Congressman Ron Paul “Suspicious” Of BP, U.S. Government Response To Spill

“It sounds like there could be a lot of mischief”

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Jul 6th, 2010

Texas Congressman Ron Paul says he is dubious that the government and BP are responding to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill effectively, and has intimated that tensions between them have been hyped for political gain.

“I am very suspicious of what BP and our government is doing, and the Obama administration.” Paul stated.

“That’s why I’ve even challenged the principle of this agreement they have to set up this $20 billion fund. It sounds like a lot of money, and it sounds like there could be a lot of mischief too.”

The Congressman was speaking on Friday’s Alex Jones show.

“That was done by executive order.” Paul continued. “The president declared we’re going to have this. Then he came to the Congress and asked for even more authority.”

“BP corporation is in bed with the government so you have to be suspect. Just think of how much we spend protecting their oil well and their oil drilling. What do you think we’re over in the Middle East for? We’re not there to spread democracy, we’re there to protect oil companies and BP just happens to be over there as well.” Paul added.

The Congressman also criticized the lack of State power to respond to the spill:

“If a State needs manpower, generally they no longer have manpower that might be able to help out, that would be maybe their national guard units – they’re all over in Afghanistan and Iraq. I would say that in an emergency like this it might be an incentive to say ‘hey, why don’t you bring these troops home’ and maybe even in some different states which could share some of their people to help.”

“I mean it’s practically like an invasion the way this oil is coming in.” Paul added.

Last night the Congressman reiterated these comments on CNN, slamming federal interference in the relief effort, and noting that it is hampering local attempts to mitigate the consequences of the disaster.

“A lot of local officials, property owners and state officials have wanted to do more over in Louisiana and Mississippi and the federal government, the fish and wildlife people, the EPA and others, they come in and they prohibit them from doing it,” said Paul.

Numerous reports have surfaced of locals and state authorities being prevented by BP contractors and the U.S. Coast Guard from helping to address the devastation the spill has created in the region.

The Congressman also spoke about a host of other important issues, including the FCC’s push to restrict the internet and go after online political groups, in addition to his ongoing effort to audit the Federal Reserve.

Watch the interview with Ron Paul on The Alex Jones show:

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