Newsletter No. 24 For 2010 From The NZ Climate Realists Against the ETS

Hello again Climate Realists,

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Last weekend saw Neil and I attending the ‘Clearing the Air’ forum on Climate Change, organised by Vision Network NZ.
The official description was: “a forum for the synthesis of science and faith on climate change and the development of a joint communique by national church leaders”.
Although Neil and I are hardly in the category of ‘national church leaders’, the forum was open to interested parties and the speakers included Ian Wishart (author-Air Con), Barry Brill (President, NZ Climate Science Coalition), Prof Ralph Sims (Massey Uni), Dr James Renwick (NIWA), Prof’s  Jonathan Boston and Andy Reisinger (Victoria Uni), Dr Liza Storey (Waikato Uni) and Stephen Tollestrup (Tear Fund).
As far as we are aware this is only the second instance in New Zealand where so-called ‘skeptics’ and ‘global warming believers’ have sat down and listened to opposing views on this subject in a conference setting.
We found it an interesting, although very frustrating exercise.
Interesting to hear that alarmism is still alive and well, the oceans are going to rise and flood large parts of the planet, climate change will cause the extinction of hundreds of species, rising temperatures will devastate large parts of the earth etc etc.
Interesting also to read that ‘warming believers’ are very frustrated because the success of the skeptics’ lobby
has caused governments to slow down their action on climate change.
The skeptics dominate the media (really????) and have made it difficult for the real scientists to get their views out there……..
The skeptics are often funded by the fossil-fuel industry (!!!! I wish!!!) and are generally out to ‘foster doubt and suspicion’……… and so on and so on. (16 pages’ worth from Jonathan Boston)
Interesting to see NIWA still presenting its seven stations series temperature graphs which have been discredited in parliament quite recently.
Frustrating because although we had initially believed the organisers of this forum were starting with an open mind, it soon became evident that a global warming mindset was well entrenched as was evidenced by the handouts available at registration, and the balance of speakers- Ian and Barry being the only ‘skeptics’ in the line-up.
Frustrating also, that so many of the global warming believers are really genuine, good people with a huge amount of concern for the welfare of the poor, with a willingness to make personal sacrifices and live much simpler lives in order to help save the world.
But when it comes to discussing the basis for their convictions about climate change there is simply no shifting them. The conviction of devastating AGW is solidly, unshakeably rooted in their hearts and minds.
My question to the panel discussion, seeking a reaction to the fact that farmers are being strongly encouraged to turn land which is currently producing food (in our case beef and lamb) and plant it in pine trees led to the response (and I quote) : “maybe we should stop seeing food as so important….”
When the time came to report back we found that the views accepted to be taken on from the conference were those which had already been written well before the conference started, and the input of the ‘skeptics’ -and there certainly were a number of those- was minimised to the point of invisibility.
Oh well. I guess ‘consensus’ has never been a strong point where the church is concerned.
On to other matters……. it appears Nick Smith got more than he bargained for at the Gore meeting. Well done to all those who made their frustrations clear- we have grown rather weary of the reports of his well-attended meetings with only ‘one or two’ in opposition to his views. We know from the reports we have received from many of you that this is far from the truth- now the media have finally picked up on it.
The government has backed down on the mining thing- “due to the public backlash, which has been evident in the polls” (Radio NZ, last night on Checkpoint).
I struggle to believe some of what I hear in the news, I really do.
What about the 87% response to the anti-smacking referendum?
What about the thousands and thousands of letters we know they have received about the ETS?
Thanks to the large number of you who have undertaken to distribute pamphlets in your area.
They have been posted to you this week.
Anyone else who would like to some to distribute email us at
The pamphlet currently available addresses some of the myths surrounding anthropogenic global warming.
We are currently working on a pamphlet specifically aimed against the emissions trading scheme. It should be available in mid-August.
Ian and Heidi Wishart have kindly donated a box of Air Con books, left over from the Clearing the Air forum.
These are the first edition, not the latest one which has been updated since Climategate.
Anyone who would like a FREE copy of this book, email us at with your address.
First in, first served- numbers are limited so only one per person.
all the best,
Fears For Safety of Nick Smith at ETS meeting
Nick Smith has another meeting- in Auckland:
Tomorrow night, (22 July) 7:30 pm, Royal Akarana Yacht Club.
PUBLIC meeting – Nick on how wonderful and necessary ETS is.
May be worth attending??
Here is a report from the Tauranga meeting:

Gentles, & Fellow Rebels All,
I had the misfortune to attend yesterday evening’s session of the Red-faced Loon Show, along with 70+ other inmates of the lunatic asylum that is Tauranga, plus a tramp that came in because it was warmer than outside & a black cat ( but who’s path it crossed & how many tongues it got is uncertain).
It was a polished performance – I suppose he’s fairly practised by now – which opened with the remark, “I’m not here to discuss the science”. Just as well really, as when he reached the part about “Tonnes of Carbon”, one old codger leapt ( sort of anyway ) to his feet & querulously interjected, “But you can’t weigh CO2, it’s a gas !” At that point I decided that any scientific questions I might pose were pointless………
The questions were very strictly controlled by the Chair – only one per person, must give everyone a chance – & included several patsys from pre-selected audience members ( they were that obvious ). There being a large contingent of Kiwifruit & avacado orchardists, many of the questions were of the “Me!, Me!” variety; “Why aren’t orchards included in Kyoto so we can get the credits ?”, “Why don’t shelter belts qualify?”, “My organisation donates 30,000 native tree saplings to schools, do we get the credits?” ad nauseum. No-one questioned the science, although there were comments on consensus ( 32,000 scientists signed a petition. “Ah but there are 50 million scientists in the world – so a mere drop in the bucket” ) but little else.
Despite the “no science” edict, we had a diatribe on “ocean acidifcation” & on the fishing quota system, and oh, apparently Henry’s Law is something new as “there’s more CO2 in the atmosphere & more is dissolving in the oceans”.
When the debate turned to whether we should return to the days of our childhood, and ressurrect “Arbor Day”, I quietly exited stage left & went home for dinner …… Seemed like a good idea at the time. I returned home somewhat dejected, but sure in the knowledge that it will be reported back at Carbon HQ that “Tauranga is very supportive of the ETS”.
Kia kaha,  Dave.

Hi Esther,
Isn’t it interesting that our “pragmatic” Prime Minister can be “pragmatic” (for that read “U-turn”) when it comes to emotive, noisy, looney left wingers and “rent-a-demo” types like Sue Bradford and John Minto waving placards about mining protected estate, but not the vast numbers of the educated electorate who have respectfully made thousands of submissions and sent petitions about not only the ETS but also the Anti-smacking legislation and the foreshore and seabed legislation.
Best wishes
Climate Conversation Group

Gluckman’s disreputable science

The government’s Chief Science Advisor (CSA), Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, treats climate questioners as “deniers.” Such tactics are the antithesis of science and deserve the firmest reproach.

His attitude emerges from an analysis of a headline speech he gave on June 9, entitled “Integrity in Science: Implications from and for the Climate Change Debate” in which he raised the topic of people sceptical of the science of global warming, justified labelling them “deniers” yet gave no evidence of the reality of dangerous human interference in the climate.

The analysis, by Richard Treadgold, Convenor of the Climate Conversation Group, in association with scientists of the NZ Climate Science Coalition, is available at Gluckman stumbles, Part 2 – Sludge. Or at a shorter URL:

At the same time, in a related and astonishing development, the CSA and the Royal Society reveal that they refuse to talk seriously to people about climate change. Since early this year, Dr Doug Edmeades, on behalf of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, has been trying to engage our CSA, Sir Peter Gluckman, and/or the Royal Society in a conversation about global warming.

Regrettably, they have just confirmed their refusal even to talk to us, so it is time to bring the matter to the public. It is clear there have been serious failures in our public science framework in its handling of climate change. We now reveal to the people of New Zealand just how unkindly and unjustly their top scientist deals with those who disagree with him. Many will be surprised to hear the unscientific details.
Richard Treadgold
Climate Conversation Group

Murrays Bay
Auckland, NZ.


From John Boscawen:  We Won’t Stop Fighting

ACT believe the ETS should never have been implemented and will keep campaigning to at least have it suspended. This is a key issue for us. This is a key issue for New Zealand’s future prosperity and therefore for all New Zealanders who care about where this country is heading.

As part of that fight I intend to table in parliament all advices of price increases as a result of the ETS. If you have received such an advice from your electricity company or any other supplier, please send it to me at Freepost, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, or alternatively email it to this email address.

Rodney Hide and myself will continue to travel around New Zealand holding Public Meetings about the ETS. Not only are these informational meetings, but we want to hear how you believe the ETS will affect you, your family and your business.

WARKWORTH – 9 August – 7.30 pm, The Bridgehouse Café, 16 Elizabeth Street , Warkworth – Rodney Hide and John Boscawen

TE KAUWHATA – 1 September – 7.30 pm, Waikare Golf Club, 66 Waerenga Road , Te Kauwhata

Put these dates in your diary – venues to be advised

Nelson – 10 August

Tauranga – 26 August 12 noon

Thames – 31 August 12 noon

Ngatea – 1 September 12 noon

Waipukurau – 2 September 12 noon

Queenstown – 6 September 12 noon

Auckland – 27 September 7 pm

Katikati – 28 September 12 noon

Whitianga – 29 September 12 noon

Taumaranui – 6 October 12 noon

New Plymouth – 7 October

Martinborough – 2 November

Pakuranga – 29 November 7.30 pm

Southland – 30 November 12 noon

Southland – 1 December 7.30 pm

Southland – 2 December 12 noon

For more information call 09 531 5531 or email

Hi Neil & Esther,
I think you know Rodney Hide well enough to discuss my suggestion which is that every farmer joins the ACT Party immediately (at a concession rate of say $5 ).
Also every member of GREY POWER join The ACT PARTY
at a concession rate of say a $1. Of course there would be no guarantee the above would all vote for Act  at the next election but a  large increase in membership of Act at this time would certainly make John Key listen.  Some clever person
that visits your web site may have a suggestion as to how  this could be done. I sent John Key, Ian Smith and David Carter copies of Ian Wishart’s Air Con. They thanked me but I don’t think they would have read them.
kind regards to you both
Sam S
Hi Neil & Esther

Many thanks for your continuing work and newsletters. Just a caution on the ETS Petition: I have been careful not to sign it twice, or more, because one of the things that happens when a petition is vetted by the powers that be is that names are checked for double-ups which would tend to indicate more petitioners than is true and I was anxious not to discredit the petition.
Kind regards
Rob M

One thing the recent Australian political doings have opened my eyes to is this:
For those of us who support National, as opposed to Labour, but oppose ETS, we have a third option:
Threaten the leadership of John Key.  Find a realist and support him/her.
James H
For those who have 98 minutes to spare….

A live debate in London last night bought together a panel of experts to debate what the ‘climategate‘ affair did – and did not – reveal about the study of 

Hi –
There are some amazing quotes. Here’s one: “Dr. Michael E. Mann did not engage in, nor did he participate in, directly or indirectly, any actions that seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community.”
Well, how about that? If it’s an accepted practice to fudge or outright lie about your results, and Dr. Mann did that, then it’s OK with the university.
Then they say their result is in keeping with the results of the UN’s IPCC. So what? They don’t say their result was achieved honestly; they just say it agrees with someone else’s result.
Somebody needs to keep beating this drum, because surely the “mainstream” media won’t.

Australian Newspaper boycott common Global climate change editorial “line”
Steve Cox.
Esther’s note: the article is about a pre-Copenhagen thing but the web page has many interesting links. Ian Wishart has a huge amount of information available.

Global Warming Song.
Steve C.

Hi Guys, have a look at these two clips they are in reverse order but if you only have time to watch one then watch the geoengineering one.
Vandana Shiva is very interesting and says some very true things, shame she is so on board with the global warming thing,
I think though, that she has a better understanding that weather patterns do indeed ‘change’.
Things change but these people are proposing altering the composition of the atmosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight coming in, nuts, all because we’re all doomed …really soon, apparently.
Democracy now is quite ‘on board’ with the global warming thing too, but otherwise a good news show.


Hi  Neil  & Esther

Just been digesting, that a small group of Australian scientists are  predicting that the earth will warm by 12 degrees by  2,300 A.D.  This is just the way those idiots from the University of  East Anglia , and thence the I.P.C.C. and subsequently the U.N.  scared the pants off world  politicians into believing that the sky was going to fall on our heads .

Professor  Tony  McMichael  and his cohorts must be stopped from spreading these alarmist  opinions, or goodness knows what will happen next . There is no doubt we still have some  scientists who will jump on any bandwagon if they think they will get extra funding . It will only need one or two to whisper to Key or Smith and we will have another massive spend up for most likely  nothing .

You most likely have had this drawn to your attention , but it is a horrifying thought that there are still idiots out there . Frankly I don’t know what to do for best . Your contacts may be able to suggest something .  Muriel  Newman or John Boscowan may help .   It is frightening the persuasive power these educated idiots have .

If  I can be of any help, I will do what I can .

Malcolm  R

Dear Esther,

Re the following communication from Jeff M, in your latest (Ed:-several issues ago now) newsletter:

“I think that counter-action should be a simple matter of going to prominent places in town, and hanging around with the Greenies, telling people the other side of the story. By prominent places I mean squares and other busy, well known areas.

Green Peace relies on a psychological “feel good” form of persuasion. This should be countered by telling people what a nightmare it will be, if we are gullible enough to go along with the man-made global warming nonsense. The ETS is a ripoff which achieves next to nothing, and this nonsensical regulation is going to drag down our quality of life. Students will take longer to get out
of debt, and no one is going to have children until they’re 30-45 (depending on what they study). It also leaves the door open for more bad laws in the future.

Imagine what it’d be like if we had carbon dioxide ration cards one day. You’d probably get shot with a taser gun if you didn’t comply with the new earth religion. We don’t want this kind of future. That should be the message.

Unfortunately the recent “WE” conference in Christchurch (a forum for young people), concluded that man-man global warming is the biggest threat to our future. They also said that older generations should do more to fight the carbon dioxide. We must stop the brainwashing before it’s too late.”

Jeff M

I couldn’t agree more. I could spend all my time talking to young Greenies in public places if someone would pay me to do so. I have enjoyed doing so on several occasions in the past.

I have not yet met one who actually KNEW anything factual – they are completely ignorant and brainwashed young people. None of them have heard of Julian Simon or Bjorn Lomborg or Patrick Moore.

I tell them to visit Patrick Moore’s “Greenspirit” web site and read about why he, a founding member of Greenpeace in the 1960’s, quit in disgust in 1986. It was because the battles for the environment had largely been won in the high-income first world. Air and water had become exponentially cleaner, partly through technology and partly through regulation and partly through social awareness. Deforestation had been reversed, huge acreages locked up in Forest Parks and Heritage areas; mining and drilling banned in huge areas of the USA and other countries.

Patrick Moore argued at that time, that it was time to move on and assist third world countries to adopt technology as rapidly as possible at the same time as getting their people out of poverty for the first time. To his disgust, he realised that Greenpeace had morphed into an organisation that NO LONGER CARED about the environment per se, but was in principle, dedicated to “international social justice” and the like; meaning equality at all cost regardless of environmental outcomes. Patrick Moore referred tellingly to Che Guevara posters springing up all over Greenpeace’s regional offices. Greenpeace has become one of many organisations that is dedicated to undermining the economic strength of the free Western world, in their case using LIES about “the environment” as a convenient pretext. (The other various organisations use lies about economics, social outcomes, crime, religion, the family, and so on).

Green activists almost total silence in the face of Communist regimes historically “worst case” destruction of the environment, speaks volumes; as does their almost total silence about the destruction of the environment and the appalling conditions of humanity in primitive societies. Their every argument, about urban form and transport policy and all the rest of it, is riddled with contradictions, hypocrisies and downright untruths.

CO2 and global warming alarmism is like their “last ditch stand”. This is because Lead and Sulphur Dioxide and particulates and Carbon Monoxide and so on, are simply non issues in the high income first world. Only CO2 emissions, harmless by the way, can be said to have increased and be still increasing; this is why a scientific LIE had to be invented about it, by the U.N.’s “One World Government” peace and justice types.

Rant over…..!

Phil H

I supported the breaking down of Local Government in Auckland and  I did this because my 56 LOT subdivision was held back by Beaurocrats with clip boards and their own agendas .The more nebulous and ambiguous the job the louder they scream when picking on the entrepeneurs, exporters and creative people .
I firmly believe we have to cut to the chase which is
(1)   Some People create wealth, export and receipts for the country, they are entirely the only people earning money for our country
(2)  The rest are simply in the SERVICE INDUSTRY of those who produce those receipts and are funded by that small base .
(3)  As part of the SERVICE INDUSTRY are the beaurocrats like little fish picking scraps off whales’ teeth with their clip boards in hand who’s wages are in the end paid by the ‘do’ people. When they become more important than the doers then we are in big trouble, which we are in at the moment .
(4)   The other part of the necessary service industry are INTERNAL growers of food and supplies, and the wonderful engineers who build our bridges again paid for by those who export.
Sorry about the long eulogy, however my point:
The beaurocrats are going to explode in self importance and numbers with this ETS AND THE PRESSURE WILL TURN INWARDS right back financially to JOE Average who buys services. Meanwhile those useless pricks have huge guaranteed incomes in ambiguous deceitful jobs they are protecting at the disadvantage to those of us who DO things.
LASTLY Douglas Bader did stuff for his country Battle of Britain Up over England 3 times a days shooting at the enemy for 2 years killing Germans. He went into town one day at lunch time and some beaurocrat issued him a ticket for 5 ks over the limit .Wouldn’t you start to think it’s hopeless and that you can’t win?
Regards Peter C


Nick the Climate Clown is the Wally who should leave National and get in his rightful place with the Traffic Light Party, the Greens who are too Yellow to admit that they are really Reds !!!!!!!!!!!…………….Kind regards from Maurice at the Mount.

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