Secret ingredients of chemical dispersant Corexit finally revealed‏

Mike Adams

By Mike Adams of Natural News The U.S. government has been conspiring with the oil industry to keep the ingredients of the Corexit chemical dispersant a secret. But now, under intense pressure, the EPA has finally gone public with the list of chemicals that have been dumped into the Gulf of Mexico to the tune of over a million gallons.

The toxicity of these chemicals is disturbing, and it now seems like this chemical dispersant may be worse than the oil it’s supposed to be dispersing.

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1 Response to Secret ingredients of chemical dispersant Corexit finally revealed‏

  1. Robbo says:

    I served in Vietnam 1968-69. We were told “Agent Orange is HARMLESS”. I now have one lung thanks to THAT Government lie. I wonder how many years the people of Louisiana will die of exotic strains of cancer after they “clean up” this toxic sludge?

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