New research turns entire 9/11 paradigm upside down

By Phil Jayhan
Since the beginning of this year we have been looking into the passengers and victims of 9/11. So far we have proven 17 of the passengers of the 4 planes to be fraudulent. Some from each plane. We believe all of them were fraudulent. But it takes time to go through each person and do the legwork.

We have proven that the Pentagon victims listed as dying at the Pentagon were fraudulent. 65 of the 76 pictures originally placed in the CNN Memorial by the Pentagon have been recalled, and are now 404’s. This is because the Exif/IPTC data showed in a simple way that the Pentagon pictures had all been created on 2/15/2000, 1 year, 6 months and 26 days before 9/11 happened. This Pentagon story will be published in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!

We have also discovered the same type of fraud happening at the World Trade Center with many many fraudulent victims. People that simply never died at the WTC on 9/11 yet we were told they did.

Apart from these things, we have also made some stunning new 911 discoveries. One of these being a good reasonable explanation on why absolutely no contents of the world trade center were found in the debris pile.

Another Viable Explanation for lack of Debris at WTC debris pile:…ed-t21572.html

Mark Bingham, flight 93 here, shows Exif/IPTC data on his picture as 8/30/2001, some 13 days before 9/11. Proving the picture and Mark Binghams story to be a lie!

Mark Bingham story is here:…tc-t22139.html

Another Flight 93 here was Alan Beaven. He was also a fraud, and it can be proven by viewing the Exif/IPTC data on his photograph. Mr. Beavens picture shows Exif/IPTC data as 9/12/2001, still impossibly quick for them to have received a family picture from the family, especially since the victims names weren’t released until 9/12/2001

Alan Beavens story here:

We have dozens of new stories and most victims and passengers we have proven frauds have their own article and thread; I have made a Directory of these links so they are easy for all of you to find and research for yourselves!

Directory of 911 Frauds & New Research here:

We have need for a ton more researchers willing to take the time to find and discover these things. And the good news is there is nothing but golden nuggets to be found when examining and researching the victims.

But in the meantime we prepare for 9/11/10 and hope that this new information spreads as quickly as it should.

I want to thank each and every person at the forums who has taken time to help with this research in one way or another. We now have a research team which is moving along at high speed through the victims on 911. And each day we are discovering new frauds at the WTC on 9/11!

So hopefully, many more people will now come and see that there is indeed something new in 9/11 and also become a part of it!

Stop on by and see whats new!

Phil Jayhan
Site Admin

New Research Directory:

Is Mike Rivero John Wenckus from Flight 11?…ry-t20589.html

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