Letter No. 22 For 2010 From The NZ Climate Realists Against The ETS

Hello again Climate Realists,
Well, it’s been a busy two weeks!
First of all, may we say a very grateful thanks for all the messages of support we have received over the last little while.
It’s great to know there are so many people who  are on our side!
Some of you have indicated that you feel quite alone in your views – but please be encouraged, there are people all over the country who feel the same way.
The protest march in Wellington is over- here’s the report:
Firstly, a great big thank you to all of you who made the effort to be there- people from Auckland and even further north, a contingent from the Waikato,  friends from Dannevirke, Pahiatua, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Taihape, Blenheim…. and those were just the ones we spoke to!
Special thanks to Bob McCoskrie (Family First), Don Nicolson (Federated Farmers),  Vapi Kupenga (Maori Affairs-Kiwi Party), Robin Grieve (Pastural Farming Climate Research) and John Boscawen (Act MP) who spoke about the effects of the ETS on various different sectors of society. Thanks for making the effort!
Over the four days of the Fieldays we collected signatures for a large card which was presented to Rodney Hide and John Boscawen at the Tuesday protest. Heather Roy and David Garrett were also there in support.
Why is it that only Act MP’s feel able to meet us?
The card simply stated: “Please scrap the ETS” and had the picture often seen in parks when encouraging people to place their litter in bins- a person dropping a sheet of paper into a wire rubbish bin. We painted ‘ETS’ on the paper for good measure. Inside the card were well over 2,000 signatures collected over the four days of the Fieldays.
We found it generally fairly easy to collect signatures- about 50% of people willingly signed. 47-48% had no idea what the ETS is about. A very small 2-3% were definitely opposed to us and the stand we are taking.
Grateful thanks for those on the network who helped collect signatures; also those who circulated around the grounds distributing flyers about the protest.
Thanks are also due to the Act Party for allowing us to share their Fieldays booth at very short notice.
The protest started with at least 110 people (we counted!) and it was very heartening to discover that as we marched, some of the people on the streets joined in as they realised what we were on about. There were even more already waiting at Parliament.
The numbers weren’t as great as we had hoped, but we are certainly grateful to all those who made a sterling effort, and we applaud Brian Anselmi of Piopio who was the main organiser.
Thanks to Renton McLachlan who filmed the speeches and put them on Youtube- the links are below:

Scrap the ETS! PART 1. March on NZ Parliament
Scrap the ETS! PART 2. March on NZ Parliament

With only a few days left before the ETS kicks in, we would like to encourage everyone on this network to write letters this week- to John Key- j.key@ministers.govt.nz Nick Smith n.smith@ministers.govt.nz also to your local MP-
Could we ask you to do this again?
Say you would have liked to have attended the protest, or you agreed with it, or some such.
Keep the pressure on!
There are signs the National Party is feeling the pressure.


Nick Smith is holding a series of meetings around the country- please attend these and ask the hard questions. He was given a grilling in Pukekohe, Te Aroha and Otorohanga at least-  to find out when and where he is having a meeting, go to http://www.climatechange.govt.nz/news/2010-06-ets-public-meetings.html


For those of you in or near Invercargill- please go along to the Federated Farmers annual conference and tell John Key how you feel about the ETS- we understand you not being able to make it to Wellington but this is your chance while the PM is in your vicinity!


Hi Esther,

I thought you might like to see an email I sent to a few friends and contacts.

I am happy for it to be reproduced in whole or in part and anyone who wants is free to use it for their own purposes.

I hope I have no errors that I have missed.


Please take the time to read this before you hit the DELETE button.

For those of you that don’t know much about the ETS you need to remember that it is going to wipe out any tax reductions you get.

This is NOT about global warming – it is about NZ introducing a tax that most other countries don’t have and probably never will have.

I’ve already had notice from my gas supplier and my electricity supplier that costs are going up next month because of the ETS. Fuel is next with a predicted increase of 4/5cents per litre PLUS GST.That means food costs will also rise and it will cost you more to get to work! In three years (January 2013) there will be another round of similar increases making a total of 10 percent for electricity and eight cents a litre for petrol, just from the ETS.Fonterra, for instance, has calculated that the cost of processing dairy foods is expected to increase by $38 million next year rising to over $100 million a year by 2015, and meat processors have estimated their costs will increase by $10 million from July 1st rising to $20 million a year by 2013. These will directly increase the price of food. In addition, Federated Farmers has estimated that the direct costs to farmers of the power and fuel price increases from July will be around $87 million, but the indirect costs on the whole sector will be in the region of $200 million.

This is the same scheme that Nick Smith told Labour would cost NZ billions, and that we could not afford, and which he is now proposing to introduce on 1 July.

New Zealand’s biggest trading partner, Australia, was on track to implement an ETS, but now that has been dumped. Neither China, nor the United States, which are the second and third largest trading partners for New Zealand, are likely to implement ETS schemes. Now, New Zealand is the only single country with an all-encompassing ETS, meaning we have unwittingly become world leaders.

A total 48.5 percent of New Zealand’s exports go to our top four trading partners – Australia, China, United States, and Japan. None of these countries have an ETS and are unlikely ever to have one.

Please pass this newsletter on and take the time to write to your MP (it is free and you can do it by email if you want) telling them you do NOT support the ETS and it should be deferred as the Australians have done.

Alan Nicholson
(climbing down from his soapbox and shuffling off to a corner)

I also drafted the following for one of my co-workers who did not know how to express her concern and was worried about the implications of writing to an MP (probably like many of the public out there):

“I would like to record my opposition to the ETS and urge you to defer any introduction until such time as our major trading partners USA, China and Australia decide there is a case for doing so.

New Zealand does not again have to be a world leader in such an expensive scheme without any guarantee that others will follow. It will make our goods more expensive in our overseas markets.

It will also add an unwarranted burden on the tax paying public”

Alan Nicholson

“A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one
believes individually.”

—  Abba Eban

An even better one, though lengthy, from Vincent Gray:

Margaret Thatcher:

“……consensus seems to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies, in search of something in which no one  believes, but in which no one objects, the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause has been fought and won under the banner “I stood for consensus?”…….”
“The Downing Street Years” page 167
Hi Neil & Esther,
Thanks for all of your efforts in keeping us up to date in the battle against the ETS.
However can I make a plea to the other supporters out there?
Please don’t become too internally focussed – to often comments I see in the newsletter seem to indicate that the fight is only to protect farming interests in this debacle. It is not only the farmers who are going to be impacted by the ETS – every man woman and child will be impacted and the fight should be to dump or at least defer the scheme in its entirety.
More effort needs to go into educating the greater public on the future impact and to mobilise them in the fight. If the public only hear about “rich farmers whinging about the ETS” (I am not saying that is the reality!!!) they will assume there will be no impact on them and National will be less inclined to scrap the scheme if only a small (relatively) group makes the complaints.
I’m not a farmer but I am still concerned enough to fight this fight alongside those that are farmers and I am sure that more groups could be inspired with the correct approach – unions, church groups, transport industry.
Just my view for what its worth
To Nick Smith from John T:
Good Afternoon,
Recently at a meeting in Pukekohe I challenged you to name the 5 countries that had an ETS in our top 10 trading partners that you said in a statement.
You stated that you would come back to me with them but I believe that was a throw away line as you did not want to engage me afterwards and you had no way of making contact with me.
Therefore I have researched the figures and as I accused you of the Crime of Misleading New Zealanders, I attach those figures for you so that you will not again mislead innocent and in some cases gullible New Zealanders again.
You would not in the meeting name the countries who are our top 10 trading countries so I will list them here for you, in fact I will list the top 20 countries for you and will indicate who has a ETS and who has not have an ETS.
Number            Country            Has Individual ETS      In a Group ETS (combined)
1                      Australia           No                                No
2                      USA                 No                                No
3                      China                No                                No
4                      Japan                No                                No
5                      UK                    No                                Yes
6                      Korea                No                                No
7                      Indonesia          No                                No
8                      Singapore          No                                No
9                      Hong Kong        No                                No
10                     Taiwan              No                                No
11                     Germany           No                                Yes
12                     Malaysia           No                                No
13                     India                 No                                No
14                     Philippines        No                                No
15                     France              No                                Yes
16                     Canada             No                                No
17                     Belgium            No                                Yes
18                     Saudi Arabia      No                                No
19                     Netherlands       No                                Yes
20                     Thailand            No                                No
As you can see 5 of our top 10 trading partners do not have an ETS as you wrongly and misleadingly stated, in fact 4 of our top 20 trading partners have an ETS and they are all grouped together in Europe and as 80% of their trade is within Europe and 20% outside of Europe they are only potentially disadvantaged in 1 out of 5 Euros traded with people outside their community ETS.
The EU ETS does not include Agriculture or Transport.
The fact that our ETS includes Agriculture (initially indirectly) and our largest exports are Primary Products means that your ETS and I say your ETS as I have not found another National Party MP that privately admits to supporting it, is going to cost New Zealand dearly.
I call on you to at the very least delay the implantation of the ETS until at least 50% of the Countries named above (our top 20 trading partners) implement their own ETS.
Your other reasons for implementing an ETS also do not stack up, especially the reason of Risk Management and your comparison to the Earthquake and War Management is again misleading, as no fund is being established. Your reasoning does not bear up to scrutiny and when I challenged you on that the meeting you quickly moved on to another topic. You I say again are misleading New Zealanders and you should be held to account.
John Thompson
Possibly you may be aware of me from a recent article of mine published by
Tim Fulton in the Farmers Weekly on 23 May. I was challenged to do more as a
response to that and have had contact from some interesting characters! I
have certainly had it confirmed to me that it appears the National Govt has
decided to press ahead to satisfy their Maori Party colleagues who want to
see carbon credits in cash for all their treaty settlement forestry lands –
MMP at it’s worst!
My response to do something quickly was to set up a protest poll which is on  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/rejectets
Can you publish this and possibly broadcast
it at the Wellington rally? I have been surprised how people want something
to happen, then don’t get off their chuffs. People need to sign up and
forward to their mates!
At the Fieldays the PM appealed to the farmers to support their ETS. The
rationale was that we may have adverse effects on our trade. It does not
appear that NZ is going to suspend trade against China, USA, Australia, Japan
for the very same logic. The PM is trusting farmers will buy into the fear of
trade embargo’s. Well, it just won’t happen in this case!
Greg Gascoigne, Cambridge
John Boscawen and Rodney Hide also continue their rounds of meetings- details below.
The ETS Must be DumpedCome to a Public Meeting to learn about the ETS and the damage it will do to New Zealand’s economy. No spin, just the facts. Learn also about the back downs that have already resulted from ACT’s campaign and ACT’s strategy going forward should it go ahead.

TE PUKE – Monday 28 June – 2.30pm, Kiwi 360, 35 Young Road. – John Boscawen

TAURANGA – Monday 28 June – 7.30pm, RSA, Oak Room, 1237 Cameron Road. – John Boscawen

WHAKATANE – 13 July – 11.30am, Eastbay REAP Head Office,21 Pyne Street– Rodney Hide

ROTORUA – 13 July – 7.30pm, Pig and Whistle Function Room, corner Haupapa and Tutanekai Sts, Rotorua – Rodney Hide

OTOROHANGA – 14 July – 11.30am, Otorohanga District Library Meeting Room – Rodney Hide

PAPAKURA – 19 July – 7.30 pm, Hawkins Centre, 13 Ray Small Drive, Papakura – Rodney Hide and John Boscawen

WARKWORTH – 9 August – 7.30 pm, The Bridgehouse Café, 16 Elizabeth Street, Warkworth- Rodney Hide and John Boscawen

TE KAUWHATA – 1 September, 7.30 pm, Waikare Golf Club, 66 Waerenga Road, Te Kauwhata

Put these dates in your diary – venues to be advised

Nelson – 10 August

Tauranga – 26 August 12 noon

Thames– 31 August 12 noon

Ngatea – 1 September 12 noon

Waipukurau – 2 September – 12 noon

Queenstown – 6 September – 12 noon

Auckland– 27 September – 7 pm

Katikati – 28 September – 12 noon

Whitianga – 29 September – 12 noon

Taumaranui – 6 October – 12 noon

New Plymouth – 7 October

Martinborough – 2 November

Pakuranga – 29 November – 7.30 pm

Southland – 30 November – 12 noon

Southland –1 December – 7.30 pm

Southland –2 December –12 noon

For more information call 09 531 5531 or email johnboscawen.mp@parliament.govt.nz

To subscribe to John Boscawen’s ETS newsletter, email johnboscawen.mp@parliament.govt.nzwith the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.


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