Unfiltered News For The Week From G Edward Griffin

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Federal Reserve of New York reports that the assets from the bail-out of AIG and Bear Stearns are showing a ‘paper profit’. Bernanke has long maintained that the bail-out money eventually would be repaid, but that cannot happen until these assets are actually sold. [This is like a man who bought a clunker car for $900 claiming a paper profit because he is sure he could sell it for $1000 when, in fact, he would be lucky to get $100 for it.] BBC 2010 Jul 30 (Cached)

US Federal agents raid a Pennsylvanian Amish dairy for the second time using the excuse that raw milk is not healthy and his raw milk  products are sold in ‘interstate commerce’. Natural News 2010 Jul 30 (Cached)

Citigroup agrees to pay $75 million to settle SEC claims that it failed to disclose subprime holdings. This will be paid out of the $20 billion it previously received in bailout money. The former CFO and head of investor relations also were fined the first time the SEC has ever brought charges against executives for involvement in subprime mortgages. Their fines, however, are relatively light ($100,000 and $80,000) considering their salaries and bonuses. NY Times 2010 Jul 29 (Cached)

EPA Senior Policy Analyst blows the whistle on the EPA for using ‘Corexit’ dispersant, which is highly toxic and causing illness. He says the decision was political and made against the advice of EPA toxicologists. IntelHub.com 2010 Jul 28 (Cached)

US: Federal Reserve will require all mortgage brokers to be fingerprinted and registered. [This creates the impression that the Fed is cracking down on those evil brokers who created the sub-prime crisis. How ironic! The problem was created by policies of the Fed. The managers of the Fed are the ones who should, not only be fingerprinted, but put behind bars.]
2010 Jul 28 (Cached)

Arizona’s immigration law has been barred from enforcement by a federal judge, but state legislators vow to continue the fight on the basis of the Tenth Amendment (states’ rights). [We don’t agree with some aspects of the law and believe there has been political posturing, but we uphold the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, which was written to limit federal authority.] KGUN 9 2010 Jul 28 (Cached)

Obama issues an Executive Order to implement the UN Law Of Sea Treaty that sets international rules of commerce on the sea and large rivers. It encroaches on the jurisdiction of 30 states. MorphCity.com 2010 Jul 28 (Cached)

US: Ohio town announces mandatory vaccinations for all seventh grade students this fall. CantonRep.com 2010 Jul 27 (Cached)

Google and the CIA have jointly invested in a company with technology to scour the web and predict future events. [Oh, yes. It also compiles dossiers on citizens.] Wired 2010 Jul 27 (Cached)

The H1N1 Vaccine will be included in this year’s seasonal flu vaccines, according to this 30-second news report. YouTube 2010 Jul 27

US Pentagon cannot account for $8.7 billion in Iraq reconstruction and so-called humanitarian funds. That’s almost 96% of the total. [This defies comment. Even a child can figure out the significance of this.] MSNBC 2010 Jul 27 (Cached)

New research shows that one-third of cancer deaths can be prevented through simple dietary changes, especially by eating more Omega-3 fatty acids (found in coldwater fish, flax and walnuts), and fewer snack foods. NaturalNews 2010 Jul 27 (Cached)

US: Legislation is being debated in Congress to require all citizens age 18 to 42 to serve the federal government for 2 years in military or civilian service supposedly for national defense and homeland security. [Straight out of the playbooks of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Mao.] Prison Planet 2010 Jul 26 (Cached)

US: 7 more banks shut down this week as banking industry meltdown continues. 103 banks have collapsed so far in 2010. FDIC, which is supposed to insure depositors, has a $20.7 billion dollar deficit. [The big banks that dominate the Federal Reserve cartel are gobbling up the smaller ones as they collapse, and they are using taxpayers’ money to do it.]
Economic Collapse
2010 Jul 26 (Cached)

WikiLeaks former co-founder is skeptical about Wikileaks funding and the authenticity of its current ‘War Log’ documents. CNN 2010 Jul 26

US: New law is aimed at discouraging electronic manufacturers from purchasing minerals from countries where there are armed conflicts, such as the Congo. [The theory is that cutting off commerce will starve rebel groups of funding. In practice, rebel groups – and governments – always will be able to plunder the people. This law will only push struggling countries deeper into poverty.] Yahoo 2010 Jul 26 (Cached)

Mexico’s drug war has resulted in 25,000 deaths to date. Judicial corruption is blamed for the lack of convictions. Innocent citizens are tortured into confessions and paraded before the media while murderers are set free. 98 officials have been assassinated by drug gangs. Yahoo 2010 Jul 27 (Cached)

US: Collecting rainwater on your own property is illegal in some states. The government claims it owns the water. Natural News 2010 Jul 26 (Cached)

IBM Pre-Crime Software is being used for the first time to analyze variables such as offender profiles and even the weather to head off crimes before they are committed reminiscent of the movie “Minority Report”. Telegraph Jul 25 (Cached)

California: Government raids a raw food store to seize unprocessed milk and yogurt  – to protect the store’s customers who prefer these things, of course. LA Times 2010 Jul 25 (Cached)

US: Middle class is radically shrinking. Here are the statistics to prove it. Yahoo Posted 2010 Jul 24 (Cached)

Fallujah, Iraq: New study finds that cancer rate is excessive, even higher than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki following atomic bomb strikes. Birth defects rates are also high. Many believe this is due to the US military use of depleted-uranium weaponry. OpEdNews Posted 2010 Jul 24 (Cached)

Wal-Mart to use electronic ID tags on their clothing that can identify every separate item from a distance. The information can be used by governments, marketers, or even criminals. [For now, the tags can be removed, but future versions may be embedded.] WSJ Posted 2010 Jul 24 (Cached)

US: Police forces across America are being downsized because local governments are broke. The federal government is taking advantage of this trend to justify using military forces to replace local police. The need for self protection has never been greater. Economic Collapse Posted 2010 Jul 24 (Cached)

IndyMac foreclosures and banking ‘insider’ deals are revealed in this short video. [See how Goldman Sachs and George Soros plundered the American taxpayers. You will be amazed at the cunning deal.] YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 24

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