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Dakota: Genetically Modified canola has escaped into the wild and now are spreading out of control. Two GM strains have bred to produce a third. Monsanto, the creator of the plants, says there is nothing to worry about.

[Frankenstein has been released.  The USDA has jurisdiction over plant contamination, but they will continue to ignore or downplay this danger because – are you ready for this? – USDA shares ownership of GM patents!]
Digital Journal
2010 Aug 6 (Cached)

UN once again calls for a global currency, called the “Bancor,” the name proposed by Keynes over half-century ago. [Whatever it is called, it would be fiat money similar to what is currently produced by nations. That means there would be no limit to the amount that could be created, and massive inflation would continue. The difference is that nations no longer could return to a sound money even if they wanted to.]
Raw Story
2010 Aug 5 (Cached)

UN wants $100 billion a year (!) to fight climate change. (They are embarrassed to call it global warming any longer.) The announced purpose is to subsidize industries that emit low levels of greenhouse gas and to move third-world countries away from fossil fuels. [The real purpose is to channel tax dollars into politically favored corporations, purchase the loyalty of third-world leaders, and further weaken the economic independence of formerly prosperous nations. The climate will not be changed.]
2010 Aug 5 (Cached)

Australian news report exposes the dangerous toxicity of fluoride in drinking water, tooth paste, and other sources. YouTube 2010 Aug 4

Former Chinese prison guard now in Switzerland wants to testify at the UN about his observation of organ harvesting from Chinese prisoners. The Swiss government, however, intends to deport him. At present, no European countries are willing to grant him asylum, and he may be returned to China for certain torture and death. Epoch Times 2010 Aug 4 (Cached)

US: Actor Drew Carey cures his diabetes through healthy diet and exercise, no longer needing medicine of any kind. NaturalNews 2010 Aug 4 (Cached)

Israeli science students discovers that boiled potatoes are excellent batteries. A single potato can generate energy equal to half an AA battery at a cost 5 to 50 times cheaper. Because potatoes are inexpensive and widely available, the impact of this discovery on developing nations could be significant.
Posted 2010 Aug 4

Former CIA covert operations agents post an open letter to Obama warning against an Israel attack on Iran. They say the motive is not to prevent nuclear weapons but to cause regime change. They tell Obama he can stop Israel from attacking if he publicly condemns that action before it happens. Truthout 2010 Aug 3 (Cached)

Studies prove that common, over-the-counter painkillers cause brain damage. Mercola 2010 Aug 3 (Cached)

Little North Korean girl plays the classical guitar like … well, you won’t believe it.
Posted 2010 Aug 3

Missouri voters reject by referendum the provision of ObamaCare that requires people to have health insurance or suffer penalties. [Although only a referendum to sample voter opinion, five other states have passed laws to this effect, and this sends a strong message to Washington 100 days before the November elections.] Yahoo 2010 Aug 3 (Cached)

United Arab Emirates bans Blackberry messaging and web service because their encryption level makes it difficult for the government to eavesdrop on users. Why do they want to eavesdrop? To prevent crime and terrorism, of course. Yahoo 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

US: EPA wants to regulate how much dust you can create, which would put many enterprises and most farms out of business. EPA says it will not target farms and ranches, but its documents and assessments already include rural areas. One Senator calls the EPA “wacky” and “out of control.” KHASTV 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

Researchers at University of California report that fructose feeds cancer cells and encourages it to spread. [High fructose corn syrup is a primary ingredient in soda drinks and most sweet foods.]
2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

AT&T and Verizon are working to replace credit cards with an electronic payment method through RFID inside Smart Phones. Your personal banking records would be stored on the phones, and a tap on your screen would complete payment at the point of sale. PC World 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

Stanford University scientists develop a vaccine to reduce stress and induce a feeling of “focused calm”. [Here’s another example of normal human behavior being treated as a disorder. Big Pharma want 100% of the population taking drugs for something. So, if you’re stressed over the loss of your rights, a collapsed economy, and servitude to global elitists, no problem. They’ll make you feel good about it after all].
Daily Mail
2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

Researchers find that 40% of store receipts are coated in BPA, a hormone-altering chemical that has been banned in baby bottles and food containers. The chemical rubs off paper easily and, from fingers, may find its way onto food. [Advice: If you have been shopping, wash your hands before eating a sandwich.] Toronto Star 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

RFID Tags now can be read from over 200 feet away, and US military may be able to read them from 80 miles away. Register 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

UN declares Hawaii Marine Monument a World Heritage site. Although mostly coral reefs, it is 100 times larger than Yosemite National Park. [Now it is off limits to visitors unless for scientific, educational, or cultural purposes. No one can visit just to appreciate its beauty or diversity.] Yahoo 2010 Aug 2 (Cached) Click here to see why many observers believe that UN Heritage sites on US soil compromise American sovereignty over those lands.

US: Delegates at an international climate conference announce that the U.S. will implement the Cap-and-Trade bill even though it has been withdrawn due to public opposition. This now will be done piecemeal and through administrative action rather than legislation. A UN climate official predicts rich countries will pay $30 billion to poor countries by December. [Clearly, government leaders are following an agenda of global collectivism even though American voters are strongly opposed to it. Representative government is dead.] Yahoo 2010 Aug 2 (Cached)

UN Experts says that people in Western nations should give up meat and eat insects, instead. [This is not a joke. The global elite live in large villas, drive Ferraris, and eat filet mignon, while the common masses are to live in “zero energy” homes, drive electric scooters, and eat insects. Welcome to the New World Order.] Guardian 2010 Aug 1 (Cached)

Congressman Pete Stark of California is questioned at a public meeting about the constitutionality of Obamacare. He responds by saying there are few constitutional limits that would prevent the government from doing anything it wants to do. [Unfortunately, his view represents the majority in Washington. It is time for REAL change.] YouTube 2010 Aug 1

Brazil: Multi-national detergent maker places tracking devices in products for a promotional stunt. Winners will receive surprise visits by the company which will track their every move without their knowledge. All in good fun, though, because they will be given a pocket camera. [Hmmm. Looks to us like a test of the technology.] CNET News 2010 Jul 31

China: Leaked memo accidentally posted to the Government’s web site boasts of how the government uses the Internet to control information and direct public opinion. It also says that China may soon be cut off from all Internet access to the outside world. Epoch Times Posted 2010 Jul 31 (Cached)

US: Ron Paul advocates repealing the failed ‘War on Drugs’ just as America repealed Prohibition. The ‘Fair Sentencing Act of 2010’ passed the House this week which would raise the quantity of possessed crack cocaine that triggers a 5-year sentence from 5 grams to 28 grams. YouTube Posted 2010 Aug 31

US: House fails to pass bill to compensate 9/11 Ground Zero workers for illness related to the toxic aftermath. Claimants are being urged to accept a settlement of $71,000 each. [The government wants to settle to avoid having to produce evidence in court that might discredit its official explanation of 9/11. Either way, taxpayers will pick up the bill. EPA officials who knew of the hazard but failed to warn the workers will not be punished.] Boston.com Posted 2010 Jul 31 (Cached)

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