To All,
A very few “thinking kiwis” have been well aware for at least 10 years or so that the “king’s Jews” (foreign City of London bankers) have wanted to deviously list our biggest exporting company (biggest exporting dairy company in the world) Fonterra’s shares on the open market, ready to persuade or pressure farmer shareholder owners to agree to change the company’s constitution to let foreign outsider corporations and banks buy into the company – and ultimately destroy the company’s monopoly, and as a consequence, disenfranchise all individual dairy farmers of their farms. I and a few others have been warning about this devious plan for years, and tragically, today, it has now taken place!
But can you believe this? The decision to allow Fonterra’s shares to be traded, at first internally, (and you better believe it soon internationally) was actually agreed to and approved today by no less than a 90% vote of the 78% of the 10,500 farmer shareholders!!!! What a pack of mugs!!!
If you look at http://www.difl.co.nz/why-invest-in-dairy-sector.php Dairy Investment Fund Limited, a private equity dairy investor in NZ, and click on “Why the Dairy Sector?” under sub-heading “Micro” you will read, “This adjustment, along with the enabling provisions within the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 (DIRA), will create opportunities to add value to the existing revenue pool. Coupled with the commercial likelihood that Fonterra is unlikely to retain its existing dominance, the opportunities may be significant in a New Zealand private equity context.”
Further, if you click on “Governance and Investment Decision Making” and look at “The DIFL Board members are all shareholders” you will see a name, Ian Holland. In his short bio you will see he has over 20 years experience in global investment banking having worked for Bankers Trust and Morgan Stanley. If you look at the current New Zealand Prime Minister John Key’s Wikipedia listing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Key you will see that before John Key entered New Zealaland politics, he was also working for Bankers Trust in Auckland, then later he became Merrill Lynch’s global head of foreign exchange in London, and also a member of the United States New York Federal Reserve Bank (whose eight City of London Jewish shareholding banks control the US Federal Reserve in Washington DC).
If you Google-search coys.co.nz/search/?q= (companies search) for Dairy Investment Fund Ltd, and then click on “shareholders,” you will see WHITECHAPEL LIMITED as one of the principal shareholders in DIFL. On DIFL’s own website they are actually, effectively, predicting the demise of Fonterra! According to recent allegations by some of the New Zealand media, Whitechapel Limited just happens to be the PM John Key’s top secret company controlled by Algate Trust (his secret blind trust)!!!!! (plenty on the web about it).
What is so remarkable, right now, is that while almost  90% of Fonterra’s mindless dairy farmers have actually [democratically] voted for their own demise today, our own Prime Minister allegedly has been quietly investing in one of the key private equity banking pirates that are planning to rip off our own Forterra dairy farmers in the future!
As I say. What a pack of mugs! Like taking candy off babies!
One cannot but bring to mind the Jewish derisory saying in the book, The Learned Elders of the Protocols of Zion, where the bankers simply refer to Gentiles as consistently “having wind freely flowing through the ears.” This saying does not sound nice but it is largely the truth is it not?
Bankers Trust, by the way, is a major shareholder in John Fairfax Ltd, controlling much of the censored media in Australasia.
I appreciate there are a very small minority of dairy farmers who genuinely do understand what is happening, or at least are suspicious, and good on them. But for the rest, let it be said, “you do deserve to lose your farms and go down the drain, sooner rather than later!” Add to this the ETS scheme costs on farmers beginning tomorrow, and the massive cow fart emission taxes planned to be introduced on sheep, beef and dairy farmers (from memory) in 2015 – the outlook is extremely gloomy. However, those of us in the cities shouldn’t laugh, as one can quite seriously see the day coming where a decent piece of fillet steak at the supermarket will be $100, or worse – rationed or non-existent.


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  1. Nik says:

    Oh Boy!

    Basic Protocols of Zion 101.

    The gold rush will dry up pretty quick, the prices (returns down) artificially manipulated via speculation and interest rates up up up up.

    The nz farmers will have to sell out to the big corporations owned by the bankers.


  2. Nik says:

    “New Zealand commodity prices fell for the first time in 15 months as the ANZ Commodity Price Index eased from a record high in May, reflecting softer prices for dairy products.”


    wow, that’s pretty keen


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