9/11 Truth In Mainstream Media in Australia Today

This is a message from John Bursill, sent this morning via e-mail:
“Hello all,
Today is a great day!
After many years of trying, we the “Australian 9/11 Truth Movement” got Main Stream Media attention for our upcoming Niels Harritt Lecture on the 17th of July in Sydney ( see www.911oz.com ) and of the general 9/11 Truth Movement’s questions.
This 4 minute interview with me went out Australia Wide at 6:15am this morning but was primarily on 2DAY FM 104.1 in Sydney. This is Sydney’s #1 FM Station! Normally the The Karl and Jakie O Show but this week with Chris Page “Pagey” and Charli Delaney “Charli”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charli_Delaney of “Hi 5” fame are filling in. Although this is a comedy show and light entertainment, they took this short interview very seriously and were also very complimentary. Comments after the interview included “our lovely guest” and “he made many valid points” and “fascinating” and “we need to get to the bottom of this”. This was a talking point to be used during the whole show.
www.911oz.com got a big solid plug! Hereward Fenton has done a great job there and with his assistance to get this interview! YES FINALLY!
To thank 2DAY FM and specifically “Chris Page and Charli Delaney” please contact 2DAY FM;
http://www.2dayfm.com.au/contact (Take the time to fill in the contact, as not many do!)
Call their office:  02 9375 1041
By contacting them they will probably PLAY IT AGAIN!
There will be a full story coming soon with the podcast!
Kindest regards,
John Bursill – Event Organiser

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