Newsletter No. 23 For 2010 From The NZ Climate Realists Against The ETS

10th July 2010

Activists, Neil & Esther Henderson

Greetings Climate Realists from a somewhat soggy East Coast- although we can be grateful we didn’t bear the brunt of the recent deluge, and offer sympathy to those who did.

Main damage was to our road which boasts enough significant slips and drop-outs to render it unusable for trucks for the foreseeable future.
A bit of global warming would possibly help dry out the road surface which could only be a good thing. On Tuesday morning our teenage son sank up to his knees in the wheel tracks….while investigating the damage left by a loaded stock truck and trailer which had become stuck on Monday about 6.30pm, very close to our place. Neil worked to get it out with our bulldozer, along with a tow truck from Opotiki and another local farmer with a very large tractor…. by 11pm it was finally sorted.
***We were thrilled with the great response to our challenge in last week’s newsletter to help distribute leaflets around the country. Those of you who have yet to receive yours, we are awaiting the next shipment from our printer and will post them to you as soon as we can.
We estimate that about 50% of New Zealanders have very little awareness of the global warming issue, let alone that the science is questionable, or what the ETS is all about.
By distributing these pamphlets we are taking a small step to raise awareness that the AGW information with which the media is currently saturated may not be all as it seems.
Contact us at if you would like some pamphlets for your area.
***Remember also that we still have plentiful supplies of bumper stickers- check out the home page of our website for details.
***For those of you who didn’t manage to sign Muriel Newman’s recent online petition against the ETS- it has been re-opened, so you have another opportunity- let all your friends know. If the polls are right and 98% of people oppose the ETS there should be hundreds of thousands of signatures!
all the best,
Muriel Newman’s petition has been re-opened:
an extract from the latest NZCPR newsletter:
…..A case in point is the National Party’s foolish decision to press ahead with the next phase of the emissions trading scheme (ETS) even though it was specifically designed to align with Australia’s ETS, which has been suspended until 2013! Due to overwhelming public demand I have now re-opened our petition to suspend the ETS. As you know a letter on behalf of
4,400 petitioners, was sent to the Prime Minister just before the budget  requesting that he suspend the ETS. Since he didn’t listen, we are renewing our efforts by asking anyone who believes the country can’t afford this new tax to sign the ETS petition so we can really show the Prime Minister that he has made the wrong call.

Many of you have asked what is driving the Prime Minister’s commitment to the ETS, given his more pragmatic approach to many other policy matters. I believe he explained it in an interview with Leighton Smith on Newstalk ZB back in February when he stated: “Those that wanted a focus on climate change and nothing else, such as Greenpeace, were winning public opinion. And there was a big push in that direction. And we were out of sync with them.”

In other words, the Prime Minister is desperate to retain his popularity with celebrity environmentalists like Lucy Lawless – who are a key part of the women’s demographic that the National Party is actively striving to retain. That demographic is more important to him than the interests of struggling families and businesses. So, if you haven’t signed the petition, please do so by clicking this ETS Petition icon. (or by pasting this link into your web broser: )

If you know others who believe National has done the wrong thing by extending the ETS, please ask them to sign too. Further, please keep your eyes peeled for examples of cost-price rises, business relocations, or other adverse impacts of the ETS, and visit the petition website to share those with us too.

The New Zealand Centre for Political Research is a web-based think tank that takes a research-based approach to public policy matters and encourages the free and open debate of political issues.

Each week the NZCPR publishes a free newsletter, which is sent out to a mailing list of over 16,000 readers. The newsletter invites readers to visit the website to read the guest commentaries, take part in the weekly polls, and check out the hundreds of readers’ comments which are posted on the website daily.

Find them at

The Dairy Exporter Climate Change Great Farming Guide
– according to Jock Allison, this is not worth the paper it’s written on.
Read his article about it, which was also sent to the Dairy Exporter, at:
Hi – herewith a link to a Telegraph opinion piece, on the off-chance you haven’t seen it already:

Pick a number and pick a unit: we’ve been told the climate tipping point is imminent – within hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries.
Yet Earth’s history written in stone shows Nature has no tipping points, just natural balancing mechanisms.
The kiwi scientist in 2007 was correct in predicting global warming forecasts would be a joke within five years. Accurate yet pessimistic – it only took three years.
Nick Smith Tells Voters to Go Elsewhere on ETS
– special report by Tony Orman

Nick Smith has told Marlborough people to not vote National in next year’s election, if they are opposed to the National-led government’s Emissions Trading Scheme.
After an address he was answering questions from the gathering of 150 when he made the statement three or four times. It probably did not dawn on the Climate Change Minister that Colin King, the National MP for Kaikoura,  which takes in Marlborough was there chairing the meeting.
The meeting was one of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) road show meetings.
Smith told the audience if any voters are opposed to the Emissions Trading Scheme, then don’t vote National  next year.”
Several from the audience challenged the lack of democracy in government charging ahead with the ETS.
Read the rest of this special report at:
Hi Esther
Coming from a mainstreamer like The Economist  this is interesting—
—it’s about bias and slanting of editorial tone (facts into subtle propaganda via falsehood).
Best regards
Neil and Esther,
I am not sure of the source of this but the points below would be good ones to suggest that people email John Key and the senior cabinet ministers about.
– Karen

Do you fancy re-election? 98% of NZers do not want the ETS

“Last week’s G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto and its environs confirmed that the world’s leaders accept the demise of global-warming alarmism.

One year ago, the G8 talked tough about cutting global temperatures by two degrees. In Toronto, they neutered that tough talk, replacing it with a nebulous commitment to do their best on climate change.

Not trying to outdo each other, the global-warming commitments of the G20, which now carries more clout than the G8, went from nebulous to
non-existent: The G20’s draft promise going into the meetings of investing in green technologies faded into a mere commitment to “a green economy and to sustainable global growth.”

These leaders’ collective decisions in Toronto reflect their individual experiences at home, and a desire to avoid the fate that met their true-believing colleagues, all of whom have been hurt by the economic and political consequences of their global-warming advocacy.

Kevin Rudd, Australia’s gung-ho global-warming prime minister, lost his job the day before he was set to fly to the G20 meetings; just months earlier Australia’s conservative opposition leader, also a major proponent of global warming legislation, lost his job in an anti-global-warming backbencher revolt.

The Church of Climatology’s choir director, on global warming Gordon Brown, of the U.K. likewise lost his job.

Read the rest of this article at:


Have you had a look at the internet site “resilient earth”? The item on the disproving of the Ocean Conveyor Theory is extremely enlightening exposing the IPCC claims to ridicule I find.
Thanks again
The site Jim refers to is
While browsing through it I happened upon this fascinating link:

Pastural Farming Climate Research-

I don’t want to pick on John Armstrong but the flaws in his argument keep getting bigger and bigger.
In justifying National’s ETS he said
It firmly believes something had to be done to safeguard the country’s export trade – or New Zealand would otherwise face mounting consumer resistance to goods transported from afar.
Farmers – amazingly – have seemed to be blinkered to this danger to their livelihoods.
Research by Otago University just released confirms that this ‘danger’ does not exist.
The research project surveyed 251 shoppers leaving a UK supermarket shows that the amount of CO2 produced getting these products to the shelf was of no concern to 95% of them.
Farmers were not ‘blinkered’  to this danger, they did not subscribe to it, and the evidence now shows they were right to disbelieve claims that we needed an ETS to satisfy overseas consumers. I said it before they don’t give a damn.
To read the rest of this newsletter go to:

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