Newsletter No. 26 For 2010 From The NZ Climate Realists Against The ETS

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Greetings Climate Realists, from a very soggy East Coast.
Firstly, I offer apologies for not being very active on the email front over the past couple of weeks.
I have a very bad case of sciatica which makes it agonising to spend even a couple of minutes at the computer. Hence no newsletter last week. Thank you to those who have sent links etc – I have been able to stand and read, but working at the keyboard is a challenge. Hence not many replies to your email either.
Anyway, enough of that.
We have an interesting selection of links this week- sourced from here, there and everywhere.
Happy reading- if your weather is anything like ours, an indoor day is quite an attractive option!
all the best,
The Pulpit
Those of you who live in rural areas probably already receive the Farmers Weekly but for those who don’t,  here is a link to an excellent opinion piece.
Interestingly, on the opposite page there is a letter to the editor from someone who is not our greatest supporter. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all.
Farmer’s Weekly:


Muriel Newman and her New Zealand Centre for Political Research continue to provide very worthwhile commentary on many relevant issues.
Their free weekly newsletter is available by contacting them via their website:
Last week’s newsletter is well worth a read. Find it on their site.
Hi Esther
Thank for keeping me updated.
“Your story” ran in the NKC Farmer (2 pages) on July 13 (you can read it on ) and I interviewed Rodney Hide last week when he came to speak at Otorohanga and that ran on our front page/page 7 on July 22. So we are keeping the flag flying in the Nth King Country.
Robbie Kay  l Reporter  l Waitomo News
Hello Neil & Esther,Hope you guys are going well; your updates are quite jam-packed, even US news in there. =)

You can check out the story on the forum here:,

Maryanne Wardlaw  |

Reporter  | Baptist Magazine

Greetings – I’m sure your readers will drop their jaws when they read of this madness in the UK (see below)
NZ beware – obviously our elected ‘leaders’ are capable of similar stupidity.
Best regards!
Companies that fail to register their energy use by next month will be hit with fines that could reach £45,000 under the little-known rules. Those that do participate in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) initiative by declaring their energy use will face charges for every ton of greenhouse gas they produce. These payments are expected to average £38,000 a year for medium-sized firms, and could reach £100,000 for larger organisationsJames Kirkup, Harry Wallop and Louise Gray, The Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2010
The trouble is that climate policies and green taxes once considered trendy, have turned into major liabilities for many governments – so much so that climate schemes in Europe, the US and Australia have been dumped in response to a public backlash. Surveys suggest that more than 70 percent of British voters are not willing to pay higher taxes to fund climate change initiatives. Consequently, green taxes will inevitably raise the level of public anger and scepticism. Benny Peiser, Troy Media, 12 August 2010
The devastating Russian heatwave and Pakistan floods are caused by one unusual weather pattern – the static jet stream, meteorologists say.  In the past month, a “blocking event” has brought the jet stream to a halt, keeping weather patterns stationery over certain countries. But less is known about what triggers this abnormal activityGlenda Kwek, The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 August 2010
At the beginning of the climate conference in Bonn, Germany, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres called on delegates to do what was “politically possible” and make “incremental” progress. By most accounts, the Bonn talks fell short of even these modest goals. “More likely is that the level of ambition for Cancun will be reduced further with no more than a package of agreements negotiated and all the tough stuff put back until next year. Or 2013. Or 2014,” John Vidals concludes. That, he says, would be “the nightmare scenario”–an outcome that the squabbling in Bonn has made all the more likely. Corbin Hiar, UN Dispatch, 11 August 2010
Neil & EstherFrom your last newsletter, I was particularly interested in the item on Dairy NZ “contradicting themselves”. They agreed with MAF that “warming occurs in steady state situations because livestock cause CO2 to become CH4 and CH4 has a higher global warming potential”.

I have a letter from Nick Smith which agrees that the CO2 effect is just part of the current carbon cycle, BUT the conversion to methane means that the carbon atoms cause warming at 21 x CO2e for 9 years.

Surely, this isn’t advanced maths:

Year 2000: If I have a farm with 100 animals which emit one tonne per head pa, then my land is responsible for 100 tonnes of CH4 (or 2100tCO2e) in the current year. [No different if measured per kg of milksolids/meat]
Year 2009: Roll forward 9 years, and the atmosphere is still receiving 100 tonnes. But it is also losing 100 tonnes (or 2100tCO2e) through the oxidation of the CH4 I put up there in 2000. Net CH4 emissions from my farm for this year = zero.

The Kyoto system focuses on timing. If I plant trees now, I’ll receive credits right away – but if I chop them down in 9 years, the credits are reversed. Then I’ll get credits again if I re-plant after that. You/they pay while your activities are still hurting/helping the atmosphere.

Now let’s assume that my farm has enjoyed an 80% increase in production since 1990 (had to, because Roger Douglas took away all the props just before this), but has been ‘steady state’ since 2000. As shown above, my current net emissions are zero.

The Kyoto regime punishes increases, not absolute amounts, so why should I be penalised? Why is MAF going back to what I produced 20 years ago to calculate how much penalty should be imposed? That ancient history has nothing to do with the amount of methane up there today. CO2 might last hundreds of years in the atmosphere (?), but CH4 is quite different – it’s all gone now!Barry

From ACT:
Backbenches Special on the Emissions Trading Scheme:John Boscawen will be a panellist on Backbenches‘ ETS special on Wednesday, 25 August at 9:10pm.

If you live in Wellington, come to the Backbencher pub and show your support for John.  Go early to grab a seat.  It’s pub politics at its best!  Alternatively you can watch on TVNZ 7 (available on Freeview and Sky Channel 97).

anti-ETS meetings:

2pm, Thursday 26 August
Katikati RSA, Cnr Henry Road & Main Road

11am-12:30pm, Wednesday 1 September
Ngatea War Memorial Hall

Te Kauwhata
7:30pm, Wednesday 1 September
Waikare Golf Club, 66 Warenga Rd

11.30am-12.30pm, Thursday 2 September
Taradale Town Hall and Rotary Lounge, 8 Meeanee Rd

11:30am, Monday 6 September
Post Office Café courtyard, Te Ahi Building, Ballarat St


Hi –
A couple of things that may be of some interest (though I make no claim to being first with the news):In The Atlantic, Clive Crook continues what he started in the FT: (h/t Bishop Hill)In the Hoover Institution’s latest issue of “Policy Review”, an analysis of EU funding of climate research:  (h/t Richard North)regards, ‘M’


Thanks Neil and Esther  – excellent material.
As I said,  I’m going to a Smith séance in Septamber.  Among others,  I’ll ask ‘that’ question.
I’m sure National is running this to the wire.  Note how the furore in the media has already died down and the ETS has not caused riots.  When farming is brought in,  it might!
I reckon National will stick with the ETS  or dump it – depending on the Cancun ‘decisions’.  Then they will say ‘We did the right thing’ or ‘We had to wait to see’.   An each-way bet.   If there is not general agreement at Cancun,  our pollies will stick with it, but not hit farmers and will water it down over time.
Best wishes


When all the AGW’ers die
We will raise a monument into the sky
A monument of Solid Carbon
To commemorate their Bogus Jargon
Lets do Earth a favour, our atmosphere is CO2 (Plant Food) impoverished.
Lets all make more of it, 1000ppmv would be good, that’s about the amount
commercial growers pump into their greenhouses to enhance growth.
I am way past arguing with Woolly thinking pushers of the Null Hypothesis of
CO2 (Plant Food) driven Anthropogenic Global Warming.
1. Nick the climate clown Smith
2. Gareth carbon for brains Morgan
3. John the Don Key
4. Sir Peter gobbledegook Gluckman
5. Paul the gormless Holmes
Please feel free to add to the list !
If BS was Tar Seal we could resurface the entire State Highway system of NZ with
this lot ! The first six are more than enough for SH 1.
Maurice @ the Mount, Kind Regards to all.

Carbon Sense Coalition
Green Car Policies are Defective and should be Recalled.
The Carbon Sense Coalition today called for an end to the massive subsidies to the green car industry and to rich buyers of green car toys.
The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that to waste taxpayer funds helping foreign car manufacturers to produce cars that consumers don’t want is bad policy.
“Worse still is a policy that encourages people to trash a roadworthy car and buy a trendy new one they do not need.”
Forbes explained:
“To collect, transport and scrap one car and build and deliver another one costs a lot in money, metals, and energy.
“These misguided policies benefit car manufacturers, car dealers, car financiers and some consumers. Everyone else, including the environment, is a loser.
“None of the so called green cars are really green.
“Electric motors, compressed air motors and hydrogen “fuel” are promoted as clean and green, but none of them are sources of energy. All of them need conventional electric power to provide their stored energy.
“Electric cars must fill their batteries from a power point. Compressed air cars must fill their tanks from a compressor which probably uses electricity. And a hydrogen car, if one ever appears, must fill its tank from a refinery using heaps of electricity to produce hydrogen from water or hydrocarbons.
“And where will the electricity come from? In Australia right now 93% of electricity comes from combustion of hydrocarbons such as coal, gas and oil. That will not change dramatically or quickly without putting the lights out. And a dramatic switch to “green” cars plus bans and taxes on hydrocarbon energy increases the chance of that.
“Electric cars are nifty and quiet, and may reduce harmful concentrations of hot exhaust gases in city air, but in Australia they will run mainly on carbon fuel. There will be zero reduction in the production of carbon dioxide (as if that matters anyway).
The market is the best judge whether diesel, hybrid, electric, petrol or compressed air cars are used. The answer will vary from family to family and from city to country.
“For too long governments have been throwing subsidies at foreign car companies and “green” car buyers. Now they are pushing low cost cars out of the market with their “big bucks for old bombs” giveaway.
“Subsidies always encourage waste of the subsidised product – it is not a sustainable policy. The marginal savings in fuel consumption will never compensate for this extravagance.
“Green car subsidies are dud policies and should be subject to an immediate recall notice.”
Comments Authorised by:
Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition


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