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It’s been an exciting week in the day and the life of our new campaign on Vitamin C. The Auckland District Health Board issued a press release this week which flies in the face of truth and reality and the Coalition has published a number of rebuttals.

A reminder to all HFNZ members. It’s election time for DHB’s across the nation so now is a good time to call your local candidates and ask them where they stand on Vitamin C.

Rather than email you each action taken we will simply email you a digest of activities. If you want to stay close to the ground on the campaigns activities directly please visit the website and join the newsletter there.

Nicola Grace
Spokeswomen for HFNZ

Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition Weekly Digest

In this issue:

  • Vitamin C – The Facts – The Fiction and The Law Event
  • Latest News
  • Facebook Discussions

Vitamin C – The Facts – The Fiction and The Law

Interest in having the registered medicine, high dose intravenous Vitamin C, administered in hospitals is growing momentum in response to two programs aired by 60 Minutes and as we prepare for this Friday’s event with Dr. Thomas Levy – Vitamin C – The Facts – The Fiction and The Law.

We can tell you that this event is going to be an historical event in Medical History for New Zealand as both physicians and members of the general public will be attending. Campbell Live will be there and we have a special surprise guest attending who will open the evening lecture and introduce Dr Thomas Levy. You will want to be there.

Tickets are selling fast but there are still seats available so be sure to reserve your place today at

For Details of the Event please visit

Format for the Evening

6.30pm Doors open for registration.

6.40pm Several short films will be shown on Vitamin C including the two 60 minutes programs for those who missed it or want to see it again.

7.30pm Surprise guest to address audience and introduce Dr. Thomas Levy.

Latest News

The past few days have seen a flurry of press releases on the issue of HDIVC starting

September 14 Auckland District Health Board
High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

“The CPC found no evidence that would allow it to say high-dose Vitamin C treatment is either safe or effective……. In fact, the lack of evidence resulted in this treatment recording a score of zero – the lowest score ever given to a health technology assessed by the CPC”

Read more..

September 15th Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition

Auckland District Health Board Bury their Head in the Sand as Another Man Dies In Auckland Hospital

“The Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition remind the Chief Medical Officer that in order to become a registered medicine its efficacy and safety will have had to be proven and research documents lodged with Medsafe.

A registered medicine also has to state any contra indications and dangers. IVC does not have any dangers listed pertaining to kidney failure or renal toxicity. So Dr Wilsher’s comment “published literature that high cumulative doses or high intravenous doses of Vitamin C had been associated with renal toxicity” leads coalition representative Nicola Grace to ask “Do these people making decisions that literally effect people’s lives read the right papers?”

Read more..
September 15th Ron Law Risk & Policy Adviser Media Release

ADHB Favours Death to Alternatives

“The fact that the Auckland District Health Board’s so-called clinical practice committee could find zero evidence of safety means that they simply did not look; the only other explanation is that their bias and prejudice got in the way of objectivity………

The Ministry of Health has confirmed to me today [15 September 2010] that high-dose intravenous vitamin C branded as Ascor L 500 is a fully registered medicine and is classified for general sale, “because its use generally poses a low risk of harm to health. Technically a supermarket could sell it, however as it is an injectable medicine realistically they won’t.”

In other words, intravenous ascorbic acid in the form of Ascor L 500 is so safe that it does not even require a doctor’s prescription, nor does it require being sold through a pharmacy; it can be sold anywhere!”

Read more..

September 15th Natural Health Alliance Media Release

Kiwis May Die Through Medical Ignorance

“In response to the Auckland DHB 14th September press release, visiting Vitamin C expert, Dr Thomas Levy said today, “To assert that there is ‘no evidence’ that high-dose vitamin C is either safe or effective is to ignore the results of thousands of such IV administrations by doctors around the world, as well as to ignore tens of thousands of articles in the medical literature in the most esteemed medical institutions in the world that have been published over the last 70 years.“

Read more..

Facebook Discussions
There has been much activity on our Facebook Group Page with some overseas onlookers interested on how we are progression to have HDIVC accepted in hospitals. Have your say.

Join our group and participate in the discussion today at
Help Us to Effect Change!
We are raising money to change the law so that this safe, life saving high dose vitamin C therapy can be administered to patients, where appropriate, upon their request. When we can make it happen here in New Zealand we can change the world. With your donation we can keep alive our campaign to support patients’ rights to receive high dose vitamin C in hospitals, campaign for law reform and potentially save lives.

The finances for the coalition campaign are being administered in a separate bank account by HFNZ so please keep your online receipt of payment as your tax deductible receipt.

Donate here at:
Hope to see you Friday.
The crew at

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