Freeman’s Comments About The Use Of The Barium & Aluminium In Chemtrails

New World Order researcher Freeman of The Freeman Perspective, spoke about his theories of what chemtrails are used for during the Truth Frequency Radio show, with Chris Geo and Sheree on August the 30th, 2010.
Download the program from here:

The statements in question were made from 1 hour and 5 minutes into the show.

He was asked what he thought the chemtrail program was for and replied that in the first Gulf War, barium was being fed to the insurgents and chemtrails were used to feed it to them, as this enabled them to be tracked.

He went on to say that he has identified two main functions for the chemtrails.  He said the two main ingredients are aluminium (Al) and barium, (Ba) and with Al inside you, you will become an antenna, a receptor for the electromagnetic frequency devices being used, such as HAARP – and if you breathe in Ba, you will show up on the X-band radar.
“You shine like a beacon on a radar,” he offers.

Freeman also mentioned that “they” will be able to work out when people gather. The Ba will make running and hiding far more difficult.
He also stated he went to the Rainbow gathering, which was comprised of between 10-20,000 people, and that on the official start up date, chemtrails appeared in the middle of the woods over the people.  He said he usually went there two weeks early and didn’t see any chemtrails until the official start up date.

In addition, he mentioned that there was a meeting in Tucson, Arizona called the Gem and Mineral Show, re: selling gems and minerals and people were only using cash, (which is untraceable). He said they chemtrailed very heavily indeed and people became sick as a result of heavy metal poisoning.

I recommend that people listen to what he said, do plenty of research into the issues and subscribe to Truth Frequency Radio.


Freeman’s website:

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