The Hypocrisy of Michelle Boag‏

By BRIAN REIERSEN of Auckland, NZ.
Michelle Boag’s appearance on national TV decrying the nickel and dimes Credit card misuses is the height of hypocrisy. Of course Michelle Boag and John Key were at the heart of the great Telecom ripoff (Fay Richwhite) of the NZ Public. Ask them how many shares  these people sold at $9 or more when Telecom borrowed one Billion Dollars to buy out the insiders which of course the NZ Public funded in higher phone costs. Incidentally this scam was the template for the worldwide Telecoms scams.

Did John KEY Sell AT the TOP

Telecom shares were issued to the NZ public at around $2.50  look what they are now under $2. Fay Richwhite and the other insiders boosted the share price by making the Telecom bills monthly instead of two monthly, effectively doubling the rental and by NZ having the highest toll and cellphone charges in the world.

In conjunction with Bell Ameritech they boosted the share price to close to $9 and they then sold their, the insiders shares back to Telecom who borrowed the Billion to buy them back….this is because if they had tried to sell on the open market they would have collapsed the price because the volume of shares was so great. A complete insiders scam. Now that Telecom is struggling, the shares belong to Joe Public and his Pension funds…..another IMMORAL Zionist inspired scam to enslave humanity with debt and taxation.

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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