Camp FEMA: Behind the Barbed Wire, The Extended Interviews

Columbia, MO – Are you one of the tens of thousands who have seen the controversial hit Camp FEMA?  Would you like to hear more from the enlightening guests, some of whom have made the national “Who’s Who of the Patriots” list?  Now is your chance.  Camp FEMA: Behind the Barbed Wire is being released by Producer/Director team Gary Franchi and William Lewis.

While doing documentary-style films, there are always so many more interviews that do not fit the time constraint of a feature film.
Yet, these other discussions are still vital to the message.
Franchi and Lewis have created a disc of the other essential
information, holding nothing back.  Get “the rest of the story”
from guests Alex Jones, John Stadtmiller, Sam Ozaki, Jeffrey Grupp, Catherine Bleish, James Lane and Chuck Baldwin.

The interactive menu lets you choose which piece of information
you’d like to hear, or you can choose to play a set of interviews
from one guest.

Hear Alex Jones talk about the types of camps, control grids, HR
645 and Presidential Decision Directive (PDD 51)  Jeffrey Grupp enlightens the audience about places that could be quickly turned into camps and the effects of fluoride.

Topics of concern for John Stadtmiller are the Second Amendment,
the FEMA Budget and the old FBI brochure, coming to life.

Catherine Bleish expounds on the MIAC information.

Concerns for James Lane include Wal-Mart, and the Swine Flu mess

And there is much more.  There are sixty-plus different clips with
topics ranging from the focus on states rights to the MIAC Center
to the old FBI Brochure to thought training to what could qualify
as a FEMA camp.  Former US internment survivor, who happened to also be a US Citizen at the time, Sam Ozaki, even warns that it
could all happen again, and this time, it could happen to you.

Make sure you stay informed.  To get your copy of Camp FEMA:
Behind The Barbed Wire, be sure to visit

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