Newsletter No. 28 For 2010 From the NZ Climate Realists Against the ETS

Greetings again Climate Realists,

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Poetic or not, I tend to liken the climate change scenario to a very large tree, with the ETS being a main branch.
The roots go all over the place and the branches likewise spread over a large area.
One of the areas  drawn to my attention again this week shows how anti-family, anti-people this movement is.
I would love to say that this must be an extreme element but there are so many indications that this line of thinking is very widespread and influential in all the wrong places.
Here is an extract:
……..A mother and father are each responsible for one half of the emissions of their offspring and 1/4 the emissions of their grandchildren and so on forever or thereabouts.
Therefore, under current US conditions, each child adds 9,441 metric tons of CO2 to the carbon legacy of the average female.

That’s 5.7 times her lifetime emissions.

Translation: one child costs nearly 6 times your own CO2 emissions.
In the pessimistic scenario, each American child adds 12,730 metric tons to your carbon legacy.
In comparison, under current Bangladeshi conditions, each child adds 56 metric tons of CO2 to the carbon legacy of the average female.

“The bottom line is that absolutely nothing else you can do-driving a more fuel efficient car, driving less, installing energy-efficient windows, replacing light bulbs, replacing refrigerators, recycling-comes even close to simply not having that child. All those good things still add up to less than 500 metric tons of CO2 savings. Not having the kid saves between 10,000 and 13,000 metric tons of CO2…………………

Read the full the article at
For those of you who missed the Backbenchers program focussing on the ETS here is the link:

Well done to John Boscawen, Don Nicolson and one or two others who attempt to be the voice of sanity
against a mindset which has its grips on such a large number of people.
When people like Gareth Morgan, Russell Norman and others continue to steadfastly refer to farmers as ‘polluters’ and continue to agitate for ‘20% reduction by 2020’ it is just as well there are a few prominent people out there to balance the arguments.

Worth a read-
From Pastural Farming Climate Research:
Landcare Research scientist joins Dairy NZ scientist in being unable to clarify their confused and contradictory positions.

Scientists from both organisations maintain that methane from a steady source does not result in an increase in the atmospheric concentration of methane.

David Whitehead of Landcare Research likened it to a bath tub filled with water (or methane). When the inflow matches the outflow the water level remains the same.  The only way the level in the bath can increase is if you increase the inflow without increasing the outflow. So methane in the atmosphere can only increase if you increase animal production.

As such there can be no global warming from enteric methane produced from a stable source.

But the same scientists from the same organisations also state that because ruminant digestion converts CO2 to CH4 and that CH4 is 21 times more potent as a greenhouse gas, a steady source of enteric methane does cause global warming.

So on one hand they are saying that if the source of enteric methane is constant there is no increase in methane levels and therefore no global warming.

They are also saying that net warming occurs when the source of methane is constant because of the difference in global warming potency of CO2 and CH4

These two positions are in contradiction with each other because with no net increase in methane there is no warming.  They have both so far been unable to clarify their contradictory positions.

What really concerns me is that Dairy NZ is an industry good organisation. It is funded by farmers for farmers. They are well aware that their two contradictory positions highlight the fact that one of these positions is wrong. So why are they not out there seeking the truth on behalf of their farmers, instead of continuing to mislead their farmers with Government propaganda?

Dairy NZ is happy to promote farmers by funding ‘Go Dairy Campaigns’ but it will do nothing to investigate and put right the contradictory and false information it broadcasts about the impact dairy farming is having on global warming.  Did they ever consider that without the continual bad press dairy farming gets about global warming they might not need to do a ‘Go Dairy Campaign’?

If you have access to your Dairy NZ rep you might want to drop them a line and ask them about Dairy NZ’s curious position on enteric menthane and global warming.

Visit the website:

From ‘Watts up with that’:

This is a peer-reviewed paper by two very senior and well-respected
statisticians (McShane and Wyner 2010).
” This paper is a direct and serious rebuttal to the proxy reconstructions
of Mann. It seems watertight on the surface, because instead of trying to
attack the proxy data quality issues, they assumed the proxy data was
accurate for their purpose, then created a bayesian backcast method. Then,
using the proxy data, they demonstrate it fails to reproduce the sharp 20th
century uptick.”

Kind Regards,


The Green Swindle
‘The show Al Gore doesn’t want America to see’

‘Climategate’ author: Hannity program ‘pounds final nail into global-warming coffin’
In a program devoted to exposing the roots of the global warming scandal, Sean Hannity will feature author Brian Sussman  on his Fox News program.
“This is the show Al Gore doesn’t want America to see,” said Sussman, author of the best-selling WNB Books titled, “Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Expose the Global Warming Scam.”
Hannity also will include a host of climate scientists who claim the science cited to support global warming trends is fraudulent. ………………


Letter to the Editor.
What year is it? 2010. No it must be 1984 and H.G.Wells must be laughing in his grave since NZ has recently established The Ministry of MisInformation!! How many people realise that in these times of economic hardship (while cutting funds to home help, infant education and education classes etc.) the Government has established “The Science Media Centre” to handle all media enquiries in matters concerning Science at a cost running into millions. This centre is to be the first call for all radio, television and written articles concerning Science so that the ‘correct  information’ is given out to the public.
It would be good news except that the ‘correct information’ is the ‘party line’ as set by the Government.
Be aware ‘Big Brother’ is feeding to you only the information it wants you to hear! On TV7 last Wednesday the spokesman (Peter Griffin) for the Science Media Centre was introduced as an ‘expert’ in Science matters and proceeded to give a very unbalanced report on Climate Change.
He made snide remarks regarding the recent appeal to the High Court by the NZ Climate Science Coalition regarding manipulation of temperature data by NIWA. What grounds does he have to adopt the moral ‘high ground’ in matters about which it was apparent he has little knowledge (he has no formal qualifications in science as stated on SMC’s own web-page) but has only a qualification in Communication. Then we find that the SMC relies on information supplied by the NZ Royal Society which has several employees of NIWA on its committee and all becomes clear. Politics is far more important than good Science and we don’t want the public asking Doc Nick Smith awkward questions, do we?
Simon B
The ETS Must be Dumped
Come to a Public Meeting to learn about the ETS and the damage it will do to New Zealand’s economy. No spin, just the facts.  Learn also about the backdowns that have already resulted from ACT’s campaign and ACT’s strategy going forward.
11am-12:30pm, Wednesday 1 September
Ngatea War Memorial Hall
3.00pm, Wednesday 1 September
The Rewa Room, Matamata Club, Rawhiti Street
Te Kauwhata
7:30pm, Wednesday 1 September
Waikare Golf Club, 66 Warenga Rd
11.30am-12.30pm, Thursday 2 September
Taradale Town Hall and Rotary Lounge, 8 Meeanee Rd
11:30am, Monday 6 September
Post Office Café courtyard, Te Ahi Building, Ballarat St
To subscribe to John Boscawen’s ETS newsletter email with the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.
Support those who support Climate Realists:
Climate Realists have thus far produced a range of bumper stickers and a climate change information pamphlet.
These have been funded largely by ourselves, with a few donations from CR Network members.
We are very fortunate that one of our members, Alan, has kindly been doing the printing at cost price and the graphic design free of charge.
Alan has now made an even better offer which could be a win-win for everyone.
If you or any acquaintances are print purchasers and purchase printed material from his company then part of the sale price will be credited towards printing for Climate Realists. His printing prices are extremely good ones and you can check out prices and products at and even send for a full colour price book.
All you need to do is send your orders to and you will be helping us to combat the ETS.
The more people you refer to Alan for printing the more we can afford to distribute the facts on climate change.

Hello Neil and Esther
I share your concerns about the recent conflict in the ACT party – as up till now it seemed a tenable venue for political support especially given its opposition to the ETS scam.
I suggest at this stage we look at an option that many Australian voters have taken – the election of independent MPs who are not beholden to any political party but who are able to freely vote for the best interests of their constituents and the country as a whole.  I believe that many of us are thoroughly disillusioned with both major Parties who seem to think they have a mandate to do as they like once they are in power.
Is it beyond the bounds of possibility for farmers against the ETS scam to drop National entirely and to give their constituency vote to their own independent candidates and their party votes to ACT, assuming that it does not disintegrate entirely?
Years ago one of  my friends told me that if he wanted to start a revolution he’d make sure he had me with him. I say, given the deafness of the politicians who are supposed to represent us, it’s time we did have a political revolution. However, it won’t start itself – we need people of competence and integrity to lead the charge!
Yours sincerely
Denis M

Back again  after doing some searching .  I googled
‘ Climate change fraud ‘, and ‘satellite climate hoax’,  and got quite startling results . As you know, you can go from page to page and glean a little new information each time .
Dr Charles R Anderson has some interesting observations. Sometimes it takes a while to sift through the information and decide on  some sort of consensus !
Hope this helps
Malcolm  R.
Another one of the ‘overhanging branches’ of the climate change tree- how many of these purchases are for carbon credit purposes?
Foreign buyers are lining up from all countries to purchase our land. In the last five years New Zealand, through the Overseas Investment Office has approved the sale of 150,000 hectares of agricultural land to foreign owners.
We believe the Government must take urgent steps to address foreign ownership of our lands. The first step to place a moratorium on the sale of Crafar farm and other sensitive agricultural land to foreign ownership until there has been informed public debate and suitable protections incorporated into a review of the Overseas Investment Act 2005. New Zealand must retain ownership of our primary resource, the land and waters of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Foreign investment can bring positive economic benefits to New Zealand and there are a number of examples, equally there are examples where those benefits quickly move off-shore. Much of our prime wine growing areas are now in foreign ownership. Can we afford to sit back and let this happen to our large farms and the communities they support?
The culture of New Zealand is one of partnership with the land and the waters of Aotearoa. As partners we ask for the chance to be heard and the opportunity to best protect our land for future generations.
Show your support by going to the following website and sign the petition

all the best,
Neil and Esther

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