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John Holdren, Obama’s Science Advisor, is urging the public to stop using the phrase  “global warming” and replace it with “global climate disruption.” [Smart move for the mythmakers, because the reality of global cooling becomes more evident with each passing month, and the phrase “climate change” is not scary enough to justify the massive taxes and government controls these people have in mind.]
Daily Mail
2010 Sep 17 (Cached)

In Louisiana, just days after a tide of BP oil hits the waterways, there is the largest fish kill in living memory, including a dead whale. The Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife says there is no connection to the oil spill. [Is that an insult to our intelligence or what!]

Mother Nature Network 2010 Sep 17 (Cached)

Dead fish as far as the eye can see

US: Home seizures reach record for third time in 5 months, while government continues trying to stimulate housing prices by preventing a much needed price correction. [Until this price correction occurs, the housing market will not recover – except through the mirage of inflation. In that case, home prices may rise again, but the purchasing value of the dollar will fall even more, thus canceling any real gain.]
2010 Sep 16 (Cached)

China: Falun Gong spiritual practitioners long have been persecuted by the Communist government. Recently the arrests, beatings, and torture have been intensified. Their members are being found dead within a few days, sometimes a few hours, after arrest. Epoch Times 2010 Sep 16 (Cached)

Clinical trial finds Vitamin D more effective at fighting the flu than vaccines. Natural News 2010 Sep 16 (Cached)

US: Department of Homeland Security is tracking groups that object to oil companies pumping toxic chemicals into the ground to increase oil and gas production – on the assumption that members of these groups are potential homegrown terrorists. [Never mind that these chemicals have contaminated water supplies and that residents near drilling operations are suffering from severe toxicity.]
2010 Sep 15 (Cached)

US Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton leaves a voicemail message for lobbyists as she panders for a “contribution”. [Incredible! We know this happens all the time, but seldom get a chance to actually hear it.] Breitbart.tv 2010 Sep 15

US: States are reducing public-employee pension funds and raising retirement ages to reconcile their unfunded retirement programs. Only 4 states had fully funded pension systems as of 2008: FL, NY, WA and WI). Yahoo 2010 Sep 15 (Cached)

US: Department of Homeland Security is testing iris scanners that capture images up to 6 feet away without the knowledge of the person being scanned. The manufacturer anticipates implementing this technology worldwide within 10 years.
USA Today
2010 Sep 15 (Cached)

Delaware Tea Party Congressional candidate Christine O’Donnell wins the primary election despite the lack of support by the Republican establishment. Her opponents mounted a frenzied attack to discredit her, but it has backfired.
ABC News
2010 Sep 14

Obama Administration is calling for a 1% tax on every bank transaction: every deposit, withdrawal, movement from one account to another, even ATM cash withdrawals. 1% in. 1% out. They are trying to keep this proposals under the radar. [Don’t think you would be able to escape by using cash. They intend to make that illegal.] Examiner 2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

China: Millions of people oppose mandatory measles vaccinations, fearing health risks. [They have learned from experience no to trust their government’s health recommendations.]
Natural News
2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

US: Senate rejects an amendment to the national-health-care bill that would remove the requirement for businesses to report all expenses in excess of $600, even though that has nothing to do with health care. [As long as collectivists are elected to office, they will never give up their pet schemes. It is long past time to replace them with individualists.]
The Hill
2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

There still is a way to stop Obama Care. Even though the Senate has defended the program, it cannot be implemented without funding. It takes both houses to approve funding. This offers one more shot at defeating the whole program if the majority of the House of Representatives will stand firm. Daily Caller posted 2010 Sep 14 (Cached)
Find out if your candidate endorses “De-Funding” ObamaCare. [Beware: This has all the earmarks of being a front for the Republican Party, which cannot be trusted to stand firm. Republican leadership will give lip service to repealing Obama Care but, in the end, will sell out and only eliminate a few of its features, leaving the structure in place for expansion later. Nevertheless, the concept is good. Just don’t be fooled by professional liars.] DeFundIt.org

UK: Survey shows that nearly half of British citizens would vote to pull out of the European Union if a referendum were held [Their leaders will see to it that it is not held.]

Express 2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

US: The annual Military Appropriations Bill is up for vote and is assured of passing. No one dares to oppose it lest they be called unpatriotic. So politicians try to attach unpopular bills to it. Senator Harry Reid wants to attach two such measures: one to allow foreign students to immigrate if they will serve in the military and the other is to eliminate the present prohibition against open homosexuals serving in the military.
2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

Leading international think tank for military affairs says the threat from al-Qaeda and the Taliban has been over exaggerated. CIA chief Leon Panetta admitted recently that there were no more than 50 members of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Obama has authorized 120,000 American soldiers to fight them. Sun Daily 2010 Sep 13 (Cached)

Scientists, corporations, and governments are proposing to engineer world climate to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and reflect the Sun’s heat back into space. This includes everything from simulating volcanic eruptions to aerosol spraying of the sky. [Actually, spraying of the stratosphere has been going on for over a decade with disastrous effects to the environment and human health. See our new documentary: What in the World Are They Spraying.] Guardian 2010 Sep 13 (Cached)

Gulf residents who helped clean up the oil gusher discovered that out-of-state contractors using unregistered boats were spraying Corexit dispersant. TruthOut 2010 Sep 13 (Cached)

US: “Cabbagegate” Georgia farmer is sued by county for growing too many vegetables on his
2-acre lot.
WSBTV.com 2010 Sep 13

Cuba: Communist regime employs 95% of the workforce but now is forced to lay off 10% (half a million) and reduce restrictions on the private sector that, hopefully, will employ them. Cuba provides free healthcare, education, subsidized housing, transportation, and basic food, which has bankrupted the state. [Just as it will bankrupt America. This article says the reason for failure is inefficiency and mismanagement, but such programs always fail regardless of efficiency or management. That is the nature of collectivism.] Google News 2010 Sep 13 (Cached)

Obama’s Executive Order #13544 lays the legal framework for giving the UN complete control over all food, vitamins, and natural products sold in the U.S. [The UN authority is called Codex Alimentarius. Remember that name because it soon will control your life and health – unless, of course, we get out of the UN.] Rense 2010 Sep 13 (Cached)

US: Federal Court awards an autistic child’s family $1.5 million and $500,000 per year for vaccine damage. [There are 4800 other autism cases pending, but it is unlikely that this will set a precedent, because the award was based on the assumption that the child’s autism was not caused by the vaccine. The drug company argued (and the court concurred) that the vaccine merely aggravated an underlying condition that was the cause of the damage.]
2010 Sep 13 (Cached)

Obama to oversee biggest arms sale in history: $60 billion worth of advanced aircraft to be sold to Saudi Arabia. [The Administration speaks of how many jobs will be created, but commentators say this may be part of a military buildup for war against Iran.] WSJ 2010 Sep 12 (Cached)

US: Senate is considering a bill to require employers to pay 3% of workers’ wages into a mandatory IRA program if the workers are not already covered by a retirement program. The money would purchase government bonds (IOUs) which big investors have stopped buying. [In the name of “protecting” you, they want to force you to purchase their debt, which will be worth very little when you need it.]
PPJ Gazette
2010 Sep 12 (Cached)

Obama defends the so-called stimulus program by boasting of jobs created in a Michigan factory that produces batteries. Taxpayers will put $2.4 billion dollars into projects like this (about $7500 per taxpayer). In the battery plant, $548 million was spent to create 309 new jobs. That’s $1.8 million per job. [And this is the best project they could find to brag about. Such is the nature of collectivism.]
Activist Post
2010 Sep 12 (Cached)

Leading psychologists say that effects of  television, especially among pre-schoolers, can irreversibly damage health, including impaired brain development, eating disorders, even heart disease. [We are inclined to believe this is true but it is scary to think that politicians will call for laws to snoop into our homes to make sure we do not watch too much TV or that we watch only the right kind of TV. In this collectivist world, it is inevitable.]
Daily Mail
2010 Sep 11 (Cached)

Greenpeace produces a propaganda video to perpetuate the myth of global warming. Everything this child reads from the teleprompter is a lie. You need to know how the forces of deceit are working to capture the minds of unsuspecting children – and adults. [The bright side of this is the reader-comment section that shows how many people are aware of the global-warming swindle and are not fooled by this propaganda.] YouTube Posted 2007 Sep 11

US: Senate is poised to pass Obama’s Cap and Trade Bill that requires everyone’s home to be inspected by Energy Police to make sure it fits federal guidelines. You license your dog and car. Now you will be required to license your house. [This is one more nail in the coffin of the American economy, which is its primary purpose. Energy efficiency is but the excuse.] Morning Liberty Posted 2010 Sep 11 (Cached)

Ten-year-old girl sings like an opera star – Really! If this doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will. YouTube Posted Sept 11

VIDEO: Gulf Coast environmental scientist has collected a list of over 600 people who are suffering the effects of the toxic Corexit oil dispersant. She believes the EPA failed to override BP Oil’s decision to spray Corexit because, otherwise, the government might be liable. By leaving the decision in the hands of BP, all liability would fall on the company, instead. [In other words, avoiding liability is more important to the EPA that protecting human health.] YouTube Posted 2010 Sep 11

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