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EU will allow each member state to decide whether or not to grow genetically modified food, but it reserves the prior right to determine if those foods are safe. [Judging by past performance, bribes and campaign contributions will insure that this approval will be forthcoming. Once that is done, it will be almost impossible for member states to refuse to allow GM crops because, if the EU says they are safe, there will be no grounds for banning them. Clever, huh?]
Daily Mail Posted
2010 Jul 16 (Cached)

Goldman Sachs, under investigation for fraud against its investors, agrees to pay $550 million in fines and to partially compensate foreign banks that lost money. [The government claims it was “tough on Wall Street”, but this is a mere slap on the wrist. $550 million is far below investor losses and is only 2-weeks profit for Goldman Sachs. Even so, that will be paid by stockholders, with the possible exception one one VP, the executives and cronies who benefited from the fraud will not be punished.] Yahoo 2010 Jul 16 (Cached)

US: Financial Overhaul banking bill approved by Congress and now awaits Obama’s signature. Hundreds of new rules over all financial transactions will be written by 10 new regulatory agencies, one of which is housed in the Federal Reserve. The bill is ambiguous to allow the agencies to do as they wish. [The same cabal of politicians and bankers who created the present economic crisis are given vast new power supposedly to fix the damage they have done. Instead, they will continue as before but with fewer restrictions.] WSJ 2010 Jul 16 (Cached)

US: Scientists hold conference to consider spraying toxic aluminum and barium into the sky in an effort to re-engineer the planet. Portions of the meeting are closed to the public. [The evidence is overwhelming that this spraying already is underway, but these scientists deny it. This issue will be presented in our soon-to-be-released documentary on chemtrails, What in the World Are They Spraying, which can be ordered here.] CounterCurrents.org Posted 2010 Jul 15 (Cached)

BP Oil claims it has stopped the massive oil leak in the Gulf, but many local residents do not believe it. To them, BP has ZERO credibility. The general view is that, even if the leak has been stopped, the environmental nightmare is far from over.
2010 Jul 15 (Cached)

Gelatin capsules holding pharmaceutical drugs now can contain nano particles that store data. This is not yet commercialized but, conceivably, these particles could lodge in body cells and, when scanned by data readers, reveal your medication history and any other data placed into the capsules. Natural News 2010 Jul 14

New Orleans: Four police officers indicted for gunning down two unarmed people during Hurricane Katrina. Five former officers have pleaded guilty of helping to cover up the shootings. Prosecutors say police fabricated witnesses, falsified reports, and plotted to plant a gun to make it appear that the shootings were justified. Yahoo 2010 Jul 14 (Cached)

US: Retail sales in June fell for the second straight month, and inventories of retail goods fell behind predictions. Retailers are anticipating even weaker sales in the coming months. [Don’t worry. The government and Federal Reserve have announced that the country is in mild recovery.] Bloomberg 2010 Jul 14 (Cached)

Australia: A saboteur (yet to be apprehended) dumped toxic herbicide into the irrigation system of a rural community that killed millions of seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, and melons. Motive is unknown at this time. ABC Rural 2010 Jul 14 (Cached)

Rats fed junk food pass down cancer risk through multiple generations. What you eat can affect the health of your children and grandchildren even if they eat healthy themselves. Natural News 2010 Jul 14 (Cached)

US Federal Reserve says the economic outlook is worse than expected but insists that the nation is in recovery. Paradoxically, it also says, if things don’t improve soon, new so-called stimulus programs may be needed. [The creation of excess money and cheap loans caused the problem in the first place, se we must prepare for a continuing downward spiral. As long as the Fed exists, there can never be a return to prosperity.] Raw Story 2010 Jul 14 (Cached)

UK Ministry of Defense unveils the unmanned fighter jet of the future that can carry bombs and missiles that can strike targets on other continents. Yahoo 2010 Jul 13 (Cached)

British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is sued for failing to disclose risks of heart attack and strokes associated with the diabetes drug Avandia. Investigation reveals that an FDA drug-safety official quit her job after her superiors refused to heed her recommendation to require a strong label warning. [For those who are new to Unfiltered News, you should know that, for many years, the FDA has been the lapdog of the pharmaceutical industry.]
Raw Story
2010 Jul 13 (Cached)

Pharmacists have a higher rate of cancer than others because of the toxic chemotherapy drugs they handle. [If chemotherapy drugs cause cancer in pharmacists who handle them, does it make sense to try to CURE cancer with those same drugs? We don’t think so, either.] Natural News 2010 Jul 13

Hedge fund sues Wall Street banks for $1.2 billion because of fraudulent sub-prime mortgage sales. If this succeeds, other pension funds will be encouraged to bring similar lawsuits. [Unspoken by anyone is the fact that the banks are broke and cannot settle any lawsuits without more government bailouts with taxpayers money. Fund managers, bankers, and lawyers can hardly wait to get on the gravy train.]
2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

US Coast Guard opens the Gulf to reporters and photographers as a result of public pressure. Washington’s Blog 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

Male infertility is on the rise around the world. Average sperm count in young males is half of what it was only 20 years ago. Researchers believe it is due to toxic chemicals and metals found in the soil, water, and food. [This is an issue to be presented in our soon-to-be-released documentary on chemtrails, What in the World Are They Spraying, which can be ordered here.] Natural News 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

UK: Senior British diplomat says Tony Blair intentionally lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. [That Blair lied is not news to our readers but it IS welcome news that high-ranking officials are finally blowing the whistle.]
2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

India bans further harvesting of genetically modified crops until they are proved to be safe in the long term. [GM companies may still try to fudge tests and bribe government officials to show long-term safety, but this is a huge victory made possible by massive public opposition to GM crops.] Natural News 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

US: Marines train under Los Angeles Police Department in techniques used to raid homes. [The announced goal is to learn how to make drug busts of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The media plays this straight without questioning why US soldiers are being asked to risk their lives arresting drug dealers in a foreign land or why the military and LA police are working as a team.] NBC 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

EU considers a law to require every computer keystroke on every computer to be held on record for 2 years – to protect women and children from sexual predators, of course. Critics point out that this would not hamper criminals but would reveral everyone’s personal records to the government.
Fox News
2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

BP Oil’s $20 billion Victim Compensation Fund is stalled. $5 billion has been pledged to be paid by end of the year. Pelican Institute 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

Low vitamin-D level is linked to the risk of Parkinson’s Disease. Routine exposure to sunshine triggers the body to produce vitamin D.
2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

US Army Chief of Staff says American military will be in Middle East for at least another decade. [We have been hearing that for the LAST decade. Obama promised he would bring the troops home. New candidates probably will make the same promise. As long as Republicrats are in charge, don’t count on it.] CNN Politics 2010 Jul 10 (Cached)

10 ways you are being electronically tracked, spied upon, and databased. Activist Post 2010 Jul 10 (Cached)

Utah has written legislation to recover some of the land taken by the federal government for a “national monument.” Utah, already more than 70% federally controlled, is reclaiming this land through ‘Eminent Domain’. This is a 10th Amendment issue (state sovereignty) and will be hotly contest by the feds.
Fox News
Posted 2010 Jul 10 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

BP Oil says it has stopped spraying the toxic chemical dispersant ‘Corexit’ but, even if that is true, we need to know more about this chemical and how it affects human health and marine life. The worst effects may not appear until 20 years down the line. YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 13

Queen Elizabeth speaks at the United Nations and asks for a global tax on rich countries. Here is n excellent summary of the role played by the Queen in building the New World Order.
2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

Arizona’s problem of illegal immigration is dwarfed by a growing addiction to a police state, guided and funded by the federal government under the banner of the war on drugs. Here is a sobering analysis well worth reading. InformationLiberation.com 2010 Jul 12 (Cached)

F. William Engdahl explains how money has become a political tool to manipulate governments. Although it is true that money can create government power, it is also true that government power can create money. Why has the US been able to create so much money which the world has been compelled to accept? Because it has unsurpassed military power. CorbettReport Posted 2010 Jul 10

Small Los Angeles farm is raided by 20 agents for … well, it has something to do with producing goat milk for her chickens and pigs. She is convinced she is not really the target but something much more important. [We agree. Can you figure out what it is?] The Complete Patient 2010 Jul 6 (Cached)

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