November, it is clear that the goal of cutting carbon emissions through coordinated action by the world’s governments is dead. Nevertheless, it would be too early to celebrate, as the threat of fear-driven and economically costly climate policies is not gone yet. It is merely being transformed into a more subtle – and potentially more dangerous – agenda. As this new research-and-development-centered approach gains prominence, we are likely to be in for more government spending and waste. Instead of celebrating the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the old-style climate alarmism, we should be wary of its new form – perhaps subtler but no less damaging to the economy and to the future of free societies.”  —Dalibor Rohac, The Washington Times, 13 November 2010
Taken from CCNet, the regular newsletter of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Director: Dr Benny Peiser
This is well worth a read, but too long to reproduce here.
To subscribe, visit

Carbon Trade Ends on Quiet Death of Chicago Climate Exchange

Republican mid-term election joy deals financial uncertainty among green investors as the Chicago Climate Exchange announces the end of U.S. carbon trading.

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) announced on October 21, 2010 that it will cease carbon trading this year. However, Steve Milloy reporting on (November 6, 2010) finds this huge story strangely unreported by the mainstream media.

Read more at:

Christopher Booker:

Nothing more poignantly reflects the collapse of the great global warming scare than the decision of the Chicago Carbon Exchange, the largest in the world, to stop trading in “carbon” – buying and selling the right of businesses to continue emitting CO2.

A few years back, when the climate scare was still at its height, and it seemed the world might agree the Copenhagen Treaty and the US Congress might pass a “cap and trade” bill, it was claimed that the Chicago Exchange would be at the centre of a global market worth $10 trillion a year, and that “carbon” would be among the most valuable commodities on earth, worth more per ton than most metals. Today, after the collapse of Copenhagen and the cap and trade bill, the carbon price, at five cents a ton, is as low as it can get without being worthless.

Read more at:


ITO Workshop@ Gore

Greetings to all,
The above workshop at Gore was attended by myself and a dairy farmer who was only there for some of the time
Geoff Mavromatis (Agribusiness Group) carried out the entire presentation as Sandy Scarrow’s ( Fruition Horticulture) flight
travel arrangements were disrupted.
Using, to a large part, the info provided from you Folk the more I challenged  Geoff’s Info from the IPCC 200&2008 Scripts
the more he seemed to respect me although at first when he asked me if I was a lecturer he told me these workshops were not for farmers.
There was only one other farmer who attended for about half the programme, one secondary school Agriculture teacher,
one farm advisor from Ballance Fertiliser, the lady organiser  from IWTO and four from various Regional Councils.
Geoff was disapointed that nobody from Telford had attended.
As everyone including the officials seemed to doubt much of what was been promoted it seemed to be another bureaucratic
Thanks to you all for your help with the various articles providing useful ammunition.
Colin E McIntyre.
Hi all ,
I don/t know whether it will do any good , but I am now sending individual pages of  ‘Climate  Depot‘  to the local paper. This morning, the total is 7.
If various supporters did likewise to their papers, do you think it would help?
……Today’s  Climate  Depot was very  good.   Any other articles I think are relevant  just get sent on. Key and Co.  have obviously closed their minds to common  sense.
It doesn’t look too  good for Europe this winter  and predictions for England are not promising.  We still use our heat pump most days and only  4  weeks to our longest day.
Best wishes for a great Christmas  may the new year fulfil some of our hopes .
Malcolm  Rollinson .

Cars, Cattle and the Ethanol Con-  from Viv Forbes of
Why are emissions from cattle eating grain classed as bad whereas emissions from cars burning grain ethanol are good?
Consider a paddock of corn. Most of the carbon in the growing plant comes from carbon dioxide in the air and is converted to plant material using solar energy via the magic of photosynthesis. Some comes from the atmosphere via microbes in the soil.
This plant material, either biomass or grain, can be fed to cattle or made into ethanol for motor fuel.
Both cattle and cars then use an internal digestion/combustion process to extract the energy stored in the plant material.
Both processes produce gaseous emissions.
In cars, virtually every atom of carbon in the ethanol burnt produces one molecule of carbon dioxide. In cattle, some of the plant’s carbon is stored for a while in flesh and bones, and the rest is emitted as the natural gases carbon dioxide and methane. This methane is soon oxidised in the atmosphere to produce carbon dioxide. (Methane levels in the atmosphere have been stable for 15 years or so. Most of it is produced by rotting vegetation, or comes from leaks from coal mining, natural gas operations or gas pipelines.)
Over the life of a car or a cow, they both produce the same carbon emissions. Every atom of carbon extracted from the air by the green plant eventually returns to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, the plant food. This is the cycle of life.
It is therefore scientific incompetence or deliberate fraud by government climate alarmists to claim that consuming ethanol in cars is good and should be subsidised but consuming the same plant material in cows must be rationed and taxed.
We are told that ethanol uses renewable energy. Closer inspection shows it ties up a lot of good cropping land and uses a lot of fossil energy to plant, harvest and transport the grain and then a lot more energy to ferment it, distil it and then distribute it widely to make up its mandated proportion of motor spirit. A zero sum game at best.
An ethanol industry propped up by subsidies and mandates is not sustainable. This industry damages taxpayers and pushes up the cost of grains, beef, pork, eggs, milk and cereals.
Subsidising ethanol brings no environmental benefits and is the enemy of the poor and hungry of the world.
It is time to end the ethanol con.
No more forcing motorists to buy it. No more tax breaks for construction of ethanol plants. No more subsidies or special protection for ethanol speculators.  Let ethanol production compete fairly with all other sources of transport energy.
And no more slander of the livestock industry which, when all is considered, is greener than the ethanol industry


Pastural Farming Climate Research:

Methane from livestock not the problem!

Enteric methane produced (tonnes)

1990       1,039857

1998       1,069750

1999       1,102670

2000       1,127900

2001       1,101238

2002       1,123076

2003       1,123438

2007       1,111647

2008       1,078928

Enteric methane produced in 2008 was less than that produced in 2000 and virtually the same as in 1998.

Methane oxidises to CO2 in 8-12 years so we can all sleep soundly in our beds knowing that all the enteric methane produced today is only replacing the methane that was produced ten years ago. The atmospheric concentration of methane will not have altered at all.

So indisputably, no global warming from enteric methane!

Unfortunately there are still some plonkers out there who think enteric methane is a problem. One can only wonder with incredulity.

If all the fossil fuel emissions of CO2 were tracking as those from enteric methane are, there would be no global warming industry at all, because there would be no problem.

If you think any of your friends would appreciate this information and could spare $50 to become a member, send them this email and encourage them to help us out a little bit. Try your neighbours first, none of them are members. Then your friends, they are not members either etc etc. We need them all if we are going to make any difference.

Thoughts on the ETS- Alan Nicholl
The ETS has been in force for several months now and already it has shut down several businesses, because of the increased cost of energy. Most appear to have been food producers. Many others are struggling, because of the cost increases and the effects of the recession. Consumers have less buying power, because of the increased cost of basic needs, the ETS has forced upon them. What purpose does it achieve, except to increase the profit margins of energy suppliers? There is no effect on the climate nor will there ever be. It will make no difference to climate change as any increase in CO2 does not cause a corresponding increase in temperatures, as is shown buy the current cooling trend. Over the last 10 years 20 parts per million of CO2 have been added, but the temperature is falling.
The next phase is now under way with the removal of property rights from those who own forestry, especially pre 1990…………
Hi Yall,

This makes it sound like they are already doing this kind of thing…



Hi Neil
Nov 12th NZH in the Business Herald supplement page 27 “The Insider” Whats going on behind the scenes.”
In red ink  quote:
“Nick Smith’s hold on the portfolio is looking shakier by the day. He bullied the rest of Cabinet & Nat Party into supporting his ETS & only won by convincing the PM this is where the world was heading. That made him political hostage to where the rest of the world was heading.  …………..the US .China & India ,……….and soon the Mexico Feb summit will fail > So Nick S’s colleagues are now asking why are we paying more on out petrol and electricity etc”… ” watch for him to be replaced  AFTER the election”
Main thing is things are changing & fast
Tks Simon

Foolish Food Policies.
Statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition
The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused western politicians of creating a food crisis with foolish food policies.
The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that climate alarmism and green extremism was being used to destroy farming and deny land to food production.
“It is no surprise that the world is facing a looming shortage of food and edible oils.
“Every market has two sides – demand and supply.
“On the demand side, increasing population and prosperity, especially in China, Brazil and India, must boost the demand for food.
“Normally this would increase food prices thus encouraging more production by farmers.
“Unfortunately, the western world is afflicted by an epidemic of anti-food legislation.
“Four foolish food policies stand out.
“Firstly, we have a massive diversion of cropland from producing food for humans to producing ethanol and biofuels for cars.
“Secondly, we have destruction of cropping and grazing land by conversion to carbon credit forests.
“Thirdly, there is a gradual suffocation of grazing land by a new politically protected species – woody weeds.
“Finally, we have the gradual creation of agricultural and horticultural deserts by the artificial droughts caused by the progressive political squeeze on irrigation water.
“If politicians are silly enough to add a carbon tax to the costs of fuels, electricity, cement and transport, even more farmers will give up and retire to the beach.
“We are told that all this anti-food legislation will save the environment and cool the climate by a degree or so over the next century.
“The real aim is to harvest green votes.
“Starving people will not appreciate this barren harvest.”
Authorised by:

This from today’s Kiwiblog.
Where have we seen this “green”  rubbish before….  it pops up in many fomrs in many western nations.
NZ readers will be aware tha the NBR (National Business Review is a reputable and smart weekly.  Hooton is a conservative and perceptive writer. Farrar is also perceptive and  conservative, but  all the “greden” rubbish  makes frightening sense. It is all part of the Helengrad/Soros’s “world government” scam.  As for the population threat, check out Paul Erhlich’s “Population Bomb”, circa 68-70.   Today Erhlich is a leading AGW cult disciple.    He was rubbish over population back then and he and the greens are still rubbish.
A pity that we do not descend on the Greens like the proverbial ton of bricks..

Hooton on Greens

November 12th, 2010 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Matthew Hooton writes (offline) in the NBR:

According to their own rhetoric, and that of the foreign environmental lobbyists who dictate it, the Green Party believes that the next century, and perhaps even the next decade, will be characterised by severe global turmoil.

Climate change, they say, will cause mass migration unprecedented in human history, as hundreds of millions leave equatorial regions for the north and south.

The seas will rise, creating refugees not just from small island states like the Maldives and Kiribati but causing havoc in China and India, with their vast coastal populations.

According to the UN, Indonesia, with its 80,000km coastline, 17,000 islands and 240 million inhabitants, will be the country worst affected by rising sea levels, threatening regional security.

Everyone will suffer unpredictable and extreme weather.

And worse, it seems:

“Peak food” will be upon us, with Sue Kedgley foreseeing “a new era of tightening food supplies, rising food prices, food scarcity, panic buying, long food queues and political instability.”

Food rationing, she said in 2008, was already underway in US, as was rationing of rice in Auckland.

Now I have to apologise to Matthew Hooton. I can’t believe even Sue Kedgley said such things. So I resorted to Google. And it turns out Matthew was right – read here.

Pressure on other natural resources also risks global catastrophe.  When China runs out of energy resources, it’s likely to march.

In an effort to help, the Greens’ population policy welcomes “climate change refugees” but also demands that any effects on New Zealand’s environment, society and culture be limited.

Their new MP, Kennedy Graham, tells us that, with a population of 4.1 million, New Zealand is already part of the global population problem.  The global population, he says, must be “drastically reduced.”

Now again, surely Matthew is having us on. Did the Green Party really say the global population must be drastically reduced? Well Matthew may be prone to occassional hyperbole, but it seems he employees excellent staff to do his research, as he is in fact quoting their official policy.

If the Green Party really believes all this, then it must surely also believe that New Zealand’s territorial integrity is at risk, not some time later in the century, but imminently.

New Zealand is already capable of producing at least 20 times our own food needs.

Our exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is 15 times our land mass and the world’s fifth largest, while the quota management system means New Zealand can expect to maintain our fisheries stocks long after others have devastated theirs.

Back on land, New Zealand’s coal reserves are greater per capita, in terms of their energy potential, than Saudi Arabia’s oil.

Total mineral reserves may exceed $10 trillion, which we’ve largely decided to leave in the ground.

How splendid that when everyone else has dug up and burned their coal, New Zealand’s reserves will still be in the ground, waiting. ……………….



Global warming? It’s just a load of hot air — O’Leary
LETTING FLY: Ryanair boss says climate change is a plot by cash-hungry scientists.
Charging for toilets, weighing passengers and flying with a solo pilot — Ryanair’s combative boss Michael O’Leary is renowned for espousing unusual ideas, but some passengers may feel that even he has overstepped the mark with his latest comments — denying the existence of global warming.
Read all about it:

Hi Neil & Esther,

Another example of the “do as I say, not as I do” behaviour of our
aspiring slavemasters.

More proof that indeed, scum does float to the top!



More justification for not eating meat………..
Most of us are aware that our cars, our coal-generated electric power and even our cement factories adversely affect the environment. Until recently, however, the foods we eat had gotten a pass in the discussion. Yet according to a 2006 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), our diets and, specifically, the meat in them cause more greenhouse gases carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide, and the like to spew into the atmosphere than either transportation or industry. (Greenhouse gases trap solar energy, thereby warming the earth’s surface. Because gases vary in greenhouse potency, every greenhouse gas is usually expressed as an amount of CO2 with the same global-warming potential.)


The FAO report found that current production levels of meat contribute between 14 and 22 percent of the 36 billion tons of “CO2-equivalent” greenhouse gases the world produces every year. It turns out that producing half a pound of hamburger for someone’s lunch a patty of meat the size of two decks of cards releases as much greenhouse gas into the atmosphere as driving a 3,000-pound car nearly 10 miles……………………….

In brief:

  • Pound for pound, beef production generates greenhouse gases that contribute more than 13 times as much to global warming as do the gases emitted from producing chicken. For potatoes, the multiplier is 57.
  • Beef consumption is rising rapidly, both as population increases and as people eat more meat.
  • Producing the annual beef diet of the average American emits as much greenhouse gas as a car driven more than 1,800 miles.

Al Gore: Envirohypocrite

November 3, 2010 by Bob Livingston

As former Vice President Al Gore preached about the dangers of greenhouse emissions inside a sold-out seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Monday, outside the Volvo that delivered him to the seminar sat empty and idling — for more than 20 minutes.

“It is difficult to understand the brittle shell that protects humanity and the planet,” Gore told the audience. “It is therefore very important that we start taking these two issues very seriously.”

Make no mistake: Gore takes the issue seriously. While it’s easy to write him off as a nut for his obsession with anthropomorphic global warming (the idea that global warming is caused by the activities of man) despite a lack of evidence — and proof through the Climategate scandal that the science behind it was contrived — Gore’s compulsion is economic. He stands to make billions when companies he’s invested in get government subsidies through Cap and Trade legislation.

Gore regularly tells his audiences to get to his events by walking, bicycling, use of public transportation or other “climate-friendly” means. Meanwhile, he arrives via a large jet and personal vehicle followed by an entourage of body guards, hangers-on and a masseuse or two, leaving a carbon footprint that only an elitist could love.

It’s a common refrain for him. In July, 2008 while speaking on global warming in Washington, D.C., two limousines awaited him outside, idling for 90 minutes. His Tennessee home is said to consume as much energy as a small town; whether Gore is at home or not.

Don’t buy into the global warming lie. Were there truth behind it, the elitists that preach to us about how we’re destroying the planet wouldn’t be behaving as envirohypocrites. Gore doesn’t really care about being green. He just wants more green in his pockets.


Support those who support Climate Realists:
Climate Realists have thus far produced a range of bumper stickers and a climate change information pamphlet.
These have been funded largely by ourselves, with a few donations from CR Network members.
We are very fortunate that one of our members, Alan, has kindly been doing the printing at cost price and the graphic design free of charge.
Alan has now made an even better offer which could be a win-win for everyone.
If you or any acquaintances are print purchasers and purchase printed material from his company then part of the sale price will be credited towards printing for Climate Realists.
His printing prices are extremely good ones and you can check out prices and products at and even send for a full colour price book.
All you need to do is send your orders to , mention that you are on the Climate Realists Network and you will be helping us to combat the ETS.
The more people you refer to Alan for printing the more we can afford to distribute the facts on climate change.

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