Health Freedom NZ Newsletter, 14 Sept 2010.
As the Vitamin C debate hots up, 60 minutes are to air a follow up story this Wednesday. The Sunday program is also broadcasting a piece on Cancer and Vitamin C. At the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition we are being contacted daily by family members wanting High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C (HDIVC ) as well as by supportive Doctors, Oncologists and Professors. The Thomas Levy Event this Friday is something you will not want to miss! Tickets are selling fast and we can’t guarantee sales at the door, so to be part of this exciting and historic event book today at

American Cardiologist, Researcher, Lawyer and Author of “Curing the Incurable”- Dr Thomas Levy MD JD is in Auckland for one public appearance only giving a talk on the current contentious issue of Vitamin C – The Facts – The Fiction and The Law. There are very few people who know more about Vitamin C than Dr Levy and given the significant public interest Dr Levy’s visit could not be more timely!

The event is being held at Dorothy Winston Centre – Auckland Girls’ Grammar School Friday 17th Sept 7.30 pm tickets available at – everyone is invited to attend.

Dr Levy will discuss why vitamin C should be part of routine therapy for any infectious disease or toxin exposure in hospitals, not just those cases that are life-threatening, and how this supplement is remarkably free of any side effects. He will expose how reporting about how vitamin C negatively impacts on kidney health is mythical and totally without the support of scientific evidence.

Dr Levy will present the evidence that clearly reveals: How vitamin C has been able to cure or contribute to the cure of many common infectious diseases, including some deemed incurable such as hepatitis and polio; How vitamin C can effectively neutralize and cure a wide variety of life-threatening toxin exposures for which no effective treatments presently exist, including but not limited to poisonous snakebites, heavy metals, pesticides, and event the toxicity of radiation exposure… as long as vitamin C is administered in the right form with the proper technique in frequent and high enough doses along with certain additional agents, and for a long enough period of time, Dr Levy maintains.

The Cardiologist also discusses that you should have a legal right to include vitamin C in your hospital-based treatment as 75 years of research and scientific data have proven its effectiveness and safety, regardless of whether your physician is aware of this data or personally “approves” of it.

More research on vitamin C is not needed to start saving many patients lives now, particularly those who would otherwise die or suffer needlessly.

The event is being organised by the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition

Dorothy Winston Centre – Auckland Girls’ Grammar School
Friday 17th Sept 7.30 pm

Dr Levy is available for interview from Wednesday – Friday prior to the event to members of the media. Contact medial contact Sarah Cotter 0275-259-3577

For more information on the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition call acting coalition representative Nicola Grace on 021 258 7654.

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