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Russian natural-gas pipeline to Germany nears completion, creating an economic bond between Western Europe and Russia. The U.S. government has attempted to block this development and is not pleased by its presence, because it further weakens its global dominance. Market Oracle 2010 Jul 9 (Cached)

Riots break out in Oakland, California, after police officer who killed unarmed black man is cleared of murder and convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The officer said he intended to shock the man with his Taser but drew his handgun instead.
Daily Mail
2010 Jul 9 (Cached)

Skipper of Russian deep-water exploratory submarines says his team can stop the Gulf oil leak but would need to be invited to the project by BP and the U.S. government, which has not happened. BP says there has been no formal contact with the Russians. BBC News 2010 Jul 9 (Cached)

NY National Guard and local police are running military checkpoints, supposedly searching for drugs and guns. [Increasingly, the country is under martial law without it being declared. The Constitution forbids the use of federal military for local police action. Soldiers are supposed to defend the nation, not subdue it.]
Prison Planet
2010 Jul 8 (Cached)

Belgium plans to stop burying or cremating the dead and, instead will dissolve bodies in a caustic solution and wash the residue down the drain. The reasons are lack of graveyard space and concern over how much CO2 is generated by cremation. [This defies comment, so we will just let it go as is.]
Daily Mail
2010 Jul 8 (Cached)

This may be old news but bears repeating: Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain toxic mercury that can cause serious illness. If broken, they can poison up to 6,000 gallons of water and should be disposed as hazardous waste, not just thrown away into the trash that ends up in a landfill, causing contamination. [Laws requiring the use of these dangerous bulbs are evidence that the so-called ‘Green’ movement is a hoax.] InfoWars 2010 Jul 8 (Cached)

US: NSA contracts with Raytheon to develop a computerized information grid to monitor every aspect of the Internet – to protect against cyber-terrorism, of course. Officially it is called the “Perfect Citizen” program; but Raytheon employees privately call it “Big Brother.” Raw Story 2010 Jul 7 (Cached)

Obama appoints Donald Berwick as head of Medicare and Medicaid and does so when the Senate is on Independence-Day break, thus, bypassing Senate confirmation. This is a tactic used by both major parties. [Berwick is on record as favoring the rationing of health care, which means the very old, the very sick, and those in groups without political influence will be left without care.]
2010 Jul 7 (Cached)

EU: Parliament asks for a ban on “new food technologies” including cloned animals. The legislation was watered down in the final version when the focus shifted from food safety to animal welfare and biodiversity. Meat from cloned animals still can be marketed but only with case-by-case approval from the legislature. [Meat producers now will find it expedient to solicit the favor of legislators, and the political game continues.] NY Times 2010 Jul 7 (Cached)

Obama Administration sues Arizona over immigration law and claims that only the federal government has authority over immigration. Arizona and several other states claim authority under the Tenth Amendment. [It is expected that federal courts will rule in favor of the federal government, but grass-roots pressure on behalf of state sovereignty could produce a surprise.]

AP 2010 Jul 6 (Cached)

Los Angeles County Superior Court judges continue to receive illegal payments authorized by LA County Supervisors. Legal analysts estimate that these two groups have committed over 10 MILLION felonies consisting of bribery, misappropriation of funds, and obstruction of justice. But nothing can be done, because the California legislature has given them retroactive immunity from prosecution.
Blacklisted News
2010 Jul 6 (Cached)

EU Central Bank wants power to punish countries that exceed their debt budgets. The rules would make formerly sovereign nations guilty until proven innocent when making their cases to EU heads. [Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans take note! This is what will happen if the North American Union is allowed to finalize.] EurActiv 2010 Jul 6 (Cached)

Here is what you need to know about sunlight and skin cancer. It’s probably not what you think. Natural News 2010 Jul 6

US: Western states are experiencing serious water shortages because the federal government has taken control over water resources and has been selling water rights as commodities to multinational corporations. The result is that farmers and ranchers now must purchase the water that naturally appears on their own land. FarmWars.info 2010 Jul 5 (Cached)

EU is broke and wants to delay the age of retirement to keep payroll taxes coming in and reduce retirement benefits going out. [Collectivism always falls short of its promise, and the common man is left carrying the bureaucracy on its back.]
RTE Business
2010 Jul 5 (Cached)

Research suggests insect and mosquito repellant DEET can cause neurological damage.
Natural News
2010 Jul 5 (Cached)

We are progressing well with the production of our chemtrails documentary, What in the World Are They Spraying! but we want to make sure we leave no stone unturned in getting the whole truth, so we are seeking contact with anyone willing to share their personal experience or scientific expertise
on either side of the controversy. If you are prepared to present and defend your point of view with personal or scientific evidence, we are anxious to hear from you. Please contact me at gedward.griffin@verizon.net.

US: Over 25% of Americans don’t know which country ruled before independence.
Raw Story 2010 Jul 5 (Cached)

UK: Parents are threatened by Social Service for letting their children cycle 1-mile to school.
Daily Mail
2010 Jul 5 (Cached)

US workforce shrank by 652,000 in June, one of the sharpest contractions ever. Even the rate of hourly earnings fell by 1%. Politicians, bureaucrats, and government contractors are doing well, but the working population continues to be pushed downward. Telegraph 2010 Jul 4 (Cached)

Costa Rica has allowed the US to bring 46 warships and 7000 Marines into their country – for humanitarian missions and to fight drug trafficking, of course. The marines are authorized to circulate throughout the country without restrictions. [There is no humanitarian crisis in Costa Rica, and drug trafficking is much worse elsewhere, such as along the Mexican border; so we know this is a ploy; but for what? We will learn the answer soon.] WeLoveCostaRica.com 2010 Jul 4 (Cached)

Britain and the Netherlands are testing a surveillance system which monitors phone conversations to give advance warning to authorities of possible hostile behavior. Telegraph 2010 Jul 4 (Cached)

UK: Homes with children who have not been vaccinated will be visited by government nurses to pressure parents into compliance.
WiseUp Journal
2010 Jul 3 (Cached)

Canadian Sovereignty is hanging by a thread because of internal subversion and international treaties. This 24-minute movie shows how Canada’s Health Department uses military force to eliminate public access to vitamins and natural health products. [Everything you will see applies to the US also.] Kevin Miller Posted 2010 Jul 3

Heavy metal toxins found in whales bode ill for sea life and humans. Researchers are shocked at unexpectedly high levels of chromium and aluminum. Aluminum is a primary component of chemtrail spraying. Yahoo Posted July 3 (Cached)

US: Government announces new rules to prevent people from coming within 65 feet of oil booms and beaches with oil collecting booms, under threat of a $45,000 fine and a felony charge. [Since this is not a law passed by Congress, we assume it is based on dictatorial power of the President. The secrecy continues.] YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 3

Northern California neighborhoods refuse so-called “Smart Meters” installed by utility companies because they give false readings, resulting in sky rocketing bills. Some people object to the fact that they contain radio transmitters that give off electromagnetic radiation. YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 3 (For information on how to fight Smart Meters, visit EMF Safety Network) EMFSafetyNetwork.org (Cached)

California Governor Schwarzenegger orders minimum wage pay for 200,000 state employees until the budget is approved. The State controller’s office cannot make the switch in time to meet the deadline.  Employees are promised back pay when the budget passes. Yahoo Posted 2010 Jul 3 (Cached)

Alex Jones interviews Ron Paul regarding the federal government’s attack on the First Amendment and the internet. He also describes the failure of the audit-the-Federal Reserve bill when 114 Congressmen flip-flopped their votes at the last minute. YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 3


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Small Los Angeles farm is raided by 20 agents for … well, it has something to do with producing goat milk for her chickens and pigs. She is convinced she is not really the target but something much more important. [We agree. Can you figure out what it is?] The Complete Patient 2010 Jul 6 (Cached)

This article explains why GMO and hybrid seeds, along with chemical fertilizers and herbicides, are destroying African agriculture. The solution presented is to replenish the nutrients in soil, clean the water systems, and work with nature.
Christian Science Monitor 2010 Jul 6 (Cached)

An amazing little video shows how people living in apartments are growing their own organic food in WINDOW FARMS. The plants are grown from bottles connected vertically and watered by a small fish-tank pump. You have to see this to believe it. YouTube Posted 2010 Jun 30

US: Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcies. More than 80% of US deaths follow long progressive illnesses. Many believe that Americans are over treated. [In our opinion, the problem is not over treatment but treatment with the wrong therapies. Nutrition is not only less expensive but often far more effective.] Yahoo 2010 Jun 28 (Cached)

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