Newsletter No. 27 For 2010 From The NZ Climate Realists Against The ETS

Greetings Climate Realists,

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

It’s been an interesting week, on a national and local level for us.
*The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition has initiated court proceedings against the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), claiming their temperature records are not accurate.
*Sad to see the ructions within the Act Party, and we can only hope they do not self-destruct.
*Nick Smith is coming to Gisborne, which was not on the original list of venues for his nationwide tour.
It will be great if we can have an impressive array of questions lined up for Nick when we finally get to meet him.
Have a good week,
An opportunity for Climate Realists to make their presence felt:
Hot Topic is treating the NZCSC as ‘cranks’ and rubbishing their court action: by going on to their site (link below) and showing approval or disapproval of the comments posted we can show Gareth Renownden and his friends that there is plenty of support out there for the ‘skeptic’s’ viewpoint.


The Hon Anne Tolley, Member of Parliament for East Coast,
invites you to a

Public Meeting on the National Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme

with the Hon Dr Nick Smith, Minister for Climate Change Issues
WHERE: The Gisborne Hotel, Cnr Tyndall & Huxley Roads, Gisborne

WHEN: 7pm – 8pm, Wednesday 1 September 2010

RSVP:    Before Monday 30 August to CarolineTaylor,

by email to or call (06) 867 7571


Backbenches Special on the Emissions Trading Scheme

John Boscawen will be a panellist on Backbenches‘ ETS special on Wednesday, 25 August at 9:10pm. If you live in Wellington, come to the Backbencher pub and show your support for John.  Go early to grab a seat.  It’s pub politics at its best!  Alternatively you can watch on TVNZ 7 (available on Freeview and Sky Channel 97).

The ETS Must be Dumped

Come to a Public Meeting to learn about the ETS and the damage it will do to New Zealand’s economy. No spin, just the facts.  Learn also about the backdowns that have already resulted from ACT’s campaign and ACT’s strategy going forward.

2pm, Thursday 26 August
Katikati RSA, Cnr Henry Road & Main Road

11am-12:30pm, Wednesday 1 September
Ngatea War Memorial Hall

Te Kauwhata
7:30pm, Wednesday 1 September
Waikare Golf Club, 66 Warenga Rd

11.30am-12.30pm, Thursday 2 September
Taradale Town Hall and Rotary Lounge, 8 Meeanee Rd

11:30am, Monday 6 September
Post Office Café courtyard, Te Ahi Building, Ballarat St

To subscribe to John Boscawen’s ETS newsletter email with the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.

Have you seen this story on Climate Audit:  The paper appears to have been peer-reviewed & accepted for publication, as it is downloadable from the “next issues” page of Annals of Statistical Science website:  One of the authors, Blake McShane, is a recent PhD in statistics from the Wharton School (now teaching at the Kellogg School of Management); the other author, Abraham Wyner, teaches statistics at the Wharton School; and the Wharton School is at the University of Pennsylvania, as is a certain Dr Michael Mann.  Interesting times at U Penn?

*********    ********    *********

Perhaps this newsletter will be of interest – assuming you haven’t already rejected it as unbearably OTT.

IIRC, mention was made in a recent edition of a Climate Realists’ newsletter of the participation & devout belief in CAGW of devout Christians – I note from the website for the film “Beyond the Tipping Point” that funding for the film came from the Lincoln Theological Institute, at the University of Manchester.


Daily Humour:
Greenie Watch: and interesting website to browse:
The media really does not want us to get too much perspective on any of the major issues of our times. This next graphic is a real killer of our theories of global warming:
Source: Graphic based on a slide created by Andrei Illarionov, Adviser to the President of Russia. The slide was part of a PowerPoint presentation given by Illarionov in 2004 (which is also worth viewing)*
We have been steadily cooling since the end of the last century but don’t tell anyone that because you will be labeled a skeptic. So brazen has the media and those who control it become that they think nothing of hiding half the planet from their reporting. After they were able to hide the real causes of the collapse of the World Trade Centers, especially building number five across the street just because people were looking at it, and after they hid all the plane parts at the Pentagon, even the titanium Rolls engines, they figured they could even hide a hemisphere or at least what is happening in it.  Their silence about the southern hemisphere is deafening.
Robert Wilson (Director)

Agriculture and the future of the ETS: An interpretation of principles, politics, practice and profits.
Come and hear Prof. Frank Scrimgeour
Frank is professor of economics and dean of Waikato Management School. A past president of the NZ Agricultural and Resource Economics Society and the NZ Association of Economists, he has a B. Ag science 1st class honors from Lincoln and a PhD from Hawaii. He has published research on the economics of climate change.
When:  Thurs 26 August at 4.15 pm
Where: Ruakura Campus Club, Ruakura Research Centre
All Welcome – please share this invitation with your friends and colleagues.
This seminar is organized by the Waikato branch of the New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science Inc.
New members welcome
Unfortunately National decided to push ahead with its ill conceived adoption of an ETS regime.
If it is still in place by the next election my vote, both party and individual, will be going to ACT. I will also do my best to encourage as many voters away from National as possible.
I had hopes that National would have proved to be a party of thinkers capable of making the types of decisions that would see New Zealand move forward economically.
Sadly they have done nothing since taking office to confirm my hopes. One tax reduction taken away by
ACC levies
GST increases
Hopefully John Key can be persuaded that he does not need to sell us down the drain over the Foreshore and Seabed to gain Maori Party support. I very much fear I am about to be disappointed yet again.

Roll on election year

Alan N

Here are my additions with thanks to Maurice @ the Mount;

When all the AGW’ers die
We will raise a monument into the sky
A monument of Solid Carbon
To commemorate their Bogus Jargon
Lets do Earth a favour, our atmosphere is CO2 (Plant Food) impoverished.
Lets all make more of it, 1000ppmv would be good, that’s about the amount
commercial growers pump into their greenhouses to enhance growth.
I am way past arguing with Woolly thinking pushers of the Null Hypothesis of
CO2 (Plant Food) driven Anthropogenic Global Warming.
1. Nick the climate clown Smith
2. Gareth carbon for brains Morgan
3. John the Don Key
4. Sir Peter gobbledegook Gluckman
5. Paul the gormless Holmes
7. Lucy Clueless Lawless
8. Robyn Malcontent Malcolm
9. Chief NIWA nitwit David Wratt
10. Jim Sleazy Salinger

Please feel free to add to the list !
If BS was Tar Seal we could resurface the entire State Highway system of NZ with
this lot ! The first six are more than enough for SH 1.

hope you can add that,
This report is in three parts, and deals with Obama’s parents working history as well as Obama’s secret history with the CIA.

The Alex Jones film “The Obama Deception” exposes repeated Obama’s broken promises and duplicity, while “Fall of the Republic” goes into even more detail on Obama’s purpose as President and whose interests he serves.

These films can be watched for free and downloaded from the internet.

Support those who support Climate Realists:
Climate Realists have thus far produced a range of bumper stickers and a climate change information pamphlet.
These have been funded largely by ourselves, with a few donations from CR Network members.
We are very fortunate that one of our members, Alan, has kindly been doing the printing at cost price and the graphic design free of charge.
Alan has now made an even better offer which could be a win-win for everyone.
If you or any acquaintances are print purchasers and purchase printed material from his company then part of the sale price will be credited towards printing for Climate Realists. His printing prices are extremely good ones and you can check out prices and products at and even send for a full colour price book.
All you need to do is send your orders to and you will be helping us to combat the ETS.
The more people you refer to Alan for printing the more we can afford to distribute the facts on climate change.

About Clare Swinney

Committed to awakening those still asleep. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. WebofEvidence on YouTube: Clare on Bitchute:
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