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Obama tells European countries not to cut back their stimulus-spending programs, because that might cause a second recession. He also urges China to stop holding down the value of its currency to stimulate its export-oriented economy.
[Since Obama’s economic programs have been a disaster for the US, leaders of other nations would be fools to follow his advice. Unfortunately, most of them are – and will.] NY Times 2010 Jun 18 (Cached)

US: It is discovered that the patent owner of a scheme for carbon trading is Franklin Raines, former CEO of Fannie Mae and budget advisor for Obama and Clinton. [Raines had led everyone to believe that the patent was held by Fanny Mae. He amassed a $90 million fortune over 5 years while he was head of that agency.] WND 2010 Jun 18 (Cached)

BP execs dumped their stock in the company shortly before the explosion. Testimony of workers reveals that they had 2 months prior knowledge of serious problems with the doomed well.
2010 Jun 17 (Cached)

Short, humorous video explains what Congress has been doing instead of working on the national budget. YouTube 2010 Posted Jun 17

Commercial jet aircraft pull air into the passenger cabin from compressors near the engines and have been known to bring in toxic fumes from burning lubricants. Investigators have named the illness associated with this “aerotoxic syndrome.”
Natural News
2010 Jun 17 (Cached)

US: Rockefeller, Turner, Gates, Buffet, Soros, Winfrey, and other billionaires are developing a plan to increase and coordinate philanthropic donations to selected projects. [Casual observers think this is humanitarianism; but astute observers are asking questions about the nature of the projects and possible benefits to the donors. If you think such questions are cynical, read Chapter 18, “The Charity Prescription,” from World without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin here.] The complete book is available here. Fortune 2010 Jun 16 (Cached)

There is an interesting news report from Tennessee about a mysterious destruction of crops and just about everything else that grows. So far, the cause has not been determined, but we doubt if authorities are checking the plants to see if there is a residue of aluminum or barium that might be fallout from stratospheric spraying. We are hoping that someone in that area will be able to contact farmers or others who have reported this phenomenon and see if samples can be taken to a professional lab for analysis. This is happening in Tennessee along a large swath of land near the Shelby and Tipton county border along Herring Hill Road and elsewhere near the Mississippi River bottoms. Here’s the news report. Anyone interested? If so, please contact me at gedward.griffin@verizon.net.

Maryland: A woman is arrested for using her cell phone to record a sheriff talking to people on the street. Police say this could be a felony offense of unlawful interception of communication, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. SoMDNews.com 2010 Jun 16 (Cached)

Antibacterial soap contains chemicals that add to the risk of reproductive and development abnormalities and also cancer. When washed down the drain, water treatment plants cannot entirely remove them. After exposure to sunlight in the treatment ponds, they are converted into dioxins, and these killers are returned to the drinking-water supply. Natural News 2010 Jun 16 (Cached)

US: Activist with We Are Change is arrested inside a courtroom because the judge did not like his facial expressions showing disapproval of the proceedings. Witnesses say that, when it became clear there was no law against facial expressions, police then claimed he threatened them with assassination. On that basis, he was charged with terrorism.
We Are Change
2010 Jun 15 (Cached)

Study shows that high levels of vitamin B6 and the amino acid methionine are associated with a 50% reduction of lung cancer but researchers are reluctant to say that taking these vitamins as supplements would make a difference. [Of course not. Their primary funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry that wants people looking to drugs, not vitamins, for health.] BBC News 2010 Jun 15 (Cached)

US: Military and police want the federal government to open the skies to unmanned “drone” aircraft because they have been effectively used in combat zones.
[So why do they want them in the US? Figure it out.] Fox News 2010 Jun 14 (Cached)

NASA: Now that global cooling is well established and widely acknowledged as caused by low solar-flare activity, government employed scientists are trying to keep up the climate-change hysteria by predicting a devastating rise in solar activity in the year 2013. They say a ‘huge space storm’ will cause widespread power blackouts and knock out critical communication signals for long periods of time. [Skepticism is advised.] Telegraph 2010 Jun 14 (Cached)

China: Live baby treated as ‘medical waste’. One more shocking example of the government’s one-child policy resulting in infanticide, forced abortions, forced sterilization, and a high female suicide rate.
Epoch Times 2010 Jun 14 (Cached)

Americans fret about airport scanners, power lines, cell phones and microwaves and for good reason. They receive more radiation than in any other nation. But the highest levels do not come from those sources. They come from medical tests. The average exposure has grown six-fold over the last two decades, and this has been directly linked to an increase in cancer. Yahoo 2010 Jun 14 (Cached)

US discovers vast deposits of gold, iron, copper and lithium in Afghanistan worth $1 trillion. A power struggle is expected between the US, Afghanistan, China, and Russia for control of this natural treasure.
Daily Mail 2010 Jun 14 (Cached)

US: Supreme Court: Innocent civilian who was imprisoned and tortured by the U.S. government for 10 months is denied any compensation or even acknowledgement of wrong-doing by his captors. [This establishes the right of the Executive Branch to abduct and torture anyone with complete impunity and immunity.] Salon 201 Jun 14 (Cached)

Obama asks Congress to approve an additional $50 billion to bail out cities and states. [Cutting spending or reducing government is not considered. City and state debt will be transferred to federal level and added to already fatal-dose national debt. Bailed-out states and cities will become even more subservient to their federal masters.] Washington Post 2010 Jun 13 (Cached)

Ireland: Documents reveal that, in 2006, the central bank deliberately withheld from the public its own forecast that the country was headed into a property market crash.
[We will never know, but it is likely that every central bank in the world did the same thing.] Independent 2010 Jun 13 (Cached)

New Orleans: BP security team at oil cleanup site blocks TV station from interviewing workers. Two days previously, the CEO of BP announced that information is not being withheld, and workers are free to talk to the media. [Question: What does BP want to hide?] YouTube 2010 Jun 12 (Cached)

Obama issues an executive order [royal decree not authorized by Congress] mandating “lifestyle behavior modification.” This will include rules against smoking and standards for diet, exercise, working conditions, and social and political attitudes. A council has been created to monitor private behavior and force citizens to comply with the rules.
[Don’t worry. You can trust this council to be wise and benevolent. One of the appointees is Bill Ayers, leader of the 1960′s domestic terrorist group ”Weathermen” “responsible for 30 bombings. Are you ready to get involved yet?] Nanny State Liberation Front 2010 Jun 12 (Cached)

Japan’s new Prime Minister warns that his country may default and says: “We are the next Greece.” Business Insider Posted 2010 Jun 12 (Cached)

UN announces a new agency to “monitor global destruction of the natural world.” The idea is identical to the IPPC, which seeks to regulate human activity allegedly to fight global warming.
[Now they will play upon legitimate concern over natural habitat as an excuse for even more laws, taxes, and land grabs. Collectivists use any excuse, real or imagined, to acquire control over all mankind.] Guardian Posted 2010 Jun 12 (Cached)

Amazing disclosure to the Oregon legislature that there are billions of dollars available for funding beyond what is shown in the official budget. This is derived from a massive investment pool held by the state and is concealed from the public by administrators while calling for more taxes.
2009 May 26 (Cached)
Here is a document from the Oregon Republican Party that says the state has a $3.3 billion fund not shown in the budget. [Although this news was released months ago, this situation continues to exist in most states, counties, and cities.]
Oregon Repub Party Posted
2010 Jan 12 (Cached)

Internationally recognized expert in oil and gas says Gulf oil gusher is further evidence that the “peak-oil” theory (of dwindling reserves of oil) is wrong and that the earth has an almost unlimited supply coming from lower depths all the time.  He says Obama and BP do not want to stop the flow because the disaster suits their political and commercial purposes. FW Engdahl Posted 2010 Jun 12 (Cached)

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is pursued by the Pentagon because they believe he has damning documents revealing lies and misinformation to the American people. The official explanation is that he is a threat to national security, the standard excuse for unconstitutional actions.
Posted 2010 June 12 (Cached)

Retired Major General Paul Vallely calls for Obama’s resignation and a special election to replace him. He charges Obama with deceit, fraud, dishonesty, violation of oath of office, and ineligibility due to not being a natural-born citizen.
WND Posted 2010 Jun 12 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

BP Oil and the Political Agenda, an excellent summary of the issues and facts NOT covered by mainstream media. Of particular interest are several short videos, including one on a cheap, fast, non-toxic, and proven method of cleaning up the oil but which is ignored by BP and the federal government. [It is clear from these facts that those in charge do not want to solve the problem but seek an agenda that benefits from the catastrophe itself.]
2010 Jun 18 (Cached)

Jury nullification is the right of juries to refuse to convict a defendant, even if guilty, if the jurors think the law is unjust. This is a Constitutional way to override tyrannical laws and corrupt courts. The Fully Informed Jury Association has a Juror’s Handbook that can be downloaded and shared. FIJA.org Posted 2010 Jun 17 (Cached)

Slide presentation shows parallels between the decline and fall of Argentina and the United States (and also the entire Western world). If you are wondering what lies ahead, just look at the past. [PowerPoint-compatible program needed. If you are asked to convert, click OK. After it opens, you may need to select Slide Show from the top menu to “start from beginning.”] 2010 June 16

Here is an alarming scenario for the Gulf oil spill. Frankly, we are skeptical, but we think you have a right to be aware of it so you can make up your own mind. If it is accurate, it will impact every one of us in a way we will not like.
Rense 2010 June 2 (Cached)
Here is an audio report on the same scenario.
YouTube 2010 June 15

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